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Survive in a sentence

I will survive.
We will survive.
a way to survive.
She can survive.
I had to survive.
I can survive it.
� We can survive.

That I may survive.
I had to survive!.
All could survive.
long as we survive.
You merely survive.
to survive this lot.
And survive he did.
He did not survive.
I survive that long.
survive the damn ash.
It could not survive.
You can survive this.
the beam will survive.
could survive in jail.
if all of us survive.
He learned to survive.
to survive in the cold.
have a duty to survive.
Survive or go extinct.
energy just to survive.
do anything to survive.
She won’t survive it.
Yes, he did survive.
And I was surviving.
this third part surviving.
surviving another few days.
He was the only surviving.
but you are barely surviving.
benefit of the surviving ones.
Staying alive, surviving the.
are only surviving, not living.
surviving member of his school.
surviving in another dimension.
Surviving was the true winning.
You stand a chance of surviving.
In all the years of my surviving.
Surviving the Trader’s Journey.
high expectations of him surviving.
therefore he was barely surviving.
Madex is the only surviving member.
Surviving the casting…not so much.
Surviving stress, though, can in a.
barely surviving, sick from radiation.
The few surviving lionesses and the.
‘You should concentrate on surviving.
The surviving nuns had insisted on it.
confirmation of the surviving partners.
A lot of grace surviving in old-timers.
he wanted to kill the surviving heir.
Surviving (or not surviving) Watergate.
Surviving the ego is the purpose of life.
about surviving, it’s about thriving!.
was surviving in Aosta when we found them.
I have survived.
, if she survived.
She had survived.
I survived that.
We had survived.
– if he survived.
None had survived.
‘So we survived.
say, I survived the.
been had he survived.
Nothing has survived.
And she had survived.
We survived a great.
But she had survived.
She had not survived.
Glad that I survived.
I’ve survived worse.
Nothing survived this.
They had survived the.
Happy to have survived.
How many survived?.
survived the care system.
Even if they survived,.
all odds again, survived.
If he survived that long.
Most who survived these.
Only a few dozen survived.
Adrar could have survived.
He survived the crash.
survived but had prospered.
See if he survives.
it survives to the end.
Q: Then what survives?.
Every human soul survives.
-That death that survives.
He survives the predicament.
Provided she survives the cure.
Nothing survives a black hole.
But only if the species survives.
throughout life, survives the ego.
Their effect survives in the tone.
Whoever survives, his country wins.
No shade of duality survives their.
habitation if it survives to the end.
of construction survives for centuries.
typically survives by receiving that aid.
It survives always in respect to something.
She’ll have bruises, if she survives this.
That cause itself survives the disappearance.
that survives death and lives without the body.
I was the only one who survives on that battle.
Only the least incriminating evidence survives.
Education is what survives when what has been.
She said, The one who kills to feed survives,.
Existence or no existence, this man still survives.
occurrence of action only as long as nature survives.
Regardless, if a baby survives a severe head shaking.
entity that survives death and lives without the body.
In addition, if Marconi survives to see the inside of.
Nothing from nothing means something survives the caste.

Synonyms for survive

endure go last live survive exist subsist outlast outlive