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Outlive in a sentence

He may outlive me.
that I’d outlive them.
would probably outlive you.
These can outlive the best.
outlive them by that much more.
A parent is not to outlive a child.
Overlived: To outlive; out survived.

Men outlive their love, but they don't.
Knowing you will outlive the generations.
All we have to do is outlive the infected.
I fear that I may outlive my entire family.
Dad seems to think he'll outlive all of us.
outlive the consequences of their recklessness.
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;.
a pair of shoes which would probably outlive you.
Now, she and her mother might outlive her sister.
They did not regenerate fast enough to outlive that.
I do not wish to outlive your present feeling for me.
the new generation though I will outlive this baby, too.
I encourage you to establish a legacy that will outlive you.
The preceding is two prophecies in one: Fatima will outlive.
I have it on good authority you’ll outlive the cockroaches.
Love? It waxes and wanes Hearts break Wives outlive Husbands.
he can remain young and outlive me, then why pursue the relationship?.
Louie, declared dead more than sixty years earlier, would outlive them all.
I doubt if even your father will live that long, although he will easily outlive me.
I would like to ask those who outlive me, to see that I have not spoken without reason.
It is a multiple intelligence design to mankind because man can’t outlive his wordily desire.
Carol began stalling for time and said, As near as I can tell, you are going to outlive us all.
eventually outliving the confinements of a mortal life.
Many people, including your neighbors and colleagues, are going to face the real likelihood of outliving their money.
Then Victor just rubbed his temples and I explained, Not really though, because there’s no way Ferris Mewler is outliving me and Hunter S.
Will all the boomers pull their money out of the stock market at age 65 and become frugal and sit on their cash? Will the boomers put more money into investments because they realize the issue of outliving their money is real? Will boomers continue to enjoy life and shy away from saving and enjoy life by spending on discretionary items?.
Dorian has outlived.
Truman had outlived his usefulness.
She had outlived her mother by ten years.
Your specimen has outlived all of the others.
decided that Samson had outlived his usefulness.
may have already outlived his usefulness to Pengrove.
None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.
Her joy and expression of regard long outlived her wonder.
You said I outlived my usefulness, but isn’t that just a.
I am an enigma to the Madra, as I have outlived all of them.
He had outlived two of his sons, and now his grandchildren’s.
Ovid was born just before Jesus, and outlived him by some years.
contamination out, or had outlived any of the potential carriers.
was decided by the Aquarium that Samson had outlived his usefulness.
She had lived to be a great age and outlived her husband by many years.
George Burns wouldn’t have outlived so many doctors if smoking was.
delicately made as myself, had outlived the operation; that she believed,.
you’ve outlived your usefulness—it’d be proper to dispose of the trash.
The preselected outlived others, and those that lived had to clear their remains.
Stalin’s creation: the gulag of mass death and genocide outlived him by thirty years.
Given that dwarves outlived humans by a century or more, it was rarely a topic for debate.
They had been compared to Victoria and Albert except that Isaac had already outlived Albert.
He had outlived a couple of Community and Social Services Cabinet Ministers, if truth be told.
(God forgive him: John, her late husband, not, Kokopoulos who outlived her by more than a decade.
announced and cowered away from him as if afraid that he would kill him now that he’d outlived his.
Relationships that do not surprise you, that have ceased to be interesting, have just outlived their usefulness.
Just because coaxial cable is no longer used for networks does not mean that it has totally outlived its usefulness.
Despite his profession, he’d outlived his siblings, and the ex-wives who were still alive wanted nothing to do with him.
He outlives all the men in his boat.
The gallows-maker; for that frame outlives a thousand tenants.
hound outlives its usefulness, it's up to the owner to do with.
consider making plans for the bird’s future if it outlives you.
If Hillary outlives Bill, she also gets his salary until she dies.
The girls gave their hearts into their mother's keeping, their souls into their father's, and to both parents, who lived and labored so faithfully for them, they gave a love that grew with their growth and bound them tenderly together by the sweetest tie which blesses life and outlives death.

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outlast outlive survive