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Plod in a sentence

plod forward with bent backs.
Whatever happened to PC Plod?.
I plod on, very much on automatic.
Why plod through another thirty years of a.
plod on resolutely, however, all the while directing.
– if the royal plod finds out of your fraternizations.
A man may plod along for years without showing any signs of.

plod into the house and act on his orders, separating the cause.
He pulled the child up higher on his back and continued to plod on.
For an hour I plod along obediently, and then I pretend I must go and cook.
Corny Kelleher stepped aside from his rank and allowed the mourners to plod.
Let me repeat a motto given in the early part of this book: A man may plod along.
The noise came closer, the sound of wheels, the plod of a horse’s hooves and voices.
Night, silver globes plod up to the surface weaving tapestry across the velvety abyss.
but one question has begged for man's attention-why have we turned to slacker, by calling, as we have plod?.
Sweating in my vullejakt, I plod up the track, idly wondering why it is that kahthouses are always built on top of hills.
Both murder sites and the supposed murderer in the same short stretch of road — hadn’t that make it easy for Mr Plod?.
Silently, I plod on next to the boy I pegged for a Fool only two days ago, who turns out to be much more cultivated than me.
Wilderness years are for the under-achievers, people who plod along, going nowhere, happy to earn their keep and nothing more.
Until Mr Plod here asked, I had no idea that there had been an unauthorised air traffic movement that night, said the ATC man.
I can’t help thinking this kind of inclusion isn’t much more than an acceptable new brand of dehumanization, but regardless, I continue to plod.
For hours the sergeant would plod along carrying one child piggyback and at the same time carrying one end of the stretcher, his rifle laid beside the resting child.
Thereupon she began to plod back along the road by which she had come not altogether full of hope, but full of a conviction that a crisis in her life was approaching.
Yet here she was exposed to the sun in a broken-down wagon with a broken-down horse, dirty, sweaty, hungry, helpless to do anything but plod along at a snail’s pace through a deserted land.
I was the first that could plod in the public eye with a load of genial respectability, and in a moment, like a schoolboy, strip off these lendings and spring headlong into the sea of liberty.
Stockbrokers plod through annual reports and issue circulars on companies, but the average small investor does not have access to these circulars, and would probably have little use for them if he or she did.
seconds before plodding away to do the job.
He turned about and started plodding homeward.
now, plodding drunkenly towards the outskirts of.
There came a same dullness to plodding on so slowly.
A loud plodding sound moved around the floor below them.
After half an hour's plodding climb Strider reached the.
the plodding, tireless small farmer who loved his land.
After half an hour of silent plodding, an idea began to bubble.
She went plodding heavily over the sand that was soft as velvet.
marches on, plodding ahead as though he hasn’t seen the hikers.
Roger and Josie were plodding along, but they were not connecting.
Of the poor results of all, of the plodding and sordid crowds I see.
‘But that’ll be so hard, just plodding on without any hope,’ he.
Humphrey and the old Dutchman were plodding towards the control shed with Anne.
grimacing boy was calm, col ected and stil slowly plodding in George’s direction,.
I began to think wistfully of the police, now plodding over the hills after my wraith.
They neared the base of the mountains, the horses plodding forward in spite of fatigue.
hills and the washout, Caleb observed as they rejoined the main body, still plodding.
On the last day, time lagged as Jasper and I traveled at the plodding speed of the cattle.
Then their nostrils flared, their ears twitching, as a large, plodding, huffing sound neared.
Round a bend in the canal came plodding a solitary horse, stooping forward as if in anxious thought.
Frodo and Sam were plodding along with heavy hearts, no longer able to care greatly about their peril.
discouragement, of dull plodding, suddenly conceive and carry out a plan for doing something that will.
Despite D’ata’s insistence, she lumbered back into a plodding walk, tossing her head again in protest.
Racked with hunger, the shepherd didn’t notice the two figures plodding in the direction of where his master lay.
Nonetheless, it sounded pretty convincing to Sophia, so that straightaway, her scowl was changed into a plodding grin.
call him her lord, her own—then, if necessary, to die—had at last lifted her up from her plodding reflective pathway.
He plodded on.
He plodded on.
He plodded up.
her lip, she plodded on.
The travellers plodded on.
The weary travelers plodded.
Robin plodded up Cheap Street.
plodded on, supported by Diggory.
faithful wolf plodded alongside her.
Down the great stairway they plodded.
while the horse patiently plodded on.
plodded up the stone littered slopes.
'S and plodded back as they had come.
They plodded along, on into the night.
Relieved, they plodded across the water.
everything out as I slowly plodded along.
He nodded and plodded over to the counter.
Jack and Jill plodded on, one name at a.
They plodded on for hours reaching that rock.
Ponmak as his horse plodded across the bridge.
Jody plodded on up the hill toward the ridge top.
A huge crocodile had plodded through the upper.
At first they plodded through deep snow, but it.
The further we plodded down the hill the spongier.
plodded through the field that was already well lit.
LeeAnn plodded back to the house, her spirits at low tide.
gedly plodded along at a safe distance behind the horse and.
Christina plodded along with the group on their way to school.
The house was quiet, cold and lifeless, as he plodded in at 9.
seeker plods on in spite of all.
You close your eyes as it plods towards the unsuspecting Cassandra.
Billy plods on regardless, just grateful that he can catch up with Alex.
You open your doors into your room and are almost knocked over by the bounds of your friends into your bed, Oreo plods in as last you stand shaking your head at the scene.

Synonyms for plod

plod plodding pad slog tramp trudge