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Prevail in a sentence

God and you'll prevail.
will prevail and return.
But it may not prevail.
prevail, but in NY courts.
Common sense must prevail.
stone and let truth prevail.
Violence and chaos prevail.

His decisions must prevail.
The Dark shall not prevail.
Mother Russia will prevail.
only way to make ideas prevail.
But Sir John could not prevail.
atmosphere of toughness prevail.
will, they shall always prevail.
which one of the two would prevail.
Yes, I believe we will prevail.
Good guys were supposed to prevail.
� Neatness above all must prevail.
But the Sword of God would prevail.
their story was destined to prevail.
Nor in his death could Death prevail,.
Evil cannot prevail; we must defeat it.
Campers and Hunters combined prevail.
Without our light, darkness will prevail.
Peace cannot prevail while hunger rules.
Merit will prevail, especially this year.
though, he would proceed, he would prevail.
‘’Hopefully, common sense will prevail.
sured that in the end justice would prevail.
At high altitudes, other conditions prevail.
tva should be prevailing.
The prevailing attitude.
The prevailing of Hypocrisy.
prevailing rate of inflation.
- The prevailing of Hypocrisy.
· The prevailing of Hypocrisy.
In their prevailing ignorance.
The prevailing problem that I.
prevailing col ective dreams are.
The greatest prevailing reason.
I was forced by this prevailing.
He is God, the One, the Prevailing.
were prevailing in Newtonian science.
the prevailing tradition of the village.
for an escape into prevailing traditions.
That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.
It is glutinous, the prevailing goodness.
A prevailing sense of doom gnawed at his.
There's a prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
creeds prevailing at his time and defends it.
amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing:.
It could not stop the anarchy prevailing in St.
The prevailing wind was westerly, as at Efrafa.
Prevailing wisdom, I suppose, informed the 157.
Music changed into tears prevailing the dark ages.
in line the new trend prevailing during those days.
, instead choosing the most oppressive prevailing.
prevailing condition prior to the creation of Adam.
The chief prevailed.
Godwyn had prevailed.
and order which prevailed.
In the end, he prevailed.
But justice had prevailed.
She prevailed with a smile.
I was therefore prevailed.
with men, and have prevailed.
who wanted to stay prevailed.
prayer, the Israelites prevailed.
Thatcher and her party prevailed.
you know that Stalin prevailed in.
Ainatunarit’s Army had prevailed.
Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed.
Dutch types that prevailed in England.
The voice that prevailed was that of.
system that had prevailed for centuries.
She eventually prevailed in the courts.
prevailed, with one thousand casualties.
When he was gone a dead silence prevailed.
when bigotry had prevailed in Carson City.
The eldest son could not be prevailed on.
Again, Janie prevailed in her guidance by.
The important thing is you have prevailed.
His advice prevailed and the rest is misery.
The blessings of your father have prevailed.
when the mountains of dark water prevailed,.
And look, I prevailed over my greatest fear.
A place where structure and order prevailed.
But the truth prevails:.
Good prevails and always will.
But a stout heart prevails in the end.
The jungle law prevails in the forest.
When reckoning fails, force prevails.
Discomfort prevails within and without.
What prevails in the end is God’s will.
That doesn't mean that good always prevails.
Hunger prevails over most of the other drives.
disunity prevails, such incidents do take place.
makes war on the saints and PREVAILS against them.
Such is the state of affairs which prevails among them.
If the data is not misdirected, common sense prevails.
where slave keeping prevails, pure religion and sobriety.
But the one feeling that prevails is that of being drained.
On the other hand, when the night of ignorance prevails, the.
The spirit of party prevails less in Scotland than in England.
of the system that prevails above the realm in which they are.
Udan Vayu prevails in the mental region, mounts up and moves there.
month, when gloom prevails on all sides and the outward looking mind.
prevails through the whole universe and which is hidden within Krishn.
of ignorance prevails, when the moon is waning in the dark half of a.
For a miner who prevails, his process usually takes about five years.
This prevails because of singularity, which clashes with Newton head on.
tion about him or any touch of the gloom that prevails in the dark fort-.
On the contrary, it is crystal clear to me that Evil prevails everywhere.
ligiosity though it is this very type of religiosity that prevails among.
11 And it prevails over marriage love condemning it when transgressing law.
prevails, it will enwrap the material world’s forest of fear which we in-.
The choice to become a closed group prevails, and this choice is felt to be.
Juan Neira is given with the orthography that prevails in theSouth-American.

Synonyms for prevail

prevail triumph dominate predominate reign rule endure persist run hold obtain