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Volunteer in a sentence

I was only a volunteer.
The volunteer could be you.
Volunteer at a refugee camp.
And I was only a volunteer.
I’m a volunteer this summer.
But he did not want to volunteer.
C’mon, Ernie, I volunteer you.

Will you volunteer, my badgers?
As I knew, it was a volunteer job.
Sven was the first to volunteer.
It was a separate volunteer course.
He'll volunteer, won't you, Will?
I went out as a volunteer once with.
It is not necessary to volunteer it.
It was just another volunteer leader.
Thomas began to volunteer immediately.
The saint called on the next volunteer.
They thought he was a volunteer helper.
He was from the 449th volunteer infantry.
I saw one doctor and two volunteer nurses.
These are volunteer positions, after all.
One medical mission volunteer recounts;.
Or maybe, I should volunteer to help her.
I volunteer to kill him with his own spear.
I was hoping Emma would volunteer for that.
Who wants to volunteer to be the meal?
Each volunteer was represented by a number.
Their status would be considered volunteer.
We wanted to volunteer, to help in any way.
We decided to send somebody as a volunteer.
Cindy began to volunteer at local abortion.
These words seemed to re-energize the volunteer.
You got your volunteer to carry it downstairs.
The volunteer obstetrician was only called for.
And she told them the hours I wanted to volunteer.
Respond to questions or volunteer information in.
I think I should volunteer for that research group.
Does anyone want to volunteer to work with Frank?
So the volunteer became ill, because his astral body.
I volunteer to guard the ship doors, Cel offered.
Next he commended us for volunteering.
And here he is, volunteering for duty.
There is nothing wrong in volunteering.
Did you know he was volunteering?
Are you volunteering as teacher?
He kept this look ever since by volunteering.
Nobody volunteering a statement he winked, saying:.
Why was he volunteering for stuff? Maybe he wants to fly.
Mark is also spending his time consulting and volunteering.
It’s not like you’re volunteering to captain a Juggernaut.
Joining new social groups or volunteering for charitable work.
Not volunteering that it was the only one of two bars I could.
Thank you all for volunteering for this project, David began.
Replace that time with family, volunteering, and completing goals.
Because I’m sure our friends here are volunteering their help.
What a thrilling name, the man said, not volunteering his own.
Closing: Express thanks to Karen for volunteering her time this year.
I’m volunteering that information in the interest of full disclosure.
When volunteering, it is common to receive free food in addition to board.
I couldn’t get the challenge out of my mouth before he was volunteering.
An extraordinary mode, to be sure, of volunteering to go against their will.
Researchers believe that volunteering boosts happiness because it increases.
With the philharmonic volunteering, this was turning into quite a production.
Annette had the bright idea of volunteering Barb to leave with their laptops.
So it started because Ben was doing after-school volunteering with the Cates girl.
I know that I can hit the target, Garcia said, still not volunteering to throw.
She was only formally responsive, reluctant and brief in answers, volunteering nothing.
Each team member records their answers before volunteering to share with the rest of.
You should be on a lecture circuit, volunteering your time to speak in front of groups.
I couldn't stop myself volunteering, He's probably looking for another bar that's more.
When volunteering to help out in Honduras it makes sense to go with a group that has gone.
You can also invest your time in a selfless act like volunteering at a local homeless shelter.
There we met an internal medicine specialist who was volunteering in the catholic hospital there.
It’s really what made Kevin and I decide on volunteering for the Militia as it was being formed.
I’ll do the inside then, he blurted, cursing his mouth for volunteering him on the mission.
No, I am not, I replied, volunteering nothing else after what Theodore told me about yam keepers.
He said he wouldn’t tolerate any relationship in which she was volunteering to be abused or mistreated.
After�wards, an obscure voice inside prodded him to follow up on his brag about volunteering for Vietnam.
When I started volunteering there in the summer, things had been slow but the office manager was about to retire.
Anyone interested in volunteering to help out with the event is encouraged to call Lucy, our events coordinator.
He volunteered to go first.
When no one volunteered, Mrs.
He rarely volunteered to talk.
Cassius volunteered for the task.
So I volunteered to come here.
I volunteered for the initial trip.
Five of them volunteered for the.
Young men eagerly volunteered to.
He volunteered to watch babies in.
You volunteered to come over here.
No one volunteered any information.
And he never volunteered to do that.
Caris waited, but no one volunteered.
We went to court, I volunteered.
He volunteered for things and joined.
Valotin and I volunteered for the job.
Jorma had not volunteered for the crew.
Star One volunteered for this lifetime.
Early in 1959, he volunteered for that.
You should have volunteered yourself.
Today I volunteered to go inside the city.
Some of the older members volunteered.
I know the songs, Kelly volunteered.
Cherrie had, last night, volunteered to.
Looks like Rancid volunteered for the job.
She has volunteered to be the tape scanner.
In the end the hotel concierge volunteered.
Sir Stanley volunteered himself for the task.
I volunteered during the First World War.
The mute had volunteered before being asked.
In the spring of 2005, I volunteered to help.
Paul Benoit had volunteered to take the road.
I volunteered, and my abuela called your aunt.
I'll go! volunteered Sheridan the doer, his.
In the basement she volunteered to help out in.
Mayne then volunteered for the newly formed No.
Both Sam and I volunteered to see about the car.
I’ll go pick him up, Billy volunteered.
I can drive you there, Roxanne volunteered.
Numberless men volunteered for every expedition.
Plenty of volunteers were there.
He had not asked for volunteers.
Volunteers to watch the pathways.
But volunteers tend to come and go.
The volunteers were usually happy.
There was no shortage of volunteers.
If no one volunteers, assign one.
The volunteers are learning rapidly.
Are your volunteers that stupid?
The volunteers stood or sat or squatted.
He is treating our study volunteers.
We do have plenty of volunteers, though.
It is staffed with volunteers who help.
I need three volunteers to stay here.
They just couldn’t find any volunteers.
She volunteers at the center once a week.
Above: Volunteers have the opportunity to.
Most of the volunteers working the phones.
But somehow intrepid volunteers came forth.
Some of the volunteers know where they are.
But she had recruited no army of volunteers.
There were volunteers, some curious stories.
Though none of the Volunteers have wed yet.
Look, here is the list of all the volunteers.
The volunteers looked at him in confusion.
The staff and volunteers are well-trained, and.
You’re planning to feed the volunteers?
Workshops had been set up for training volunteers.
You need to have somebody round up volunteers.
Volunteers to finish building the fortifications.
The volunteers in the study swished 15 ml of the.
Many of his volunteers had come from other states.
This was definitely a big bonus for the volunteers.
Are there any volunteers to help hand them back?
Sheila, these volunteers are getting really sick.
They were created by GNU Project volunteers, put-.
No doubt, many of the volunteers had been sworn in.
Have volunteers come to the board and write the words.
If you have willing volunteers, why am I here?
Volunteers to gather food for the workers and guards.

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