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Outperform in a sentence | outperform example sentences

  1. You will even outperform me.
  2. That said, the model was still able to outperform with a +17.
  3. Morgan, will be wrong at some point in their attempt to outperform.
  4. Will they continue to outperform going forward? Only time will tell.
  5. They believe its possible to outperform the market with this approach.
  6. As we have seen, small stocks outperform large stocks in the long run.
  7. In most cases the Pareto method turned out to outperform the convolution.
  8. He does not consciously try to outperform the market over the short run.
  9. Let’s study GMan to find out how he re-learned to outperform as a trader.
  10. No long-term fundamentalist ever tries to outperform an OPMI market consistently.
  11. If the market is satisfied that even a decrease (as in 2006) will outperform the.
  12. All appear to empirically outperform market-cap-weighted portfolios in the long run.
  13. Safety refers to the ability of the sector to outperform during tough economic times.
  14. Across asset classes, the riskier ones tend to outperform the safe ones in the long run.
  15. Maybe the biggest reason small companies outperform is just their entrepreneurial nature.
  16. In reality, institutional traders as a group outperform private traders year after year.
  17. Super affiliates use a range of tactics in order to consistently outperform other affiliates.
  18. Anecdotally, funds with more focused holdings tend to outperform funds with broader holdings.
  19. The generic rational line is that value stocks outperform because they are inherently riskier.
  20. Such investors do not tend to outperform but they are more likely to be among jackpot winners.
  21. As you saw back on page 13, small- and medium-sized companies outperform large companies over time.
  22. Investors can outperform the market by sticking with superior strategies over long periods of time.
  23. Much the same is true with Large Stocks, where lower profit margin deciles outperform higher deciles.
  24. Our rockets will outperform their rockets by a substantial margin, Doctor Sahndrah Lywys responded.
  25. I’m programmed to always seek competitive advantages, skills that will help me outperform my rivals.
  26. Interestingly, Chinese lottery-type stocks outperform around the Chinese New Year rather than in January.
  27. An investor may be able to outperform the market averages, but the more likely result is to underperform.
  28. Another way to outperform the S&P is to buy superior new growth stocks or stocks that are not in the S&P.
  29. Such measures of default probability and rating migration probability outperform rating agency predictions.
  30. These studies have consistently found that value stocks outperform growth stocks and the market as a whole.
  31. These funds tend to outperform their mutual fund peers, likely reflecting lower fees and lower agency costs.
  32. Simple, parsimonious tools will usually outperform complex calculations in most market-related applications.
  33. Statistically, these safelists frequently outperform the larger safelists! That is why testing is so important.
  34. Companies don’t outperform year in and year out for over a decade unless they were undervalued to begin with.
  35. If these assumptions are met, then the Kelly formula will outperform all other approaches, usually dramatically.
  36. A factor that could hinder a global bull market or at the very least help certain sectors outperform is inflation.
  37. Even the worst quintiles in the utility sector outperform T-bills, something that the other sectors cannot claim.
  38. Harvey–Siddique (2000) show empirically that low-coskewness portfolios outperform highcoskewness portfolios by 3.
  39. But it does appear that these frontier markets present opportunities for active management to sometimes outperform.
  40. Precious metals often outperform stocks, real estate, and bonds during times when banks are under stress and the U.
  41. This was the opportunity to turn Northwest High into a drug marketplace that would outperform any other high school.
  42. Recall that continuation candle patterns must outperform reversal candle patterns because of their trend relationship.
  43. Filtered candlesticks consistently outperform a host of technical indicators and usually candle patterns by themselves.
  44. If the options have a theoretical pricing advantage, the calendar spread may outperform the standard intramarket spread.
  45. It's an attitude as much as a strategy, born more than bred, and indispensible to their ability to outperform over time.
  46. Indeed, firms with low past sales growth or with low analyst forecasts of future growth tend to outperform in the future.
  47. Filtered candle patterns consistently outperform a host of technical indicators and usually candle patterns by themselves.
  48. Of course you can always hope against hope the markets strongly outperform in the years to come and fix the problem for you.
  49. There was no reason to expect that in any short period of time the low-multiplier duo would outperform the high-multipliers.
  50. The problem is that nobody can consistently guess which funds or stocks will outperform, or even match, the market over time.
  51. The academic evidence is grounded in the statistical proof that no OPMI or groups of OPMIs outperform a market consistently (i.
  52. Just because they performed better over the last 13 weeks does not mean they will continue to outperform over the next 13 weeks.
  53. Stocks outperform almost all other assets in the long run because you are buying a piece of our almost constantly growing economy.
  54. These favorable structural developments have helped emerging market equities outperform developed market equities for several years.
  55. Also recall that small-cap stocks and corporate bonds tend to outperform in January, consistent with wide year end liquidity premia.
  56. My experience is that good discretionary traders will outperform any rule-based trailing stop methodology over a large set of trades.
  57. Whether prices are rising or falling, there will be specific investment classes that outperform during the varying inflationary periods.
  58. Generally speaking, you will want to use only strategies that outperform their benchmark on both an absolute and a risk-adjusted basis.
  59. And if implied volatility falls, Spread 3 will outperform both Spreads 1 and 2, increasing in value more quickly at lower volatilities.
  60. The ETF hedge fund I propose in this book is based on exposure to sectors and asset classes I believe will outperform in the coming years.
  61. And over the entire cycle, typically three to five years, an excellent timing system should clearly outperform the major market averages.
  62. Under such conditions, a corporate bond can outperform the government bond beyond its yield spread by rolling down the spread curve.
  63. One country in particular that I believe has the ability to outperform both the United States and its peers over the next decade is China.
  64. Markets may (and we emphasize may) outperform in the years to come, bringing annual returns more in line with long-term historical averages.
  65. Knowing when other full-time investors are likely to outperform your own part-time efforts may be the most fundamental of all value insights.
  66. Investors who do this will have an advantage over those who do not, and they should outperform these less thorough investors in the long run.
  67. Some a priori reasons to expect HF managers to outperform include the following:• HF managers face fewer constraints than long-only managers.
  68. The goal of a calendar spread is for the long position to outperform the short position or for the spread between the long and short to widen.
  69. While this is not always a good way to trade, it is used here to show how filtered candlesticks will usually outperform the other two systems.
  70. In the longer time period this strategy could outperform the basic buy-and-hold strategy by a negligible 8% or underperform by a whopping 54%.
  71. For active investors who try to outperform the benchmark, benchmark portfolio return is a neutral yardstick for ex post performance evaluation.
  72. If the price ratio between the two metals were to revert back to its historical average, then silver prices would outperform gold by more than 2:1.
  73. However, pension plan sponsors do not exhibit manager selection skills; newly fired managers tend to subsequently outperform newly hired managers [6].
  74. Stocks for which associated ATM calls are relatively expensive outperform stocks for which associated ATM puts are relatively expensive by 50 bp per week.
  75. They study stocks’ sensitivities to this liquidity factor and document that stocks with high liquidity betas outperform stocks with low liquidity betas by 7.
  76. It looks like HFs can outperform even as a group by extracting alpha from others—long-only institutions, retail investors, corporations, and the public sector.
  77. But there is one thing everyone seems to agree on, and that’s if there was ever a time for gold and precious metals to outperform all other assets: this is it.
  78. Based on our research, investors who sell winners and hold losers because they expect the losers to outperform the winners in the future are, on average, mistaken.
  79. That is, stocks where markets apparently expect especially high upside volatility (reflected in relatively expensive call options) tend to subsequently outperform.
  80. Doran–Jiang–Peterson (2009) show that lottery-type stocks (low price, high volatility, high skewness) outperform in Januaries and underperform the rest of the year.
  81. I believe there will be more situations similar to that of corn through the ethanol craze and therefore individual commodities will outperform their peers on a regular basis.
  82. The profitability of a business will eventually trend toward the mean of the industry as it is difficult for any business to outperform the industry for a long period of time.
  83. Stocks ranked 1 or 2 should outperform the market in the next quarter or two, stocks ranked 3 should follow the market, and stocks ranked 4 or 5 should underperform the market.
  84. The typical PE manager is skillful enough to outperform public indices on a gross basis but the benefits of these skills accrue primarily to the manager and not to the investor.
  85. Highlights from this study reveal that• Small-cap stocks outperform most in inflationary and/or volatile stagnations and only underperform in disinflationary or volatile booms.
  86. Once you start arguing them or you start fighting with them, these dark states will get hold of you, become enemy of you and believe me you would never be able to outperform them.
  87. Evidence on the impact of fund age and size on performance is mixed but more distinctive managers with relatively large active risks appear to outperform the indexhugging types [2].
  88. The three metals that make up DBB have the distinct ability to increase with inflation and will also outperform when the economy is increasing because of their ties to global expansion.
  89. I say partially because the only three deciles that do not outperform the All Stocks universe are deciles 1—those with the highest payout ratio—and 9 and 10—those with the lowest payout ratios.
  90. Was SBC being realistic in assuming that its pension-fund managers could significantly outperform the world’s greatest investor? Probably not: In 2001, Berkshire Hathaway’s pension fund gained 9.
  91. While owning silver versus gold during that two year span was not the best strategy, I feel the two metals will revert back to the mean and therefore silver should outperform gold in the coming years.
  92. The lesson Graham is driving at is not that you should avoid buying airline stocks, but that you should never succumb to the certainty that any industry will outperform all others in the future.
  93. Considering that most of the best idea funds do not markedly outperform the averages, investors are also entitled to wonder whether the managers’ ideas are even worth having in the first place.
  94. Monthly changes in implied volatilities predict relative future returns: stocks with rising call volatilities outperform stocks with falling call volatilities by about 1% over the next month, on average.
  95. The only way to outperform over the long run is to have the discipline to pick your spots, and have the conviction to invest heavily in high quality businesses that will compound your money over the long run.
  96. However, when absolute equity returns are very large, long strangles outperform long straddles because they are more leveraged, as evidenced by the higher 3rd Quartile and maximum returns for the long strangles.
  97. An underlying credo of value investing is that no one not engaged full-time in high-frequency trading, option trading, or risk arbitrage can be expected to outperform a market over the short run by conscious effort.
  98. Newer research focuses on fundamental value-weighted indices and (inversely) volatility-weighted indices, given the historic tendency of both kinds of indices to outperform market cap indices (see Chapters 12 and 19).
  99. Historically, there are always some managers who did outperform (although quite long track records are needed to statistically distinguish luck from skill, more so with HFs, given their non-normal return distributions).
  100. Other favorable attributes include fund distinctiveness—funds with low correlation to peers outperform those with high peer correlations by 6% in the following year—as well as greater managerial incentives and discretion.

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