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    1. He whispered that he loved me and would never, ever, ever cheat me again and I think I felt him sob

    2. He had to either present it to her as some bitch on the crew accused you of cheating and tried to get me to cheat with her

    3. There’s local bottling plants and big payoffs to cheat on the federal taxes

    4. used to cheat on it with

    5. ‘Show me how to cheat at cards and we’ll call it

    6. offered Pick a cut (which he took knowing that I didn’t cheat, and even if I wanted

    7. willing to inform on them if they try to cheat the system

    8. Just like everyone else in the class I promptly got out my "cheat" books from the leading constitutional law experts, looked up what they said about the constitutional law area he wanted, and basically plagiarized whatever the law experts said because that's what he wanted on the exam; he wanted the leading constitutional law expert’s opinion on that issue, not mine

    9. end at the bottom of that river and maybe Carl really did cheat the thin blade of

    10. No one could cheat death

    11. "That man is a cheat and is defrauding you" yelled Lemoss in retaliation

    12. Its true he wavered between the art of the cheat and the sheer power of Seaboy's stroke play, but eventually he felt he had wisely chosen the cheats

    13. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors

    14. “Of course,” he said smiling, “But don’t you cheat a girl, I tell you

    15. Yes, my father would never cheat on my mother

    16. Auster helped Psyche cheat

    17. “You must know that I would never leave Helen or cheat on her in anyway so why drop this bombshell now tell me why you have decided to reveal this now?” She sobbed as she told me

    18. of a man who could cheat

    19. We had to cheat to pass that exam but that was well within the rules

    20. Some also use false liens to cheat or defraud others, while some issue their own driver's licenses, plates, money, and even ministerial credentials

    21. �Linda, there's only one woman that would make me cheat on Maureen, and that woman is the one I'm holding onto at this moment

    22. There was nothing to be lost by taking out his mounting anger against this bald-headed, lying, skinny little cheat who had brought the walls tumbling down around them both

    23. As she assumed complete responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the club, Caroline moved up from small-time cheat into the big leagues

    24. We will lie, cheat, and steal

    25. She began inching forward towards relative coolness, scanning the crowd for a currency exchanger who seemed the sort not to cheat with a false rate, counterfeit bills or slight of hand maneuvers

    26. I cheated, he can cheat

    27. I found a way to cheat, for there was little else one could do against a player of his awesomely vicious talents

    28. "She will find that she will not be able to cheat the Methodist parson out of HIS salary with bad yarn

    29. “Someone please remind me not to cheat at chess with him any more,” said Luke via our connection

    30. cheat on conversion (a 0

    31. Peter then asked, "Did you ever cheat on your wife?"

    32. If you do not hesitate, or cheat, this

    33. I ever did was to let Jen cheat on her science test by sitting in front of her, but that was an

    34. The mind is a cheat

    35. How could you cheat on me?”

    36. “He told me he’d never cheat on me

    37. “Now answer my question, how the hell did you know about that?” she asked, I paused and she gasped, “You have me followed? I can’t believe you! What? Did you think I cheat on you with him?” she asked her gaze filled with fury

    38. That women often cheat on their husbands and boyfriends with men like you

    39. I think I can escape having to lie and cheat to cover my butt for the moment


    41. An d to not cheat them out of their

    42. will cheat on their partners when women have the blues

    43. Will knew that Lucy would not cheat on him, and in

    44. “The private was unable to fool the sergeant, but the point is, for the first time, he was able to try to cheat at cards while sworn to justice on the Truthstone of Falgaroth!

    45. Will he cheat again? As if it’s no crime? Will he cry for her?

    46. She would never cheat on him again

    47. However, if PAX is just a scam to cheat the government

    48. He had obviously still managed to cheat me, if by a lesser amount than he'd first hoped

    49. If Paul is the chief of all sinners how can he command people to imitate him as He imitates Christ? There is no sin in Christ, so that would be blasphemy to call yourself the chief of sinners and then tell people that you are imitating Christ! If Paul was the chief of all sinners, yet so great a Christian, then pastors who cheat on their wives and run off with their churches money should be praised for being like Paul! Nonsense

    50. "Deceive, cheat, lie, make our position look better than it is

    1. Man cheated by death

    2. why follow this place? You lied, you cheated damn month!

    3. Now for many women, they would automatically assume the man had cheated

    4. They told Ava all about their children, the times their dad had cheated on their mom, the times their mom had cheated on their dad, how their brother was a real straight arrow who hadn’t even gotten laid yet except by one of the goats, the brown one with the white spots

    5. I cheated on the ice cream with an electric maker, but at least it wasn’t from

    6. He felt somewhat cheated that there was nothing else to look forward to, no other group to train

    7. Since he’d cheated the executioner by two fingers, they took his lips as well

    8. Suddenly, I felt Joseph had been cheated

    9. I knew as I had realised before that the angel I had first saw was just a nurse looking after me and I felt slightly cheated

    10. “But there is also the belief than Khan was cheated, that he wouldn’t have lost if I hadn’t thrown that knife in

    11. “I never cheated on you,” she gasped

    12. Apparently they drew straws on who was to meet the Angel first whilst the other waited in the car and the winner duly knocked on the flat (condo) door feeling quite pleased with himself as he cheated in some way to win but all is fair in f love if not in war

    13. Sighing deeply, feeling somehow cheated, Grey shuddered, wondering if this would be the last time he'd see his beloved Brockenhurst Forest shake free from its winter mantle

    14. " Indisputably the patrol dog members cheated by getting the meanest and biggest Alsatian they could find (very unfairly if you ask me who did know an Alsatian can be that size)

    15. I do not feel that I have been cheated out of anything

    16. ) There were some presidents like John Quincy Adams who thought Natives inferior, but still believed Native peoples should not be cheated or have force used against them

    17. Reagan also created one of the most vicious stereotypes, the myth of the “welfare queen,” that Blacks on welfare cheated and lived well at government expense

    18. A Custer presidency means more Natives cheated of their meager supplies

    19. I felt I had been cheated

    20. Someone in the crowd said, “That LP cheated

    21. Anger comes when a person believes that he has been unjustly cheated of

    22. I cheated, he can cheat

    23. “I cheated on him

    24. "I'd have been more surprised if you hadn't cheated

    25. “Like it had done so before, nine times! Nine times in the past! Nine times you were always blind to see afterwards! Nine times that the final victory was stolen from me, postponed! Cheated, nine times in fifteen thousand two hundred and thirty nine long standard years! Each time trying to find what was missing, each time trying to find what exactly had gone wrong, each time failing at the last possible minute! Each time laying waste to entire cities along with their populace, entire civilizations along with their pathetic little history trying to make my point, mark my win! Each time you pathetic little machine, you called it a draw! A draw!”

    26. It suddenly occurred to me that William must have cheated on Section Five of our science class

    27. She knows that he has cheated and would never tell her who he has seen

    28. Ethan felt everything all at once: infuriated and cheated, guilty and beaten down, ready to kill and simply waiting to die

    29. It’s not like I cheated on you so you can’t be mad about that

    30. But I cheated

    31. Still, she couldn’t help but feel cheated somehow

    32. several times he cheated by saying he would elsewhere

    33. does not deserve to be cheated on, then I will give him the

    34. I felt cheated

    35. This is because Esau - the older brother, but not by much, in effect, stole or cheated

    36. That Jacob had cheated Esau, the Edomite’s ancestor out of his inheritance there

    37. Without it we would have gone all the way to Pravik in search of you and been cheated at the last

    38. I shut my eyes in dreadful expectation; I had cheated death once already, by this point I was just hoping he would get it over and done with

    39. "I was married for 41 years and cheated on her only once, but that was during our first year and we worked it out

    40. occasional beer and never cheated on his wife

    41. on a regular basis to have sex with her boyfriend, and she was the one who cheated on

    42. I felt a stab of pain and jealousy, was she his girlfriend? It couldn’t be, then that would mean that he cheated on her with me

    43. “I never cheated on anyone with Luke

    44. Everything made sense then, this was the idiot that cheated on her

    45. She really believed I cheated on her, I couldn’t deny that my not telling her did not help matters

    46. Lucky didn’t believe me, but Maria and Carmen did, how could that be? Then again she’d been cheated on before; I opened up old wounds

    47. He hit the nail on the head; I was hurting because he cheated but somewhere in me, there was still hope that he didn’t

    48. “Because of your lying tactics my fiancée thinks I cheated on her, she needs to hear the truth, and how better than from the horse’s mouth

    49. Yes he loves me but people do crazy things out of a broken heart, I once held him at gunpoint thinking he cheated on me

    50. One phone call from him and I’ll be known as the whore who cheated with the cousin

    1. of other souls through time, cheating,

    2. true identities and commit frauds through online cheating and scams in the name of being

    3. Being in a relationship is something that can be an incredible thing, but the possibility of your partner cheating is unfortunately never zero

    4. cheating is suspected, then there are a few methods available to you in which would assist your

    5. Of course, if cheating is going on behind your back, then there must be a trail that could lead

    6. He had to either present it to her as some bitch on the crew accused you of cheating and tried to get me to cheat with her

    7. So Daphne was still blinded with rage, still vengeful, still cheating and now waging war on the art world for sure

    8. “Purists call this cheating,” he said as he dabbed on a pinprick of glue, “but I’m after fish, not artisan awards, and this makes glue dots so small the fish can’t smell ‘em

    9. But that couldn’t be possible, Tipene thought, because that would be cheating

    10. "…don't like me cheating and calling myself supernatural just because I'm old enough to have the manual for a suntower

    11. stealing, begging, and cheating pilgrims out of their

    12. Fizzicist and Morton being the current champions and had managed to retain it over three years by dint of their clever tactics, in short, cheating

    13. No delegation and no cheating is possible

    14. mastectomy, you’re only cheating yourself

    15. out without doing, then you’re only cheating yourself

    16. His tutors were astonished – by the end of term – at his inexplicable improvement; he even had to convince the school principle that he was not cheating or receiving special tuition

    17. The one before insisted that I was cheating on her, then dissolved in tears and drug me to bed

    18. As soon as Reilly saw the defense cheating against the run, he would change the play at the line and throw it to a receiver who was in single coverage

    19. Even lovers sent children to watch partners suspected of cheating

    20. Unlike the Army you, could bob and weave as much as you liked as so long as you won the fight without too much cheating

    21. I felt as though I was cheating on Spencer

    22. What: The systematic conquest and removal of Native tribal nations, and theft and cheating of Native lands

    23. cheating ex-boyfriends, gave me the gift of self-love

    24. resilience, and perseverance) that the cheating ex, the abusive

    25. of this clever method of cheating

    26. had evidence of cheating

    27. “Oh, my dear Castigator Remis; that would be cheating, wouldn’t it?”

    28. He found out the manner in which I had been cheating and concocted a devious plan to break the deadlock in the game

    29. beat up by her husband! Her husband thinks that she is cheating on him with

    30. After all, the lying, stealing and cheating were for his family

    31. There is no cheating and giving of more

    32. teaching was the fact that Devin was cheating on her with a co-worker

    33. “What happened? Did some cheating husband try to stuff your Nikon where the sun don’t shine?”

    34. It implies they are sexually cheating on their wives due

    35. “Yes, Jaden, this is considered cheating

    36. I caught him cheating with my best friend Tanya,” I said monotonously

    37. rally there is vast cheating going on all levels and the results are

    38. M: But you are cheating yourself in your ignorance of your true

    39. “You’re cheating on me?”

    40. “Cheating? It’s not cheating

    41. Part of me wanted him to, but could I really put him cheating on me aside?

    42. It’s not even about my supposed cheating

    43. ” He said and I nodded in understanding, he meant my cheating and hurting Jesse

    44. Again, I was probationary for 12 months, and got fired by lab management when I blew the whistle for their cheating the USG in cost accounting shenanigans

    45. , NASA, and Army Inspector Generals for the lab’s senior management’s long standing practice of cheating the USG using thinly veiled cost accounting shenanigans

    46. Jacob, when he arrived at his uncle Laban’s house, had nothing except a bad reputation, a reputation he gained by cheating Esau out of his blessing

    47. The implication in these words was that he could not do business without cheating, lying or stealing

    48. If, during the course of your life, you have seen a mentor or someone you respect doing business (and I use the word with reservation here) by cheating, or lying, or stealing, then naturally you will tend to think it is quite alright for you to use the same methods

    49. I used the word ‘business’ with reservation in the previous sentence because I do not believe cheating, lying and stealing is business

    50. Deceiving his father had cost Jacob dearly in that he was forced to leave his home, he lost his beloved mother and had to start all over again, but in all his dealings thereafter, he was honest, and this brought him sons and great wealth at the expense of a conniving, cheating Laban

    1. Harlequin: A clear sign that your lover cheats on you

    2. Its true he wavered between the art of the cheat and the sheer power of Seaboy's stroke play, but eventually he felt he had wisely chosen the cheats

    3. Bru hated cheats of any kind

    4. "I want to kill my husband because he cheats on me with another woman

    5. “He will kill a man for no reason, cheats at cards, and some say he has a hideout way up in the mountains

    6. It will show the world that cheats do not prosper and it will clear the air as far as their business is concerned

    7. Esther took Wendy and Rashi to the study and demanded to be shown the cheats on the latest version of Pirate

    8. may not be doing anything illegal, but it certainly isn’t very considerate and it cheats the fans

    9. So those that remain in the traditions of men, do it at the expense of our relationship with them, and that cheats us, just like it does them

    10. Although he deliberately cheats others and is quite conscious of his lies, he appears unable to distinguish adequately between his own

    11. Divorce shouldn’t be an option in a marriage, unless of course your mate cheats on you and

    12. “He cheats!” Professor Heart said

    13. Money rides over everything; cheats echoes the voice of money

    14. The truth shown in transparency fabricated cheats instead of honesty

    15. You are born a looser under sexual cheats

    16. "He lies, cheats, steals and thieves like all of them

    17. think the State would listen, change and care for its people, or listen to the private contractors who refute the naysayers by proclaiming, “Not only can we prosecute seventy-five million tax dodgers and cheats, but we already have half their incarceration housing built

    18. When all doors are open, we won't need keys to win, cheats to survive, or firewalls to protect us

    19. But when he cheats on me I'm not going to allow it,

    20. He cheats!” Alex whispered to me, grinning

    21. “Gwenny cheats! Boyfriend John left heartbroken!”

    22. Who follow this Hadeeth? Who apply this verse among us? The man who in spite of a thousand observers watching him, he thinks that he won't be right unless he cheats his believer brother even if he is his relative or his lover and after that he looks forward to Allah's generosity, how come? If Allah looks at our markets, our prophet who organized our treatments says:

    23. "Whoever cheats us, he is not one of us

    24. Whoever doesn't cheat now? That who cheats, does he cheat the Jews, disbelievers and atheists, although this is not legal? No, by Allah, he cheats his believer brothers

    25. He cheats them by selling them food and he does know that it will demolish bodies, cause them illnesses and great pains

    26. If he wins one pound in something, he wants ten pounds to become a millionaire and he says to himself that he will perform pilgrimage and Omrah and give charity to the poor and the needy after that or build a mosque, he cheats himself or his self cheats him and he thinks he can cheat Allah? Because these things need legal (halal) money and the beloved prophet says:

    27. Better business bureau: Yes, they have a long list of cheats

    28. "What if one of us cheats?" Rod liked the competitive element in that plan, but he also wanted to be clear about the rules of the game

    29. highly regarded positions in the league of ordinary cheats, gangsters and common criminals

    30. masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them” and science cheats

    31. are going to read why I call Newtonian physicists the biggest cheats that walk the earth, they are

    32. “The one where the girl cheats on his man in

    33. What if you’re Wife Cheats on You?

    34. What if you’re Husband Cheats on You?[2]

    35. Big Business now has a global work force of dishonest cheats, and thieves; who are never on time and cannot be relied upon to do anything competently

    36. In the cities the world over, you get the ill mannered and the cheats

    37. Just so they will not feel any enmity against the evil bastards, the killers, thee brutes, the robbers, the criminals, the cheats, the liars, the evil-doers… who if they did not use laughter to cover up their outrage and anger… would be shot, jailed, killed and we would get rid of the worst influences in human society

    38. "� When someone cheats," many say, "That's just human nature

    39. Kyle was standing in the corner grinning, “But he cheats

    40. swashbuckler women, and, in a word, all that nonsense the books of chivalry contain? For myself, I can only say that when I read them, so long as I do not stop to think that they are all lies and frivolity, they give me a certain amount of pleasure; but when I come to consider what they are, I fling the very best of them at the wall, and would fling it into the fire if there were one at hand, as richly deserving such punishment as cheats and impostors out of the range of ordinary

    41. With this he comforted himself somewhat, though it made him uncomfortable to think that the author was a Moor, judging by the title of "Cide;" and that no truth was to be looked for from Moors, as they are all impostors, cheats, and schemers


    43. A state is like a mother, and a mother never deserts or cheats her children

    44. And, moreover, at this fair there is at all times to be seen juggling cheats, games, plays, fools, apes, knaves, and rogues, and that of every kind

    45. And even now the wind of thy hope cheats thee and wafts up Anduin a fleet

    46. “I believe,” she said, “I was quite mista’en in my thoughts of you: but there is so mony cheats goes about, you mun forgie me

    47. Carrie Underwood’s song “Before He Cheats” kept playing in my mind

    48. When he hears of devils he turns pale and trembles like a leaf; he would like to run away, but is afraid of his master; besides, he is hungry, he is voluptuous, he is sensual, stupid, though cunning in his way, and, as before said, a poltroon; he cheats his master every moment, though he fears him like fire

    49. No, all he heard and saw, from the older workmen and his companions, since he came to live in town, was that he who cheats, drinks, swears, who gives another a thrashing, who goes on the loose, is a fine fellow

    50. Thieves, plunderers, murderers, cheats, who commit acts that are recognized as evil by themselves and by all men, serve as an example of what ought not to be done, and deter men from evil

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    Synonyms for "cheat"

    cheat cheating rig swindle beguiler cheater deceiver slicker trickster bromus secalinus chess bearded darnel darnel lolium temulentum tare chicane chouse jockey screw shaft chisel rip off betray cheat on cuckold wander deception trap trick hoax deceit fraud stratagem subterfuge con man charlatan confidence man phony impostor knave defraud gyp bilk dupe deceive con entrap hoodwink beguile delude bamboozle sneak around crib slip play false smuggle

    "cheat" definitions

    weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous

    weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat

    someone who leads you to believe something that is not true

    the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme

    a deception for profit to yourself

    deprive somebody of something by deceit

    defeat someone through trickery or deceit

    engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud

    be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage