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Proffer in a sentence

The new hire can proffer.
Patrick Proffer established.
The solutions he will proffer to the problems.
longer fools, we can’t proffer aid to those who follow us.
proffer a theory or idea, to ask about the metallurgy or to.
At any rate it affords me real pleasure to proffer my services.
story up, to proffer the possibility that none of this could ever be.

Casaubon did not proffer, and she turned to the window to admire the view.
' This was the man next to the sweet-lady, leaning across her to proffer the packet.
enough to proffer a scrap of food it would snatch suddenly at their fingers leaving teeth marks.
‘Forgive me for not being receptive to your theory, Mister Lyndau, but you proffer no evidence.
Fred took an awkward moment to transfer the pizza to his left hand so he could proffer his right.
If the second gender of this species really wants to improve things, they’d be smart to study the history I proffer here.
22 But even now I offer you in my Father's name mercy and forgiveness; even now I proffer the loving hand of eternal fellowship.
On a Friday afternoon in the heart of June, she was supposed to meet with Daddy’s lawyers to vet the terms of a revised proffer.
Ancestral religions may have evolved from superstition, but they proffer spirituality and good will through times both good and bad.
The younger man remained outside of the silken ropes of the actual lineup; but came up to proffer his dad a cup of coffee from the courtesy urn by the window.
"Say on," cried Alice; "to what, dearest Cora? Oh! that the proffer were made to me! to save you, to cheer our aged father, to restore Duncan, how cheerfully could I die!".
He went on to say that Jesus had accepted his proffer of service and suggested that he (Simon) likewise go to Jesus and offer himself for fellowship in the service of the new kingdom.
shoulders as she struggled to rise, steadying her, through her still fuzzy vision she saw him proffer a bottle, It’s only water, he said quietly, just to rinse your mouth out.
But didnt we just admit this is not an area of government involvement? Yes, but that does not mean that, as a society, we cannot promote expectations, proffer judgments, and bring back shame.
1 The story of Rebecca's love for Jesus was whispered about Nazareth and later on at Capernaum, so that, while in the years to follow many women loved Jesus even as men loved him, not again did he have to reject the personal proffer of another good woman's devotion.
Nevertheless, I'll proffer a judgment: While many media businesses will remain economic marvels in comparison with American industry generally, they will prove considerably less marvelous than I, the industry, or lenders thought would be the case only a few years ago.
Coxtart she saw as her Enemy, not her Protector, but an Enemy to be wheedl’d, cajol’d, and outwitted, whilst the other Wenches she conceiv’d not as True Friends, but rather as Temporary Allies, to be woo’d when they could proffer Aid and Assistance, yet avoided like the very Plague when they could not.
It is of course the privilege of gods to control their apparent outward form, even to other gods; the Fate of the Discworld was currently a kindly man in late middle age, greying hair brushed neatly around features that a maiden would confidently proffer a glass of small beer to, should they appear at her back door.
The Last, but not the Least, of her Complaints was the Solitary Life our Household led, for she was much accustom’d to having the Vails that a fine Household provides for its Servants; and how could she receive Vails, said she, unless we invited Guests to proffer ’em? (Then, as now, Belinda, ’twas the Custom for the Parting Guest at a Great Dinner to grease the Servants’ Hands with Shillings ere he could be sure to reclaim his Hat and Cloak; thus Mrs.
’ He invited, proffering me his hammer.
Here, he said, proffering the drink.
proffering new ideas for his students to consider.
C’mon in, proffering his hand for a quick shake.
So what’s all this? I asked, proffering the file.
„No, it's I who thank you,' Bill said proffering his hand.
That’s a good boy, Lucy told it, proffering the treat.
By the time we got to Frunzenskaya he was naming names and proffering punishment.
He reached the steps and knelt stiffly, proffering his blade and bending his head.
"The devil with that," growled Conan, filling a crystal goblet and proffering it to Pelias.
'Like to see a proper paper?' The young man in the pale anorak was leaning towards him, proffering a folded up newspaper.
Terrible news, your Majesty, she said, proffering a scroll bound in a scarlet ribbon and sealed with a broken-heart signet in blue wax.
He marvelled, indeed, at the violence with which he had thrust back the kind old man, when merely proffering the advice which it was his duty to bestow, and which the minister himself had expressly sought.
Lydgate had so many times boasted both to himself and others that he was totally independent of Bulstrode, to whose plans he had lent himself solely because they enabled him to carry out his own ideas of professional work and public benefit—he had so constantly in their personal intercourse had his pride sustained by the sense that he was making a good social use of this predominating banker, whose opinions he thought contemptible and whose motives often seemed to him an absurd mixture of contradictory impressions—that he had been creating for himself strong ideal obstacles to the proffering of any considerable request to him on his own account.
He proffered a HobNob.
Harold proffered the book.
proffered but got no reply.
Someone proffered a chair.
He proffered his dagger.
Zlorf took the proffered beer.
I proffered my services and money.
proffered phone and began dialling.
Feebly, his mind proffered a word: stop.
I'MUnitY proffered the standard lure.
The host proffered a cup to his guest.
He proffered another photo, a close-up.
had proffered through the course of the day.
Robert took the proffered token and with a.
Ford left his proffered hand shake out there.
Taking the proffered mobile, Frank studied it.
He sat up in bed and took the proffered tray.
Nor shun the blessing proffered to thy arms,.
Uness shook her head no to the proffered gift.
She took the hand the woman proffered and shook it.
Miriam would have gladly proffered, but was afraid.
A few of the other men accepted the proffered smokes.
Sauron had taken the proffered bait in jaws of steel.
Libby took the lead silently proffered her and viewed.
Paul topped a bottle of beer and proffered it to Jack.
different welcome - and took the proffered seat with a.
the palm of my left hand and gently proffered it to her.
much like the "Easter Egg" following a movie: this proffers a.
You had your chance to prepare for this heavenly citizenship, but you refused all such proffers of mercy; you rejected all invitations to come while the door was open.
More than a dozen such proffers were made, and he utilized each one as an opportunity for imparting some thought of spiritual ennoblement by well-chosen words or by some obliging service.
Then, to conceal his disappointment, he was profuse in apologies and proffers of service, all of which Emma declined; then she remained a few moments fingering in the pocket of her apron the two five-franc pieces that he had given her in change.

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proffer proposition suggestion offer