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Edge in a sentence

She was at the edge.
I pause on the edge.
On the edge of his.
At the edge of land.
At the edge of this.
She had lost her edge.
But I like the edge.

Keeps your ear on edge.
When I’m on the edge.
The edge of the cliff.
The sharp edge of the.
As an edge of the knife.
Her nerves were on edge.
On the edge was a diner.
No, Louise had the edge.
He held me on that edge.
At the edge of the cane.
Just at the water's edge.
Pirate crawled to the edge.
He pushed it over the edge.
Bring me to the ships edge.
He ran to the edge of the.
On the outside edge of the.
The whole squad was on edge.
On its edge, close to the.
At the far edge of my sanity.
Her voice had an edge to it.
He clutched at the edge of.
She was at the edge of the.
And his nerves were on edge.
Sitting on the edge of the.
Come to the edge, he said.
Grover crept toward the edge.
His fatigue dulled his edge.
Talons edge split your skin.
An edge crept into his voice.
We rushed to the cliff's edge.
The boat tipped over the edge.
I sat on the edge of the bed.
Tony ran to the edge of the.
That’s the problem with edging.
Suddenly he was edging up beside my plane.
So edging would mean nothing without the.
It was somewhere to her left and edging closer.
Glue the thin side edging pieces to the top and.
When the nitrates started edging up so too were.
The Knot turned their horses and began edging away.
Edging is a cross between masturbating and jelqing.
Nestled within the wooden edging was a small door.
My turn was edging closer and I knew the game was up.
Edging to the northwest of Rhodes, and trying to avoid.
He made it to a half sit edging up the wall with his good arm.
The children started in on their chores as Don finished edging.
Her instinct was to edge away, but she would not stoop to edging.
The med techs hung back, edging their way back to the elevators.
He could feel her edging closer but he didn't much as blink an eye.
His tongue thrust deep inside her, edging her to a wonderful death.
Edging forward to investigate, the glow increased, so too the noise.
With a sensually cut neckline, the lace edging near her breasts played.
Rani was slowly edging away, he prayed for her to turn in his direction.
The sun was edging its way into the sky and there was a thick condensed.
The main difference between jelqing and Edging is the speed of the stroke.
In Edging strokes are more swift, lasting perhaps only half a second each.
He had noticed Terry edging slowly forward towards his brother from behind.
Pyotr Petrovitch, edging by her, went to the opposite corner where Sonia was.
Two zombies were edging closer to Eva, who looked annoyed more than anything.
They should’ve never given you up, I repeated, anger edging my voice.
Philander, tut, tut! said Professor Porter, edging cautiously nearer to Mr.
What? What's wrong with me? I demanded in a voice edging towards panic.
Your team is here, Sicarius said, a hint of bemusement edging his voice.
Roy was edging back, suffering from his Siegfried syndrome, dearly remembered.
A wonderful fan of feathers to match the down edging gave the finishing touch.
The clouds over the west had lost the red edging now, and the cores were black.
He turned to see the Innkeeper edging toward the door and unsheathed his sword.
They seemed to be slowly edging toward an unseen foe with swords at the ready.
The pack were edging towards the dragon, stil protecting each other in a circle.
Raphael sat up, edging close enough to lay a hand on the shoulder of his friend.
What else would you do? Merthin was edging the conversation towards marriage, a.
Why is that policeman edging up to me? We have only just run away from one of them.
When Julie wasn’t calling for something, Martha was edging me off my side of the bed.
I edged away from him.
The Two - Edged Sward.
He edged toward the door.
I edged her up the stairs.
Jack edged along the wall.
Ramona edged closer to me.
He edged toward the voices.
The other children edged away.
She edged forward on her chair.
Prissy edged back up the stairs.
The creature edged into the room.
Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves.
The sword of God is a two edged.
Claire edged her way out the door.
The soldier edged closer to Halon.
He edged along the path a few feet.
Ash edged himself closer to Carter.
Lydia edged her foot toward the gas.
The minion slowly edged towards the.
It was the silence of edged patience.
Seated at his left, I edged a bit away.
Sheah edged back, pulling me with her.
I took his arm and edged him forwards.
She edged forward and turned Mitsy over.
Oh, such a double edged sword I weave.
They cautiously edged forward to the rim.
They edged across the bridge very slowly.
With one hand, he edged the blankets up.
Bit of a double edged sword on this post.
John cautiously edged his way to the door.
Doug edged back towards the door, frowning.
Foley edged towards it, and cocked an ear.
They edged closer to the stairs cutting a.
Moving through this hard edged desperation.
Yukino edged a little further over the side.
Pale blue trim edged the windows and doors.
The curving blade was edged only on one side.
At last, with a sigh, Flannery edged forward.
It was only by reflex that he edged forward.
What are the two edges.
Flute edges with a fork.
The edges of the train.
Press the edges of the.
They joined at the edges.
Wet the edges and press.
Moisten the edges of the.
The edges of the bay were.
I can’t see the edges.
Yet still the outer edges.
Fold over the edges to seal.
It was decayed at the edges.
Christina edges closer to me.
I cut linoleum edges around.
Seal edges; cut slits in top.
Yes, at the outermost edges.
I looked at the edges of the.
Having two edges means it has.
These rocks have sharp edges.
Somewhere ages and edges hence:.
The edges will tear and strain.
With its rounded edges and hard.
The edges of his lips turn upward.
To cut, loosen edges with a knife.
It had navy trim around the edges.
Spread chocolate to edges of cups.
Press the edges together and fry.
Thorne kept intruding on the edges.
The edges of its grooves were worn.
The hand-woven outer edges of the.
I suggest you start at the edges.
Grime caked the edges of the walls.
Edges will be ragged, this is okay.
Piles of dirt grew around the edges.
Sculpted at the edges of castle deep.
With only bits of the edges outlined.
Stephen touched the edges of the book.
Flat tones and hard edges are avoided.
Smooth the edges to prevent splinters.
Skirt around the edges of the garden.

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