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    1. In a way she did, it was a grimy old industrial city where there was nothing to do but drink and fuck and has-been old music still pneumatically amplified

    2. Sounds are amplified inside the tunnel and the gentle wash of the water against the barge takes on an ominous tone, at least that is how it feels to me

    3. was amplified by the trapped emotion already stuck

    4. environment is either limited, voided, increased, or amplified to the

    5. The only thing she had ever seen like it was an animal pit in Alan’s Trastrab Basin, but even there there are video screens and amplified music today

    6. amplified by objection though at other times further diminished

    7. feeling, a feeling that was amplified when you first caught sight of

    8. His empty apartment amplified the void inside – Bao-Yu wasn’t there

    9. "Hold your fire!" he shouted, his voice amplified by the Singularity

    10. neighbours with his music exaggerate amplified is not

    11. The story of Danny the Dumpster’s travails could be easily continued and amplified with much more depressing and devastating detail, but that likely is not necessary since the same kinds of stories—just changing the actors and scenarios—are to be found throughout the plains, hills, mountains, and valleys on every continent of our planet

    12. Big splinters of wood were flying up into the air as our boat was hit countless times by bullets and the noise amplified inside the hull where we crouched taking cover and sounded all the more frightening

    13. As Scott remained transfixed on the hatch area, his suit amplified the sounds of what must be the covering plug being pushed into place

    14. free press that tells lies which are then amplified and reinvented

    15. I was sat on the chair my manacled hands in front of me and then I was pinioned with straps across the chest and ankles I remember how fresh and clear the sun looked as it started its climb into the sky and how sweet the air tasted and the sound of every bird and insect seemed to be amplified

    16. Could he outwit this? Any doubts would immediately be detected, then projected back on to him and amplified in the process

    17. ‘Hello,’ she said to the audience in an amplified English voice

    18. A piercing noise in his head, through his ears like tinnitus amplified; a million screams feverishly resonating

    19. The mountains amplified his words, throwing them back at the crowd in a confused conglomeration of echoes

    20. In electronics, the Darlington pair is a compound structure consisting of two bipolar transistors connected in such a way that the current amplified by the first transistor is amplified further by the second one

    21. The sun-climate hypothesis said that tiny variations in the sun’s irradiance were amplified into major climate changes on Earth by at least two factors: 1) cosmic rays creating more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere; and 2) solar-driven ozone changes in the stratosphere

    22. They wobbled and wiggled to the amplified whine of a guitar

    23. When the Democrats subsequently lost the election of 2004 by over three million votes, the cries of unreasoned hate, amplified by a second defeat at the hands of the same enemy, resonated in even greater intensity

    24. Several budding rock stars were out on the patio, making way too much noise with their amplified instruments as they jammed

    25. "Babes!" Panchali's amplified voice was loud enough to break through hundreds of ears and express her merriment to her friend

    26. In 1970, Gaillard Cut was amplified from one hundred and seven to one hundred and

    27. Suddenly Yazadril’s voice called out in fury, amplified by the chapel’s spell, and cast as a mass Speaking as well

    28. Wosea waved at her, and her next words were amplified so all could hear, which startled her for a moment

    29. That sound and her subsequent words were amplified to a volume easily heard over the many conversations

    30. I could hear his every move as though it were being amplified

    31. netic fields in dark magma bodies are amplified when the density of the

    32. Output of UM66 amplified by transistor T2

    33. The signal to be amplified is coupled to the emitter

    34. This sets in motion a chain reaction in which the VCR dynamics are exponentially amplified

    35. Rumours of an impending calamity had just begun to circulate when the tinkle of amplified bells signalled the arrival of the Mages who filed onto their elaborately decorated balcony above and behind the stages

    36. sounds were amplified in the resonating winter chill

    37. The sexuality of Leo is legendary, and after the 18th it is further amplified

    38. This however, was a special blow horn as the sound was amplified by several large speakers

    39. Reuben and Rashi had worked out a method of converging lasers that amplified the lasers’

    40. Simply by your perception it is amplified and through the energy exchange process

    41. Additionally, the need/request/intention is amplified because where there was previously only one being requesting the healing, you now have two, the healer/medium/channel and the person requesting the healing

    42. This intention is now amplified and greater numbers coming together to achieve a specific goal bring even more together than only their physical presence

    43. In this way there are many emotions, worries, fears, and other aspects that are amplified because a single source shares the message and more minds are snared by it, rather than considering the impact it may or may not have on their own life and the reality that it may, in no way, bear any weight in their personal life

    44. Looking at her face Joey saw that apart from a scar going down her chin she was stunningly beautiful, and when she smiled it was amplified even more

    45. The person who receives this amplified expression feels more hurt than he deserves, and you seem unreasonable to him, which is exactly correct

    46. either amplified those bombs by about a million or reacted

    47. The amplified voice of Hanna Reitsch came up on the speakers of the

    48. As he was halfway up, an amplified voice speaking Russian boomed in his ears

    49. All the while he was speaking, Hirohito could hear his speech echo around Tokyo, amplified and retransmitted from above

    50. The damage caused by the B-17 was then amplified in a spectacular manner by the explosion of an ammunition ship docked in Naha Harbor, after it was put on fire by a bomb

    1. The graviton converter amplifies the connection between quantum states until they are projected together

    2. and strongly in the helical channels – which again amplifies the magnetic

    3. This amplifies their effects, rather than negating them

    4. Our brain usually amplifies the problem

    5. Amplifies the energies of

    6. Now from time to time the wise relative quoted above amplifies his advice in the following manner:--'Of all forms of meddling that which deals with man and wife is, to the meddler, the most immediately fatal

    7. Depending on the setting, it amplifies the sound around you, so that you can hear even the softest whisper, but, in a split second, if the volume rises above 50

    8. One remove or one amplifies the heat in which the hydrogen is and that turns to liquid or solid or gas

    9. Punishment is ultimately a negative, tool-based concept; it merely amplifies what is negative

    10. The Other Side, a place that amplifies Self’s personal consciousness, for the capacity to acknowledge the true spirit of relational love and compassion over and above a personal spirit of selfishness, meanness and ill will

    11. Working with your blueprint to hold mostly positive beliefs amplifies the

    12. The entire process amplifies the effects of the original story

    13. Ratioing can be worth the trouble for those who have sufficient collateral to do naked writing, because it amplifies the advantage of the mispricing while reducing your exposure to price changes in the underlying

    14. Data transmission/reception The NIC takes the data it has encoded, amplifies the signal to the appropriate amplitude, and transmits it over the network medium

    15. In its simplest form, a repeater is an electrical device used on a copper-based network that receives a signal through one cable connection, amplifies it, and transmits it out through another connection

    16. Seykota says that trading amplifies everything that is going on within a person

    1. One that would amplify the horror of his imprisonment a thousand fold – space

    2. He used them to amplify his mental energy, focusing it toward the ball of light hovering in the distance

    3. One of Zinsmann’s electricians did not take long to figure out how to amplify the music so it would play from the loudspeakers that had been installed by the kaserne’s former German tenants

    4. “I would like to amplify Mindy’s point that we do not have the right to lower the hammer on people who have gone astray

    5. What they perceived as the mad ranting and actions of a hurt human, only served to amplify their determination in helping the poor unfortunate wounded girl

    6. Saznack cut in ‘Hmm, if they had the means to amplify a portal they could just reach into Nordheim I think

    7. amplifier is used to amplify the audio output sig-

    8. With VCR it is possible to amplify a single or few copies of a story or a piece of information across several orders of magnitude, generating millions or more copies of the original story or opinion

    9. discovered that, if one powers an oscillator to amplify electronic

    10. Calling on external energy can only amplify the problem you are having

    11. ask for their intercession, for their active prayers are able to greatly amplify our feeble efforts

    12. 4 After discussing these matters for several hours and in response to the rich man's request for further and more detailed instruction, Jesus went on to amplify his advice, in substance saying: "While I offer further suggestions concerning your attitude toward wealth, I would admonish you to receive my counsel as given only to you and for your personal guidance

    13. date should never feel the need to amplify his or her voice with you

    14. In this narrative we will amplify the address by adding numerous statements made by Jesus on previous occasions and by including some remarks made only to the apostles during the evening discussions of this same day

    15. ready to amplify what the man had to say

    16. Appreciating something, an aspect, an emotion, appreciating this in another person only serves to amplify this in yourself and within that person

    17. There is always a desire by many to help, but there is also a desire by many to use any incident such as this to amplify the fear and use it to drive other actions as a means of controlling populations and driving money from one pocket to the next

    18. Asking coachee to amplify the state and to fully experience it in

    19. Nonetheless, it may be that he is trying to amplify a feeling of joy already inside of him through listening to the music at a loud level

    20. “Computer, amplify the sounds in phase with the image

    21. If Mr Gordon Bennett was unaware that his actions would amplify the inflation

    22. They can't amplify it

    23. His heart pounds and his remaining senses amplify

    24. The red aura and seal simultaneously amplify the 25

    25. charging seals and radial bursts illuminate and amplify

    26. Fun Fact(s): Has the ability to amplify the inner core of

    27. They have tech that seems to amplify their psionic

    28. Although modern technology had managed to amplify the polarity factor into amounts of `volts, watts, amps and current` that flow unnoticed around our homes, yet the actual light of this factor had been given out to us by Empedocles of Sicily when he had selected out `wateràs a basic element

    29. Although modern technology had managed to amplify the polarity factor into amounts of `volts, watts, amps and current` that flow unnoticed around our homes, yet the actual light of this factor had been given out to us by Empedocles of Sicily when he had selected out `water` as a basic element

    30. Bhagwat then related a story he would later amplify while releasing a book on Advani’s blogs in Delhi (which was reproduced in the Indian Express)

    31. We have discovered that when a participant adds music to this meditation, this can greatly amplify the energy present and the intensity of their experiences during their session

    32. and amplify the irony of life

    33. His initial success had increased his confidence and he wanted to amplify the gains that he was making in the markets

    34. loneliness in the jungle caused my mind to amplify the smallest of sounds;

    35. In evaluating the ability of technology to enable or amplify an existing or nascent KM initiative, it’s easy to lose sight of the underlying prem-ise of Knowledge Management

    36. That is, a formal KM initiative should amplify current KM practices, regardless of how latent

    37. There was a constant hum now as the storm pelted the structure and beat down on the hard earth, forming wide puddles which served to amplify the persistent drumming

    38. The walls of the chamber were decorated with precious stones that reflected and seemed to amplify the light from the staff

    39. flow of emotions, in contrast, tends to amplify the devastating consequences of the hamartia

    40. Attention has the power to amplify, develop, or grow its objects

    41. I'll have it the way it goes to press and you can amplify it here

    42. Although truth can be shocking, it is in the interest of these forces to amplify and perpetuate the negative state, for this not only slows and possibly corrupts the spiritual progress but this also creates an abundance of negative energy upon which they feed

    43. Whoever fears God-He will remit his sins, and will amplify his reward

    44. will eventually amplify his behavior in

    45. What love than thine and ours could wider amplify?

    46. Amplify the plumminess

    47. The added weight should make the damn cart quieter, but all it does is amplify the noise

    48. Images like this one are very good reflections of emotional states and serve also to amplify these emotions, in this case fear

    49. In the process of mirroring public opinion they amplify and focus it by bringing this opinion to the attention of others who don’t yet share the consensus view

    50. In other words, the media not only report on the progress of an information cascade, they amplify and strengthen the cascade itself

    1. In Practice: adjust the weights by amplifying what is

    2. He pressed his palms to his ears, hoping to muffle the noise, but it just seemed to trap the sound behind his eyes, amplifying it as it reverberated around his skull

    3. The amplifying elements used here are transistors

    4. He could hear the club’s PA system amplifying What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted as he neared the main gate

    5. “And I suspect that Mark is right, in that in addition to its more blatant deceptions, the curse was amplifying our emotions

    6. They snatch their victims, and a few Sylvan torture them just above rooftop height, amplifying their screams, while the rest Shield them

    7. And some kind of fluid was poured over them, amplifying the pain

    8. for amplifying the output and hearing it through the

    9. over me, amplifying my pain, I felt my tears spilling over onto my cheeks

    10. This lessens the possibility of an injury while amplifying the results

    11. She had three selections to choose from; scary monster, high pitched alien and amplifying her own voice

    12. Amplifying it and anchoring the state for further use

    13. When you express anger, there is a danger of presenting it too strongly due to old anger latching onto it, amplifying it

    14. Yes we are amplifying to clear this quickly, and we are almost at the core

    15. Sailing vessels were as good at amplifying whale songs in the same way that the acoustical properties of an acoustical guitar amplified the sound of the strings

    16. definitely help us in amplifying the peaceful energies that we are sending out to the

    17. This feeling, now, that belt of magnetic electricity which leaps out to stay in contact with you wherever you are, that mind that feels like we are sharing a global consciousness rooting in the sky our hilarity makes, that glow that never leaves but only sweetens to the peace of a child quietly suckling insight, that body mirroring where my entire electric charge is connecting, sharing, amplifying yours – I feel always upon me the lifeprint of your ecstatic force

    18. Then there was that roar; deep, loud and amplifying with each step closer to the main school door

    19. Outside, a car’s honking mingled with the mindless laughter of teens, amplifying the black stillness and caged quality of the trailer

    20. When you are just learning these techniques, it is too easy to revert to victim stance, and to begin amplifying how terrible the situation is

    21. The qualification of the above statement is justified by the focus of the sexual act between ‘consenting adults’ accentuating and amplifying sexual interactions between two people that are based solely on and at the level of primal sexual physical base instincts

    22. For him love is nothing but amplifying ability of integral perception

    23. Likewise, with my new list, executing these precepts in tandem—and then systematizing and amplifying the whole thing with regular mindfulness practice—elevated them from platitudes to powerful tools

    24. Amplifying the principle stated on page 356, the theory ran as follows:

    25. As of 2003, interest rates have fallen so low that investors are starved for yield, but there are ways of amplifying your interest income without taking on excessive risk

    26. Ethernet hubs also supply repeating functionality by amplifying the incoming signals as they propagate them to the other ports

    27. A systematic approach, applying both statistical analyses and expert forecasts, allows diminishing their drawbacks while amplifying advantages of these two parameterization methods

    28. This conclusion fully corresponds to our intuitive notion: Weakly correlated criteria supplement each other and thereby produce a complementary effect amplifying the average profitability of selected combinations

    29. The amplifying factor was selected to make the indicator rarely exceed the two sigma points in the output

    30. For though Lady Bertram rather shone in the epistolary line, having early in her marriage, from the want of other employment, and the circumstance of Sir Thomas's being in Parliament, got into the way of making and keeping correspondents, and formed for herself a very creditable, common-place, amplifying style, so that a very little matter was enough for her: she could not do entirely without any; she must have something to write about, even to her niece; and being so soon to lose all the benefit of Dr

    31. “There was a paragraph amplifying this in one of the society papers of the same week

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    Synonyms for "amplify"

    amplify blow up expand inflate magnify exaggerate hyperbolise hyperbolize overdraw overstate raise boost increase develop broaden enlarge elaborate embellish

    "amplify" definitions

    increase in size, volume or significance

    to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth

    exaggerate or make bigger

    increase the volume of