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Pad in a sentence

Yeah, and a pad, too.
We called it ―the pad.
This is the landing pad.
Dolores held out her pad.
She carried a sketch pad.
Doc looked back at his pad.
They bolted for Tony's pad.

He removed a small pad of.
Pad Thai with Almond Sauce.
I scribbled them on a pad:.
Of the not pad locked doors.
He grabbed his pad and pencil.
It showed the pad video feed.
Will put down his sketch pad.
Elfi made quick notes on a pad.
She wrote something on her pad.
He blotted quick on pad of Pat.
One moment, the pad was empty.
She picked up a pad and pencil.
His electronic pad beeped again.
Melissa looked at her note pad.
On the next pad over from him.
His shadow fell across the pad.
It’s an eye, stuck on a pad.
He raised his finger to the pad.
Enemy members close in on the pad.
The dean jotted a note on his pad.
The psychiatrist wrote on his pad.
I snap my focus off my pad to him.
A nurse gave me a pencil and a pad.
He wrote down Gonzales on his pad.
He pulled out a small pad of paper.
The manager consulted his desk pad.
She fills pages of her sketch pad.
The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
A plastic pad served as a mattress.
Stepping from pad to pad the while.
It was Sophia’s latest sketch pad.
The rocketship clears the launch pad.
It was difficult lighting on the pad.
They’ve packed in some more padding.
What kind of padding should you use?
It was code for padding out the numbers.
It's not too bad, but hot with the padding.
Each evening she woke to the hermit’s padding step.
She wore just an armor vest and padding on her thighs.
There were several seconds of padding, scuffling noises.
She then turned to the mirror and resumed padding her.
Padding over to one, I found a spacious walk-in closet.
Her fingers felt sharp even through the padding of his HEPO.
The stiff, presumably horsehair padding didn't give an inch.
She rubbed her face along the textured padding of the floor.
The elbow padding by Pilate slid apart, and he could hear a.
Nearer the heart? Padding themselves out if fat is in fashion.
He may in fact be padding it out a little, if I know them guys.
But Sacobie, with his head down and his round snowshoes padding!.
The hounds were padding in circles, wetting bricks, hooves, and boots.
She leaned back until her shoulders touched the padding of the trolley.
This padding, however, can greatly reduce the efficiency of the network.
With a soft swift padding of naked feet, Sim's father ran across the cave.
The best type of swimsuits for smaller bust is the ones that have padding.
With a soft swift padding of naked feet, Sim’s father ran across the cave.
We used a lot of sawhorses and a lot of pillows for padding under the wing.
She could tell that the suit he wore didn’t have padding in the shoulders.
She could hear Angie’s footsteps padding from one carpeted room into the next.
Deep rifts where the material had been shredded and tufts of padding protruded.
Padding softly on calloused soles they climbed a flight of stairs to a second level.
Add some padding to change her slim build and no one would suspect she was a woman.
Padding out in socks and underwear, he was reassured to hear the fridge door opening.
Now Ralph and the hired men followed Alan, padding between the hovels as quietly as possible.
His hands roamed around, and in the darkness, rested upon a series of scratches in the padding.
In a short while, Daphne’s clothes were dry except for the thin padding of her strapless bra.
The outer box should be a couple of inches larger than the inner one to allow for extra padding.
He began with bench presses, laying on the steel bench with its padding and black leatherette cover.
Sending a few tough books without padding is much different from sending grandma’s dishes unprotected.
For example, they buy the headboards as a very stripped-down, basic model and do the padding themselves.
Padding around the empty house, she marveled at how well she felt, despite the tragedy of the day before.
This field contains padding to expand the size of the payload data to the boundary of the next 4-byte word.
The accounting practice of Tobacco Products introduced still another way of padding the income account, viz.
No helmets? Kevlar vests? Padding on the legs and shoulders? Any sort of protection or armor whatsoever?
He's in a padded cell.
I was in a padded cell.
The front was padded with.
Silently he padded to the make-.
I looked at the padded envelope.
Sitting on a padded wrought iron.
Support the top on a padded stick.
These stools had padded seats and.
They padded themselves with their.
The snap is still there, but padded.
Why the padded envelope? Was there.
He padded over to the edge of the bed.
It’s not really padded, he said.
Chris did the same and padded his back.
The trunk wasn’t just padded for sound.
She spat at the floor of the padded cell.
He padded across the floor to the toilet.
Flagrant Example of Padded Income Account.
We put the rear fuselage in a padded cradle.
Raf’s soft footfalls padded up the stairs.
I threw the sheet off and padded to the can.
This place was padded on the walls and floor.
Her small, bare feet padded over the stones.
Aiden padded into the bathroom and relived his.
She was glad to see that the inside was padded.
He wasn't, after all, completely padded inside.
The way I’m acting, they should also be padded.
But his feet padded over the stone, coming closer.
Megan padded down the stairs and into the kitchen.
Did they really put you in a padded cell?
Outstretched, along the firmly padded hood of the.
All movement cotton padded and third party to him.
Her small, bare feet moved padded over the stones.
We were padded up and on the fighting mat together.
She looked at the door, which also was thickly padded.
The padded room wouldn’t hold those beasts for long.
Laura lay on the white padded floor, her very creation.
We set the boy’s arm, then padded and re-splinted it.
He padded inside, dripping puddles all over the floor.
White sparks seemed to come out of the padded material.
Now all twenty pads were.
The pads have special inks.
The third held spare legal pads.
He bent down to remove Ali's pads.
His heart beats thru the pads of my.
No New World Monkeys have these pads.
Males of both species have cheek pads.
The doctored cricket pads and itching.
He owned these shin pads, just like Mr.
The pads of his palms itched and burned.
With his battered old shin pads tucked.
There were a lot of lily pads on the pond.
She’s used six pads in about a month.
The drum pads are responsive and easy to use.
Yellow pads and pencils were laid out for us.
Blue shin pads? asked the old man, hopefully.
Now a box of these pads lasts me indefinitely.
You are welcome to land on the landing pads.
With my right hand only, I prepared gauze pads.
He’d just had new brake pads and shoes put on.
Owen thought that these touch pads may be a way.
A couple of pads folded out in front of his knees.
Pon replaced the pads, bandage, and left the room.
Open that water, wet down some sterile pads for me.
As I consider it, she pads to a stop in front of me.
His head was full of yellow pads and seers and octopi.
Officers clustered around her with pens and note pads.
Lucy found breast pads at the drug store – they were.
Do you remember what I told you about the shin pads?
Terry and his magic shin pads were a phenomenon; they.
Researchers create glue based on toe pads of tree frogs.
Earlier you had to cut 240 mm dia & pads then grind them.
He placed both of his thumbs on the pads located on the.
He took his thumbs off the pads on the steering wheel and.
The knee pads are not only for protection, they help the.
Remove the cleanser with cotton wool pads or paper tissues.
Heating pads can be used for pain anywhere else on the body.
Pressing his thumbs again on the key pads the Helios moved.
Large empty pads of white paper lay waiting to be filled in.
Grab items with the pads of your fingers instead of the tips.

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