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Slog in a sentence

1. No long, hard slog across the desert.
2. The situation that was once a slog is now enjoyable.
3. Eventually, after a couple of hours’ hard slog, they levelled out.
4. Wel , it’s been a bit of a hard slog, he said, appearing not to mind in the.
5. That is, after a lifetime of hard slog, usually in a job they detest, they manage to accumulate.
6. However, challenges are there to be surmonted and after an hour’s hard slog, the rudiments are in place.
7. The walk, six miles each way, was a tiring slog, but the work, planting and tending potatoes, was relatively easy.

8. He knew full well that a two-thousand-meter race was an entirely different matter from a four-mile slog at Poughkeepsie.
9. He was recommending a silent, ten-day slog, where I would be cloistered at a Buddhist retreat center with dozens of other meditators.
10. It was too late in the year for skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter sports, and too early to do much else besides slog through cold mud.
11. One of the purposes of this book is to lessen your need for willpower and to share techniques that will make waking up early less of a slog.
12. Four workmen, caked with the paste of cement dust and oil, were packing up for the night after a hard day's slog right across the road from my veranda.
13. It was a hard, exhausting slog even with that assistance, but sixty six-inch angle-guns opened fire on the defensive positions to either side of the crater.
14. When they were lucky, the rocky banks formed a steep slope; when they weren’t, there was just a sheer drop-off where they had to slog across peninsulas of mud and gravel.
15. It had been a hard slog through deep snow, even for the Chisholmian-bred High Hallows and the caribou-drawn sleds of their assigned support element, but they were past the worst of it now.
16. It was in a fairly dilapidated condition when we took it on and it took a couple of years of hard slog to get it all straight, but at least you can be confident that all the plumbing and electrics are sound.
17. At first the Iraqis caught the Iranians on the back foot, but Iran swiftly recovered and fought back, and the war soon became a long slog, more like the trenches of the First World War than the hi-tech late twentieth century.
18. Then, I had been terrified by the screaming of steam whistles, the rush of vapor driven out onto a platform, and the slow slog of an engine coming to life, echoing around the glass and steel arch as we alighted at Lime Street Station.
19. Yes I know what you mean it’s been a hard slog and we have lost some good men and friends and I know that things are a bit confused at the moment but we will hopefully find more about what’s happening later when we get informed from the Staff.
20. Here, after the black slog of the stairwell, is enough light to party by—fat moon, improbable stars, a bonfire built in a wheelbarrow, and little bits of headlight swimming along the beaten tin gutterpipe—though poor visibility plus booze plus roof is an equation crying out for balance.
1. It was a straight left against a slogging ruffian.
2. It took us about two weeks of slogging through the.
3. It was as if he were in a trance, slogging along, but unconscious.
4. There were no sails in sight but those of a few trawlers slogging their way home.
5. We had been slogging hard using machetes to cut through the vines and dangling roots.
6. As far as the media is concerned, each case was solved as a result of hard slogging police work.
7. A dozen trolls slogging out of the waves and up onto the land was something no one in this world had ever seen.
8. Nevertheless, we keep on slogging, turning our attention to what he and Michael Walker saw and heard when they arrived to meet Feifer that night.
9. His only other solace was running, slogging through the sand around the Kahuku runway, thinking of the 1944 Olympics, trying to forget Harry Brooks’s plaintive face.
10. But what if he was caught? He hadn’t killed anyone and he knew that there was a chance that his story would be so ridiculous and brazen that Tulip and the general public might see pity in his punishment; either that, or an uncertain future slogging it out under the hot Australian sun.
11. As I listened to these songs in memorys eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God.
1. He slogged through the bog.
2. Our feet slogged through the rocks and dirt.
3. Billy and I slogged through a couple more hours of video.
4. They slogged along in silence, their progress hard-earned and painfully slow.
5. Breathing hard and in general overall pain I slogged my way toward the shore.
6. When the bell rang Holly slogged her way back to the library she was beginning to hate.
7. But for a few restless boys who stewed with anger, the men slogged on, giving us a wide berth.
8. I fastened the rope securely to the saddle and then I slogged back out of the sucking mud to the bank.
9. He had lost a third of his men in that fight and the remainder slogged tiredly through the rain across the country toward the Chattahoochee River.
10. She had high boots in the car, but it was too late now; she was cold and wet halfway to her knees, and she had only slogged about six feet through the melting mess.
11. At the junction of a footpath deep within the forest, Truman stopped and in the gloom of dappled moonlight, slogged with his computer through knee-deep mud to the edge of a swamp.
12. Hunching his shoulders against the wind, Frank stuck his hands deep in his pockets and slogged his way through the deepening puddles back towards his cottage, angry tears mixing with the rain.
13. He passed the 725 gallons of illuminated moon jellies, then slogged along the dimly lit corridor, following signs to the three-hundred-foot-long moving walkway that had been tunneled under the bay.
14. So all day long and far into the night the fatigue parties slogged at unloading and storing everything that the Division needed be it ammunition or water of whatever it all had to be unloaded and stored by hand.
15. As The Beast slogged through the streets of Old Wachusett, Kansas sang about sailing toward the Point of Know Return, followed by Styx who welcomed everyone to the Grand Illusion, then Foghat extolled the virtues of being a Fool for the City.
16. After the three o’clock bell had tolled and his last laggard pupil had slogged off to field-hockey practice, he would pack up the Italian-leather satchel he’d splurged on with his first paycheck and strike out toward the brownstone blocks north of Washington Square.
17. If you, reader, had been one of the hands, would you have slogged? Or would you have preferred to starve and see your family starve? If you had been in Crass's place, would you have resigned rather than do such dirty work? If you had had Hunter's berth, would you have given it up and voluntarily reduced yourself to the level of the hands? If you had been Rushton, would you rather have become bankrupt than treat your `hands' and your customers in the same way as your competitors treated theirs? It may be that, so placed, you - being the noble-minded paragon that you are - would have behaved unselfishly.

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