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Thin in a sentence

1. He was a thin man.
2. It was like a thin.
3. He had a thin figure.
4. The nail was too thin.
5. Not into thin air, no.
6. I grabbed at thin air.
7. A thin rolled slip of.

8. She was thin and gaunt.
9. Seems a very thin line.
10. There was a thin smile.
11. She was tall, thin and.
12. He had a fine thin nose.
13. I have always been thin.
14. Air was not that thin!.
15. He was a thin and very.
16. In some thin markets (e.
17. He gave her a thin smile.
18. Apply a thin coat, and.
19. She looked thin and pale.
20. His eyes were thin slits.
21. His T-shirt was too thin.
22. The seven thin and ugly.
23. A thin black beard went.
24. He was old and whip thin.
25. Placing the thin one on.
26. A small, thin woman with.
27. He was very pale and thin.
28. A very thin muscular man.
29. Seemingly a thin, but so.
30. But this was wearing thin.
31. But she was rail thin now.
32. A thin moon was coming out.
33. My mouth a thin hard line.
34. The air was cold and thin.
35. Though very thin, he was.
36. He offered up a thin smile.
37. It was the thin little Mrs.
38. They can be very thin, or.
39. He is thin and tough still.
40. Thin and stretched he said.
1. Or if my hair is thinning.
2. Already the fog was thinning.
3. Water, as needed for thinning.
4. We ran through the thinning forest and.
5. Finally, he thought, my hair is thinning.
6. So I started thinning out the worst cases.
7. Bring sauce to simmer, thinning with more.
8. I hope the thinning process will not go on.
9. Both are rounded and both hairy but thinning.
10. Brink touches and gently pats her thinning scalp.
11. The trees were thinning and her path became easier.
12. Their beards are long and grey, their hair thinning.
13. His hairline was receding and he had thinning hair.
14. Fortunately for her, they seemed to be thinning out.
15. A smoking chimney was visible beneath the thinning.
16. He was more intent on the thinning fog and cooling air.
17. His pink scalp showed through the thinning blonde hair.
18. The air seems to be thinning as he approaches the gates.
19. Long fingers, a thatch of thinning hair beneath his cap.
20. Our assays have determined that the resource is thinning.
21. It did look bad, the thinning was suddenly quite apparent.
22. The blood thinning medication for my heart was not helping.
23. This will eliminate thinning of the skin and bulging veins.
24. A tall, large boned, extremely thin man with thinning blond.
25. Austin was a slim, intense young man with thinning fair hair.
26. It shrunk into a thinning red line and subsequently vanished.
27. She’s very vain about it, too, he said, his lips thinning.
28. Through the thinning trees she spotted the poorly-named cottage.
29. Gaunt, white hair thinning, but with that same ruddy complexion.
30. He brought up a hand and smoothed thinning hair across his pate.
31. This has nothing to do with God, he said, his lips thinning.
32. He was a large man, weighing in at over 250 pounds, with thinning.
33. He had thinning grey hair almost white and spoke with a soft voice.
34. Decatur Street and continued up Peachtree, through a thinning crowd.
35. He had a thin nose, dark eyes, and his hair was thinning a bit on top.
36. Swann resisted the impulse to drag him to his feet by his thinning hair.
37. The man had thinning, light-blond hair, and a familiar line to his nose.
38. Chip thinning simply answers the question, How much faster do we have to.
39. They took a look around but they could not see him even with the thinning.
40. Chip thinning, rolling into a cut, and the trochoidal paths of high speed.
1. The vine thinned and snapped.
2. His lips thinned and he sighed.
3. I also thinned out the bunches.
4. His hair is thinned and white,1.
5. His white hair hadn’t thinned.
6. As he headed north, it thinned out.
7. The table had thinned out to just.
8. The clouds thinned out a little more.
9. The atmosphere thinned and I was in.
10. The water thinned and then faded away.
11. The road thinned and descended rapidly.
12. As the hours passed, the crowds thinned.
13. The night wore on and the crowd thinned.
14. The Joshua trees thinned out as the road.
15. The crowd that was here before has thinned.
16. Emily’s voice thinned and became scratchy.
17. When they sprout, they need to be thinned.
18. Finally this mass of sperm whales thinned out.
19. By dusk the posse had thinned out considerably.
20. The crowd had thinned considerably and, by the.
21. As I walked away I saw the area had thinned out.
22. He lost focus and his beam thinned and vanished.
23. He was a tall man, lean, thinned by his illness.
24. The Sheriff’s lips thinned but he said nothing.
25. Then the fog thinned and Hal caught sight of land.
26. The crowd thinned out somewhat in back of the dais.
27. Its thinned with water and simmered in lead vats.
28. These desertions had, however, now so far thinned Mrs.
29. I noticed a ring of thinned hair and exposed, chafed.
30. As I climbed higher, the grass thinned, and the rocks.
31. Gradually the customers thinned out and then were gone.
32. The water thundered louder now and the trees thinned out.
33. His smile thinned his lips until they almost disappeared.
34. The crowd thinned out and soon the food tables were empty.
35. Death, resignation, and desertion had thinned their ranks.
36. The bodies on the ground thinned out, and soon there were none.
37. The herd was thinned by the time Bri Lynn leapt into the street.
38. Trovert‘s lips thinned and his eyes became mere slits of anger.
39. Finally, the trees thinned and the outline of the site buildings.
40. Finally, the rivulets thinned, and the water upon his cheeks faded.
1. Thins wisps of red.
2. Evening thins to water.
3. They worry now, as blood thins cold.
4. The crowd on the sidewalk thins, and I look up to see why.
5. For a short period, the fog thins out, and you can actually.
6. As the cervix dilates and thins, you will pass the mucus plug.
7. Filtration thins out the number of combinations in a given wheel.
8. Besides, speech is a rolling-mill that always thins out the sentiment.
9. The genetic code is the informer of structural thins related to the body.
10. Out of nowhere the jungle thins out and large stone walls appear before them.
11. His voice thins out when he says, Is that why you decided to hire me?
12. Thins on the corner in the rain when I had an idea! Within days, I made $50,000.
13. But that fades from my mind when the crowd before me thins and I see the rest of the room.
14. There’s nothing to be done right now that can’t be done more efficiently when that crowd in front thins out.
15. Uncle Dylan thins out the Revenants on the opposite side of the room, leaving only about half a dozen for me to take care of.
16. Because your subconscious knows that it is being observed all the time by unknown undead foul thins who are insane and have evil intentions towards all living creatures and upon the living earth: civilized people have duplicated the condition they live under: they began to observe the world and each other… in the same inhuman cold evil fashion as they are continuously and destructively being observed by these undead filthy things.
17. If the number of the species included within a genus, or the number of the genera within a family, be represented by a vertical line of varying thickness, ascending through the successive geological formations, in which the species are found, the line will sometimes falsely appear to begin at its lower end, not in a sharp point, but abruptly; it then gradually thickens upwards, often keeping of equal thickness for a space, and ultimately thins out in the upper beds, marking the decrease and final extinction of the species.

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