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Outstrip in a sentence

1. The Delawares are children of the tortoise, and they outstrip the deer.
2. As such, it would always outstrip the production of food, which Malthus thought was arithmetic.
3. All things being equal, the black will outstrip the white in acquiring knowledge and applying it.
4. Although it is our opinion that a properly managed portfolio will well outstrip the risks, you have to make your own call.
5. It is therefore critical for a business to grow at a rate where it does not outstrip its ability to hire qualified employees.
6. But it bade fair to outstrip them; it flew on and on, as a mass of interblending bubbles borne down a rapid stream from the hills.
7. If you wait until the bottom has passed, when the dust has settled and uncertainty has been resolved, demand starts to outstrip supply and you end up competing with too many other buyers.

8. This mimics the biblical story of Cain killing Abel: the younger brother who threatened to grow too fast and too well and outstrip Cain: so he lured able out into the fields and killed him.
9. Others will follow, others will outstrip me on the same lines; and I hazard the guess that man will be ultimately known for a mere polity of multifarious, incongruous and independent denizens.
10. You must know I felt so interested in the splendid roan horse, with his elegant little rider, so tastefully dressed in a pink satin jacket and cap, that I could not help praying for their success with as much earnestness as though the half of my fortune were at stake; and when I saw them outstrip all the others, and come to the winning-post in such gallant style, I actually clapped my hands with joy.
1. He seemed pleased with the amounts Wedon said were stockpiled, then Wedon told Coatl that the only problem now was getting enough jars to contain the hellfire, the chemical productions were now outstripping the potters efforts, seeing me he came over and we walked far enough away that no one could eavesdrop.
2. What if the market moves your option into the money, then back out, and then back in again? Are you going to keep buying it and selling the futures contract(s) again? Or are you going to risk an adverse futures move that will cause losses far outstripping any gain you may receive by having your option expiring worthless? And this doesn’t even include the additional transaction costs you are going to incur by buying and selling the futures contract(s).
1. The others outstripped him.
2. The apparition had outstripped me: it stood looking through the gate.
3. Both his mind and his methodology outstripped Soneji’s more primitive approach.
4. This news filled me with fresh fears; I outstripped Kenneth, and ran most of the way back.
5. This news filled me with fresh fears: I outstripped Kenneth, and ran most of the way back.
6. But she quickly outstripped them, as did Pedro, who finally realized it was time to leave.
7. But the demand for cleft repair often outstripped the supply that Operation Smile could offer.
8. Experiential adaptation outstripped and replaced genetic adaptation as its basic survival technique.
9. Marianne was astonished to find how much the imagination of her mother and herself had outstripped the truth.
10. Once more and for this day she outstripped the fertilizers in interest, and the laboratory was a place forgotten.
11. Similarly, the growth of Pepsi-Cola has far outstripped in percentage that of Coca-Cola; the same is true of General Shoe vs.
12. That is clear and it's a sin to hide it, the fanatic, carried away by a zeal that outstripped his reason, would not be quieted.
13. To many, the conclusion is that the cost of the bomber offensive in life and resources tragically outstripped the results that it achieved.
14. He seemed to stand taller, but his look, somewhere between unbearable pride and a sudden and appalled sense of being outstripped showed on his face.
15. I shouted to her, as she had outstripped me a long way; she either did not hear or did not regard, for she still sprang on, and I was compelled to follow.
16. The advance far outstripped the actual growth in profits, and almost from the start the quotation appeared much too high in terms of the partners’ own investment standards.
17. She waved her scarf and cried: Huzzah! Sceptre wins! But in the straight on the run home when all were in close order the dark horse Throwaway drew level, reached, outstripped her.
18. In 2006, sales of platinum group metals (PGMs)—platinum, palladium, and rhodium—mined in South Africa outstripped gold by 2:1 and accounted for 15 percent of merchandise exports.
19. There are people, on the other hand, who desire above all to find in that lucky rival the qualities by which he has outstripped them, and seek with a throbbing ache at heart only what is good.
20. Sulaco outstripped Nostromo's prudence, growing rich swiftly on the hidden treasures of the earth, hovered over by the anxious spirits of good and evil, torn out by the labouring hands of the people.
21. But there were so many hillocks and banks to climb and pass, that, at length, I began to be weary, and told her we must halt, and retrace our steps, I shouted to her as she had outstripped me a long way; she either did not hear or did not regard for she still sprang on, and I was compelled to follow.
22. After the huge audience settled down, when the silence had lasted about two minutes, the youngest of the Sisters began to sing first and then the rest of the choir joined in, blending a magic that turned their voices into a rendition that could only be described as absolutely divine, the expectation was far outstripped by the heavenly melodies that where carried on the breeze, enveloping and activating all of your senses as though under a magic spell, reaching a pinnacle of delight and then fading to be replaced by another attack of sheer pleasure with every note that emanated from this incredible choir.
1. Painting not only does not lag behind poetry in this matter, but rather outstrips it.
2. We’ve had some successes over the years, but this outstrips everything, she giggled, feigning drunkenness.
3. According to the doomsters at Zerohedge this performance outstrips the best US Hedgefunds (bar 4 by the lowest estimation of our performance.
4. The supply and-demand curve states that if supply outstrips demand, the price will fall, and that is what caused the crash in copper prices.
5. In their paper Do Investors Overvalue Firms with Bloated Balance Sheets? David Hirshleifer, Kewei Hou, Siew Hong Teoh, and Yinglei Zhang state, When cumulative net operating income (accounting value-added) outstrips cumulative free cash flow (cash value-added), subsequent earnings growth is weak.

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