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    1. Britainic was to sail from Chelsea Docks on Wednesday the eleventh of April, therefore tickets for passage on the Overland train were arranged to insure their arrival in New York with time to spare should the unforeseen impede their journey

    2. Staying silent was the hardest trial of her life, but she knew it would only impede her progress

    3. I expect that once in power, however, the modus operandi will be consolidating power that may (ironically) impede the party‘s ability or willingness, for that matter, to legislate meaningful reforms

    4. In fact, it would impede the speed and maneu-verability of the bicycle

    5. They wish to impede all progress and return us to the “horse and buggy

    6. That fence would seriously impede having a totally open border and would interfere

    7. However, current society is tied with so many laws that impede any change, for this reason we idealized this intention with utilization of the Third Sector of the economy so that it participates of this grandiose event to harvest success and to accomplish its altruistic dreams with completeness, efficacy and global reaching

    8. There are forts systemic causes that impede its success as alternative force to the State

    9. “The boss who gave you your job got murdered, but instead of you helping to find out who did it, you’re doing what you can to impede the investigation

    10. They wish to impede all progress and return us to the ―horse and buggy days‘ for if they really were for clean, safe energy they would be promoting the use of nuclear energy

    1. The white headed Lascorii princess's over-developed 'fashion-sense' pervaded her every interaction---lethal as she and her sisters were, nothing impeded her looking the part of courtier to the Matriarch

    2. Opponents agreed; hardly anyone wanted the streets filled with rioting protesters, but peaceful demonstrations should not be impeded with brute force

    3. The hard clay of the hill had made revetments unnecessary, but the perpendicular trenches, backed by a second rampart before the fort, had impeded their retreat and caused the only serious loss from our fire

    4. Certain groups in recent generations, however, have been hampered, for political and social reasons, perhaps, by bureaucratic ―visionaries‖ whose (utopic) imaginations and impractical zeal for alternative (economic) reforms have repeatedly impeded economic progress, if not encouraged underachievement

    5. Observe then that there is much money, available material and human resources or in potentiality that are impeded of circulating for current system

    6. has impeded all serious attempts to investigate the Clinton-Gore

    7. busiest times of the day, and progress was impeded at every step

    8. Therefore it impeded his course work not to have his glasses

    9. He would not have risked harm to the innocent citizens on the island, so if the gods had insisted on leaving, Mark would not have impeded them by the inverted Wards

    10. ” Mark told his sword as he set it’s tip against the black surface, just as the Alliance wizards added a Shield of unimaginable power to the one he and Talia were holding between themselves and the wall, though neither impeded the huge black sword in the slightest

    1. weighted net impedes its wings, and the ropes tied to the trees prevent

    2. The state-owned grandiose and expensive infrastructures of the countries, international aid organizations and the organizations of the Third Sector of the civil society (non-profit) seek to solve serious social problems that last long per millenniums, however they don’t obtain the definitive solution to the human beings’ basic necessities that become excluded in its majority for imposition of the perverse existent socioeconomic model in the world that privileges minorities and it impedes that all the citizens live with dignity and well-being in any country

    3. This existent model impedes that the well-intentioned purposes are concretized, mainly in relation to the obtaining of resources and generation of income

    4. It impedes that the humanity lives with happiness and enjoy the material and technological well-being in that persons can gain, without anybody loses

    5. See some signalling examples: legislation change that impedes the continuity of the Project in the country; political retrocession; economic crisis, dictatorship, low reliability level and high popular dissatisfaction

    6. With this, it avoids that somebody receives or make draft in money, it annuls the emission of checks or it impedes any legal right of drafts and it avoids patrimonial appropriation in judicial demand, including the governments, sponsors, introducers, authors and Teams of Coordination of the XUSING Project

    7. impedes movement The outer core of the physical earth is molten and very

    8. But it neither reflects nor impedes the prevalent use of these categories to classify people; almost all therapists refer, for example, to schizophrenics, hysterics, and borderlines as if the person becomes the disorder

    9. Your incredible language skills were also a big factor in our interest in you, since they will mostly negate the need to have some local translator follow you, something that often impedes reporting in the field

    10. ing wakefulness creates in the central nervous system a high level of internal noise that impedes the flow of processes of integration and association

    1. Many of the angels could sense the impeding blue blood bath: Maybe this would be a blood bath blood drive?

    2. impeding the advancement of its Universal Principles

    3. Yazadril’s nation is surrounded by Finitra, and Alilia is closely allied with him, so they were cursed in the hope that the deaths of their children and their ensuing strife would weaken them and prevent their impeding the coup

    4. The point is, kid, you’re impeding the war effort

    5. He contemplated me patiently as if it knew the doubts that were impeding my heart

    6. Matthew on the other hand was a very impatient driver and would often blow the horn at other drivers he considered were impeding him

    7. The girls watched as the dark form slipped under the low limbs of the sycamores and vanished into the impeding darkness

    8. often interprets them based on their effects in aiding or impeding search for union

    9. The impeding bulk of metal halted her discovery from coming to fruition

    10. That man fell backward, impeding the next man from pointing his own submachine gun

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    block close up impede jam obstruct obturate occlude hinder arrest prevent stop check deter

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    be a hindrance or obstacle to

    block passage through