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Citation in a sentence | citation example sentences

  1. Vinny handed the citation to the officer.
  2. Stone’s Citation CJ3+ awaited on the ramp.
  3. The accompanying citation paid tribute to his valuable.
  4. The PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web.
  5. They must be presented to the reader in distinct citation.

  6. Nevertheless, an officer stopped us and issued a speeding citation.
  7. I cannot read the citation above without noting how it might have been used as a.
  8. At that time, we issued a citation for improper identification and the two were allowed to go.
  9. A speeding citation means their profits will be dented further, not to mention the loss of time.
  10. In 2001, I read the citation when Burt Bacharach was given the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm.
  11. As a counterpoint to Zinn’s selective imagery, I present below a citation from a scholarly source.
  12. In the citation from Bekker's Anecdota the Lenaeum is the hieron at which were held the theatrical contests.
  13. He quickly ran to the computer to get me the citation, wrote it out on a piece of paper, and handed it to me.
  14. He was a winner of a Special Citation Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1974.
  15. According to David Bullock (see citation below), this habitat contains some of the world’s rarest palms and reptiles.

  16. As the young pilot stepped to a position one pace from MacArthur and saluted him, a staff officer read aloud a citation.
  17. After shaking hands with Dale, MacArthur then called forward Jesus Villamor as his staff officer read a second citation.
  18. What's the gist of the citation? the Elf asked, maintaining an air of directness without any frustration in her voice.
  19. Dr Singh was presented with a silver plaque and a citation signed by all his Cabinet colleagues and there was a shawl for Gursharan Kaur.
  20. Her turn in front of MacArthur finally came, with all the reporters taking photo after photo of her as the staff officer read her citation.
  21. The following day, officer Kesterson was performing administrative work and noticed the signature on our copy of the citation was of one Mr.
  22. According to Angelo Pernetta and colleagues (citation below), the Round Island skink might soon be reintroduced to islands on which it was extirpated.
  23. So much I venture to propose hypothetically in explanation of the later reception and citation of the fourth gospel, and in vindication of its Johannine origin.
  24. The sheikh did not feel at ease about his absence! He wondered about what it was that was engaging him, although he had devoted himself to the meetings of citation.
  25. A citation of his argument will serve as an exposition of the position of the Pharisees in Palestine, for his opinion and theirs, if we may rely on Josephus, are identical.

  26. He has been honored with a National Book Foundation medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, a National Medal of Arts, and a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation.
  27. Tim told me that while gathering up his laundry that morning he found a citation issued by the Poseyville Police made out to my niece Jasmine’s traveling companion tucked in a shirt pocket.
  28. In breach of his usual habit, it happened that one of the disciples of Sheikh Emin Keftaro did not attend the meeting of citation (reminding ourselves of God’s Attributes) for a number of successive days.
  29. In fact, after the business at Green Moon Mall a couple of years earlier, they were among the officers who had insisted that I be given a citation for bravery, which was now packed away with Stormy’s belongings in a room in Ozzie Boone’s house.
  30. Here the Savior’s words are plainly a citation from the last verse in the prophecies of Isaiah—where the context proves that the 'worm’ stands naturally for putrefaction, the concomitant of death, and in this case the death of those 'slain by Jehovah.
  31. Hesychius makes the same citation from Plutarch 160 as to a non-existence of a Boeotian month Lenaeo, and continues: But some say that this month is the (Boeotian) Hermaio, and this is true, for the Athenians [held] in this month (εν αυτω) the festival of the Lenaea.
  33. So I walked him through the same exercise I did with my young would-be billionaire friend, and convinced him that renting a jet would give him a lot of the same convenience and satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a Gulfstream or a Cessna Citation.
  34. Instead of giving me total crap for risking my life – and saving the Toronto tax payers the cost of supporting this little criminal in prison the rest of his life - like they should have and would have if the media hadnt got hold of the story - the powers that were at the time gave Hank and me a bravery citation.
  35. Confusing the enemy with unusually aggressive behavior for such a light contingent, behavior that had the appearance of baiting a non-existent trap, and causing extensive losses with their bold actions, Taffy 3 repulsed the charge of the formidable Imperial battlegroup, and earned a Presidential Unit Citation for their actions.
  36. And these statements, powerful when taken in isolated citation, are far stronger when looked at in their connection, so that those who can eliminate from this gospel the doctrine of the personal Deity of Christ, as the Son of God, can perform any feat of transformation on the words of the New Testament, or of any other writing.
  37. Can we, then, by the citation of some of those instances wherein this thing of whiteness—though for the time either wholly or in great part stripped of all direct associations calculated to impart to it aught fearful, but nevertheless, is found to exert over us the same sorcery, however modified;—can we thus hope to light upon some chance clue to conduct us to the hidden cause we seek?
  38. The book contained thirty-one prayers with instructions concerning genuflexions and the joining of the fingers; an explanation of the Credo; a citation from the fifth chapter of Matthew without any explanation whatever, but headed, "Commands for those who would possess the Beatitudes"; the ten commandments accompanied by comments that rendered most of them void; and hymns for every saint's day.
  39. This brought out a third writer, who describes himself simply as a 'Presbyter of the Church of England, ’ and who was a much more accurate patristic scholar than Clarke; and he, with overwhelming force of citation, vindicated Dodwell's statements on the main question, and proved beyond reasonable denial that the earlier ante-Nicene Fathers knew nothing of the natural immortality of the soul as an apostolic doctrine, showing that 'Mr.
  40. After he listened to Myers orally debrief and answer questions from the MACV people, Lochert said he had nothing to add except that Myers and Detachment A-302 of the 5th Special Forces Group were the best unit he had ever been in the field with, and he, Major Wolfgang Lochert, hereby notified the assembled officers that he was putting the Mike Force Team in for a unit citation and submitting SFC Charles Haskell, better known as Snake, for the Medal of Honor.
  41. In the author’s citation of Isaiah 61:1, which speaks of the year of the Lord’s favor,.

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