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    1. " He certainly does not mean here to exaggerate the

    2. neighbours with his music exaggerate amplified is not

    3. In moral, they exaggerate with the example of good

    4. You probably think that I exaggerate, but

    5. * We see it in their resumes, where they very much exaggerate what Special Forces was and tries to apply the same with normal infantry battalions hoping the prospective employers would be too stupid to know the difference

    6. Besides, how are diminishing (capital) resources expected to vie for cheaper consumer products when many workers will find themselves either under-employed or competing in greater numbers for lower paying jobs? (I exaggerate to make a point

    7. I exaggerate to make a point that although the E

    8. “It is always good to exaggerate the pleasure

    9. I’ve looked at America’s past and it’s mixed, but when you factor out the deliberate attempts to bury the good and exaggerate our errors in most of the reporting, you see America is trying to improve the world with her liberating foreign policies and her free market economics

    10. Souta had the tendency to over exaggerate everything so I looked at Kiyori to confirm if it was true, he nodded

    11. As soldiers said long ago, once you had seen the elephant you no longer needed to exaggerate

    12. They selected people to attend this meeting and the topics to be discussed so as to exaggerate the differences and create discord amongst different groups rather than work towards a constitution for independent India

    13. Although his fiancée had the tendency to exaggerate and a taste exacerbated by dramatics, in this occasion Leonardo had to agree with her appreciations


    15. That is, resistance, fear, pain, and de-motivation negatively exaggerate

    16. 'I sense your incredulity, good Alcemides; you will fear that I exaggerate conditions in Khauran

    17. great consistency, but not to exaggerate it into stasis so that it obscures complexity

    18. Aside from that, it may also lead them to think that you are trying to exaggerate things

    19. A gaol yard friend had a family member in hospital, nothing serious but they knew the doctor and had him greatly over exaggerate the situation causing the screws to give our mate a day to visit the hospital

    20. They exaggerate or fabricate their illness

    21. Grab their interest with a flashy statement; exaggerate a little, hell, exaggerate a lot

    22. Exaggerate what they are saying to the maximum

    23. Friends, enemies, lovers, divorcees, these are all categories that we exaggerate and can change in the blink of an eye

    24. Jeff need not exaggerate the love women

    25. Still from within, Saa-ra viewed the probable continuum with John2, stopping to exaggerate an event that was highly likely to come about… a devastating blow to his self-image, which she casually saw as, “A place where you can change direction

    26. Some qigong masters greatly exaggerate the functions of qigong and

    27. “This priest is about as conversant with the gods as are the fish in our house pond, in fact I would be very surprised if he actually even believes in the gods, my poor innocent son, he is going to ask you about more than your prayers, he will try to find out your route and any other information that will help him in his scheme for your destruction, have no doubt my love, he means to destroy you, yes my son you will lie to that wretch and you will lie as convincingly as you can, I do not exaggerate when I say that this priest has put you in the greatest of peril

    28. if stockholders’ equity balloons to new heights, this method will exaggerate the increase

    29. ” I exaggerate holding the skates out in front of me

    30. Later, Sam discovered his dad had the experts exaggerate their statements for the need of oxygen producing plants—that the city’s oxygen generators could not produce enough oxygen by themselves

    31. If you feel nervous when you have to have a meeting with the boss then deliberately try to increase this feeling of nervousness or your hands shake noticeably whenever you have to speak in public then deliberately try to exaggerate the shakes before you have to speak or you get very tense and anxious whenever you face an examination then deliberately try to exaggerate the feelings of anxiety and nervousness

    32. In fact there’s no reason at all to exaggerate about the places I’ve been to and the things I’ve seen, there have been plenty

    33. If any one supposes that I wish to exalt and exaggerate the position of the laity at the expense of the clergy, and that I think lightly of the ministerial office, he is totally mistaken

    34. Whenever there is an alignment in good there is to be a free men never exaggerate nor even giving unnecessary information

    35. I don't want to exaggerate, however, every such fit could become his

    36. And don’t exaggerate! It’s true that he was wrong, but he didn’t

    37. exaggerate, at all, when you do this

    38. We do not exaggerate if we say it is a great scientific theory and the human being who tried to solve it and gave an answer to it and to the other questions is really a great man

    39. For this reason, it tends to exaggerate potential risks

    40. I wondered if she was really in there or had she left and went somewhere to exaggerate whatever story she had conjured up

    41. People tend to exaggerate the consequences of a job or career change, as if it really could mean their

    42. They tend to exaggerate their

    43. When I say average, I don't exaggerate

    44. Something about this woman seemed to exaggerate al

    45. And given the nature of the medium and the audience it targets it should not be surprising that films and TV shows exaggerate and dramatise for entertainment purposes

    46. exaggerate what I’d done

    47. belittle their possibilities than they are to exaggerate them

    48. exaggerate and make up wild stories - the

    49. prove what I say is being wrong in any way or even that I exaggerate in the least

    50. I was grateful for his kindness but sometimes I do exaggerate

    1. It emphasized both syllables with an exaggerated change of pitch going from really high to really low

    2. "How many poor slave traders did you have to kill Lieutenant Petrakis, to save those dirty child sex slaves?" She imitated the young reporter with an exaggerated whine

    3. The officer opened his eyes wide in exaggerated surprise and gave a broad friendly smile

    4. Of course the Shempala Lakes Tourist Council that had published these highly symbolic maps four centuries ago could have exaggerated the size of the lakes by a whole lot and the lakes might really be thirty eight and twenty nine miles long instead of the hundred ten and seventy that was shown on this map

    5. “Oh yeah man, out of sight!” Steve turned and bowed to Jake with an exaggerated wave of the hand

    6. For that single moment I hated him and was glad he was in trouble, and I suppose I even exaggerated my panic a little just to make Auntie tell him off and so make him feel bad and to punish him

    7. " She was posing in ways that accented her already exaggerated figure and pumping out enough pheromones to set off the warning he had programmed into his med panel

    8. similar emotions in an exaggerated way

    9. I have intentionally placed bold exaggerated promises in this book

    10. Enjteen knew too much, but had tried to use it too often and exaggerated too much for it to stick any more

    11. He might have exaggerated a little

    12. worried that he'd exaggerated his situation

    13. said, giving an exaggerated bow before turning to leave

    14. Sue knew he exaggerated

    15. Both the pecuniary income and expense of such families have increased considerably since that time through the greater part of the kingdom, in some places more, and in some less, though perhaps scarce anywhere so much as some exaggerated accounts of the present wages of labour have lately represented them to the public

    16. observers were struck by the exaggerated tithes

    17. villages - but the threat’s exaggerated by the Dominicans,

    18. by this malefic party, with its exaggerated claims,

    19. The great Earl of Warwick is said to have entertained every day, at his different manors, 30,000 people ; and though the number here may have been exaggerated, it must, however, have been very great to admit of such exaggeration

    20. Let us suppose, therefore, according to the most exaggerated computation which I remember to have either seen or heard of, that, gold and silver together, it amounted to £30,000,000

    21. manufactures, than either Mexico or Peru, even though we should credit, what plainly deserves no credit, the exaggerated accounts of the Spanish writers concerning the ancient state of those empires

    22. He greeted her with an exaggerated flourish of his colorful sleeve

    23. But that's the gist of the tale, obviously it's had to have been exaggerated over the centuries

    24. But Chaurus were an entirely different situation; she had not encountered any yet on her travels in Skyrim and had sincerely hoped that the monsters she had read about before coming to the province had been exaggerated

    25. exaggerated but in the extension becomes more graspable: We say that we must kill those we

    26. The sum had probably been exaggerated

    27. ” said Lucy with exaggerated sarcasm in her voice

    28. He was in his fifties, average build and a pleasant face, but seemed to have too much forehead, an effect which was exaggerated by his receding hairline and thinning brown hair which seemed to want to stand straight up

    29. ’ Again, the exaggerated emotional tone made him sound more bitter than he intended

    30. his trouser pocket with exaggerated, sulky

    31. “Why are we here?” Simone looked at each of the persons in blue with exaggerated disbelief after one of the Mets finest had asked her the same question

    32. No doubt exists that had not the Ansahs arrived with reports of the strength of the advancing English, which they greatly exaggerated, the Ashantis would have offered a spirited resistance at the entrance to Kumassi, when they found that no amount of subterfuge and false promise would keep back the invader

    33. Even if the numbers are exaggerated, the information is probably true in the main, as virgin's blood is supposed to contain very sacred properties, and much of the Juju or fetish medicine of the West Africans must be obtained from different parts of a young girl immediately after slaughter

    34. They carried wounded, drew rations but twice; and the reports, inspired by the conduct of starving pacificos and exaggerated by irresponsible correspondents, that credited the Cuban rebels with laziness and theft, are not only unjust but absolutely false

    35. Confederates’ ideological blindness and exaggerated image of their own military abilities made them miscalculate how the war would end

    36. Roosevelt began the most famed part of his career as a bored rich man playing at being soldier, a dilettante and warmonger with little understanding of war who greatly exaggerated his own role in a minor skirmish against an outgunned enemy of draftees in a failing empire

    37. ” I said the word with deliberately exaggerated drama

    38. By the way, do you enjoy horseback riding?” Beth’s enthusiastic smile and exaggerated nodding encouraged her to continue

    39. Stamp Student Union with exaggerated exasperation

    40. Not that I wanted him to, of course, but for all his exaggerated, outmoded propriety, I thought that he would insist

    41. “My assignment had come through while I was still in the US and, yes, I suspected that some of the rumors of torture must be true, exaggerated but true

    42. The man continued his pantomime of smoking a cigar, thumb and forefinger and lips pulled forward in an exaggerated oval

    43. I hate trying to answer a question with my mouth full, and I suppose an exaggerated fear of social gaffes affected my behaviour

    44. The companies insisted that stories of sickness were greatly exaggerated, and repeated so often that even the peons who invented them believed

    45. Living people became his dolls, funny looking stick figures with exaggerated features that often times brought him to laughter, but they served their purpose well

    46. “We look well together, my dear, if you don’t mind my saying so,” he said with exaggerated seriousness

    47. He was that kind of a prick, and I’m certain all his charm as Falconi didn’t go to waste in that demon form, but was all the more exaggerated

    48. When he saw their American uniforms, their driver, with an almost exaggerated show of chivalry, indicated that Elizabeth should ride beside him on the cart’s seat, while Colling was seated directly behind, his legs resting on their piled luggage

    49. exaggerated talent would take a man far, without the

    50. With exaggerated frowns, they shook their heads in unison, whereupon he entered the house and returned with a pair of old shoes similar to those he wore

    1. exaggerates, it distorts, it overlooks

    2. exaggerates a lot - A LOT - and it isn't difficult to imagine her

    3. The intention is they get through the day, but Diedie exaggerates as always and seems to stock up for an entire week

    4. · Paradoxical intention concentrates on the thing that a person fears and through the use of humour exaggerates that fear until it loses its potency

    5. book (maybe even exaggerates the benefits in a funny way)

    6. She exaggerates,” he replied, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling

    7. He has no sufficient idea of the effect of literature on the formation of the mind, and greatly exaggerates that of mathematics

    8. Their pleasures are mixed with pains--how can they be otherwise? For they are mere shadows and pictures of the true, and are coloured by contrast, which exaggerates both light and shade, and so they implant in the minds of fools insane desires of themselves; and they are fought about as Stesichorus says that the Greeks fought about the shadow of Helen at Troy in ignorance of the truth

    9. John Hinckley trusts Hopper enough to confess that he is “on the breaking point” mentally, but rather than be alarmed, the psychiatrist thinks him a typical socially awkward young man who exaggerates his obsessions

    10. de Chateau-Renaud exaggerates

    11. A local tradition, which evidently exaggerates matters, says that two thousand horses and fifteen hundred men were buried

    12. Thus, realized equity–bond excess return in the 20th century almost surely exaggerates the expected premium investors actually required (in the past, let alone now, after required returns have arguably declined)

    1. " She was exaggerating obviously, but metaphorically I could see where she was coming from and I could see she was fighting back the tears as well

    2. exaggerating the twirl of a thick black moustache

    3. exaggerating her movements and thrusts, running

    4. Some of the long-time professionals had tight bronze waistbands on them that were rolled into position, little by little over a period of months, constricting their waists and exaggerating their hips

    5. a beauty he wasn’t exaggerating

    6. Actually I'm exaggerating in the prior sentence as I'm still plenty stupid in many areas today, today my dumbness relates to technology like cell phones, computers, software

    7. ‘Your wife must have been exaggerating when she

    8. been exaggerating when he'd said this was a

    9. I am simply exaggerating to make a point, which is this: where or at what point along the evolutionary dominance of African American Athletes become completely taken for granted that aspiring White Athletes need no longer apply?

    10. “I think there probably is some information the Abnegation knew that Jeanine wanted to know, but I think he’s exaggerating its importance

    11. He was not exaggerating; he was the best I had ever seen with the sword

    12. He also told me that from Colon’s letter he could see that I had not been exaggerating about the size of the Khakhanate

    13. Selma was sure Lisa was exaggerating

    14. exaggerating the possibility that I might be drinking again into a

    15. exaggerating - I actually do not have the mental capacity, as in, my

    16. Be as exact as you can, neither exaggerating your claim nor diminishing it out of modesty

    17. He wouldn’t bother with appearing any larger than he is, just as he wouldn’t bother with exaggerating his forces

    18. “I hope that you’re exaggerating, Brad

    19. that I’m exaggerating, but you try to understand--if you’re not the

    20. Some may think that I’m exaggerating here, but believe me when I say that that is far from true

    21. What has he to gain from living with an attractive young woman in a backwater community, even though he can't find a proper job? Assuming he wasn't exaggerating his education, too… and lying about his history

    22. Denis took a long swig of his beer, comically exaggerating the pause

    23. He said they’re probably exaggerating the numbers though

    24. even if the boy was exaggerating, Atlai was a force to be reckoned with

    25. of course, a tension involved in neither exaggerating nor denying the differences

    26. I'm not exaggerating, George

    27. And he wasn’t exaggerating that much either

    28. All right, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get my point

    29. think she were exaggerating or a nut case or something

    30. Clearly, I had yet to accept that I could be cruel, so I secretly assumed that she was exaggerating to make a point

    31. exaggerating to say that you could easily build your own professional

    32. Even if you have some differences but exaggerating th

    33. she was exaggerating the situation with Hope

    34. That may be exaggerating a little, but it is certain that the company owned all of the local politicians and many at the state capital

    35. If they think they can big-up their position with a little exaggerating, bullshitting or out-and-out lying, they will

    36. I thought Jackie was exaggerating when she said how much gear you guys brought

    37. Its right eye in slow motion like it was exaggerating the act, like it was…like it was conveying a message to her

    38. He hadn’t been over exaggerating the seriousness of her injuries

    39. Al'lah gave the resemblance to that unfaithful who was exaggerating in taking care of his wear and religious seem, lengthening his beard and turban to conceal his hypocrisy

    40. Nick Stone is the best private investigator in the world, and his agency and people are the very best protection and security providers you can have on your case, and I’m not exaggerating when I say this either

    41. Thomas said exaggerating

    42. “She’s so exaggerating! Who wouldn’t know how to use a remote control or a toaster?”

    43. Sebastian took the lead, exaggerating his limp and rubbing at his shin before holding his hand out to the gruff older man

    44. they do not exist at all, thus exaggerating their lack of inherent

    45. “She says that she is honored to meet the man her sister spoke so highly of, and surprised that for once I was not exaggerating

    46. Tony thought he was exaggerating, but he was wrong

    47. I am not in any way exaggerating here

    48. If I said that we'd ruffled three blades of grass I'd be exaggerating

    49. We never critically explore and analyze where they actually came from, why they were invented, when they were invented, how they were invented… all the pertinent details which would explain everything have been covered up long ago, forgotten, lost, and buried by the passage of time and by human duplicity and the love of telling tall stories and lying and exaggerating

    50. “Five years of our privation packed in one session,” said Paul exaggerating but only slightly

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    Synonyms for "exaggerate"

    amplify exaggerate hyperbolise hyperbolize magnify overdraw overstate overdo embellish elaborate swagger

    "exaggerate" definitions

    to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth

    do something to an excessive degree