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Primitive in a sentence

1. It was a primitive system.
2. The Call of the Primitive.
3. Cooling was a bit primitive.
4. The primitive power of the.
5. It is back to that primitive.
6. It was like a primitive museum.
7. Something primitive in his eyes.
8. It was no wonder the primitive.
9. Laugh at their primitive beliefs.
10. A reversion to primitive instincts.
11. The human mind is quite primitive.
12. Primitive was the word, she thought.
13. Anyway, she showed me a primitive.
14. It's a bit more primitive than that.
15. Primitive creatures that live to eat.
16. There is a primitive being inside of me.
17. Pidgins are primitive oral languages that.
18. It all seemed a bit primitive, but it was.
19. Humans were primitive on Earth at the time.
21. The cue-pipper became a primitive gun-sight.
22. A primitive god cannot fit with the true God.
23. Other animals and primitive humans feared us.
24. Perhaps I am primitive but sex is on my brain.
25. Ultimately, if we continue to use this primitive.
26. We’re dealing with a primitive culture here.
27. But every one of them also has a very primitive.
28. The human acknowledged him with a primitive grunt.
29. A primitive sense we all have, when tuned into it.
30. It was a primitive group of around seventy humans.
31. Consider primitive man walking across the savannah.
32. But she was also growing bored with the primitive.
33. They were a primitive people who lived off the sea.
34. Curiously enough, this primitive trend seems to be.
35. These primitive natives wanted nothing more than to.
36. The mark was unique, primitive, and deeply engraved.
37. Primitive hunters had to use their imagination and.
38. These are the religions of primitive fear and dread.
39. The primitive flint slate is in the same predicament.
40. That’s far too primitive for such a complex hound.
41. To the primitive man lying unconscious in the night.
42. Primitive fears whispered at the back of Conan's mind.
43. Their projectile weapons are primitive but dangerous.
44. Yet in many other respects, they’re quite primitive.
45. However, the primitive root of H6086 is H6095 and is.
46. His groan of male appreciation sent a primitive thril.
47. These were primitive people in primitive times, Frank.
48. What was left was primitive at best, at worst… feral.
49. Life was primitive, and food was often in short supply.
50. Even by the measure of you primitive forest animals….
51. Instead, a few ragged bands of primitive pirates were.
52. In the group the story of Oedipus, or of the primitive.
53. But, well, you may find it a little primitive, you know.
54. It is primitive technology, compared to the Iconian.
55. It’s funny that movement is such a primitive basic and.
56. He was as primitive as the Maya but from some other place.
57. Primitive peoples didn't have the technology to devastate.
58. Eocene mammals were only 60% of the size of the primitive.
59. We were able to translate the primitive transmission code.
60. It may still be primitive, but primitive compact limestone.
61. Cold, primitive fear rushed over him in odd little shivers.
62. They ate by candlelight on a primitive table built for two.
63. As their gangue is decidedly a rock of primitive formation.
64. Sometimes the most primitive enemy is the hardest to detect.
65. These small tribal communities are uneducated and primitive.
66. A few primitive life forms show up every 3´104 years or so.
67. Buster, my cat instincts and the primitive part of my brain.
68. Jake twirled his eyes and stared at Daniel, very primitive!.
69. Meditation is a dialogue between primitive men with his soul.
70. In fact, it was primitive humans who first had problems with.
71. When I got to the primitive campground at the bottom, it was.
72. Somehow more primitive, desiccated and darkened by the desert.
73. The most primitive learning results from simple external stimuli.
74. The act may be base or primitive or reactive or whatever but it.
75. Th e most primitive interpretation of a myth narrowed it down to.
76. I realized that it was a primitive version of our (Planet X’s).
77. Conan glared at the stranger, all his primitive instincts roused.
78. How could God be so primitive and simple that it could be carved.
79. Smoking is part of the social life from the days of primitive man.
80. Crowds are primitive, and your trading strategies should be simple.
81. They have sought a return to a more primitive communal life style.
82. Stress is more experienced in primitive culture than the civilized.
83. In fact this is exactly how primitive societies did (and still do).
84. Life in the villages was even more primitive than she had expected.
85. Buddha used meditation to make his primitive people less miserable.
86. A hippy is a sophisticated wise, living in a giant primitive jungle.
87. We stand face to face with human nature in its primitive nakedness.
88. With the introduction of the first primitive smart phones with WAP.
89. From the first time that primitive man discovered that he could stick.
90. This will depend on whether we want to stop at our primitive roots or.
91. But birds are too primitive to be hit with such sophisticated weapons.
92. That is why all primitive cultures have some form of ancestor worship.
93. This is the terrible moment of the desire of the primitive horde to no.
94. Reilly had stored on a primitive work shelf at the front of the garage.
95. All these works are of extreme importance for primitive church history.
96. Still it made ancient Rome seem primitive and Athens a cow-town suburb.
97. Southern Baptist; General Baptist; Primitive Baptist; Missionary Baptist.
98. It was quite a drive, and the farmhouse itself was very primitive indeed.
99. He gave a primitive growl of satisfaction when he mouthed my aroused sex.
100. Crowds are powerful, but primitive, their behavior simple and repetitive.

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