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Pad in a sentence

A pad to.
He shut his pad.
He had to pad.
Nothing on the pad.
written on that pad.
Place pad in armpit.
pad the night before.

remaining on the pad.
scribbled on the pad.
along with a palm pad.
He hands me my pad.
Yeah, and a pad, too.
making notes on his pad.
legal pad and took notes.
pointing at the smal pad.
We called it ―the pad.
Dolores held out her pad.
This is the landing pad.
’ She said, pad in hand.
His electronic pad beeped.
She carried a sketch pad.
towards the launching pad.
reach for the control pad.
pad and the door slid shut.
Doc looked back at his pad.
tiny one room-one bath pad.
He removed a small pad of.
I scribbled them on a pad:.
Pad Thai with Almond Sauce.
They bolted for Tony's pad.
on the pad in front of Steve.
ered under the cottony padding.
‘No padding, cut to the chase.
They’ve packed in some more padding.
What kind of padding should you use?.
never been that good he said padding.
It was code for padding out the numbers.
%B Locale's full month name without padding.
It's not too bad, but hot with the padding.
hoping Aiden would call again before padding in the.
Each evening she woke to the hermit’s padding step.
She wore just an armor vest and padding on her thighs.
There were several seconds of padding, scuffling noises.
padding of shoes walking on the dirt of the arena floor.
She then turned to the mirror and resumed padding her.
Padding over to one, I found a spacious walk-in closet.
bottom of the mattress and slid them in under the padding.
She rubbed her face along the textured padding of the floor.
The stiff, presumably horsehair padding didn't give an inch.
Her fingers felt sharp even through the padding of his HEPO.
The elbow padding by Pilate slid apart, and he could hear a.
armpits and pulled her back off the padding on to the concrete.
Nearer the heart? Padding themselves out if fat is in fashion.
end, I decided to take the boughs and leaves that were padding.
He may in fact be padding it out a little, if I know them guys.
But Sacobie, with his head down and his round snowshoes padding!.
said We’ll have to pull the padding out of that bathing suit.
tle room for your knees or padding on the seats and the sick, stale.
covered and she had padding covering her ears and a gag in her mouth.
The hounds were padding in circles, wetting bricks, hooves, and boots.
swiftly pulled the padding from around her ears, then curled up on the.
She leaned back until her shoulders touched the padding of the trolley.
in the padded cell.
He's in a padded cell.
I was in a padded cell.
Everything was padded.
The chairs were padded.
charge padded the reward.
His padded breeches were.
The front was padded with.
made of a padded, shiny material.
I looked at the padded envelope.
Silently he padded to the make-.
Sitting on a padded wrought iron.
"Padded?" She pinched his shoulder.
Support the top on a padded stick.
They padded themselves with their.
the corner and into the padded seat.
her left, and at the padded trolley.
These stools had padded seats and.
The snap is still there, but padded.
Why the padded envelope? Was there.
house and put him in the padded room.
mused, slumping into his padded throne.
wooden and padded chairs on either end.
He padded over to the edge of the bed.
It’s not really padded, he said.
Chris did the same and padded his back.
The trunk wasn’t just padded for sound.
She spat at the floor of the padded cell.
He padded across the floor to the toilet.
pads of my paws.
of the cricket pads.
Toward the lily pads.
A fox pads stealthily.
And They’re crash pads.
Now all twenty pads were.
The pads have special inks.
The third held spare legal pads.
pads across the hoovered carpet.
piles, calculators, scratch pads.
He bent down to remove Ali's pads.
its thick, leathery pads scudding.
to supply and ground pads of the pCB.
Their pads had been tampered with,.
changed the brake pads on my own car.
cats have scent glands on their pads.
His heart beats thru the pads of my.
Males of both species have cheek pads.
No New World Monkeys have these pads.
‘She’s crushing the shoulder pads.
He flirts with death on the lily pads,.
He owned these shin pads, just like Mr.
The doctored cricket pads and itching.
The pads of his palms itched and burned.
With his battered old shin pads tucked.
There were a lot of lily pads on the pond.
'Ish bhaiya, there is Ponting, in the pads.
She’s used six pads in about a month.
legs with oil to my toes and pads of my feet.
Yellow pads and pencils were laid out for us.