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Outperform in a sentence

You will even outperform me.
That said, the model was still able to outperform with a +17.
Morgan, will be wrong at some point in their attempt to outperform.
Will they continue to outperform going forward? Only time will tell.
They believe its possible to outperform the market with this approach.
As we have seen, small stocks outperform large stocks in the long run.
In most cases the Pareto method turned out to outperform the convolution.

He does not consciously try to outperform the market over the short run.
Let’s study GMan to find out how he re-learned to outperform as a trader.
No long-term fundamentalist ever tries to outperform an OPMI market consistently.
If the market is satisfied that even a decrease (as in 2006) will outperform the.
All appear to empirically outperform market-cap-weighted portfolios in the long run.
Safety refers to the ability of the sector to outperform during tough economic times.
Maybe the biggest reason small companies outperform is just their entrepreneurial nature.
In reality, institutional traders as a group outperform private traders year after year.
Across asset classes, the riskier ones tend to outperform the safe ones in the long run.
Super affiliates use a range of tactics in order to consistently outperform other affiliates.
Anecdotally, funds with more focused holdings tend to outperform funds with broader holdings.
The generic rational line is that value stocks outperform because they are inherently riskier.
Such investors do not tend to outperform but they are more likely to be among jackpot winners.
As you saw back on page 13, small- and medium-sized companies outperform large companies over time.
Investors can outperform the market by sticking with superior strategies over long periods of time.
Much the same is true with Large Stocks, where lower profit margin deciles outperform higher deciles.
I’m programmed to always seek competitive advantages, skills that will help me outperform my rivals.
Our rockets will outperform their rockets by a substantial margin, Doctor Sahndrah Lywys responded.
An investor may be able to outperform the market averages, but the more likely result is to underperform.
Another way to outperform the S&P is to buy superior new growth stocks or stocks that are not in the S&P.
Interestingly, Chinese lottery-type stocks outperform around the Chinese New Year rather than in January.
These studies have consistently found that value stocks outperform growth stocks and the market as a whole.
Such measures of default probability and rating migration probability outperform rating agency predictions.
These funds tend to outperform their mutual fund peers, likely reflecting lower fees and lower agency costs.
Simple, parsimonious tools will usually outperform complex calculations in most market-related applications.
Companies don’t outperform year in and year out for over a decade unless they were undervalued to begin with.
Statistically, these safelists frequently outperform the larger safelists! That is why testing is so important.
If these assumptions are met, then the Kelly formula will outperform all other approaches, usually dramatically.
Even the worst quintiles in the utility sector outperform T-bills, something that the other sectors cannot claim.
A factor that could hinder a global bull market or at the very least help certain sectors outperform is inflation.
Precious metals often outperform stocks, real estate, and bonds during times when banks are under stress and the U.
Harvey–Siddique (2000) show empirically that low-coskewness portfolios outperform highcoskewness portfolios by 3.
But it does appear that these frontier markets present opportunities for active management to sometimes outperform.

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