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Pad in a sentence

1. Yeah, and a pad, too.
2. This is the landing pad.
3. We called it ―the pad.
4. Dolores held out her pad.
5. She carried a sketch pad.
6. Doc looked back at his pad.
7. Pad Thai with Almond Sauce.

8. I scribbled them on a pad:.
9. They bolted for Tony's pad.
10. He removed a small pad of.
11. Of the not pad locked doors.
12. Will put down his sketch pad.
13. It showed the pad video feed.
14. He grabbed his pad and pencil.
15. She wrote something on her pad.
16. One moment, the pad was empty.
17. Elfi made quick notes on a pad.
18. He blotted quick on pad of Pat.
19. His shadow fell across the pad.
20. She picked up a pad and pencil.
21. Melissa looked at her note pad.
22. His electronic pad beeped again.
23. On the next pad over from him.
24. It’s an eye, stuck on a pad.
25. He raised his finger to the pad.
26. Enemy members close in on the pad.
27. I snap my focus off my pad to him.
28. The psychiatrist wrote on his pad.
29. The dean jotted a note on his pad.
30. He wrote down Gonzales on his pad.
31. He pulled out a small pad of paper.
32. A nurse gave me a pencil and a pad.
33. The manager consulted his desk pad.
34. She fills pages of her sketch pad.
35. A plastic pad served as a mattress.
36. Stepping from pad to pad the while.
37. The comrades busted in, tossing pad.
38. It was difficult lighting on the pad.
39. The rocketship clears the launch pad.
40. She used the pen and pad once again.
41. It was Sophia’s latest sketch pad.
42. It was the launch pad guard; he had.
43. I glanced at a pad Crumley was holding.
44. The president was with his yellow pad.
45. His electronic pad beeped a third time.
46. He scribbled and held up the legal pad.
47. Use of a Heating Pad during Pregnancy.
48. A sleeping pad is essential for warmth.
49. She takes a note pad out of her pocket.
50. Bradford said as he scribbled on a pad.
51. Apply without touching the dressing pad.
52. I had to keep a small note pad close at.
53. Do you have a pad I can use? I asked.
54. Pad at neck to ease pressure or chafing.
55. Conklin smiled, gave her a pad and a pen.
56. The constable took a look at his note pad.
57. Brady wrote One + 5 on the top of his pad.
58. I had to start carrying a pad with me at.
59. He puckered his lips and kissed the pad.
60. He jotted the number down on his note pad.
61. He smacked Hal yday's make up pad out of.
62. McCoy pulled out his pad and scowled at it.
63. Venkat grabbed a pad of Post-its and a pen.
64. There wasn’t! Lucy went to the phone pad.
65. Garann scanned his pad, pondering his notes.
66. Carter wrote on the pad as fast as he could.
68. Two objects appeared on the transporter pad.
69. He fumbled for the note pad and drew it out.
70. The woman had a pencil and pad at the ready.
71. Well, bring one and I'll take my sketch pad.
72. A moment later I returned with a sketch pad.
73. I rested the legal pad and my pen on my lap.
74. The psychologist looked down at his note pad.
75. Admiral McCoy appeared on the transporter pad.
76. Miss Bacon's pad was covered with rough notes.
77. Then he put his note pad into view once more.
78. In the morning, the pad was found under the.
79. It’s just the numbers and the one-time pad.
80. Paul jotted some of that down on his legal pad.
81. It’s made by lead carried in the saddle pad.
82. Dahms set the shuttle easily on the landing pad.
83. By the time we arrived at our pad, he was spent.
84. John follows, pad and pencil in hand, clearly.
85. Silence while the policeman scribbled in his pad.
86. She had the wits to fill the pad lock’s key-.
87. Farah gave it to Kern, who punched it in his pad.
88. Paul dropped the pen and legal pad and followed.
89. The waitress tapped her pen on her note pad and.
90. Raymond looks at the pad and says, Thanks Missy.
91. Both Jamie and Colleen looked at the scanner pad.
92. She took the pad from him and continued her story.
93. The door had a touch pad and an iris recognition.
94. Garcia landed his aircraft on the helicopter pad.
95. Let me see that, Jason said, grabbing the pad.
96. An eye pad is applied to the eye and plastered on.
97. Willie eased the sketch pad back into his rucksack.
98. He recalled a flat drawing pad in the storage bin.
99. Around her mouth was a large pad taped to her face.
100. G pointed to her pad at the other end of the table.
1. What kind of padding should you use?
2. They’ve packed in some more padding.
3. It was code for padding out the numbers.
4. It's not too bad, but hot with the padding.
5. Each evening she woke to the hermit’s padding step.
6. She wore just an armor vest and padding on her thighs.
7. Padding over to one, I found a spacious walk-in closet.
8. There were several seconds of padding, scuffling noises.
9. She then turned to the mirror and resumed padding her.
10. The stiff, presumably horsehair padding didn't give an inch.
11. She rubbed her face along the textured padding of the floor.
12. Her fingers felt sharp even through the padding of his HEPO.
13. The elbow padding by Pilate slid apart, and he could hear a.
14. Nearer the heart? Padding themselves out if fat is in fashion.
15. He may in fact be padding it out a little, if I know them guys.
16. But Sacobie, with his head down and his round snowshoes padding!.
17. The hounds were padding in circles, wetting bricks, hooves, and boots.
18. She leaned back until her shoulders touched the padding of the trolley.
19. This padding, however, can greatly reduce the efficiency of the network.
20. With a soft swift padding of naked feet, Sim's father ran across the cave.
21. The best type of swimsuits for smaller bust is the ones that have padding.
22. We used a lot of sawhorses and a lot of pillows for padding under the wing.
23. With a soft swift padding of naked feet, Sim’s father ran across the cave.
24. She could tell that the suit he wore didn’t have padding in the shoulders.
25. She could hear Angie’s footsteps padding from one carpeted room into the next.
26. Deep rifts where the material had been shredded and tufts of padding protruded.
27. Add some padding to change her slim build and no one would suspect she was a woman.
28. Padding softly on calloused soles they climbed a flight of stairs to a second level.
29. Padding out in socks and underwear, he was reassured to hear the fridge door opening.
30. Now Ralph and the hired men followed Alan, padding between the hovels as quietly as possible.
31. His hands roamed around, and in the darkness, rested upon a series of scratches in the padding.
32. In a short while, Daphne’s clothes were dry except for the thin padding of her strapless bra.
33. The outer box should be a couple of inches larger than the inner one to allow for extra padding.
34. He began with bench presses, laying on the steel bench with its padding and black leatherette cover.
35. Sending a few tough books without padding is much different from sending grandma’s dishes unprotected.
36. For example, they buy the headboards as a very stripped-down, basic model and do the padding themselves.
37. Padding around the empty house, she marveled at how well she felt, despite the tragedy of the day before.
38. This field contains padding to expand the size of the payload data to the boundary of the next 4-byte word.
39. The accounting practice of Tobacco Products introduced still another way of padding the income account, viz.
40. No helmets? Kevlar vests? Padding on the legs and shoulders? Any sort of protection or armor whatsoever?
41. She accused the actress of padding her bra and threatened to walk off the picture if the padding was not removed.
42. A lot of the techniques may be ineffective because of the padding effect of layers of clothing in colder climates.
43. Every time his fists connected with the walls they bounced off the padding, mocking him with their ineffectiveness.
44. She ripped open a clear plastic pouch, pulling out drugs, white padding, a syringe, injected something into Sam’s arm.
45. Being nearer to the yelps than the girl’s shouts, the cat turned its attention to the puppy, stealthily padding towards it.
46. My waist was not merely smaller—the corset had a generous amount of padding that reshaped the lines of my hips and breasts.
47. The walls were covered in thick padding to prevent self-damage, and sickening dark brown and yellow stains marked the material.
48. Next, he implored them (still padding down the alley as fast as possible) with a finger to his lips, and as quiet a shhh.
49. And it was soft because I put some padding underneath the felt so it just worked out perfectly for me with my limited knowledge.
50. But from hints dropped among the snarls I even gathered that his padding feet had taken him at last to Esgaroth, and even to the.
51. Nestled in the foul padding, an eyeless doll stared outward, her silk stuffing oozing down her face like maggots from a corpse's skull.
52. Max pulled the outer clothes off the ‘perv’ and dressed in them, carefully folding torn linen as padding to simulate the man’s bulk.
53. Padding down the corridor, Edna’s tea in hand, Shirley Dibs pushed open the bedroom door, her attention still on the latest news from Libya.
54. On comparatively rare occasions, managements resort to padding their income account by including items in earnings that have no real existence.
55. He was catching flies and eating them, and was keeping note of his capture by making nailmarks on the edge of the door between the ridges of padding.
56. He was gaunt, but knots and cords of muscles stood out on his arms and legs, without that fleshy padding that presents a pleasing symmetry of contour.
57. The cups that the headphone speakers were mounted in were made of metal and the padding completely sealed out over ninety percent of the outside sound.
58. I finally went over the brink in CT from traveling constantly, second and third chairing litigation my first seven years, and padding my expense account.
59. A small packet may consist of up to 448 bytes of padding (512 minus 64), the result of which is a throughput only slightly greater than 100Base Ethernet.
60. I am like a hunter who crouches by his small fire amid the forest, and hears stealthy feet padding in the darkness, and almost sees the glimmer of burning eyes.
61. Its sheaves of conducting wire were insulated within a gutta–percha covering, which was protected by a padding of textile material enclosed in a metal sheath.
62. Along a shelf welded to the side, resting on thick rubber padding, was an array of instruments that would have been familiar to any experienced telephone technician.
63. And she in turn fixed chairs so they were comfortable for his wings, put extra padding here or took it out there, and the things she said were the things he loved her for.
64. The big roll of carpet and padding was too heavy to carry out in a single trip, so he sliced it into sections, like cutting up a hot dog for his brothers’ beanie weenies.
65. The padding of the United Cigar Stores income for 1924–1927 was made the more reprehensible by the failure to reveal the facts clearly in the annual reports to shareholders.
66. It took Charlie over an hour, working with needle-nosed pliers and a boxcutter, to get the carpet up, and the moldy foam padding, and the vicious-looking staples that held it down.
67. Caked in snow and freezing, his chainmail armour would be a death trap, even with the under-garment padding, the weight of the cold steel links forced the coldness closer to his body.
68. Massed at one end of the concrete floor, opposite where the rolls of carpet and padding had been deposited, was a mountain of gear—guitar cases, amplifiers, mixing boards, tangles of wire.
69. One hundred and fifty yards away from the Anchor Management, in the back of a cargo van, Jean-Louis Bertrand lay prone on a homemade sniper nest fashioned out of 2-by-4s and egg crate padding.
70. Have you ever had a gallop on a horse? Think of that; and then take away the heavy noise of the hoofs and the jingle of the bits and imagine instead the almost noiseless padding of the great paws.
71. He had bandaged her foot carefully after cleaning it, gently stemming the blood flow and then almost with tenderness placing the absorbent padding on the raw flesh and wrapping it in a soft bandage.
72. If the buffer is not full when the timeout period expires, the drive pads out the frame with nonsense data to fill it up and then writes the contents of the buffer (including the padding) to the tape.
73. The packets also contain between 594 and 675 bytes of padding in the data field to ensure that the connection between the node and the repeater is functioning properly and can transmit data without error.
74. The nitrates needed to stay dry, and though she’d taken the least volatile ones, reds and oranges and a little green, you wanted to keep them wrapped in some kind of padding, so they didn’t jostle too much.
75. This rolling man cage also sported little room for your knees or padding on the seats and the sick, stale air that resembled everything else inside the county jail system—hard, cold, and lifeless both inside and out.
76. I know I have heard stealthy footfalls padding about me – oh, Conan, take me away with you! Zargheba will kill me when I have served his purpose here—I know it! The priests, too, will kill me if they discover my deceit.
77. Finally, when he was utterly at a loss, it set off over the field of its own accord, padding easily along beside one of the rows of threshed straw, trailing the broken cord and pouncing in and out at every squeak and rustle.
78. Standing on a deep blue carpet in the centre of the chamber was a heavily carved oval table, replete with candelabra, silver, crystal goblets and bowls of flowers, surrounded by thirteen padded chairs with elaborately carved backs, and two plain chairs devoid of either padding or decoration.
79. Francis explained that the pool was private and we always skinny dipped, so if he didn’t mind… He didn’t and within a minute there was a heap of clothes on the patio and we were padding bare arsed down the sandy path through the trees to a stream that flows through a deep pool at the bottom of our property.
80. When I described the battle with the two warriors, the children couldn’t get enough of the story, but a couple of warriors at the back, obviously thinking I was padding the story for the children’s benefit, began to shuffle their feet so I thought this an opportune moment to present my back pack, all heads craned forwards as I slowly and deliberately untied my treasures and spread the Mixtec weapons and regalia on the tables, not a sound escaped the crowd for an age, then they all started talking at the same time and everyone crowded around to look, feel, and wonder at such mighty trophies, Jodas stepped forward and took command, ordering lines to be formed to view the treasure, there was a respectful look in his eye as he bowed to Coatl, seeing him bow, all the village started to bow as they passed by Coatl, I could see Coatl was overcome with embarrassment, even so I detected that he enjoyed the notoriety, the warriors, as was right, kept an aloof air about them, they were not professional soldiers nevertheless they were quick and brave and were proud of the fighting skills needed in the defence of their village, when times were quiet they would be seen tending to their different trades, ready to fight when circumstances demanded, one of the warriors approached the priest and asked permission to see a demonstration of Coatl’s skill so that they may look and learn, I was horrified at this as I remembered the reaction that would be forthcoming from any implied threat to the white hairy man, I begged the priest to be cautious because Coatl did not yet know our language, the priest smiled and putting his arm about Coatl’s shoulder steered him through the crowd out into the square all the time talking to him in a low even voice, all the people turned to watch this strange man and their priest as they strolled to the centre of the plaza, both squatted and began making signs in the sandy floor, Wedon talked a moment longer, then returning to the table where the trophies were on display, he turned to the crowd of villagers and said.
1. He's in a padded cell.
2. I was in a padded cell.
3. The front was padded with.
4. I looked at the padded envelope.
5. Silently he padded to the make-.
6. Sitting on a padded wrought iron.
7. Support the top on a padded stick.
8. These stools had padded seats and.
9. They padded themselves with their.
10. The snap is still there, but padded.
11. Why the padded envelope? Was there.
12. He padded over to the edge of the bed.
13. Chris did the same and padded his back.
14. It’s not really padded, he said.
15. She spat at the floor of the padded cell.
16. The trunk wasn’t just padded for sound.
17. He padded across the floor to the toilet.
18. Flagrant Example of Padded Income Account.
19. We put the rear fuselage in a padded cradle.
20. Raf’s soft footfalls padded up the stairs.
21. This place was padded on the walls and floor.
22. I threw the sheet off and padded to the can.
23. Her small, bare feet padded over the stones.
24. He wasn't, after all, completely padded inside.
25. She was glad to see that the inside was padded.
26. Aiden padded into the bathroom and relived his.
27. The way I’m acting, they should also be padded.
28. Megan padded down the stairs and into the kitchen.
29. Did they really put you in a padded cell?
30. But his feet padded over the stone, coming closer.
31. We were padded up and on the fighting mat together.
32. Her small, bare feet moved padded over the stones.
33. All movement cotton padded and third party to him.
34. Outstretched, along the firmly padded hood of the.
35. She looked at the door, which also was thickly padded.
36. The padded room wouldn’t hold those beasts for long.
37. He padded inside, dripping puddles all over the floor.
38. Laura lay on the white padded floor, her very creation.
39. We set the boy’s arm, then padded and re-splinted it.
40. White sparks seemed to come out of the padded material.
41. They padded away and moved beyond the range of her ears.
42. The hands and feet are well padded aiding in leaping and.
43. Padded leg hold traps are the semi-humane version of the.
44. The arms were long, stemming from heavy padded shoulders.
45. I regained my senses in the back of a padded security van.
46. His sandals padded past tapestries and wal mounted armour.
47. He cursed his painful leg as he padded to the rear of the.
48. Darren looked good in his yellow padded coat and white jeans.
49. The cat was strapped down in a padded cage in his stateroom.
50. They observed as a car pulled up, three burly men in padded.
51. He heaved Dr Hancox into the padded room and locked the door.
52. Suspend the tent from the apex or support with a padded stick.
53. Eckels swayed on the padded seat, his face pale, his jaw stiff.
54. He stored it in a padded pouch at his side and nodded to Wolfe.
55. They presented Monty with padded trousers and jacket and boots.
56. He stood up, waved at the camera, and waited by the padded door.
57. We padded along, kicking at leaves and bragging back and forth.
58. The box held a mix of thin yellow and white padded and sealed.
59. Dmitri sat in the shade on a padded couch, close to the hot tub.
60. He only ever bit people in those padded training suits they use.
61. They needed the straight waistcoat and padded room of principles.
62. His feet padded in long swift strides on the smooth metallic roof.
63. They were kitted out in thick padded clothes and had guns raised.
64. Her great padded feet fell soft and noiseless on the narrow trail.
65. His body was covered in padded armor that bore the colors of 166.
66. Emily kissed up his arm to his hand and pulled the padded leather.
67. The coach was nice, with padded seats and large windows to see out.
68. He padded his keys for awhile, then read and poked, read and poked.
69. If this kept up, she was going to end up in a padded cell somewhere.
70. After her bath she padded out to the front room of their bedchambers.
71. They were both seated on the sofa padded with flowery-designed quilt.
72. For her, there’s only the warm comfort of the cunt, the padded cell.
73. Out in the black shadows stealthy feet padded and red eyes glimmered.
74. People still think in terms of padded cells and barred windows when.
75. He wore a black suit jacket with padded shoulders, a red T-shirt, a.
76. Among his accusations were that thin material was padded out to five.
77. Sam padded after him and curled up on the floor in front of her stove.
78. I shoot a look around the large room with its padded walls and floors.
79. No, but wait… Orphenn protested as they padded along the marble.
80. She rose and padded across the floor, barefoot as she had been yesterday.
81. There the turf was smooth as velveteen, padded and holed by the rabbits.
82. He supported her spine gently as he laid her on the soft, padded flooring.
83. She sank into the padded chair, slipped off her shoes and let out a sigh.
84. Silencing the call, she turned the phone off and padded back to the kitchen.
85. With little difficulty Harry shrugged into the padded leather straps of his.
86. The rain had stopped, but the skies were still padded with rain laden clouds.
87. He was clean-shaven and wore a Guardsman’s padded coat with an Order of St.
88. Padded insulation material billowed out, soaking immediately in the downpour.
89. There should be a box for me, I said, holding the little padded envelope.
90. What dreary yarns padded out with inconsequential minutiae, populated by, or.
91. I re-stuck the envelope flap down and took out one of the padded envelopes that.
92. His little cabin had a wide padded seat that ran around three sides of the room.
93. Alicia had compromised for a padded sports bra, but she still couldn't stand gym.
94. She was dressed in a stiff flowered robe, and clumsy padded fuzzy pink slippers.
95. There was a small padded chair by the fire, I sat on it and the room fell quiet.
96. She hopped herself into one of the padded walls and felt it cushion her collision.
97. One upholstered chair with wooden arms and a second, lightly padded kitchen type.
98. She insisted on not wearing padded gloves, thinking it wasn’t going to be hard.
99. Nancy, wearing a blue-gray female suit, took the padded chair offered by the CNN.
100. Gwenda saw that the man’s right hand bore a padded glove covered with chain-mail.
1. Now all twenty pads were.
2. The pads have special inks.
3. The third held spare legal pads.
4. He bent down to remove Ali's pads.
5. His heart beats thru the pads of my.
6. Males of both species have cheek pads.
7. No New World Monkeys have these pads.
8. He owned these shin pads, just like Mr.
9. The doctored cricket pads and itching.
10. With his battered old shin pads tucked.
11. The pads of his palms itched and burned.
12. There were a lot of lily pads on the pond.
13. She’s used six pads in about a month.
14. Blue shin pads? asked the old man, hopefully.
15. The drum pads are responsive and easy to use.
16. Yellow pads and pencils were laid out for us.
17. You are welcome to land on the landing pads.
18. Now a box of these pads lasts me indefinitely.
19. He’d just had new brake pads and shoes put on.
20. With my right hand only, I prepared gauze pads.
21. Owen thought that these touch pads may be a way.
22. A couple of pads folded out in front of his knees.
23. Pon replaced the pads, bandage, and left the room.
24. Open that water, wet down some sterile pads for me.
25. As I consider it, she pads to a stop in front of me.
26. His head was full of yellow pads and seers and octopi.
27. Officers clustered around her with pens and note pads.
28. Lucy found breast pads at the drug store – they were.
29. Do you remember what I told you about the shin pads?
30. Terry and his magic shin pads were a phenomenon; they.
31. Earlier you had to cut 240 mm dia & pads then grind them.
32. Researchers create glue based on toe pads of tree frogs.
33. He placed both of his thumbs on the pads located on the.
34. The knee pads are not only for protection, they help the.
35. He took his thumbs off the pads on the steering wheel and.
36. Remove the cleanser with cotton wool pads or paper tissues.
37. Heating pads can be used for pain anywhere else on the body.
38. Pressing his thumbs again on the key pads the Helios moved.
39. Large empty pads of white paper lay waiting to be filled in.
40. Grab items with the pads of your fingers instead of the tips.
41. The calloused pads of his fingers brush against Hassan's eyes.
42. Shirts, mouse pads, mugs, hats, and other things that you can.
43. You can have these shin pads if you promise me you'll always.
44. There must be two dozen legal pads stacked in his corduroy lap.
45. Although the part of the nursing pads that actually touched my.
46. Mouse pads were very big for a long time and probably still are.
47. Donovan wiped her tears with the pads of his thumbs and kissed.
48. The battered and bruised shin pads suddenly seemed to glow and.
49. You will find face wash, medicated pads, lotions, ointments etc.
50. The yellow pads were piled neatly and the pencils were sharpened.
51. Add some inserts in his boots and shoulder pads, it could be her.
52. Terry continued to stand there, staring at the shin pads, his face.
53. Your pads are shined up, that's one problem—need to be roughened.
54. Pens and lined yellow writing pads had been set neatly at his place.
55. The ear pads were packed with BBs, and each contained a blasting cap.
56. For immediate pain relief, you may be advised to use ice and heat pads.
57. The battered and bruised shin pads suddenly seemed to glow and to shine.
58. He pulls the light switch and pads across the landing in his sock feet.
59. But the docks are still there and the lily pads are still there, I can.
60. His soft pads connected to his underfoot cooling to my chapped fingers.
61. You can provide your cat with scratch pads or scratching posts as well.
62. He pulled out one of three sketch pads from the back and handed it to him.
63. Varek had a thick red and black cape, with metal shoulder pads underneath.
64. S Pads, I immediately take a pair of scissors and cut each pad into halves.
65. Using the pads of the finger tips, massage the shampoo gently into the scalp.
66. This wasn’t her office or a hospital; there were no gauze pads or bandages.
67. I applied the gauze pads and then wound adhesive tape around and around my hand.
68. Returning to the house, they retrieved the pads and carried them to the vehicle.
69. I used to spend hours adding up and calculating moving averages on yellow pads.
70. The pads and blankets were collected every morning and handed back every evening.
71. The same things apply as in the previous example for the brake handle and the pads.
72. Usually when the inner brass pads are used up, the entire hub unit must be replaced.
73. I offer you these bright and shiny new shin pads in exchange for your tatty old ones.
74. When I think of the eighties, I think of big hair and shoulder pads, Samuel said.
75. Position yourself sitting facing the frame of the Uppertone with your elbows on the pads.
76. They change their pads on the bus? Is there a bathroom on this thing? Melvin asked.
77. Bracing the organ with his other hand, Popearae dabbed the heart with slow, gentle pads.
78. Work with me, he yelled, while once again activating the pads on his patient’s chest.
79. Katherine initially focused her attention on the helicopter launching pads out on the water.
80. It pads the remainder of the string with zeros out to six digits, making the string 110000.
81. In need? Her brow arched as the pads of his fingers tapped across her panty-clad mound.
82. Some pads are directional and this is indicated by an arrow on the outside of the pad itself.
83. Loose papers, legal pads, notebooks, scratch pads, anywhere he could have scribbled a note.
84. After she patted the vest down on him she strapped on the pads around his forearms and shins.
85. Comfrey picked at a small flint that had become lodged between the pads of his foot and snorted.
86. He reached inside his jacket and pulled out a battered old pair of faded, blue ribbed shin pads.
87. Jack walked by the armory and put on the tactical vest and some armored kneepads and elbow pads.
88. Was Quick really going to torture him with the pads? The anxiety kept me awake for a couple of.
89. They were in his war room, upstairs, the tables covered with open books and files and legal pads.
90. Brakes that squeal or make awful noises are caused by brake pads that don’t hit the rim square.
91. She ignored it, ripped open the gauze pads, passing them over as fast as she could get them wet.
92. If that’s more of your folders and legal pads, we’re going to have to have a serious talk.
93. For one, there were two sets of pads, one marked for transmitting, the other marked for receiving.
94. June rubbed the pads of her fingers across her face, trying to erase the mascara staining her face.
95. Officers were sketched wearing one glove, knee pads, a bucket hat and, for the ladies, a short tie.
96. These were the kinds of things that went down on their yellow pads and generated hundreds of memos.
98. Each class also usually has several students who use the class as launching pads for new businesses.
99. The pads of his feet were bloody and worn thin, and he was skin and bones, not to mention very dirty.
100. Behind their home is a large murky lake, with lily pads and hot pink flowers floating on the surface.

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