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Volunteer in a sentence

I volunteer a lot.
If you can, volunteer.
I was only a volunteer.
The volunteer could be you.
And I was only a volunteer.
Volunteer at a refugee camp.
volunteer for a shelter do it.

A volunteer sacrificed human.
the limp leg of the volunteer.
I’m a volunteer this summer.
1848 The initially volunteer U.
C’mon, Ernie, I volunteer you.
good chance at the volunteer job.
But he did not want to volunteer.
‘As it happens, I did volunteer.
As I knew, it was a volunteer job.
Will you volunteer, my badgers?.
Sven was the first to volunteer.
It was a separate volunteer course.
He'll volunteer, won't you, Will?.
I went out as a volunteer once with.
It is not necessary to volunteer it.
It was just another volunteer leader.
Thomas began to volunteer immediately.
a volunteer Teacher of Adult Literacy.
The saint called on the next volunteer.
They thought he was a volunteer helper.
He was from the 449th volunteer infantry.
One medical mission volunteer recounts;.
volunteering himself for the tour.
all over the world were volunteering.
There is nothing wrong in volunteering.
And here he is, volunteering for duty.
Next he commended us for volunteering.
Did you know he was volunteering?.
community, volunteering their time and.
Are you volunteering as teacher?.
He kept this look ever since by volunteering.
Nobody volunteering a statement he winked, saying:.
Why was he volunteering for stuff? Maybe he wants to fly.
Mark is also spending his time consulting and volunteering.
It’s not like you’re volunteering to captain a Juggernaut.
Joining new social groups or volunteering for charitable work.
Not volunteering that it was the only one of two bars I could.
Thank you all for volunteering for this project, David began.
Replace that time with family, volunteering, and completing goals.
What a thrilling name, the man said, not volunteering his own.
Because I’m sure our friends here are volunteering their help.
did a lot of volunteering for charity in which their children could.
Closing: Express thanks to Karen for volunteering her time this year.
simple as volunteering in a soup kitchen would require for most of us.
I’m volunteering that information in the interest of full disclosure.
When volunteering, it is common to receive free food in addition to board.
I couldn’t get the challenge out of my mouth before he was volunteering.
for a reduced sentence, volunteering to serve the pharaoh with your magic.
Researchers believe that volunteering boosts happiness because it increases.
With the philharmonic volunteering, this was turning into quite a production.
Annette had the bright idea of volunteering Barb to leave with their laptops.
So, I volunteered a.
He had not volunteered.
They were not volunteered.
They volunteered for this.
volunteered to come with me.
He volunteered to go first.
volunteered for his campaign.
When no one volunteered, Mrs.
He’d volunteered for death.
The sales clerk volunteered.
’’ Volunteered the copilot.
He rarely volunteered to talk.
Neither volunteered a complaint.
the amulet, had volunteered to.
Neither volunteered suggestions.
Cassius volunteered for the task.
volunteered somewhat more bravely.
So I volunteered to come here.
I volunteered for the initial trip.
Young men eagerly volunteered to.
volunteered to mediate the session.
Ask him, Christina volunteered.
Five of them volunteered for the.
He volunteered to watch babies in.
champagne, also volunteered to sing.
No one volunteered any information.
You volunteered to come over here.
Caris waited, but no one volunteered.
And he never volunteered to do that.
"It's my favorite bar," I volunteered.
We went to court, I volunteered.
These volunteers had.
They're volunteers who.
There were no volunteers.
The volunteers scanned.
volunteers Curly Pete.
"I will," Mani volunteers.
Even today, volunteers help.
"I need volunteers," he cried.
Nursing homes need volunteers.
Volunteers at homeless shelters.
He had not asked for volunteers.
Plenty of volunteers were there.
Volunteers to watch the pathways.
stimuli in a series of volunteers.
the Term of Adhesion as volunteers.
Volunteers and donations accepted.
But volunteers tend to come and go.
Apparently McCann volunteers there.
There was no shortage of volunteers.
The volunteers were usually happy.
The volunteers are learning rapidly.
If no one volunteers, assign one.
of generosity through these volunteers.
Are your volunteers that stupid?.
’ Wolfe didn’t wait for volunteers.
2,200 volunteers gave informed consent.
The volunteers stood or sat or squatted.
He is treating our study volunteers.
It is staffed with volunteers who help.
We do have plenty of volunteers, though.

Synonyms for volunteer

tennessean volunteer voluntary offer unpaid