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Outlive in a sentence

He may outlive me.
These can outlive the best.
If my mother were to outlive M.
A parent is not to outlive a child.
Overlived: To outlive; out survived.
Men outlive their love, but they don't.
Knowing you will outlive the generations.

All we have to do is outlive the infected.
I fear that I may outlive my entire family.
Dad seems to think he'll outlive all of us.
Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;.
Now, she and her mother might outlive her sister.
They did not regenerate fast enough to outlive that.
I do not wish to outlive your present feeling for me.
I encourage you to establish a legacy that will outlive you.
The preceding is two prophecies in one: Fatima will outlive.
I have it on good authority you’ll outlive the cockroaches.
Love? It waxes and wanes Hearts break Wives outlive Husbands.
I doubt if even your father will live that long, although he will easily outlive me.
I would like to ask those who outlive me, to see that I have not spoken without reason.
It is a multiple intelligence design to mankind because man can’t outlive his wordily desire.
Carol began stalling for time and said, As near as I can tell, you are going to outlive us all.
The works of statesmen, writers, painters, architects, are all short-lived: your soul will outlive them all.
Their exploit, it was felt, would be handed down to the most distant posterity, and outlive the jail itself.
I think he must have made an agreement with death to outlive all his heirs, and he appears likely to succeed.
The prosecutor and the investigating lawyer distinctly remembered the doctor's saying that Smerdyakov could not outlive the night.
Have you ever considered that maybe I wouldn’t mind? I’ve been trying to get my head around the fact that you will outlive me.
Everybody is wondering to whom the count will leave his fortune, though he may perhaps outlive us all, as I sincerely hope he will.
Bridget and Joe were already contemplating a move as their status had improved and the house in a sense had begun to outlive its usefulness.
But the spirit which dwells in those little creatures, whom you love so well, shall outlive them all, and whether in happiness or misery (to speak as a man) will depend on you.
Kenneth says he would wager his mare, that he'll outlive any man on this side Gimmerton, and go to the grave a hoary sinner; unless some happy chance out of the common course befall him.
Kenneth says he would wager his mare that he’ll outlive any man on this side Gimmerton, and go to the grave a hoary sinner; unless some happy chance out of the common course befall him.
He wanted to outlive her so that she would never have to mourn that, and then he would live life as carelessly and dangerous as possible so he could rejoin her as fast as naturally possible.
As he gazed at these two little orphans he thought of his own child, and of the rough and thorny way they would all three have to travel if they were so unfortunate as to outlive their childhood.
This noble, unselfish gladiator (1918-2013) passed away recently leaving a clear and moralistic blue print for democracy, diplomacy and truth that will outlive all of the festering African Kleptocrats and new rogue colonialists.
Scherer and the philosophic labours of Caro—will hardly much outlive their authors, while the accidental, not real work of Amiel, his diary, will always remain a live book, necessary for men and influencing them for the good.
My child, the troubles and temptations of your life are beginning and may be many, but you can overcome and outlive them all if you learn to feel the strength and tenderness of your Heavenly Father as you do that of your earthly one.
I hadn’t cried for my father and uncle for the last fifty years, and mortals couldn’t be further from the truth when they said time is the best healer, it isn’t when you know you are going to live forever, outlive everyone you ever cared for, and with this, I thought about Levi.
Impossible, here in raging Paris, with Suspicion filling the air, for you to outlive denunciation, when you are in communication with another aristocratic spy of the same antecedents as yourself, who, moreover, has the mystery about him of having feigned death and come to life again! A plot in the prisons, of the foreigner against the Republic.
Little did the dusky children think that the puny slip with its two eyes only, which they stuck in the ground in the shadow of the house and daily watered, would root itself so, and outlive them, and house itself in the rear that shaded it, and grown man's garden and orchard, and tell their story faintly to the lone wanderer a half-century after they had grown up and died—blossoming as fair, and smelling as sweet, as in that first spring.
Many people, including your neighbors and colleagues, are going to face the real likelihood of outliving their money.
Will all the boomers pull their money out of the stock market at age 65 and become frugal and sit on their cash? Will the boomers put more money into investments because they realize the issue of outliving their money is real? Will boomers continue to enjoy life and shy away from saving and enjoy life by spending on discretionary items?
This teaching, which, according to the men of science, is contained only in its dogmatic part,—in the doctrine of the Trinity, the redemption, the miracles, the church, the sacraments, and so forth,—is only one out of a vast number of religions which have arisen in humanity, and now, having played its part in history, is outliving its usefulness, melting in the light of science and true culture.
Truman had outlived his usefulness.
She had outlived her mother by ten years.
Your specimen has outlived all of the others.
None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.
Her joy and expression of regard long outlived her wonder.
I am an enigma to the Madra, as I have outlived all of them.
You said I outlived my usefulness, but isn’t that just a.
He had outlived two of his sons, and now his grandchildren’s.
Ovid was born just before Jesus, and outlived him by some years.
She had lived to be a great age and outlived her husband by many years.
George Burns wouldn’t have outlived so many doctors if smoking was.
The preselected outlived others, and those that lived had to clear their remains.
Stalin’s creation: the gulag of mass death and genocide outlived him by thirty years.
Given that dwarves outlived humans by a century or more, it was rarely a topic for debate.
They had been compared to Victoria and Albert except that Isaac had already outlived Albert.
He had outlived a couple of Community and Social Services Cabinet Ministers, if truth be told.
Relationships that do not surprise you, that have ceased to be interesting, have just outlived their usefulness.
Just because coaxial cable is no longer used for networks does not mean that it has totally outlived its usefulness.
Despite his profession, he’d outlived his siblings, and the ex-wives who were still alive wanted nothing to do with him.
Were the Potemkins, Suvorovs, and Orlovs Germans? No, lad, either you fellows have all lost your wits, or I have outlived mine.
Were the Potëmkins, Suvórovs, and Orlóvs Germans? No, lad, either you fellows have all lost your wits, or I have outlived mine.
It is to be preserved not only because of its socially exclusive congregation, but because of the manifold troubles it has outlived.
The clock stood in the private office of the noblewoman, and was so old as to have outlived its usefulness, and was simply kept as an heirloom.
In any case that was very ancient history by now and as for our friend, the pseudo Skin-the-etcetera, he had transparently outlived his welcome.
Now that we have outlived that phase of the life of humanity, we understand the rational grounds for uniting men in families, communities, and states.
He remembered Prudencia Pitre, the oldest of those still alive, who was known to everyone as the Widow of Two because she had outlived both her husbands.
We know three such conceptions of life: two of them humanity has already outlived, and the third is the one through which we are now passing in Christianity.
Besides, all these strange acts were accompanied by still stranger religious ceremonies and public prayers, which, it would seem, the French had long ago outlived.
Seas of blood have been shed for the sake of this sentiment, and more blood will be shed for its sake, if men do not free themselves from this outlived bit of antiquity.
Seeing Mousavi marching resolutely towards her table, Nancy couldn’t help feel dread: maybe she had outlived her usefulness in the eyes of the Iranian senior leadership.
Was it just the paranoid pipe-dreams of a government agency that had outlived its usefulness? Or was he right? Had I created the beast that Hesidence believed Jesus to be?
Integrated Resources certainly outlived its corporate mission; the untimely survival was promoted by bankers and investors who bought the paper without reading the financials.
The social, family, and political life-conceptions have been outlived by men, and it is necessary to go ahead and accept the higher life-conception, which indeed is being done now.
The man on whom depended the easing of the fate of the Petersburg prisoners was an old General of repute—a baron of German descent, who, as it was said of him, had outlived his wits.
Is it possible that I have outlived all that! thought I, raising my head with horror, and in order to forget and to cease thinking, I began to play again, and still the same old andante.
Not even an absent-minded minister, who was after all a young man still, though he firmly believed he had outlived romance, could be insensible to the charm of the night and the path and the companion.
Of course, there was still no apparent motive for wanting Spalding dead—unless Fairmont felt that he had outlived his usefulness or posed a threat to revealing the identity of the owners of the Versailles.
This man they honored hadn’t been an ordinary man in the traditional sense, because he through his effort of will and strength of faith had far outlived the experiences and endeavors of just an ordinary man.
They seek for them everywhere except where they are to be found, in Christianity, because Christianity seems to them to have outlived its usefulness, to be obsolete and foolish and repellent by its monstrosity.
And such art has always been highly valued and encouraged; while art transmitting feelings already outlived, flowing from the antiquated religious perceptions of a former age, has always been condemned and despised.
He outlives all the men in his boat.
The gallows-maker; for that frame outlives a thousand tenants.
If Hillary outlives Bill, she also gets his salary until she dies.
The girls gave their hearts into their mother's keeping, their souls into their father's, and to both parents, who lived and labored so faithfully for them, they gave a love that grew with their growth and bound them tenderly together by the sweetest tie which blesses life and outlives death.

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