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Sheer in a sentence

1. The sheer weight of us.
2. The sheer presence of him.
3. It was a sheer luck, yaar.
4. The sheer immensity of joy.
5. The sheer volume and mass.
6. I escaped out of sheer luck.
7. I moved it with sheer disgust.

8. The sheer horror of the unknown.
9. I came here out of sheer vanity.
10. He stopped from sheer tiredness.
11. Social Studies was sheer torture.
12. Hubris, I mourned, sheer hubris.
13. And it would have been sheer hell.
14. The sheer number of times I saw.
15. Komadze stared in sheer disbelief.
16. What was left was sheer blackness.
17. I’m amazed at Alaska’s sheer.
18. He rubbed his hands in sheer joy.
19. Just think of the sheer size of it.
20. For a while sheer anger mastered me.
21. Sheer misery; so silence is the best.
22. Sheer force of natural genius, that.
23. Forced onto the offensive by sheer.
24. Vicky looked at him in sheer terror.
25. Fuck, said Bru in sheer disgust.
26. He suffered a moment of sheer terror.
27. Roger let out a sheer scream of agony.
28. Sheer terror showed in Sally’s eyes.
29. The sheer smell of chocolate and the.
30. I avoided the sheer craziness of the.
31. Sheer luck caused the target to veer.
32. His eyes reflected sheer misery at me.
33. The second head was, ‘the sheer fe-.
34. She carried on her work in sheer love.
35. By sheer will, as I have with many.
36. Not to be so, would be sheer stupidity.
37. He gasped with the sheer beauty of her.
38. Sheer liberal genius (read: imbecility.
39. The lawyer listened in sheer disbelief.
40. His women taken in adultery sheer music.
1. A sheering blade of pain cut through her eyes and checked her halfway to her feet.
2. The bearded axe-head hit the horseman’s thigh instead, sheering through mail legging, linen trousers, and flesh to jar against bone.
3. As Syn shot after the falling petal, hypnotized by the glowing lure just out of reach, the great dragon assumed a streamlined form in the sheering wind.
4. This ridding your body of excessive waste, and the practice of Yoga asanas and breathing exercises will go a long way towards sheering that superfluous fat from your body and here is a Yoga asana which will help you on your way.
5. But not a bit daunted, Queequeg steered us manfully; now sheering off from this monster directly across our route in advance; now edging away from that, whose colossal flukes were suspended overhead, while all the time, Starbuck stood up in the bows, lance in hand, pricking out of our way whatever whales he could reach by short darts, for there was no time to make long ones.
1. We sheered dangerously.
2. Harry sheered off to starboard when he was about a mile away, much to.
3. Stonework had been sheered through and none of the windows had glass as far as he could see.
4. This, coupled with the enormous surge of pressure, sheered the heads off the rivets holding the casing together.
5. They had retrieved most of the pieces of Blondie’s sheered off landing gear from the water and in the process had discovered an abundance of sea life.
6. They looked from afar at isolated cottages and little inns, and were inclined to approach one of the latter, when their hearts failed them, and they sheered off.
7. One of her props sheered off half way down the runway when it was hit by an anti-aircraft gun making the takeoff difficult, but she wrestled the beast into the air, to orbit and safety.
8. There were dark thunderclouds on the western horizon toward Conway though Wickland knew the chances of the storms making it across the Intracoastal Waterway without being sheered apart were about even odds.
9. She never budged until she was within ten foot of the flat, and then, jest as I was commencin’ the third line of ‘Now I lay me,’ she sheered off and went past in a wide curve, with Lonesome steerin’ with one hand and shakin’ his pitchfork at Todd with t’other.
1. The sun, however, was streaming through the sheers at the window, and I glanced.
2. When I arrived at that warp, it was early morning and I was standing at the sheers of a.
3. Light streamed in through the billowing sheers of the bedroom curtains and the phone was ringing.
4. At one of the windows, I drew open the draperies with the pull cord and pushed aside the lace sheers.
5. On the other side of a wooden fence a small, round woman stood pruning her garden with a pair of sheers.
6. I would attach hydrolytic sheers to one backhoe and the other a grappling claw to hold the piece being cut.
7. They were things she only wore in the Kassikan, like the thin layers of sheers that she had on now beneath her shoulder-fur of russet miniscamp.

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