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Primitive in a sentence

The Call of the Primitive.
It was a primitive system.
Cooling was a bit primitive.
The primitive power of the.
It is back to that primitive.
It was like a primitive museum.
It was no wonder the primitive.
Something primitive in his eyes.
Laugh at their primitive beliefs.
The human mind is quite primitive.
A reversion to primitive instincts.
Primitive was the word, she thought.
Anyway, she showed me a primitive.
It's a bit more primitive than that.
Primitive creatures that live to eat.
There is a primitive being inside of me.
It all seemed a bit primitive, but it was.
Pidgins are primitive oral languages that.
The cue-pipper became a primitive gun-sight.
Humans were primitive on Earth at the time.
A primitive god cannot fit with the true God.
Perhaps I am primitive but sex is on my brain.
Other animals and primitive humans feared us.
But every one of them also has a very primitive.
The human acknowledged him with a primitive grunt.
Ultimately, if we continue to use this primitive.
We’re dealing with a primitive culture here.
Consider primitive man walking across the savannah.
A primitive sense we all have, when tuned into it.
It was a primitive group of around seventy humans.
They were a primitive people who lived off the sea.
But she was also growing bored with the primitive.
Curiously enough, this primitive trend seems to be.
These are the religions of primitive fear and dread.
These primitive natives wanted nothing more than to.
The primitive flint slate is in the same predicament.
The mark was unique, primitive, and deeply engraved.
That’s far too primitive for such a complex hound.
Primitive hunters had to use their imagination and.

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