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    1. lowed to routinely overdraw their accounts without paying interest or penalties

    2. to overdraw their accounts without penalty

    1. Louis there are quite as many who can spend a like amount of money every year without overdrawing their bank accounts

    1. for the sum overdrawn, and his order is set aside into the bargain

    2. account by a total of $552, 447 and was overdrawn for thirty-one

    3. bad checks and had been overdrawn a total of thirty-five months

    4. and had been overdrawn a total of twenty-three months

    5. “How can I be overdrawn? I still have checks

    6. He took care not to be too overdrawn on his bank account, though

    7. received yet another notice from the bank that your account is overdrawn … again! –

    8. For a more sophisticated approach, choose the Solver Add-in (cozily sitting on the Tools menu) which not only allows you to specify constraints (so that stocks don’t get overdrawn or sales don’t exceed the production capacity) but also permits multiple varying cells

    9. She was a complicated and somewhat overdrawn woman

    10. not allowed to be overdrawn and that they always remain in credit

    11. the account to be overdrawn the minor's capacity to enter into contract would not

    12. Who will dare say Calvin and Hopkins and Spurgeon and others have overdrawn the picture? The good moral man suffers as the vilest reprobate

    13. The picture which follows is interesting, it is overdrawn, however, since Algeria never was, and certainly is not today, as bad as Daudet paints it

    14. The character of Lady Caroline is followed in main events; seldom overdrawn, though in the capacity of hostess she is now and then allowed to lapse into a lower grade of social standards than one would expect, and her heartlessness toward her child seems inconsistent with certain other outbreaks of maternal passion

    1. To cover end-of-term expenses I had sold my Omega screen to Collins for ten pounds, of which I now kept four; my last cheque overdrew my account my a few shillings, and I had been told that, without my father's authority, I must draw no more

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    amplify exaggerate hyperbolise hyperbolize magnify overdraw overstate

    "overdraw" definitions

    draw more money from than is available

    to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth