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Trudge in a sentence

1. You hang your head and trudge onward.
2. Pete started his trudge off in the snow.
3. Not think that I might trudge this path.
4. We trudge through a crumbling city and a perishing planet.
5. Any enthusiasm I have is pounded away as we trudge up the.
6. Did you have any plans? Loki gasps out as they trudge along.
7. As I trudge up the incline toward the house, I glance back over my.

8. The hours passed in a weary stumbling trudge with a few brief halts.
9. It was raining again so I raised my umbrella and began the trudge home.
10. He waved good-bye and watched her trudge through the mud and debris and.
11. My spirit felt heavy within me as I continued to trudge towards the arena.
12. Gaining their feet they began to trudge after their father with all their heart.
13. As he continued to trudge down the hallway, he passed a window and glanced outside.
14. Johan turned and began to trudge back to where she and the First Elder sat on the ground.
15. He continued the forward trudge as quickly as they could manage across the rocky terrain.
16. Her morning trudge into the hills had turned out to be rather more pleasure than work so far.
17. Rather than trudge to home or quarters in the cold most of the other laborers would join him.
18. Once Cœur de Gris was driven to his knees by the heat, but immediately he rose to trudge onward.
19. On my trudge up the slope, I’d noticed a dozen deer up ahead but had paid little attention to them.
20. Never mind! In fifteen years when they let me out of prison I will trudge off to him, a beggar, in rags.
21. We concentrated on the mountains beyond the ridge; beyond the claustrophobic mass of trees we had to trudge through.
22. Others trudge over the Penny Bridge and past the iron turntables and floating metal cranes close to Spiller’s Mills.
23. Hudson hoisted up the bags, and he began to trudge as rapidly as he could toward a red brick factory at the next street corner.
24. I surveyed it all with disquiet and was about to trudge upstairs when I noticed a fine-blowing litter on the floor of the circling horse race.
25. As Legolas had reported, they found that the snow became steadily more shallow as they went down, so that even the hobbits could trudge along.
26. It’s only to be expected that if you trudge around and then spend hours in the Dead Place among those rocks and hills that you will become exhausted.
27. Doc watched him trudge over the brim of the dune and saw the wind flip up the brim of his straw hat and the yellow sun light up his face and glisten in his beard.
28. It formed part of a large house, with a tarmac front garden that provided ample space for parking and would have saved them the half-mile trudge back to the car.
29. THE NEXT MORNING, when I trudge into the training room, yawning, a large target stands at one end of the room, and next to the door is a table with knives strewn across it.
30. He hardly opened his lips during that weary trudge across the moor, nor would he enter the school when he reached it, but went on to Mackleton Station, whence he could send some telegrams.
31. After that, the long hot trudge through the desert kingdom and the excruciating loss of Carthen, his young apprentice and friend, the apparent death of Isabella, too, and its effect on Johan.
32. She was obliged to trudge the roads seeking any corner that might offer her some kind of shelter… she was exhausted, her feet sore and blistered from endlessly moving from one place to another.
33. Thinking of Smirnaz I wondered if my people would leave their lands at my command and trudge off trustingly into the desert sands of the Wastelands to the mythical Forests of Darkor? I could only hope so.
34. His days in the city were spent training the protectors, planning improvements, toiling physically until he'd trudge back to his house exhausted, and collapse onto his bed only to awake early and continue with the same.
35. And then I was in Louisiana, with Lake Charles away to the side in the dark, but my lights glittered on ice and glinted on diamond frost, and those people who forever trudge the roads at night were mounded over with cloth against the cold.
36. There was nothing now to be done but to tighten the belts round their empty stomachs, and hoist their empty sacks and packs, and trudge along the track without any great hope of ever getting to the end before they lay down and died of starvation.
37. He forbade her to take a break until the whole wardrobe had been disposed of and it wasn’t until nearly four o’clock that afternoon that Cyberia managed to trudge home wearily, smelling of sweat, fried burgers and other people’s loose change.
38. The winter was upon them, and already rain and gales made being out of doors impossible except for one daily courageous trudge after dinner with the children in waterproofs and goloshes, and she thought that with a little arranging she might shorten and brighten the long months to the spring.
39. One behind another, round or pointed, piercing the sky or massing themselves, like sailing ships, like granite cliffs, spires and offices, wharves and factories crowd the bank; eternally the pilgrims trudge; barges rest in mid stream heavy laden; as some believe, the city loves her prostitutes.
40. He would see mothers from English farms trudging along with their infants in their arms, when the child would be stricken with fever and would die; the mother would pause to dig a hole in the loose earth with her bare hands, would bury the babe therein with the same natural grave-tools, shed one tear, and again trudge on.
41. Of deep-sea fishings he heard tell, and mighty silver gatherings of the mile-long net; of sudden perils, noise of breakers on a moonless night, or the tall bows of the great liner taking shape overhead through the fog; of the merry home-coming, the headland rounded, the harbour lights opened out; the groups seen dimly on the quay, the cheery hail, the splash of the hawser; the trudge up the steep little street towards the comforting glow of red-curtained windows.
1. In mid-afternoon Ma came trudging out.
2. He looked at Malik, trudging up the steps.
3. When Granny came trudging wearily home that.
4. His feet were trudging through deep thick mud.
5. The unlikely couple spent the next few days trudging.
6. Toria savored the image of Alistair trudging down the.
7. Climbing to his feet, he starts trudging towards the glow.
8. Trudging onward, I got to where I’d left Martinez’s suit.
9. They’re trudging up Magnolia Lane, and Beth drives past them.
10. You've been trudging about all day, and you're shaking with fever.
11. Soon they were trudging their way along the valley floor once more.
12. Trudging behind, Locke pondered the issue of the Director’s meeting.
13. Trudging alongside, Karyl failed to respond to his leading statement.
14. Sven looked off to where Cinder was trudging away on her own toward an.
15. I’ll think about it… he muttered, trudging towards the eastern.
16. After what seemed like hours of uphill trudging he decided to take a rest.
17. There may be no sense in trudging up some twenty flights of stairs because.
18. Not trudging through soft gravel made all the difference to their walking pace.
19. And so they separated, Stephi trudging down to eat and watch for Bob, who came.
20. I let him down and saw in the mirror how he took up his trudging beside the road.
21. And goodness knows why, after all that, I should go trudging off to Simonov's!.
22. As the sun set the skeleton crawled out of the river and continued trudging west.
23. He started trudging down the walkway, and walked toward the large building at the end.
24. Anne watched her maid go before trudging off to the stairs once more, and when she had.
25. Raven shook it firmly and gave a nod of acknowledgement before trudging back to his cell.
26. She felt, as she saw him trudging over the field, that where he determined to go he would get.
27. The ring-attendants came trudging in, pulling a crate inside which we could smell a single lion.
28. Grandfather's away, inspecting the perimeter, checking fortifications, trudging through the snow.
29. It was also far away, and after an hour trudging through the snow her feet were beginning to freeze.
30. He just kept trudging on through the thick vegetation holding me firmly in place over his shoulder.
31. Given our enfeebled state and the now mounting heat, trudging up and down sand and asphalt seemed a stupid’s idea.
32. After trudging up the path, Tim marked the area I pointed to with the stakes and twine and asked me why I’d picked it.
33. The loose surface absorbed their energy as they crunched forward and soon they were only trudging ahead at barely half speed.
34. She had learned to live that way by forcing herself and was trudging along so, until this morning when it all came rushing back.
35. Andrew watched the small group trudging out of the foothills and wondered what it was like for them to see what had never been seen.
36. We came around the corner of the house and spotted Bree trudging up the walk past the Dumpster, looking as spent as I’ve ever seen her.
37. By the time Johnny and Caesar came trudging back, horses in tow, Mary and Father McGuire seemed to have become quite chummy with one another.
38. Private Ahntahn Ruhsail’s voice was as bitter as the icy wind when he saw the dark-haired girl trudging steadily towards the neat line of posts.
39. But, trudging along in his suit of full mail, Theodorous and his battle axe kept the road open for Bri Lynn and the rest of the soldiers to follow.
40. Breakfast was a mediocre affair, but undismayed Fizzicist struck camp and with his weary flock trudging behind he marched onwards to the crossroads.
41. After trudging to the top of the hill, Paul discovered the knoll they were standing on overlooked a large grass-covered pasture at least fifty acres in size.
42. Molo went silent for a few moments and lowered his head, trudging behind the Pilgrim who seemed to be little more than inconvenienced by the difficult terrain.
43. There was something wholesomely invigorating about trudging up a mountain, his spiked shoes crunching through the snow, finding weak points in the glacial sections.
44. For Pedro everything is a first: going to the movies, smoking some marijuana, trudging round the nightlife, spending the day on the beach, going into the salty sea.
45. Every night, they dragged back into camp, a long line of blackened ghosts trudging into the barracks and falling onto their bunks, weary to their bones, spitting black saliva.
46. As they passed through the middle of the caravan, Moshe saw the old herb woman again, trudging determinedly alongside and within easy reach of Sari, who looked much more alert now.
47. Several times Rincewind noticed hydrophobes - their ingrained expressions of selfrevulsion at their own body-fluids was distinctive- and here and there trudging men who could only be slaves.
48. This was why she was now trudging up and down the hallways and stairs of her dorm, drawing curious glances from her neighbors as she limped by their open doors for the third, fifth or seventh time.
49. They distributed the packages as fairly as they could, though Bilbo thought his lot was wearisomely heavy, and did not at all like the idea of trudging for miles and miles with all that on his back.
50. When he was first trudging over the mountain, the Blessed Mother called to him: "Juanito!" Isn't that touching? And touching that thousands of Indians converted to Christianity after these miracles.
51. Pigeons and swallows were trudging along stained rooftops lazily and even rats seemed attuned to the curfew, fleeing purposefully back into their shadowy nests wherever there were people left to harrow.
52. Of course, the price premium will be higher if it is volatile; but you need a stock that has the potential to move, not an old tired blue chip that has its price move as if it were trudging through mud.
53. Grandsires with venerable hair are rather at a discount; the young men's way of trudging cannot be described as elastic; and their talk, when there is any, does not consist of praise of the local landowner.
54. Concealing and chaining his bike a hundred metres from the road, Jarek shouldered a pack containing a bottle of water and enough bread and biscuits for two days, then spent the day trudging through dense undergrowth.
55. Despite my reservations it appeared to work; guests who arrived irritable, pinched and nervous, perked up remarkably; although it’s just as likely their sudden rush of bonhomie was relief at entering a warm house after trudging through freezing sleet.
56. Have you considered that there would be no trudging to market, and consequently you will only require half the boots and stockings and skirts those poor girls have to buy who live up in the villas that look so grand and pretend to give such high wages?'.
57. Then I shall turn back, when the last whisk of her shining skirts has gleamed round the bend of the road, to my own business, to the sober trudging along the row of days allotted me, to the making of economies, the reading of good books, the practice of abstract excellences, the pruning of my soul.
58. What, perhaps, with other things, made Stubb such an easy-going, unfearing man, so cheerily trudging off with the burden of life in a world full of grave pedlars, all bowed to the ground with their packs; what helped to bring about that almost impious good-humor of his; that thing must have been his pipe.
59. He would see mothers from English farms trudging along with their infants in their arms, when the child would be stricken with fever and would die; the mother would pause to dig a hole in the loose earth with her bare hands, would bury the babe therein with the same natural grave-tools, shed one tear, and again trudge on.
60. In his „How the Mind Works, Stephen Pinker would have us believe that he can retroactively read the mind of early man trudging the African savannah, and that this ancestor of us all would have been gratified by a clear sky due to the fact that he would be better able to spot predators than would be the case on a cloudy day.
61. The rumble of wheels under the sonorous arch was traversed by a strange, piercing shriek, and Decoud, from his back seat, had a view of the people behind the carriage trudging along the road outside, all turning their heads, in sombreros and rebozos, to look at a locomotive which rolled quickly out of sight behind Giorgio Viola's house, under a white trail of steam that seemed to vanish in the breathless, hysterically prolonged scream of warlike triumph.
62. He drove the entire length of town several times, peering into the entrance of every waterfront property, but there was no sign of any fishing boats at all, a phenomenon he found strikingly odd: after all, the pueblo’s name in English was Old Port and what was a port without boats other than dug-out canoes or a public jetty? He returned the car to the general store, and decided to endure the heat trudging the length of the beachfront road in a more careful search for a dock or someone who knew the whereabouts of the Caroline.
63. The next day was spent trudging through torrential,.
1. We trudged up the shore.
2. Lewis trudged off the bridge.
3. Elowen and Diggory trudged on.
4. I trudged in and hung my jacket.
5. Moses trudged against the blast.
6. As they had trudged through the.
7. Nolan trudged up the aisle, cursing.
8. Together they trudged out the door.
9. Hal got to his feet and trudged home.
10. They trudged along between the trees.
11. They trudged through the snow happily.
12. Diggory trudged wearily behind Elowen.
13. Grunting from the pain, he trudged on.
14. Minutes past by and the boys trudged.
15. He trudged forward, his hand trailing.
16. They trudged on around corners and down.
17. He trudged back up the wall of the crater.
18. She sighed as she trudged toward the house.
19. He trudged on through the morning feeling.
20. As fast as he could he trudged up the road.
21. She and Danny trudged back down the stairs.
22. Holly left the kitchen and trudged upstairs.
23. Greg trudged on toward the end of the cars.
24. He turned away and trudged back to the sofa.
25. They climbed on to the causeway and trudged.
26. Elowen and her companions trudged along the.
28. Izaak Walton, and the two trudged on together.
29. The exhausted men trudged down the stairs and.
30. Henri was downcast as he and Jean trudged the.
31. Mindy fidgeted in her seat as Venkat trudged in.
32. He stared down at his feet as he trudged along.
33. The horses made barely a sound as they trudged.
34. Wet to the knee, he trudged past the empty lists.
35. The captain stood up and trudged out of the cabin.
36. So she trudged up a lane that led into the hills.
37. He trudged miserably along the corridor – his.
38. They trudged up a sand dune and cresting the top.
39. I trudged through the castle, searching for Morgan.
40. Marvin trudged on down the corridor, still moaning.
41. I trudged up the stairs to find Mom in the kitchen.
42. Trudged for eternity through Norfolk - home of the.
43. Fighting the blinding wind, he trudged back to his.
44. Some of the inmates snickered as they trudged up the.
45. Shouldering their bags they trudged, the red Egyptians.
46. Akira lowered his head and trudged away from the scene.
47. Jacob trudged upstairs, being cautious to not trip over.
48. We trudged across the sand and final y crested the hil.
49. The wind and snow had abated as Jean trudged dejectedly.
50. Monika prayed without ceasing as we trudged through death.
51. He left it by the roadside and trudged through the village.
52. As he trudged disconsolately down the road, Jean felt both.
53. They picked up their walking sticks and once again trudged.
54. They trudged slowly along, beside the column of marching men.
55. He trudged to the bathroom, splashing cold water in his face.
56. Kalik looked at them trudged away like chimpanzee as they left.
57. They trudged on for hours more as Kortrax got low behind them.
58. Staying in sight of one another, they trudged through the chaos.
59. Gangs of weary fishermen, stinking of fish, trudged home after.
60. John Baret trudged back to his lodgings in a state of depression.
61. Bill Smythe once again eyed the two men as they trudged against.
62. My arms tightened around Jesus as we trudged toward the mountains.
63. Amonas trudged onwards bearing Hilderich in tow and simply said:.
64. He trudged up the driveway to the manor, feet dragging in the dirt.
65. Trevain trudged up the stairs after returning from his fishing trip.
66. I trudged toward the pair of them, muttering curses with every step.
67. Daniel did as he was told and trudged up the stairs to the bathroom.
68. She trudged up to her room half-heartedly, feeling inexplicitly down.
69. Ceri shoved her hands deep into the pocket of her anorak and trudged.
70. As they trudged through the steamy wet jungle the Drongs did not talk.
71. Ditherer trudged dejectedly back to his designated corner of the cell.
72. Joseph thanked him and we trudged wearily in the direction he pointed.
73. I’m convinced, I told my brother officers, as we trudged along.
74. As I trudged back downstairs to the kitchen, my phone began to vibrate.
75. At least she’s here in DC, I said as we trudged back to the car.
76. He trudged over to where Missy and Roni were standing with Uncle Marty.
77. He put his hands in his pockets and trudged along toward the main gate.
78. God will provide, he muttered under his breath, and trudged along.
79. They put the sarcophagus back where it belonged and trudged up the stairs.
80. You all soakin’ wet, Maybelle said as I trudged up onto her porch.
81. He took a deep breath and trudged toward the reactor building; his life.
82. They trudged through the forest in silence, not another animal was around.
83. Dave put Theakston down and he trudged up to Smith and jumped at his legs.
84. The two boys got up and trudged into Nancy’s office only to be met by Dr.
85. Jeff trudged through the snow in the gray dawn, ignoring the wind and the.
86. They trudged along with increasing weariness in the rising heat of the sun.
87. I put the uneaten Chinese in the refrigerator and trudged to the stairway.
88. I trudged behind her for a long time, staring at the ground before my feet.
89. Then, asking that Supper be brought to my Chamber, I trudged up the Stair.
90. Stacey trudged up the stairs, unlocked the door and headed for the kitchen.
91. I HAVEN’T LOST sight of your Tiger, Adanne said as we trudged along.
92. I trudged down the stairs and became aware of the two figures in the lounge.
93. He raised his hand in a sad farewell and trudged away across the dark field.
94. Eventually a disgruntled Phil climbed the stairs and trudged into the bedroom.
95. They started off once more and trudged onwards, Molo right behind the Pilgrim.
96. She stood up, trudged to the door, and flicked the light on with her shoulder.
97. Sunstroke, he thought, taking the shovel and broom from her as she trudged on.
98. They trudged up a rise and discovered they were exactly where they wanted to be.
99. I left him to his memories and trudged dejectedly back to the cold, empty house.
100. A hideous black monster, the likes of which he had never seen before, trudged.
1. Bowing her head, she trudges up the steps.
2. The man trudges up the beach in her general direction, but then stops.
3. As his work downtown trudges on, worry etches lines in my husband’s face.
4. He eyes Drew, who trudges at the back of the group, and says, Pick up the pace, Drew!.
5. After a long silence, the boy in the chair gets up and trudges to a small shack on the dock that serves as the office.

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