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Endure in a sentence

You will endure.
endure to the end.
had had to endure.
enough to endure it.
will have to endure.
had learnt to endure.
And we had to endure.

than she could endure.
She could endure this.
endure unto the end (i.
have to endure it alone.
what they had to endure.
and Earth endure always.
mother to have to endure.
had to endure was agony.
But it could not endure.
I cannot endure it!.
Well, I will not endure.
absurdity exist or endure.
� They can and do endure.
endure extremes of weather.
that forever will endure,.
Walter couldn't endure it.
I didn’t want to endure.
endure a horrible flashback.
10 Therefore I endure all.
she thought she could endure.
They endure and accomplish.
What is the enduring.
They stood, enduring a.
enduring the bil owy waves.
she was presently enduring.
enduring a horrible civil war.
A kind of vague but enduring link.
and enduring will be his achievements.
Others were slow growing, but enduring.
After enduring all the months of being.
Orang-utans are enduring a horrific ordeal.
The price for this was enduring sharp ups.
Some end up enduring a whole evening of bad.
Slobber, and you're enduring that worst thing,.
was better than the silence they’d been enduring.
So it came to pass, the birth of an enduring ritual.
resulted from the incredible stress she was enduring.
Children enduring sustained emotional abuse by their.
better at enduring pain and hardships than I ever was.
It was better than enduring imprisonment and torture.
But support and resistance levels are often enduring.
entertain the prospect of enduring it? There are much.
merciful: I was left with the enduring sensation of a.
became the enduring centerpiece of the socialist vision.
swearing the sacred heart's pledge of enduring loyalty.
well-trained in the art of inflicting and enduring pain.
remains among the most enduring and widely read authors.
enduring association with MR profession and the passion.
There was something enduring about it, almost possessive.
‘’The way a sensible, enduring relationship should be.
I have endured a.
the horse has endured.
She had endured the.
My mother endured it.
she could have endured.
He endured to the end.
This had to be endured.
Oh the torture I endured.
I endured it, as I had to.
Yet, these towers endured.
M: Pain has to be endured.
Was this to be endured? No.
She had endured a life of.
A pause; it endured horribly.
rough mauling it had endured.
frame has endured much longer.
we have endured along the way.
where I endured the fire walk.
But Moses endured unperturbed.
endured from those gang-rapists.
conceive of the pain he endured.
He endured that pain just for us.
had endured would just fade away.
She had endured so many days of.
We have not endured hardness as.
He'd endured enough of this game.
it ill, but the hobbits endured it.
All these, I have long endured.
shadows that endured for centuries.
But he who endures.
The Truth endures forever.
His mercy endures forever.
But, he that endures to the.
Yet The Truth endures forever.
That which grows slowly, endures.
endures forever, let the house of.
Love is the only thing that endures.
There is some good work that endures.
sient, and only the ‘I am’ endures.
The drought endures, for all our prayers.
endures to the end, the same shall be saved.
wants to work with, but endures nevertheless.
It is the man who endures through the pain,.
She bares the children and endures the pain.
issues farther than chemical intrusion endures.
She endures this for a few moments and says,.
As the palm endures the scorching heat of the.
Love endures all things, lasts through the years,.
25:46, the one class endures as long as the other.
he that endures to the end, the same shall be saved.
love endures forever, which means that nothing can.
food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of.
Tom Gage cries aloud so long as his tombstone endures.
13 But he who endures to the end the same will be saved.

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