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Prevail in a sentence

But it may not prevail.
The Dark shall not prevail.
But Sir John could not prevail.
Yes, I believe we will prevail.
But the Sword of God would prevail.
Good guys were supposed to prevail.
Evil cannot prevail; we must defeat it.

Peace cannot prevail while hunger rules.
Without our light, darkness will prevail.
Merit will prevail, especially this year.
At high altitudes, other conditions prevail.
The stronger genes would eventually prevail.
How long that shame will prevail we know not.
Cool heads had to prevail here for the love.
But her luck would not prevail in every sense.
Jennings could not prevail on him to stay long.
Wait and hope that cooler heads will prevail.
This piece ends with the hope that they prevail.
Death and the grave will not prevail against.
They know the land and they can prevail in a fight.
He will give what is needed, and make us prevail.
It seemed that love did prevail, at least this time.
Should market forces prevail? Should the government.
Higher Prices May Prevail for Speculative Commitments.
Over the question of which will prevail: life or death.
Our worthiness, prevail us as God's precious children.
But the wisdom attributed to Cyrus wasn’t to prevail.
The greater force will always prevail over the lesser.
Good needed to prevail, good should always defeat evil.
Nothing should prevail on him to give up his engagement.
And righteousness and Roebuck will prevail, said I.
Terror would prevail, and victory would at last be theirs.
Eventually it was seen that neither side could prevail.
They know they could not prevail in Congress on the issue.
I hope, sir, the motion to amend the bill will not prevail.
When this card is pulled it indicates justice will prevail.
Only Povon’s incredible sensitivity allowed us to prevail.
Where only peace and calm prevail and there’s no commotion.
Let us hope that commons sense will prevail on that subject.
The prevailing problem that I.
I was forced by this prevailing.
He is God, the One, the Prevailing.
It is glutinous, the prevailing goodness.
That seems to be the prevailing sentiment.
There's a prevailing spiritual atmosphere.
A prevailing sense of doom gnawed at his.
The prevailing wind was westerly, as at Efrafa.
It could not stop the anarchy prevailing in St.
Prevailing wisdom, I suppose, informed the 157.
Music changed into tears prevailing the dark ages.
The prevailing panic, moreover, increased our danger.
The prevailing idea behind the 1031 Exchange is that.
The prevailing weather of earth will continually heat.
The prevailing question that I now ask is; what element.
The air on the inside was of a prevailing cold that sank.
The prevailing filth was so heavy and noticeable, that I.
Moreover, the bid and offer spreads prevailing at the time.
In the prevailing circumstance he found the Way of Selfless.
Ive had maps made of the prevailing world wind currents and.
Out of the prevailing void the blaring ring of the bell shocked.
It is the same as prevailing and succeeding over great struggle.
Carefully I flipped through the pages and true to my prevailing.
In truth, sight of the card brought back that prevailing feeling.
The Dalai Lama himself has contributed to the prevailing view of.
The sense of pain, however, prevailing, from his prodigious size.
In almost no time flat the bell rang out to shatter the prevailing.
These are two powerful concepts that are used in prevailing prayers.
And yet the erect lingam is the prevailing symbol in the temples.
If this happened, she was confident they had a chance of prevailing.
There was a book about the sea and the currents and prevailing winds.
Upon this doctrine is founded the prevailing justification of our time.
Buddhism was esoteric in relation to then prevailing religion that it.
With them on our side we’ll have a much greater chance of prevailing.
The color of the first two candlesticks represents the prevailing trend.
Moon trip in eight to twelve hours depending on the prevailing conditions.
Nearly all the apostolic epistles are warnings against prevailing errors.
Exactly thus has it always been with all prevailing and guiding doctrines.
Victory–Refers to prevailing over and thereby to have gained mastery over.
In the end, he prevailed.
She prevailed with a smile.
Thatcher and her party prevailed.
The voice that prevailed was that of.
Dutch types that prevailed in England.
She eventually prevailed in the courts.
When he was gone a dead silence prevailed.
The eldest son could not be prevailed on.
Ere so prevailed with me; it will in time.
Again, Janie prevailed in her guidance by.
The important thing is you have prevailed.
His advice prevailed and the rest is misery.
And look, I prevailed over my greatest fear.
The blessings of your father have prevailed.
A place where structure and order prevailed.
A controversey prevailed among the beasts of.
For some moments an oppressive silence prevailed.
We have prevailed in the past and we will again.
The words of the wicked have prevailed over us;.
This prevailed with many, and the army was voted.
Never once was He prevailed on to set forth the.
The feeling that prevailed above my head during.
I have prevailed: and she called his name Naphtali.
No wonder tempers frayed and bitchiness prevailed.
No wisdom can be prevailed to make the mind change.
So, what finally prevailed was what Narayan wanted.
So silence prevailed and not a word could be heard.
I have wrestled with God and prevailed, like Jacob.
There, rain and fog prevailed almost every day, in.
I hesitated for a split second, but hunger prevailed.
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any.
Wolves once prevailed over much of the North American.
A few minutes passed while silence prevailed in the place.
On chief justice’s remarks silence prevailed in the hall.
The Spanish prevailed and Mexico became a colony of Spain.
When the final document was written, cool heads prevailed.
Their voices and the voices of the Chief Priests prevailed.
No oppressive aristocracy has ever prevailed in the colonies.
An unexpected silence suddenly prevailed over the phone line.
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in.
Good prevails and always will.
When reckoning fails, force prevails.
The jungle law prevails in the forest.
But a stout heart prevails in the end.
Discomfort prevails within and without.
What prevails in the end is God’s will.
That doesn't mean that good always prevails.
Hunger prevails over most of the other drives.
Such is the state of affairs which prevails among them.
If the data is not misdirected, common sense prevails.
But the one feeling that prevails is that of being drained.
On the other hand, when the night of ignorance prevails, the.
The spirit of party prevails less in Scotland than in England.
Udan Vayu prevails in the mental region, mounts up and moves there.
For a miner who prevails, his process usually takes about five years.
This prevails because of singularity, which clashes with Newton head on.
On the contrary, it is crystal clear to me that Evil prevails everywhere.
I am struck with the contrariety of opinion which prevails among gentlemen.
Juan Neira is given with the orthography that prevails in theSouth-American.
The choice to become a closed group prevails, and this choice is felt to be.
You can cheat to reach a number but when honesty prevails the outcome is a joke.
It seems to teach that cowardice and cunning prevails over courage and strength.
I will follow You into the desert of ungodly temptation where Your Word prevails.
Pulmonary consumption certainly prevails more on the sea-coast, than in the interior.
Air Vayu Prakruti: This condition prevails when there is an excess of the element of air.
One principle prevails in the souls of one class of men, another in others, as may happen?
Because there is no sun, darkness prevails in the morning and in the evening for a few months.
The philosophies of men fail, but the Word of God in the demonstration of the Spirit1034 prevails.
And if at that moment a good, spiritual nature prevails in the human? I asked with curiosity.
I doubt whether the world is any better for the excessive silence which prevails upon this commandment.
This current prevails much more along the Ohio river than it does at any considerable distance from it.
The usual corporation spirit, wherever the law does not restrain it, prevails in all regulated companies.
Summarizing this study we conclude that the Pareto method of multicriteria analysis prevails over the convolution.
This contradiction prevails in every department of life, in the economical, the political, and the international.
And why has Texas done so well? Simply because Texas rejects the economic model that now prevails in Washington, D.
During the long dusk that prevails here at this time of year, we arrived at Kaachxana-aakw and dropped anchor again.
If the animal nature prevails in person, this person internally starts to ignore the existence of such a phenomenon.
In determining if chance of incident prevails the following considerations shall be among those taken into account:.
The city police is established on its former footing, and better order already prevails in consequence of its activity.
If this spirit prevails in a congregation today, success will be her destiny, even in a congregation without elders!.

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