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Perform in a sentence

I was born to perform.
He has to perform all.
Perform 3 sets for each.
We have to perform in it.
We have only to perform.
She must smile and perform.
The next step is to perform.

I was just there to perform.
He will then perform all of.
It is the way we perform the.
You have to be able to perform.
The test to perform as a woman:.
She had to perform with dignity.
Yes, but I've seen you perform.
When can you perform this magic.
Now you can perform the next step.
Perform the exercises as a circuit.
Perhaps he was afraid to perform.
They had come to perform a private.
I can perform worship with Mantras.
Increase Perform __ sets of __ reps.
I ask that you perform the rite?
To perform this analysis, equation 5.
Here are the many roles they perform:.
That is why we perform the procedure.
It should perform the burning quicker.
Attach the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
Upgrade the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
I could not perform the holy sacraments.
Walk–To perform deeds on a chosen path.
Increase the Perform __ sets of __ reps.
MACD did not perform well in this example.
As juveniles in the wild they perform a.
He can only perform a physical action; a.
Then you perform the actual Translocation.
I literally had to perform a juggling act.
The day before you perform the live rock.
Education paid brains to perform and earn.
The task to perform is decided by the user.
Taylor hoped soon to perform an autopsy on.
Had you not been performing.
I mean, we were performing an.
It was great performing in front.
He remembered he should be performing.
What about when you are performing?
Th is is the time of performing religious.
Massie was truly professional at performing.
You should buy stocks that are performing.
A man absorbed in performing a task that is.
It was great performing in front of lots of.
Will the 7¾ notes remain performing loans?
Performing a good promotion is one of the most.
I have been performing this ritual since I was.
My contract hinges on you and me performing the.
A professional athlete performing for the crowds.
The magician is at his best when he is performing.
Stand without performing the concurrent activity.
I shrank reluctantly from performing my errand;.
Is she still on cloud nine about performing?
His only crime was that he was performing his job.
We're not interested in you performing with us.
Hermon to the Dead Sea, while performing countless.
Super Affiliates: The highest performing affiliates.
He was the third-worst performing trader on the desk.
We were out with Gabby performing blood sacrifices.
I sat up, my body performing the motions mechanically.
They aren't performing at the Staten Island Mall!.
Time corrects many errors in holding performing loans.
It has more to do with expediency and performing this.
But even this duty they are performing worse and worse.
The best performing newsletter over 20 years was up 16.
I’m sure Mrs Gold was a master at performing this art.
Craft—English teacher and director of Performing Arts.
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is.
This way, performing an appraisal will feel more like a.
During this period I had the pleasure of performing on a.
Elizabeth’s drives have not been performing properly.
In short, Nerissa was performing all the duties of a wife.
She was a comedic genius who loved people and performing.
He will not disturb whatever magic it might be performing.
I had it performed on me.
It can only be performed.
I performed a perfect curtsy.
Dawli performed on me in 1998.
The radial burst performed by.
That would be performed on Jeff.
He performed a dozen reps with.
The procedure was performed by.
King for a Day was performed in.
But have you performed there?‘.
He performed all the rituals and.
She performed four songs that day.
I still performed around campus.
Kandras who performed the operation.
It is still performed by the core.
Of 8,000 abortions performed at a.
It is performed as the last prayer.
If performed on an adult it can be.
The brilliant action performed by M.
They are best performed standing up.
Since then, which performed better?
The first application was performed.
Thomas performed the funeral service.
Mudras can be performed by the eyes.
Emergency surgery had to be performed.
All the miracles that Jesus performed.
I’ve performed on Lesvos and on Chios.
Of the duties performed and the Sunnah.
He also performed additional duties to.
Calderón's plays performed at xxxviCadiz.
Work that been performed slowly and be-.
Joseph performed the actions as instructed.
The pattern-search procedure is performed.
Th e actions are not performed in compli-.
One study has been performed with the PET.
More recently the Dow has performed better.
How can this prayer be performed rightly?
With who have you performed this procedure.
He performed western, country and pop music.
The podcasts have been performed by Sigler.
The product performs well 56.
If one performs regular linear.
When a stock under performs the.
A good man performs his function.
One of the pair performs in the.
Shakespeare performs a radial burst.
And he performs miracles up to now.
Rodney only performs at the ‗ Hole‘.
The ssh-copy-id script performs that work.
He prays like a man but performs like a God.
If it performs better, you plan will do better.
This performs the rotate operation on the image.
This performs the cropping operation on the image.
As water performs multiple functions in the phy-.
A man who performs this act is also called a chikan.
In this case the ritual simultaneously performs the.
I need to see how it performs over a few more months.
Fine, then you can sit in a cell while she performs.
Purdy performs the best tipping & flagging in the world.
The quality of actions which a man performs through out.
Google will run the one that performs the best by default.
If it performs worse, your plan will not perform as well.
God never contracted people to do what ayat Allah performs.
Then run them against each other to see which performs best.
Still others are intellectually gifted – performs good in.
Instead, the separator performs this, which is a magnetic type.
To add yet another wrinkle, none of them performs consistently.
Steve Bhaerman is a writer who performs comedy internationally as.
He then performs the seven rounds of the Ka‘bah, the Holy House.
Function Statements: - That actually performs task of the function.
The better a fund performs, the more obstacles its investors face:.
With all three, you can have an in-depth view at how a site performs.
When the Master Morya or the Master Kuthumi performs the rite it is.
Yes, our dragon lady that performs for the men with her razor fans.
Here, the United States performs worse than most industrial economies.
This seeker also performs the ordained action, but what a great differ-.
Krishn has so far said that the yogi who performs selfless action with a.
It is in the movement that gravity performs and in movement singularity.
Her husband is a first mate indeed, but he performs his duties aboard Mr.
Related functions: The RBI is also a banker to the government and performs.

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