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    1. admit frankly that they overstate, holding that it is the

    2. This system encourages each state to overstate its costs and it appears that they do so

    3. We can not overstate the power of great leaders using common sense and doing the right thing

    4. *Not to overstate the obvious, but believers are called lamps/lights at many places in the New Testament (e

    5. Denson responds, “You’re new at this, aren’t you?” He answers with the usual script, "It’s a mistake to overstate the value of DNA

    6. although the Federal Reserve takes the position that the indexes overstate the strength of inflation

    7. Another possibility was to overstate administrative costs and get dough in that manner

    8. grossly overstate something, that is, that the Antichrist will form a

    9. He appreciated her caution, it was a sort of compliment to himself: she wouldn’t want to overstate the case

    10. I can’t overstate the

    11. The importance of this is a thing I cannot overstate; for myself, the existence of common ground upon which to settle my inner disputes and resolve indecision is not only far more comfortable than the internal battlefield upon which my inner conflicts were settled, it is also far more effective with regards to limiting the number of casualties incurred

    12. overstate the vividness of these images, and yet I was so intent, all the time, upon him himself,—who would not be intent on the tiger crouching to spring!—that I knew of the slightest action of his fingers

    13. Every major turning point, by definition, comes at a pivot, so it is easy to overstate their importance; once you see a chart with every possible pivot marked, it becomes obvious that this structure is so common that it is nearly insignificant

    14. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this skill

    15. As previously remarked, they may either understate the earnings by not showing all the current profits made by the subsidiaries, or they may overstate the earnings by failure to deduct subsidiaries’ losses or by including dividends from subsidiaries in excess of their actual income for the year

    16. Holding companies can overstate their apparent earning power by valuing at an unduly high price the stock dividends they receive from subsidiaries or by including in their income profits made from the sale of stock of subsidiary companies

    17. ” Thus these indexes wildly overstate the results earned by real-life investors—who lacked the 20/20 hindsight necessary to know exactly which seven stocks to buy

    18. Obviously the foregoing paragraph must overstate the case somewhere, for you cannot by a mere ingenious device make a bargain much better for both sides

    19. The result is, of course, to overstate the true relationship between the earnings and the market value of the company’s capitalization

    20. “And I don’t mean to overstate this, but I’m pretty sure you killed that son of a bitch

    21. 75 percent, but depending on the time to maturity of a forward contract, this value can either overstate or understate the true dividend payout

    22. By capitalizing these expenses, AOL was able to overstate its earnings for several years

    23. Backtested results of active strategies also suffer from overfitting and data-mining biases, which also overstate published returns

    24. Biases are larger in industries with voluntary reporting: databases purportedly describing the whole industry can overstate industry returns due to survivorship bias, backfill bias, and other biases (see Section 11

    25. Only adding share buybacks but not share issuance, as is sometimes done, would overstate effective carry

    26. However, spreads overstate this advantage due to expected losses from default or downgrading losses, and due to embedded options

    27. Thus, the Ibbotson estimates overstate corporate returns

    28. While recognizing that historical credit spreads overstate the expected return advantage, these spreads are a natural starting point for assessing corporates’ likely expected return advantage over governments

    29. Some observers argue that REIT returns overstate volatility and equity market correlations in real estate investing, warranting a higher real risk premium for REITs than for private real estate

    30. Private RE returns likely overstate what investors actually could have achieved, because fees, costs, and taxes may be understated

    31. This gives a more benign picture of historical housing returns than Shiller’s analysis, though rental yields may overstate the benefits investors would earn because only regular utility expenses—not repairs or other capital expenditures—are subtracted from income

    32. Due to this selection bias, I might overstate returns by excluding hyperinflated and/or defaulted markets that fell out of my universe

    33. 5), despite reporting biases that may overstate such statistics

    34. While AMs overstate the long-run future return investors are likely to realize, GMs are more like medians that give more realistic forecasts for long-horizon investors

    35. (The latter series may not subtract lumpy capex-form net rents and thus may overstate investor returns

    36. Worse, the correlation coefficients calculated between assets somewhat overstate the diversification benefit because the correlation of below-average returns turns out to be higher than for above-average returns

    37. In fairness, this does overstate things a bit

    38. I cannot overstate the importance of testing strategies over long periods of time

    39. I cannot overstate how difficult it can be to stick with strategies that are as volatile as this one

    40. I don't think you can overstate how careful we have to be about the incentives of people who make decisions that affect us or who give us advice

    1. The importance of maintaining liquidity in investments cannot be overstated especially for retirees

    2. overstated, considering the wound wasn't even

    3. There has been a disturbing tendency in recent years to categorically broaden (read: create more poor people) descriptive statistics designed to either support or reject existing assumptions relating to poverty rates that are oftentimes overstated, unreliable, unsupported by fact and likely to provide biased conclusions about poverty, its definition, extent, causes and prognosis for the future

    4. The power of Pretending cannot be overstated

    5. American isolationism before World War II is greatly overstated

    6. Some of those claims are greatly overstated

    7. That panel of scientists then reported that, “…the agency had overstated the risks of dioxins and that its conclusions were not scientifically defensible and that it would not endorse its report

    8. That panel of scientists then reported that, ―…the agency had overstated the risks of dioxins and that its conclusions were not scientifically defensible and that it would not endorse its report

    9. outcome is, has been overstated

    10. *It can’t be overstated how wonderfully affirming to a Christian this whole scene is

    11. As it turns out however, these discrepancies are usually overstated

    12. Protein quality is certainly an important issue, but it is one that has been enormously overstated and even distorted for marketing purposes

    13. The amount of the radiation released wound up being overstated, but nerves weren’t calmed

    14. to communicate with native speakers may never be overstated

    15. Not only were the inventories overstated but the examination revealed:

    16. (a) Assets generally to be grossly overstated

    17. (e) Profits to be historically overstated

    18. He overstated its significance in the creative state

    19. Fitzherbert," the page says, reappearing from the closet with an overstated blue outfit that Eugene had noticed, but never worn

    20. As I described it as the home to the country’s overstated

    21. not in any way overstated to declare that Newton conspired to defraud science and moreover that he

    22. He feels their optimism is wildly overstated

    23. “I’d like to explain to you about the nature of your mother’s donation,” the woman on the phone said in a patient and consoling voice that reminded me of any number of the grief counselors, hospice volunteers, nurses, doctors, and morticians who had addressed me in the weeks during which my mother was dying and in the days after she died—a voice full of intentional, almost overstated compassion, which also communicated that in this, I was entirely alone

    24. The psychological importance of having Don Hume in the boat can’t be overstated

    25. But she had not overstated the case when saying that practical affairs were not her strong point

    26. Hence they may readily be overstated or understated, in which case the final figure of reported earnings will be correspondingly distorted

    27. As a result of this policy, the company somewhat understated its earnings for 1935 and 1936 but overstated them for 1937

    28. If, to take a simple example, the president’s salary were paid for ten years in advance and the entire outlay charged against surplus as a “special expense,” it is clear that the profits of the ensuing period would thereby be overstated

    29. The reported earnings for Tobacco Products common given as $11 per share are seen to have been overstated by about 50%

    30. A comparison with Continental Can—which charged about the same amount against a much smaller plant investment—would have suggested that American Can’s earning power had been overstated

    31. If the investment is not written off rapidly through depletion and other charges, the profit and the value of the property account will both be grossly overstated

    32. 495 on accompanying CD), the reported earnings for the period were further overstated

    33. ) Items 10 and 19 should also be examined to see if the earnings have been overstated by reason of inadequate maintenance or by the inclusion of unearned dividends from subsidiaries

    34. WorldCom admitted in August 2002 that it had overstated its earnings by more than $7 billion

    35. All told, Qwest’s revenues for 2000 and 2001 had been overstated by $2

    36. 7 million in personal perks from NVF and Sharon, overstated Sharon’s pretax earnings by $13

    37. These returns, too, are probably overstated by one to two percentage points

    38. had overstated his faith in a Nolan’s word during his parlay with Adam

    39. We on the other hand, take the depreciation figures used for tax purposes and try to translate those figures, overstated in terms of economic reality, into economic reality

    40. Calculate how much book earnings are overstated or understated compared to current taxes

    41. 7 million in 2005, which management overstated because actual charge-offs were $2

    42. Reserve accounts are neither overstated nor understated

    43. The point of the comparison is to evaluate how understated or overstated the earnings are for that period of time

    44. The value of income insurance cannot be overstated! And when coupled with the All Seasons portfolio, you have quite a powerful combination

    45. The rewards from simulated active strategies are often overstated due to overfitting or selection biases

    46. Hedge fund managers have a reasonably attractive track record even collectively but critics argue that returns may be overstated and reflect poorly understood risks

    47. The active funds and strategies that I study here had relatively high returns, perhaps overstated by selection biases

    48. (To be fair, the strength of timing ability is overstated in the graph because I use hindsight, specifically in-sample knowledge of the range of E/P outcomes

    49. Given the embedded options and perhaps longer maturities of Aaa-rated corporates, the graphed spreads may be overstated

    50. However, the cash yield may be overstated because capex could well amount to more than 2%

    1. Actually “conquerors” rather overstates it, the Ordu had merely ridden into the area and the tribes had joined immediately

    2. As a result, Intel's depreciation expense, which is based on the historical cost of its machinery, overstates the amount Intel would have to pay to keep its production capacity level

    3. 75 percent, this estimate overstates the true dividend payout

    4. But O'Neil overstates the case when he says, "If you are wrong about the direction of the broad general market, three out of four of your stocks will slump with the market averages and you will lose money" (O'Neil, p

    5. Finally, this correlation—like the others presented in this book—is based on an in-sample fit and arguably overstates the investment value of the predictive correlation

    6. Finally, the tendency of negative findings (that a tested-for effect does not exist) to go unpublished accentuates the impact of data mining:• We should recognize the reality that any simulated (backtest) performance presented to us likely overstates future prospects

    7. Smoothing understates measured volatility and overstates Sharpe ratios, and any risk measures that rely on correlations are further understated

    8. The most common approach is to analyze auction sales using the repeat sales method, which likely overstates returns (upward bias in ignoring art that does not resell)

    9. That is, using only “live” funds at the end of the sample overstates industry returns by 2% to 3% (because there are nearly as many defunct funds as live ones, and the defunct ones tend to have 5% to 6% lower returns than live funds)

    10. A simple yield spread misses this optionality and thereby overstates the expected return advantage

    11. For example, widespread pessimism about a stock can drive a price so low that it overstates the company's risks, and understates its prospects for returning to profitability

    12. The footnotes told you that the company amortized deferred development costs, including new packaging costs, over three years-aggressive because it overstates current earnings and costs that should be expensed are not

    1. It is not overstating to call the Patriot Act repression

    2. overstating things a tad

    3. The Colony Service believes that the captain is overstating the problems for personal gain

    4. her hand, I said, “Log may be overstating it a bit

    5. Which may be overstating things just a little

    6. It would not be overstating the case to say that this

    7. “This Administration—and I am not overstating it—we have really changed the post-war world

    8. "Every animal may be overstating it, but in truth I doubt we could keep our Canadian friend from harpooning some of these magnificent cetaceans

    9. While she is referred to in many biographies as having been Monroe’s “best friend” during the 1960s, this might be overstating their relationship a bit—and little concrete information has ever been reported

    10. That would not be overstating it

    11. "The biggest mistakes we've made are where we've seen a company that is overstating earnings but where the internal engine of the business is still strong

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