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Trudge in a sentence

the horizon and trudge onward.
You hang your head and trudge onward.
Pete started his trudge off in the snow.
us trudge by, invited us to lodge there.
Not think that I might trudge this path.
who seeing us trudge by, invited us to lodge there.
We trudge through a crumbling city and a perishing planet.

Any enthusiasm I have is pounded away as we trudge up the.
Did you have any plans? Loki gasps out as they trudge along.
As I trudge up the incline toward the house, I glance back over my.
The hours passed in a weary stumbling trudge with a few brief halts.
It was raining again so I raised my umbrella and began the trudge home.
He waved good-bye and watched her trudge through the mud and debris and.
My spirit felt heavy within me as I continued to trudge towards the arena.
trudge along to the library for this kind of help, but LexisNexis is faster.
Gaining their feet they began to trudge after their father with all their heart.
dimly on the quay, the cheery hail, the splash of the hawser; the trudge up the.
As he continued to trudge down the hallway, he passed a window and glanced outside.
Johan turned and began to trudge back to where she and the First Elder sat on the ground.
He continued the forward trudge as quickly as they could manage across the rocky terrain.
Her morning trudge into the hills had turned out to be rather more pleasure than work so far.
Rather than trudge to home or quarters in the cold most of the other laborers would join him.
Once Cœur de Gris was driven to his knees by the heat, but immediately he rose to trudge onward.
On my trudge up the slope, I’d noticed a dozen deer up ahead but had paid little attention to them.
We concentrated on the mountains beyond the ridge; beyond the claustrophobic mass of trees we had to trudge through.
Others trudge over the Penny Bridge and past the iron turntables and floating metal cranes close to Spiller’s Mills.
then continued her trudging.
was trudging along in the rain.
In mid-afternoon Ma came trudging out.
He looked at Malik, trudging up the steps.
When Granny came trudging wearily home that.
His feet were trudging through deep thick mud.
on its side, trudging wearily to end of the road.
her trudging along the road under the hot Aruban sun.
"Is it not like trudging about a sheep-sty pigpen?".
said Fletcher, trudging heavily alongside Calvin.
The next day was spent trudging through torrential,.
The unlikely couple spent the next few days trudging.
’ Will said, trudging over to lift the hatch of the.
Toria savored the image of Alistair trudging down the.
when they are seen trudging round shopping centres with.
Climbing to his feet, he starts trudging towards the glow.
more refugees most of them ill, had been trudging into the.
Trudging onward, I got to where I’d left Martinez’s suit.
hour to spare; and, seeing as I’d been trudging the entire.
moved first, trudging slowly along the hold, with Wedge close.
They’re trudging up Magnolia Lane, and Beth drives past them.
You've been trudging about all day, and you're shaking with fever.
Soon they were trudging their way along the valley floor once more.
Trudging behind, Locke pondered the issue of the Director’s meeting.
‘I’ve done me job, I’m off!’ He turned and started trudging.
Trudging alongside, Karyl failed to respond to his leading statement.
"Come, brother, don't tell me I've been trudging around for nothing,".
Sven looked off to where Cinder was trudging away on her own toward an.
along the west rim of the road many smaller carts hauled by trudging men.
On I trudged.
Evan and I trudged.
We trudged up the shore.
They had trudged three.
boys as they trudged along.
trudged on through the snow.
Lewis trudged off the bridge.
trudged slowly up the stairs.
He trudged forward through.
Elowen and Diggory trudged on.
I trudged in and hung my jacket.
door creaked and she trudged in.
Moses trudged against the blast.
As they had trudged through the.
Nolan trudged up the aisle, cursing.
Together they trudged out the door.
Hal got to his feet and trudged home.
They trudged along between the trees.
Grunting from the pain, he trudged on.
struggle—but even so, he trudged on.
Diggory trudged wearily behind Elowen.
They trudged through the snow happily.
Minutes past by and the boys trudged.
that I hardly noticed where we trudged.
He trudged forward, his hand trailing.
the terrain as they trudged up the slope.
They trudged on around corners and down.
She sighed as she trudged toward the house.
He trudged back up the wall of the crater.
Bowing her head, she trudges up the steps.
The man trudges up the beach in her general direction, but then stops.
As his work downtown trudges on, worry etches lines in my husband’s face.
He eyes Drew, who trudges at the back of the group, and says, Pick up the pace, Drew!.
After a long silence, the boy in the chair gets up and trudges to a small shack on the dock that serves as the office.

Synonyms for trudge

trudge pad plod slog tramp