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Peaked in a sentence

25, peaked at $1305.
The stock price peaked at $32.
This had peaked her curiosity.
I pushed it slowly as I peaked in.
The others looked similarly peaked.
they peaked at the ultimate hardness.
Their anger peaked when they heard it.

He cautiously peaked around the shack.
Those peaked breasts with tender pink.
What? he asked, attention peaked.
They stopped by a big, peaked troop tent.
By now, the booze in my system had peaked.
I knew her blood pressure had peaked again.
4% in 2005, then rose again and peaked at 4.
Gary studied her eyes; his attention peaked.
The pain peaked, as her passion had peaked.
Her eyes drooped and her cheeks were peaked.
in green overalls and a third in a peaked cap.
The death rate in the gulags peaked in 1942-3.
New Trader showed up just as the sun peaked out.
The silver ball peaked in its flight and stopped.
He set off, scared and peaked, to help his wife.
a high-flying cash generator that has just peaked.
The stock peaked at $25 and change (see Figure 4.
A wave peaked up and he turned and paddled for it.
, the former peaked in 1997 and the latter in 2000).
I took a few steps back and peaked around the corner.
As best he could, he snuck to the door and peaked out.
As expected, the crowd peaked during the Doberman set.
with a peaked roof that covered about forty horses’.
artefact and that seems to have peaked his interest, I.
transactions peaking at $27.
I heard it’s peaking there, she smiled.
1), peaking at the forward rate between 2 and 3 years.
Yeah, he said while peaking out the back window.
Both her mom and dad walked in, with Courtney peaking in.
Unfortunately, that consumption trend is far from peaking.
I think it’s peaking over there, too! she replied.
Pete was peaking away at the computer keyboard as the officer.
Notice that as natural gas prices were peaking (see Figure 12.
There’s a lot of peaking going on around here, he laughed.
The boy’s testosterone levels were peaking without consciously knowing it.
debt as interest rates were peaking which may have raised the cost of capital.
She crept up close to the opening and saw Nora’s familiar old face peaking in.
methadone withdrawal typically begins 36–72 h after last use, peaking in 4–7.
They looked like sticks peaking out of the diaper – which was miles too big for her.
She could have sworn she saw a yellow eye peaking through the tiny slit where the curtains met in the middle.
The giant wolf accompanying the two women paced uneasily around them, its protective instincts peaking hyperactively.
I sat myself on a small brick fence around the garden, and stared at the moss which was peaking through the cracks in the concrete.
We had crossed the Litian River without incident in the night, but now the first rays of sunlight were peaking into the morning sky.
Dispersion among forecasters in inflation surveys is a third candidate; it too has varied with inflation level, peaking in the 1970s.
Grays? Not quite pet, not quite wild? Nuluv asked peaking with excitement, eagerly anticipating the opening of the mystery package.
To assure your anonymity you hide near 1 of the large gaseous outer planets, just barely peaking around it so you can see what’s going on.
As they drove off in search of maple syrup shortly before noon, Joseph pointed excitedly to the right, I think it’s peaking on that hill.
It is ironic that when retail natural gas demand is peaking in the December to February time frame, futures prices often are near yearly lows.
His enthusiasm was peaking and I had a feeling selling the shirt was going to be difficult for Louie because he seemed to be growing attached to it.
) The global market cap rose steadily from $30 trillion at end-2003, crossing $50 trillion at end-2006, and peaking at $62 trillion in October 2007.
The ex ante real estate risk premium over the 10-year Treasury averaged 4% over 42 years, peaking at 8% in 1980 and troughing at 2% in 1984 and then again at 2.
Why was it that when we viewed our memories it was always from an outside angle? As if you were peaking over the edge of a high wall into the garden of your own past.
The Dow is now in its tenth year of consolidation after peaking in 1999; since that time the index has moved sideways with furious moves to both the upside and downside.
From the peaks of the.
Hot Spot where it peaks.
toward those twin peaks.
higher peaks will survive.
that ran between the peaks.
The peaks of glory to attain.
peaks we have chosen to climb.
The peaks were not spectacular.
to west between the three peaks.
reached the peaks of her pleasure.
fingers, peaks, valleys, the road.
The mighty peaks of the Bernese.
I estimated the twin peaks to be.
thus graduating to the peaks above.
„Have you got those peaks marked.
The highest peaks were snow covered.
The velocity peaks and he launches.
Whip egg whites until they form peaks.
until stiff peaks form, 3 to 5 minutes.
peaks from studying the map of the area.
pyramids, and their peaks and capstones.
of Three Peaks formations, 50–51, 54.
Three Peaks and a Domed House, 39.
There are still higher peaks to conquer.
3PDh (Three Peaks and a Domed House), 47.
she was watching snow covered peaks fly by.
whipped the waves into large, choppy peaks.
Ye crags and peaks I'm with you once again.
the dark-pitch peaks still emitted no reply.
distance at the base of those majestic peaks.
At its peak,.
Fly to the peak.
top of the peak.
The peak walls.
right at its peak.
It was peak hour.
a peak of pleasure.
peak out of the sky.
Snow caps its peak.
up to Pike’s Peak.
the peak of pleasure.
Those are the peak.
To the mountain peak,.
The peak at thy feat,.
The high is the peak.
Will merge at the peak.
They peak inside of it.
It's to reach the peak.
is cresting to its peak.
from a peak value of $73.
another peak of pleasure.
I was nearly at my peak.
spewing ( breathing) peak.
It’s to reach the peak.
The high peak mountains,.
Have We Reached the Peak?.
Upon Mount Meru’s peak.
To the peak of the mountain.

Synonyms for peaked

peaked ailing indisposed poorly seedy sickly unwell