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Seedy in a sentence | seedy example sentences

  1. A seedy accountant at that.
  2. The place was seedy compared.
  3. Weak, middle-aged, and seedy, he looked.
  4. It felt too seedy to have secret passages.
  5. It was a seedy place with a low ceiling and smelt.

  6. None of his hard and seedy life mattered any more.
  7. He‘d found her working the seedy hostess bars of.
  8. They was pretty tolerable seedy, and so was his hat.
  9. A seedy district in Sector6 where gambling, drugs and.
  10. It all sounds very seedy but in the end there's nobody to blame.
  11. Still, I loved the whole seedy scene and was pretty good at it.
  12. There was a seedy old chest, and an old hair trunk with the hinges broke.
  13. By this time, video arcades had earned a reputation for being seedy, unsafe places.
  14. Admittedly, I’m no political savant, but I figured that a seedy city with various.
  15. A seedy man from the Daily Mirror entered in a stained mackintosh of theatrical cliché.

  16. Twenty minutes later, I had driven down to the seedy area between the Civic Center and Union Square.
  17. George took them to a series of seedy hotels on the West Side, in the Bowery and in Greenwich Village.
  18. D'ye ken bare socks? Seedy cuss in the Richmond? Rawthere! Thought he had a deposit of lead in his penis.
  19. It’s several bells ‘till dawn, yet, but it’s late enough that only the most seedy taverns and inns are open.
  20. Teddy’s was a seedy strip joint, just outside of Beaver Creek, and known for having broken up a lot of marriages.
  21. In a seedy motel at the far side of Chicago’s dirtiest neighborhood, Linda rolled off her lover and lit a cigarette.
  22. With his collar turned up, his shiny, seedy coat, his red cravat, and his worn boots, he was a perfect sample of the class.
  23. Later that day, Mitchell pulled into a dingy high-rise hotel in a seedy part of Miami; in search of the recommended hit man.
  24. She heard him putting his bicycle in the stable underneath, and talking to Jimmy, who had been a pit-horse, and who was seedy.
  25. He didn’t want to be seedy but everything seemed to boil down to who could hurt the most people and who had the most secrets.

  26. But who is in love with me? I am a seedy old fellow, said the Vicar, rising, pushing his chair away and looking down at himself.
  27. The Alley was a seedy passageway that connected the Georgia Bar to the Roadhouse, two Athens dives that catered to underage townies.
  28. Peter was the way he was because even though he was main stream middle class America he found the dark and seedy part of life interesting.
  29. Attendance was rumored to be dropping, ticket prices were escalating, and cost reductions might hurt comparisons with competition if acreage started looking seedy.
  30. I was still on the Porsche’s tail when we went up and over the hills into San Mateo and south on El Camino Real, a seedy thoroughfare bordering the Caltrain tracks.
  31. Time rolled by as he lived his lonely existence, playing in dirty bars and seedy clubs, while he watched musicians with half his talent rise to the top and become icons.
  32. What had she been doing?--(the awful innocence of the question)--how perfectly miserably seedy she looked; poor little Ingeborg; was it really just that tiresome tooth?
  33. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places.
  34. Now, even though we loved anything furry, we have never been drawn into the seedy underbelly that is 'twitching', seeing this as more of a medical affliction passed on by insanitary bird watchers.
  35. It was after one particular morning, when Megan had been so engrossed in tracking back a rather seedy sounding company, that she decided that what she really needed was to look deeper into Bert’s office.
  36. So that’s how I’d arrived at this tatty little so-called college on the second floor of a seedy building in mid-Johannesburg next to a balding man who looked at me in disbelief when I’d summarised in about five sentences the state of affairs now.
  37. The lack of flashing neon lights or suggestive signage and marquee distinguished this club from other more seedy establishments that had flourished on the outskirts of the city and which were often the watering holes for transients, golfers, and motorcycle gangs.
  38. He rang Callucini who told him to try and find some pushers who worked for Reina so they searched the seedy parts of the city and found a guy called Pedro who gave him the new address which was a large isolated warehouse with huge areas of wasteland around it in Republica.
  39. A waxworks fright, good and proper, she was, and the policemen beamed, viewing her, and strolled on, and beamed at Monsieur Guillotine for his act too, and moving, the police were relaxing now, and seemed not to mind being called late on a jolly venture into a rehearsing world of acrobats and seedy magicians.
  40. Fred did not enter into formal reasons, which are a very artificial, inexact way of representing the tingling returns of old habit, and the caprices of young blood: but there was lurking in him a prophetic sense that evening, that when he began to play he should also begin to bet—that he should enjoy some punchdrinking, and in general prepare himself for feeling "rather seedy" in the morning.

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