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Gift in a sentence | gift example sentences

  1. It is a rare gift.
  2. It is our gift to.
  3. But the gift of God.
  4. She had a gift for.
  5. This is a rare gift.

  6. The gift is God is.
  7. A gift to the world.
  9. Life is a sacred gift.
  10. He used a new gift.
  11. It is a good gift.
  12. Because it is a gift.
  13. If I have the gift of.
  14. It’s my gift to you.
  15. Got the gift yer see.

  16. A Preview of The Gift.
  17. That has been her gift.
  18. She just had that gift.
  19. Steve called it a gift.
  20. God's gift of LIFE is.
  21. Gift of an Ordinary Cat.
  22. Because life is a gift.
  23. It was a gift from an.
  24. The gift from the Wild.
  25. The best gift that the.

  26. He is a gift for you.
  27. This, a gift she offers.
  28. I was a gift, I thought.
  29. The gift of the Spirit.
  30. They decided on a gift.
  31. It is a gift of Allah.
  32. The clothes were a gift.
  33. His gift of grace for me.
  34. It was a gift, Doctor.
  35. You have a gift, Emily.
  36. I told her about the gift.
  37. That's a gift of healing.
  38. For the gift of emptying.
  39. The Gift (with Ned Rust).
  40. His Word is a gift to us.
  41. This was a birthday gift.
  42. It was her greatest gift.
  43. Gift horses and all that.
  44. I have a gift for you.
  45. It can't be just any gift.
  46. Our work is also our gift.
  47. She has a gift with words.
  48. It was a gift from heaven.
  49. Cal it a gift for al the.
  50. The gift was too valuable.
  51. The precious gift of life.
  52. The gift of Love is this;.
  54. We have the gift of life.
  55. The gift is to build you up.
  56. God's gift of LIFE is not.
  57. Was not our gift of wealth.
  58. It is the gift of Cherubo.
  59. I have a gift now, father.
  60. Our gift to the sons of man.
  61. It was indeed a kingly gift.
  62. Aaron was a gift from heaven.
  63. My gift is the gift of hope.
  64. We can share this gift and.
  65. That is an Arkenian gift.
  66. This gift will also enable.
  67. She stole my gift, you know.
  68. It's a gift, what can I say.
  69. I am not after Sonia's gift.
  70. And that’s your only gift.
  71. A last gift from his sister.
  72. You and I have a special gift.
  73. We have been given this gift.
  74. Really, every gift is a gift.
  75. Since my return, my gift of.
  76. I would give you a gift ere.
  77. He had that gift of charming.
  78. Your gift is in the poor box.
  79. Thanks for the gift of peace.
  80. I do not ask for such a gift.
  81. I know what we have is a gift.
  82. I also have a gift for you.
  83. It’s my gift to you Chéri.
  84. This is not some innate gift.
  85. And I have a gift in the car.
  86. We got it as a family gift.
  87. It’s love that is the gift.
  88. It must mean I have a gift!.
  89. Life is the most sacred gift.
  90. And this my gift: thankfulness.
  91. This night was her gift to him.
  92. I knew it was there as a gift.
  93. It is, however, a fickle gift.
  94. Love is the gift that allows.
  95. For the passing of this gift.
  96. This is the creation of gift:.
  97. That is your gift to your son.
  98. She unrolled the gift out of.
  99. A tiny gift, one without cost.
  100. Downstairs in the gift shop.
  1. No gifting ceremony would.
  2. We would eat after the gifting.
  3. These ministries will fall under another gifting.
  4. Liam sighed; this afternoon's gifting of the Wah.
  5. Thanks-give-away; and the 5 Holi-meals of Gifting.
  6. We look at talent, we look at gifting, it's impressive.
  7. To the first time Ralph had used his gifting to the full.
  8. We are gifting the masses with our expertise and sacrifice.
  9. Great matters? Yes, matters too great for gifting you rightly.
  10. Even those with the gifting; as long as they remained undiscovered.
  11. That is the story of how I came to know my gifting and that is the end of it.
  12. Love liberates the heart by gifting it freedom in the many spaces of sharing.
  13. The body of Christ is one and is self-sufficient with its gifting and callings.
  14. Marilyn actually spent Christmas with Pat, gifting her with a mink coat for the holiday.
  15. He has never imagined that whatever happens next might not be ultimately in his gifting.
  16. Referring to Kagame, Bishop John stated that there is a unique gifting of the person of this president.
  17. This courageous love's sharing and gifting, equipping and liberating is not tough, but gently brave unto death.
  18. This is the Holiday Table – an invitation to share in the feast of the sacred recreation of love's playful gifting.
  19. Spinning faster and faster until his mother became his gifting, Ralph became death, and murder took the face of Carthen.
  20. Then came the gift of The People of Life, or rather, the two thirds of them who had co-operated in gifting them as a nation.
  21. This enlightenment of sharing spread this tribe across Earth's face and skin becoming a heart of caring and a mind of gifting.
  22. So that is a believer, it's a servant of the Lord, who has opportunity, has talent, has gifting, has ability; but refuses to be productive.
  23. He had heard of people with the same gifting as he who had been lured into the arms of the authorities with such tricks, and then murdered for their innocence.
  24. The holiday gift, the cornucopious table of feasting, invites the thankful to the Table of Thanksgiving: gifting abundantly so that another can gift abundantly.
  25. A pedestrian definition of altruism is an unconditional gifting act on behalf of someone else's interest without the giver receiving any direct, indirect, or reciprocal benefit, i.
  26. The Holiday Table is the gifting of love's holiday wish – hands sharing gifts creating a world of surplus for all of life, all of the living, all of the Earth that gives life to all.
  27. I think we all have a certain amount of prophetic nature because we are God’s children, but some seem to have a greater level of gifting naturally, and a call to that ministry in the body.
  28. The powers that we have are there in us at birth—as your childhood experiences tell you—but it is only when we are old enough that we grow into the full gifting of them with the help of our parents, and those around us.
  29. You could say that they lived on the edge of inspirational moments of discovery, because they were aware that they were not alone, that other selves in another times were essentially gifting them with their insights, and their consternation, as it were.
  30. To express the deepest feelings in your heart for your beloved, what can be a better day than Valentines Day when couples are frantically waiting to tie their love knots? This whole event is incomplete without gifting your cutie pie with a valentine's gift.
  31. It will be a gift we give to and celebrate with each other by gathering together to glean vegetables, peel potatoes and sweep floors, by gifting food, funds, or time, and by sharing space, land, and lives so that a place might exist where seeds of sharing and caring can be planted.
  32. Paul says that you can have the greatest gift of tongues, the greatest gift of prophecy, the greatest understanding of all the mysteries and knowledge of God, have the highest levels of faith in God, and do some of the greatest works for God – but if you do not have the love of God operating in your life, then all of this gifting, power, knowledge, and works in the Lord will all be for nothing! I repeat – all for nothing!.
  1. A gifted teacher of art.
  2. I own the shame gifted.
  3. We are gifted and skilled.
  4. Cira was gifted with fire.
  5. Either way these gifted in-.
  6. We were gifted you could say.
  7. Or gifted him with something.
  8. When you aren't even gifted?
  9. For more gifted and seasoned.
  10. As Evelyn was Gifted? Mrs.
  11. He was as gifted as anyone else.
  12. Gifted is he, Controls the task.
  13. We all were gifted with flight.
  14. They were gifted with other new.
  15. Another, not less gifted author (E.
  16. Even the gifted have to work hard.
  17. Saree? You never gifted me a saree.
  18. Les Brown, the gifted orator, wrote:.
  19. He is a strange but very gifted man.
  20. You kids are all gifted because of me.
  21. But she was an extremely gifted child.
  22. Caleb is an extremely gifted Guardian.
  23. She’s among our most gifted that way.
  24. I gifted one Alto car for their grooms.
  25. They’d all died, even the gifted one.
  26. KVS gifted me the prestigious foreign.
  27. Maybe this was a sign that he was gifted.
  28. Yes, if I had a wise and gifted teacher.
  29. They bonded over their gifted children.
  30. Aiden have gifted Shay with his own Wah cat.
  31. I�ll admit that Ancor is more than gifted.
  32. In The Gifted and the Creative: Fifty-Year.
  33. Never thought I had any--not gifted that way.
  34. He’s gifted with fire, and he’s strong.
  35. But it's that not bad being magically gifted.
  36. She was supposed to have been gifted by us.
  37. Roger was in a program with other gifted kids.
  38. The snow-ravens must have gifted them somehow.
  39. I wonder if it’s because we are both gifted.
  40. Mine was given to me by Becky and was gifted.
  41. Midge told them, She was so gifted psychically.
  42. There are some who have the gifted ability to.
  43. FBI agent and his mathematically gifted brother.
  44. A vision shall be bestowed by the Gifted of all.
  45. They were no match for the criminally gifted.
  46. Tuatha is for those who are gifted with magic.
  47. This lady is a gifted artist and was asked to go.
  48. I wasn’t gifted with your powers of imagination.
  49. Because someone has gifted you with the ability.
  50. For he was Nathaniel Hogan and he had been gifted.
  51. He taught me to use the crossbow he had gifted me.
  52. The universe has gifted me with these two choices.
  53. Thank you for your partnership and gifted editing.
  54. He knew that he was gifted - an unheard of 7th gen.
  55. As you know, Monika is a gifted spiritual medium.
  56. I’m not as gifted as Harley is in that respect.
  57. Invented by some gifted individual on some remote.
  58. He has appropriately gifted his idols with a name.
  59. Cassie! Wow! You’re more gifted than I thought.
  60. Reach out to the telepathically gifted and isolated.
  61. Carl Blaekmore referred to a gifted teacher as one.
  62. The Lord considers a gifted rich asthe negative best.
  63. He was also a gifted poet, if one liked Nahual poetry.
  64. A lot of gifted kids are shy and withdrawn, not Roger.
  65. Army’s transferring protocols gifted him the heart-.
  66. It was a power gifted to demons and apparently devils.
  67. He is a gifted artist and has been painting for years.
  68. I want the most powerfully gifted Enma put into squads.
  69. Development Program (the university’s Gifted program).
  70. I’m not the most gifted prophetic person, but I have.
  71. The gifted child in the American culture of today.
  72. He was gifted; and could do things he'd not done before.
  73. Dogs can’t be fr—they can’t be gifted in that way.
  74. In: Journal for the Education of the Gifted 29, 2006, p.
  75. But we know that it's certainly gifted with great speed.
  76. He is estimated to have superior to gifted intelligence.
  77. She was in mostly gifted classes her freshman year, but.
  78. In exchange for one rib God gifted a man with a woman.
  79. Yes, Kevin is very gifted, many autistic children are.
  80. He felt proud, the first suiting task for such a gifted.
  81. Lilian Vandevere to be one of the most gifted composers of.
  82. He had a habit of listening nightly to Germany’s gifted.
  83. Influence can be gifted to influencers in other topic areas.
  84. Lord Cordus is gifted at influencing others, she said.
  85. In the moment of experiencing laughter a respite is gifted.
  86. Flint saw many men and women go to visit with the gifted one.
  87. Still others are intellectually gifted – performs good in.
  88. At the time, she had not stood out as a highly gifted artist.
  89. But he was gifted with a remarkable and creative imagination.
  90. As you all know, some warriors are gifted by birth with some.
  91. I am quite gifted at waiting, von Rumpel says in French.
  92. Rather, we’ve been gifted with our acorns as a way by which.
  93. I once knew a gifted concert pianist who found it necessary to.
  94. Gifted in anything that required analytical thinking, Stallman.
  95. I guess when you’re talking about a gifted child—.
  96. This would scare away all but the most gifted and enthusiastic.
  97. In all, there were over one million kids in the gifted program.
  98. He knew I was a boring old man gifted with a cancerous prostate.
  99. Very often I have to be reminded by others that I am gifted in.
  100. Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.
  1. I have gifts for you.
  2. All her gifts and more.
  3. The Gifts of the Spirit.
  4. Each man has his gifts.
  5. That was one of my gifts.
  6. I don't need any gifts.
  8. I enjoyed one of my gifts.
  9. They are gifts to you.
  10. Joseph the gifts for Jesus.
  11. Thank God for his gifts!.
  12. All these gifts begin to.
  13. They have their own gifts.
  14. Frugal Gifts for the Cook.
  15. I loved giving the gifts.
  16. Seven gifts return to love.
  17. They were gifts, you see.
  18. You have two gifts as well.
  19. The gifts are an important.
  20. There are other gifts that.
  21. We hand each other our gifts.
  23. No gifts, sir, you will.
  24. I sent gifts, he mused.
  25. The Stars have gifts, too.
  26. A human who has pychic gifts.
  27. Patty sees the gifts of God.
  28. What wondrous gifts await us.
  29. He will work in gifts and in.
  30. All things are seen as gifts.
  31. There are no such gifts today.
  32. The gifts of the Spirit (I Cor.
  33. They all stared at their gifts.
  34. God has given gifts to every.
  35. What gifts did he have?
  36. I have offered them many gifts.
  37. Some people have amazing gifts.
  38. They are truly gifts in.
  40. Corinthians to pursue the gifts.
  41. One of her gifts must be speed.
  42. Gifts that are offered reluct-.
  43. Velvet accepted the gifts with.
  44. To understand these gifts, you.
  45. The gifts of the Spirit are an.
  46. She showed me gifts he gave her.
  47. And now, the gifts of nations.
  48. Frugal Gifts for the Housekeeper.
  49. I’m quite good at giving gifts.
  50. He tried to evaluate what gifts.
  52. And he his gifts were even much.
  53. These are gifts, not impossible.
  54. Love is the heart of the gifts.
  55. They were about to exchange gifts.
  56. Heed and hail, gifts of the witch.
  57. Where are the traces of my gifts?
  58. Now gifts of healing are wonderful.
  59. Ish hugged him and Have the gifts.
  60. May we be deserving of your gifts.
  61. He wanted to have spiritual gifts.
  62. It was the manifestation of gifts.
  63. Stir up the gifts that dwell in you.
  64. I saw the gifts that my father had.
  65. They had all been gifts from Tommit.
  66. Gifts have been exchanged; another.
  67. I have brought gifts to my brother.
  68. I love this game, but have no gifts.
  69. Relieved kin had showered gifts of.
  71. They be gifts just the same, child.
  72. He had a strong interest in my gifts.
  73. The three of them searched for gifts.
  74. You gave gifts to her 152 | P a g e.
  75. There are seven ministry gifts in all.
  76. The Spirit and the gifts are ours.
  77. Thomas wanted to believe in the gifts.
  78. The sacrifices were gifts to God and.
  79. Suggestion #2: Stick with safe gifts!.
  80. Holiday Gifts That Give All Year Long.
  81. Some times gifts are given expecting.
  82. Class, Trunk of Gifts, for Storrs Sch.
  83. Unwanted gifts from foreign emissaries.
  84. What’s the big deal? Open your gifts.
  85. The gifts of Ants family will pale in.
  86. Knowlegde is less important than gifts.
  87. We watched as They received Their gifts.
  88. This grace and faith are gifts from God.
  89. Gifts and sports filled the happy hours.
  90. No amount of flowers or gifts is going.
  91. The gifts in the body were designed to.
  92. Enjoying the gifts of spring, my dear.
  93. He had tied many nice gifts and things.
  94. Like anything else, moving in the gifts.
  95. The gifts from the Magi were a blessing.
  96. You were given gifts that could heal you.
  97. His gifts were acting up again, curse it.
  98. Talk about unity of gifts and callings!.
  99. Teach them to move in the gifts so they.
  100. The ministry gifts are found in Romans 12.

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