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Quotation in a sentence | quotation example sentences

  1. This is a quotation of Psalms.
  2. This is a quotation of Psalm 16:10.
  3. This is a quotation of Psalms 16:10.
  4. William Stendahl paused in his quotation.
  5. Underneath the poster was his quotation:.

  6. He puts is being raised in quotation marks.
  7. Edmond Wilson’s good quotation about income.
  8. He puts "is being raised" in quotation marks.
  9. The next quotation of the doctor in brackets:.
  10. Soccer violence is testimony to this quotation.
  11. The Biblical quotation says believe that ye.
  12. It is just an implied quote with quotation marks.
  13. He puts is being raised in quotation marks, but.
  14. By the eighth quotation the flow of messages stopped.
  15. Another SANGREAL Great Thoughts quotation from player.

  16. He makes little quotation marks in the air with his fingers.
  17. You will recall the good doctor’s quotation from his book:.
  18. Ricci makes little quotation marks in the air with this fingers.
  19. Then he demanded to know my all-time favorite lyrical quotation.
  20. Robbie remembered a quotation from a book he read many years ago.
  21. As is shown in the above quotation Universalist do not believe any.
  22. Yet in 1932 the dividend was passed and the quotation declined to 16.
  23. The above quotation goes straight to the heart of mercy, the motive or.
  24. The quotation cited by Tolstoi reads in the Russian translation of Prof.
  25. Verse 11 then underpins the above with a further quotation; Isaiah 26: 16.

  26. It is to be observed from this quotation, in the first place, sir, that Mr.
  27. For example: I typed in losingthepounds (without the quotation marks).
  28. Mount; Matthew 5: 24, and this is also a quotation of Proverbs 25: 21 and 22.
  29. I put quotation marks around prints because it’s not really printing.
  30. Go to Google search and type in filezilla (without the quotation marks).
  31. The name comes from the following quotation attributed to Mark Twain: October.
  32. You'll notice I used quotation marks when I said “cultured” and “classy”.
  33. The land that is very far off is a quotation from the Prophet Isaiah, but.
  34. They supplement the monthly stock guide with Value Line and a quotation machine.
  35. All quotation marks have been retained as they appear in the original publication.
  36. Sir, there is another part of this quotation which requires a few animadversions.
  37. In cell A1, type % Winners without quotation marks, and in cell B1, type 55.
  38. Using a quotation that is relevant, interesting and erudite is also a useful opener.
  39. In cell A2, type Profit Factor without quotation marks and in cell B2, type 1.
  40. The quotation of the common was aided by the issuance of rights, as explained above.
  41. We have all heard the quotation from Proverbs, Hope deferred maketh the heart grow.
  42. Wright,) in defending the character of the soldier, has given us a quotation, viz:.
  43. The quotation from Isaiah 1: 9 is intended to underline the same thought as the one.
  44. Any group of characters defined between double quotation marks is a string constant.
  45. Following, is a quotation from what he wrote, interspersed with comments of my own:.
  46. You don’t need to enter the quotation marks as MS Access will automatically do this.
  47. You can also easily customize the invoice and quotation print out to your requirements.
  48. With the return of prosperity the quotation advanced to 72½ in 1924 and 104½ in 1925.
  49. In articles beginning with a quotation, the publisher omitted the opening quotation mark.
  50. In verse 21 there is another quotation that extends the above theme further:- Isaiah 65: 2.
  51. I found later that if I change Christian to Churchite in Mark Twain’s quotation, it rings.
  52. Verse 11 is a quotation from Isaiah 45: 23; but some translations of the bible use the words.
  53. In verse 3, Paul supports his assertions, given above, with a quotation, using the scientific.
  54. In a separate frame below the clipper ship I’d put this quotation by Samuel Eliot Morison:.
  55. Some quotation that they would recognise from Shakespeare or from the Melodies would be better.
  56. In this quotation is about the same as in the previous one – of the mechanism of Manifestation.
  57. The following quotation will illustrate the vague idea of many in relation to that which may be.
  58. In verse 18, another quotation is given here to support Paul’s theses, Genesis 15: 5, this time.
  59. Page 45: The closing quotation mark after masculine point of view: was added by the Transcriber.
  60. The following quotation from the study summarizes the results and conclusions reached by the author:.
  61. I say good in quotation marks there, because these are at least the minimal standards that need.
  62. But this time the shares did not have the bargain quality that they showed at the low quotation in 1938.
  63. You’ve seen the latest quotation, haven’t you? In his nervousness his temper was on a fine edge.
  64. In its enquiry for quotation the company shall indicate the parameters that should be met by the quotation.
  65. Page 1: The opening quotation mark of the first paragraph was intentionally omitted by the original publisher.
  66. But it does not impose the current quotation on an investor who prefers to take his idea of value from some other source.
  67. He ran over the headings of his speech: Irish hospitality, sad memories, the Three Graces, Paris, the quotation from Browning.
  68. You could also have your subject line in quotation marks Stars** those wavy things~ ~ ~ or even these things ><><><><.
  69. It is for this reason that I will refrain from using quotation marks, but still display my translation in bold and italic text.
  70. Years later, I denied permission for a crime novelist to make a quotation from this song in one of his less appealing stories.
  71. The following quotation from an unknown author will illustrate the vague idea of many in relation to what may be saved through Christ.
  72. Note that if you use a character constant for basis, remember that it will need to be enclosed in quotation marks, or you will get an error.
  73. This argument must be enclosed in quotation marks also, but as with the interval argument, you can use a character variable for the argument.
  74. Let us begin from those, among the whole set of You, whom I call people, and for this purpose I still use quotation marks for this word.
  75. One aim was to attract such companies which had the potential of rapid growth but without the trading record to be eligible for a normal quotation.
  76. Most real-world “arbitrage” opportunities deserve quotation marks because they are only “good deals” that can move against the arbitrageur.
  77. I found the following quotation from the 1962 edition of the Reader's Digest: OUR HUMAN BODY Its Wonders & Its Care (page 113) quite interesting:.
  78. The quotation of 57 reached by American Zinc common was evidently the height of absurdity, since it represented the following valuation for the company:.
  79. This high quotation is then taken as the basis of figuring the book value (sometimes called the break-up value) of the share of the holding company.
  80. We thus have three possible stages in the price history of a preferred issue, in each of which the market quotation tends to be out of line with the value:.
  81. He puts is being raised in quotation marks, but who was being quoted? Not Paul, he said, "Shall be raised incorruptible" (future tense) (1 Corinthians 15:52).
  82. A slightly mutilated Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but still a quotation; and if you do not happen to know it I won't have you go about thinking it pure Schmidt.
  83. Within twelve months the price had declined to 42—a loss of two-thirds of its quotation, and over $730,000,000 in aggregate market value for this single issue.
  84. The Pudd'nhead Wilson quotation regarding the wisdom of putting all your eggs in one basket only hints at the implications of a concentrated investment strategy.
  85. Sinking-fund provisions, for bonds as well as preferred stocks, contribute to the improvement of both the market quotation and the intrinsic position of the issue.
  86. The look that passed between Plug Ivory and Plug Avery carried all the pith of the quotation: The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.
  87. The following quotation from an estimable writer, who asserts the same truth on a different occasion, will make this somewhat clearer:—'The Son of God,’ says Mr.
  88. It is only fair to the distinguished author to say that the quotation given above is but a series of disconnected extracts; I strongly recommend my readers to study.
  89. To use a macro variable in a title, you just need to enclose the TITLE or FOOTNOTE statement that contains the macro variable with double quotation marks like this:.
  90. He gives a quotation from the "Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem," 1971, page 206, which acknowledges that the Jews of today do not believe they constitute a distinct race.
  91. Nevertheless this quotation did not check the dispute, though it somehow gave me the impression that the side represented by the speaker and her friend was in the wrong.
  92. O death, where is your victory? O death where is your sting? is a quotation from O death, I will be your plagues; O grave I will be your destruction (Hosea 13:14).
  93. At this point I cannot forbear introducing a surprisingly relevant, if quite exaggerated, quotation on the subject which I found recently in one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  94. Using AM settlement, the final value for VIX futures is determined by a special opening quotation (SOQ) process that occurs the day after trading ceases for the contracts.
  95. But of all that Ganid said, the quotation of a Hebrew proverb did the most good, and that word of wisdom was: Whatsoever your hand finds to do, do that with all your might.
  96. The advance far outstripped the actual growth in profits, and almost from the start the quotation appeared much too high in terms of the partners’ own investment standards.
  97. If interval is represented by a character string, then it must be enclosed in quotation marks, but you can use a character variable containing the name of an interval instead.
  98. If no such shrinkage had occurred, he had a right to expect that in due course the market quotation would return to the 1937 level or better—as in fact it did the following year.
  99. As stated in the previous chapter, standard VIX options are cash-settled based on the special opening quotation the Wednesday 30 days before the next standard option expiration date.
  100. Again, if a futures contract is held through expiration, the cash settlement is based on the special opening quotation (SOQ) that is determined by opening S&P 500 index option prices.

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