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Rail in a sentence | rail example sentences

  1. I tore up a rail!.
  2. Men leaped to the rail.
  3. The iron rail was long.
  4. Gary yelled from the rail.
  5. But she was rail thin now.

  6. The rail rang and snapped.
  7. Rail at the squire, then.
  8. She was short and rail thin.
  9. A hitching rail stood nearby.
  10. They followed Job to the rail.
  11. Janelle climbed over the rail.
  12. The connection to the 0V rail.
  13. The connection to the +9V rail.
  14. Next to it a CONFIRMING RAIL.
  15. Knut slowly shuffled to the rail.

  16. He rested his elbows on the rail.
  17. She hit her head on the rail.
  18. Alice would be blown off the rail.
  19. He was leaning on the porch rail.
  20. Hovering off the rail in mid air.
  21. And Onni… stop tapping the rail.
  22. Fell back to rail to be by myself.
  23. Homer climb over the boat’s rail.
  24. Burke leaned forward over the rail.
  25. Rest logs against a pot rail to dry.

  26. Rail service ended forty years ago.
  27. Desa hung her wardrobe over the rail.
  28. I had to hold onto the rail when I.
  29. Eventually they came back to the rail.
  30. The other is headfirst over the rail.
  31. Nicholas was pale and thin as a rail.
  32. He leaned over the rail and threw up.
  33. She set the plate back up on the rail.
  34. It was just up to their balcony rail.
  35. Allied bombs demolish the rail station.
  36. Rail traffic was impeded, as the rail.
  37. Roman jumped over the rail and landed.
  38. He pulled the towels from the porch rail.
  39. There she lifted her hand from the rail.
  40. Right here, up against the rail, with me.
  41. Truman leaned against the rail beside her.
  42. Here’s our mono rail! Keith explained.
  43. I saw the lemonade glass there on the rail.
  44. It was a secluded open air metro rail station.
  45. She came down to the rail and stood with Nlara.
  46. Shouldn’t there be a rail of some sort?’.
  47. Fortunately, there is a rail I can hold on to.
  48. They loaded the wicker basket onto the rail car.
  49. Johnny jumped to the rail and I followed behind.
  50. Under the cover is an electromagnetic rail gun.
  51. She had waved a hand towards the rail of couture.
  52. He slid backward until the rail stopped his chair.
  53. There they found Himla and Elanda at the tap rail.
  54. Silas launched from the rail amid calls of protest.
  55. I stand by the rail, stroking the bird’s plumage.
  56. Later, these crates would be loaded into rail cars.
  57. Semyon stood before the rail which had been torn up.
  58. Then, I stepped to the rail and drank in the most.
  59. You may only bomb the rail yard servicing the mill.
  60. The rail here inside overlooked the galley and taps.
  61. In 1976, it was absorbed into Consolidated Rail Corp.
  62. Fedallah was motionlessly leaning over the same rail.
  63. She lunged at him, but his grip on the rail was solid.
  64. Vandalism could be witnessed at the large rail lines.
  65. Planes, inclined, in the construction of rail roads, J.
  66. He could feel his hand clenching the cold brass rail.
  67. He placed his hands on the rail and faced the Chinese.
  68. I climbed over the balcony rail and stood on the ledge.
  69. Alternate rail post to rail post, he instructed.
  70. She was coming down fast from the rail station toward.
  71. I swam closer to the boat as Amy climbed over the rail.
  72. There were some towels hanging from a rail on the wall.
  73. Never, never so much sun! He stumbled to the iron rail.
  74. Forcing her forward, Breaking her hold on the arm rail.
  75. It’s a good thing the Fritzies don’t attack by rail.
  76. Egg might have sat on the rail, while I stood behind him.
  77. There was absolutely no perceptible movement of the rail.
  78. There would be nothing to see at the rail for many hours.
  79. At the rail were many faces, unearthly white against the.
  80. One splits off and leans on the rail, searching the room.
  81. Ava explained, It comes in by rail car from California.
  82. After a rail crossing, the road climbed over a small hill.
  83. The rope was attached to the rail at the rear of the ferry.
  84. There was some solid fuel use in rail transport until 1990.
  85. He had loosened a rail, so that it would move to one side.
  86. Did they go on by road, or rail, or air, and where to?
  87. Without pausing they lifted him bodily onto the rail then.
  88. The rail gun makes a whining electrical sound which quickly.
  89. The rail gun's projectile leaves the barrel and heads skyward.
  90. Maybe a better way to get the crates into the rail cars?
  91. When he got to the crow's nest he collapsed against its rail.
  92. At least she made it to the rail this time before she heaved.
  93. He places his foot on the lower rail while lighting his pipe.
  94. Factories had to ship their goods to market, usually by rail.
  95. Kehaar flew up, circled the pool and perched on the hand rail.
  96. A rail ran the length of the open side to prevent one rolling.
  97. This reminded him too much of the crossing of the rail bridge.
  98. Janelle backpedaled from the rail, pulled by her captor's hand.
  99. Yeah, but the only sure route over the mountains is by rail.
  100. Frank leaned back over the rail and looked to see if he could.
  1. Al walks toward the railing.
  2. Gary leapt over the railing.
  3. I turn away from the railing.
  4. Lily peered over the railing.
  5. I set it on the porch railing.
  6. I backed against the railing.
  7. They rolled around the railing.
  8. Ishbel leaned over the railing.
  9. Eva joined her at the railing.
  10. He paid $10,000 for the railing.
  11. She leaned into the railing and.
  12. A pigeon was perched on the railing.
  13. As I get closer to the railing he.
  14. Sati crept up to the terrace railing.
  15. She looked gingerly over the railing.
  16. Dede stands up, leans on the railing.
  17. She straightened up from the railing.
  18. He gripped the railing, exhaled hard.
  19. Unks lowers his leg from the railing.
  20. Gingerly, I touched the side railing.
  21. He tottered back against the railing.
  22. Standing alone at the railing is Four.
  23. Fearlessly, she strode to the railing.
  24. There is no railing or net to save you.
  25. To hold to the railing of the new life.
  26. The staircase railing broke on command.
  27. Amaranthe shifted back from the railing.
  28. Yuri reached the rear railing of the boat.
  29. Jack was standing, looking over the railing.
  30. With her right hand, she finds the railing.
  31. Wiseman nodded as he gazed over the railing.
  32. His hand on the railing tightened its grip.
  33. Rokit climbed over the railing and took off.
  34. He apologized and sat on the metal railing.
  35. I stand at the railing overlooking the chasm.
  36. Ivanna now held Gary up against the railing.
  37. I stepped up to the railing beside Christina.
  38. The railing itself could be classified as art.
  39. The railing saved him from the four-story drop.
  40. Surprised, Amaranthe leaned through the railing.
  41. Two bodies collided and rushed for the railing.
  42. She ran to the railing and peered over the edge.
  43. There was no railing, nothing to stabilize them.
  44. He grabbed hold of the railing to steady himself.
  45. Railing indicated this, and she sighed in relief.
  46. She saw his hand grab for the railing and slip.
  47. The hands force my back to arch over the railing.
  48. He says yes and climbs over the railing and jumps.
  49. I got out of the dirt and from under the railing.
  50. Carrie leaned into the support of the railing and.
  51. Christina swings her arm, fumbling for the railing.
  52. He figured that the railing would impede his fall.
  53. Deville had all but passed out against the railing.
  54. He leaned against the railing and sobbed into his.
  55. She is tall enough to swing her leg over the railing.
  56. She spotted the staircase and slid down the railing.
  57. I put my hands on the railing studying them closely.
  58. I walk over to the railing and stared into the woods.
  59. In the beginning, I liked to be close to the railing.
  60. Mr Snickerty halted mid-step and clutched the railing.
  61. Hey, Tris, Zeke says, joining me at the railing.
  62. Once again, Cass returns to the portside railing.
  63. She scrambled for the railing, something to hold onto.
  64. Rhone jumped over the intricate ivory railing of the.
  65. Maggot infested sheepskins adorned the sagging railing.
  66. It was like standing on the railing of a tall building.
  67. On the last evening at home he was railing against her.
  68. But I had managed to make it all the way to the railing.
  69. Mark had died on impact with the concrete bridge railing.
  70. Mr Bjork was hanging on to a railing by the bridge window.
  71. Only Unks and Cass hang over the railing staring on shore.
  72. He laughs so hard he has to grab the railing for balance.
  73. Gervais topples over the railing and Daniel falls with him.
  74. He thrust his hands out, caught frantically at the railing.
  75. I land on the floor, but he stumbles to the stone railing.
  76. With a deep breath Virginia flung herself over the railing.
  77. A bottle of wine and two small snifters sat on the railing.
  78. It is the metal railing, the one that overlooks the chasm.
  79. Judging by its width and curvature, it is a metal railing.
  80. A musket cracked, and a ball clanged off the metal railing.
  81. If the balcony railing had been just a few inches higher.
  82. She grabbed hold of a railing and let the water sweep her.
  83. So I headed directly for the railing of the ship and jumped.
  84. The inscription and the railing will be added in the spring.
  85. Then suddenly, he sprang up and walked to the porch railing.
  86. Gripping the railing with both hands, he crawled downstairs.
  87. A sword whistled down from above but glanced off the railing.
  88. Unks waves Cass over to a part of the railing not yet painted.
  89. Maynwaring, wait! Randy leaned against the railing of the.
  90. Mikey leaned his head over the railing and looked down at the.
  91. The two men tethered the three hunting dogs to the railing and.
  92. He crawled under the railing, turned, and laid down facing Ben.
  93. The Captain left the railing decisively, because it did matter.
  94. Shiva was standing at the ship railing, smoking with Veerbhadra.
  95. A wooden wall railing was midway between the ceiling and floor.
  96. He rested his hand on the railing, greeted the jurors, and began.
  97. Cass braces his hands on the railing waiting for Unks to respond.
  98. She, instead, grabbed the inside railing and held tightly to it.
  99. The perambulator was going through the little gate in the railing.
  100. But Amory, hands on the railing, was unmistakably focused on her.
  1. John railed against the marriage.
  2. Damn that Teresa! She railed to herself.
  3. Damn! he railed as he looked around.
  4. As an inquisitor, he would have railed at him.
  5. With three tests she failed, and at him railed –.
  6. And she readily railed against Brynjolf’s silence.
  7. And what about all the dead frogs? Rimmon railed.
  8. Aiden eyed the long window that led to the iron railed.
  9. Silently, I railed against the God of Heaven and Earth.
  10. Although hackers have railed against this perceived misus-.
  11. He silently railed, Why? Why did it have to come to this?
  12. The church which Martin Luther railed against and criticized.
  13. One robber railed on Christ by saying, Are not you the Christ? Save.
  14. You —— fools! There’s plenty of time! he railed at his men.
  15. Mark 15:29-32: And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their.
  16. Matthew 27:39-48 And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their.
  17. Finally, I railed at Providence for ever having let me see such ignominy.
  18. Now, I don’t know about you, but I railed against most of the.
  19. And one of the malefactors that were hanged railed on him, saying, ‘Are not.
  20. And one of the malefactors that were hanged railed on him, saying, „Are not.
  21. I railed silently at a ruler who was so wicked he would put tiny babies to death.
  22. Mark 15:29-32: And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their heads, and.
  23. Matthew 27:39-48 And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their heads, and.
  24. Why here? Why only us? she railed, as she perceived the agent of her survival.
  25. All the noblemen were sitting railed off behind barriers according to their districts.
  26. So close! So close! His thoughts railed as he struggled to breathe in the suffocating grip of.
  27. I railed against it, but eventually had no choice but to accept what my family had become: not a family at all.
  28. So close! So close! His thoughts railed as he struggled to breathe in the suffocating grip of thundering disaster.
  29. I railed at Him saying that He already knew every hair on my head and every weakness and didn’t need to test me.
  30. This space was railed off, with a hinged lift in the mahogany on either side, both of which were now down and barred.
  31. And one of the malefactors that were hanged railed on him, saying, ‘Are not you the Christ? Save yourself and us’.
  32. He beats me and I rail at him: O worthy satisfaction! would it were otherwise—that I could beat him while he railed at me.
  33. Two sliding doors opened onto the hand railed timber deck out in front, one from the dining area and the other from the living.
  34. Entering the restaurant via the wrought iron hand railed staircase, Harry, Amanda, and Bob descend into the main body of the room.
  35. She was beaten down to the ground as every past wrong and guilty thought that she had ever had was railed and accused against her.
  36. To the young Gatz, resting on his oars and looking up at the railed deck, the yacht represented all the beauty and glamor in the world.
  37. Our melancholy grew greater, our patience grew less; we cursed the soldier's finery and railed at the carelessness of Leandra's father.
  38. He had gibed and mocked and railed at fate, at the laws of his country that could condemn an absolutely innocent man to so grewsome a death.
  39. As the young one approached him, Lov's hunger screamed and railed inside his head, demanding he flick his own tongue out, to assess the danger.
  40. The sweating methods of this firm continued to form a favourite topic of conversation with the unemployed workmen, who railed at and cursed them horribly.
  41. Two large slabs of marble, on which were inscribed their names, were placed on either side of a little enclosure, railed in, and shaded by four cypress-trees.
  42. Don’t you ever do that to me again! There was no need to play the hero, you didn’t have to fight him! I railed at him, my hands on my hips, my eyes wild.
  43. Fancifully railed stairways grown into the smooth red wood at intervals led to the wide walkway atop the wall, and to the spacious decks atop the turreted corners.
  44. She railed at his poverty, his exploits, his adventures, his loves and his reputation; but in her heart she had never given him up, as though, indeed, he had been her son.
  45. The flow of the crowd kept pushing them ever closer to the dais, a huge construction rearing up in tiers of steps and landings, with several railed balconies at multiple levels.
  46. She cursed the poison, railed at it, and implored it to be quick, and thrust away with her stiffened arms everything that Charles, in more agony than herself, tried to make her drink.
  47. I had railed at the injustice that is so much a part of life and had despaired that I even must wonder why things must be so, when everybody else just lived and never seemed to worry.
  48. Relgemit gave them a friendly greeting, and showed them a huge wooden railed platform set with outdoor furniture around the edges, large enough that three or four hundred could gather there.
  49. Mark 15:29-32: And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their heads, and saying, ha! You that destroys the temple, and builds it in three days, save yourself, and come down from the cross.
  50. And this gem, from Charles Krauthammer"s latest column: „And what have been Obama"s own debt-reduction ideas? In last week"s news conference, he railed against the tax break for corporate jet owners six times.
  51. I savour his zest for being, his compassion for his fellow man, his overpowering creativity, his simple tastes, his passion for life, and the way that he railed against relentless physical limits and limited means.
  52. Matthew 27:39-48 And they that passed by railed on him, wagging their heads, and saying, You that destroyed the temple, and builds it in three days, save yourself: if you are the Son of God, come down from the cross.
  53. Her husband, who was a millowner, railed at the clumsy fellow, and while she was with her handkerchief wiping up the stains from her handsome cherry-coloured taffeta gown, he angrily muttered about indemnity, costs, reimbursement.
  54. We crossed a small, railed walkway that separated the two massive marine engines, and my father led us to a circular cutout, forward of the engines, that had a familiar looking stainless steel wheel attached to the middle of the cutout.
  55. Again and again I silently railed at the stupidity of it, and I could not understand why you would do such a futile and self-destructive thing! But finally, as I groped for understanding, I saw the value of altruism, and I was humbled.
  56. The front doors of the castle led into the entrance hall, which had doorways to the rest of the ground floor, graceful curved stairways on either side that led to balconies on the floors above, and in each rear corner was a railed lifting platform.
  57. When he opened the door, he found Hilsith waiting on the railed lifting platform that served those who wished to visit his home without flying, Translocating, or climbing the many steps that spiraled up the outside of the trunk of the great oak tree.
  58. Next, he said with a smile that he knew quite well who was living with her (evidently Anna Thedorovna had told him); whereupon Thedora could hold out no longer, but then and there, in the street, railed at and abused him—telling him that he was an immoral man, and the cause of all my misfortunes.
  59. Although it isn‘t my place to argue whether or not Roman Catholicism represents the ―one true religion‖, no religious teaching(s), in my opinion, has been systematically railed against over the centuries yet (somehow) managed to land on its own two feet without compromising its principle doctrines.
  60. I remember my Dad being quite strict about what I was allowed to do, I railed against it hard and pushed all the time and, in the end he took me on one side and explained, very patiently, that he wasn’t trying to spoil my life – as I had doubtless put it – but was trying to protect me from situations I wasn’t old enough to deal with emotionally.
  61. My Lord, and you gentlemen all, This fellow I have known of a long time, and have heard him speak things that ought not to be spoke; for he hath railed on our noble prince Beelzebub, and hath spoken contemptibly of his honourable friends, whose names are the Lord Old Man, the Lord Carnal Delight, the Lord Luxurious, the Lord Desire of Vain Glory, my old Lord Lechery, Sir Having Greedy, with all the rest of our nobility; and he hath said, moreover, That if all men were of his mind, if possible, there is not one of these noblemen should have any longer a being in this town.
  62. Writing in a newspaper column, Richard Cohen {1989) railed against this depiction,.
  1. Which is on the rails.
  2. I had to bring him back on rails.
  3. The car rolled down the rusty rails.
  4. Somewhere it had gone off the rails.
  5. The two rods now formed the rails to a.
  6. Hold the bench stop against the front rails.
  7. The rails still vibrated, but no carts sped by.
  8. He’s down in the orchard splittin’ rails.
  9. She could see the dots of people at their rails.
  10. The rails pressed against my back, holding me up.
  11. The rails were jammed with people enjoying the view.
  12. By this time the rails were lined with men and women.
  13. She limbed along the rails and carefully looked around.
  14. Headlamps spilled over the track rails; they were empty.
  15. She had not known of rails, his eyes looking beyond her.
  16. Railheads were the end of rails, or places where military.
  17. The guards at the concrete rails look on the verge of panic.
  18. All leaves had long left the vines that formed those rails.
  19. We had only to replace a few rails to connect it once more.
  20. The train was in full view now, a black serpent on the rails.
  21. June held onto the bed rails and struggled to pull herself up.
  22. Cold light from the moon gleamed on the rails; all was quiet.
  23. He travelled along a pair of rails, like a small train track.
  24. You would think if the roller coaster would go off the rails.
  25. Jesus, Regan, when did everything go so badly off the rails?
  26. Will your hands glide behind mine upon the rails of ascension?
  27. They use the rails when walking down or up to the second floor.
  28. Then, with infinite slowness, it began to move along the rails.
  29. That’s it! Re-nailing the rails to new planks gave someone.
  30. This earth all spann'd with iron rails, with lines of steamships.
  31. He thought it was some one after the nuts which secure the rails.
  32. Upon spotting no one she jumped from rails towards his open arms.
  33. I clutch the rails of the fence, my gore dribs, thinn'd with the.
  34. The scene was lighted by a single candle placed between two rails.
  35. If you look at the floor you will see that the seats are on rails.
  36. The place is a mess of broken fence rails and overgrown hedgerows.
  37. Streetcars roll from the roundhouse and lineup on designated rails.
  38. Sometimes one of the bigger drops fell off and plinked on the rails.
  39. The shaft was blocked with what appeared to be old, rusty mine rails.
  40. When there’s nothing on it, the platform, with its rails, balance.
  41. He had been telling the story of others before it went off the rails.
  42. The rails and bridges have been bombed and have not yet been repaired.
  43. Don’t touch the rails they are probably energized with high voltage.
  44. Meanwhile, the car swung heavily along the wet rails on its way to the.
  45. As he glanced at the tender and the rails, under the influence of the.
  46. He saw only a line of stout posts and rails on either side of the road.
  47. We found the tunnels and the rails, and we’ve built our own machines.
  48. Why, she has run twice from you, from the very altar rails, as it were.
  49. He worked his way along the grab rails which ran along the belly of the.
  50. He used to kick away the rails left behind once he had driven across them.
  51. The rails below the platform shine dully as they bounce beneath the weight.
  52. It’s like this train; it can’t run anywhere except where its rails.
  53. I decided it was time to focus before my head and heart went off the rails.
  54. Afraid of the motion of the train, which now seemed to leap from the rails.
  55. I came here last year to put back on its rails a sick unit that we took over.
  56. The wheels rested on rails that led out of the cave and then angled skywards.
  57. Garcia stepped off the treadmill and slowly relinquished his grip on the rails.
  58. Every breath brought a rush on some paths and she gripped the rails carefully.
  59. I had spent the previous Saturday lost in rails of ancient silks and feathers.
  60. The sun picked out with faint glistening the neatly fenced with split-oak rails.
  61. These days it was so hard to replace iron rails, to replace anything made of iron.
  62. It was marked with whitewashed wooden posts, although there were no rails or fence.
  63. Have all the wowsers in the place looking over the rails to see what was going on.
  64. He placed it in the firing cylinder, angled between two hand rails and lit the fuse.
  65. The clerk and clergyman then appearing, we were ranged in order at those fatal rails.
  66. Others kept on the rails without difficulty; they ran off at the slightest obstacle.
  67. Maybee peeked between the rails, twitching her tail seeing so many animals so close.
  68. She constructed rails on which camera dollies could run alongside the red-clay track.
  69. Men lay down to sleep where they could see the rails gleaming faintly in The railroad.
  70. They were suspended from small rails above, with linear induction motors driving them.
  71. The train car bumps over the rails, and Marcus, Peter, and Caleb stand by the doorway.
  72. Cut to length the four legs (G) and mark in housings for top and bottom rails (D and H).
  73. Tobias and I remain on the train, listening to it hiss against the rails, without speaking.
  74. Old Tom Joad stood in the truck bed and he was nailing on the top rails of the truck sides.
  75. Today, it‘s been declared wrong for men to bond like that so they‘re going off the rails.
  76. The plump young man led us to a spot where the top of one of the wooden rails had been cracked.
  77. Cheap wood ties and cheap light rails resulted in frequent breakdowns and costly repairs later.
  78. The hiss of the boiler could be heard on the distant rails, and the rumble of something heavy.
  79. So tiny that I could not find it on my conscience, it was drained by the rails of my cowardice.
  80. Most of them had balconies of carved woodwork, and high stone stoops with gleaming brass rails.
  81. An example of the Dow Jones 20 Rails (now Transportation) taken from that publication follows:.
  82. Christina watches the rails ahead of us and leans her shoulder into mine, just for a few seconds.
  83. Our marriage could have gone off the rails like any other, but we were too pig-headed to let it.
  84. He stood against the fence, all alone, the rails at his back, small and absurd in the emptiness.
  85. Behind the rails of the balcony I saw there were some loose boards, whose raw edges looked white.
  86. Hill also helped start Japan’s railroad boom around 1900 by transporting Pittsburgh rails for $1.
  87. She was returning: of course my heart thumped with impatience against the iron rails I leant upon.
  88. Run, run away from the rails, the boys cried to Kolya from the bushes, breathless with terror.
  89. She looked at the rails in front of her, and saw a few metre-long blood trace with guts all around.
  90. He ignored the threat, hurriedly returning to the rails, clutching them and pulling himself around.
  91. Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.
  92. The rails that once angled up and out of the cave were forced down, skewing his take off trajectory.
  93. A strong wind, our sails full, and the prow cutting through water, sea spray kicking up to the rails.
  94. His fingers slide down my arms, and he holds me by the elbows as the car bumps along the steel rails.
  95. Her crew manned the rails with bared heads, and on the aft deck were stacked the caskets with the dead.
  96. The engine hit the sabotaged strip, the rails shot out from under it, and the entire train tipped over.
  97. She stood waiting for him by the white rails bounding the tarmac as the Dakota taxied in in the hot sun.
  98. It charges toward us on the polished rails, then squeals as it slows to a stop in front of the platform.
  99. I hear the screech of the rails as the train slows, which means we must be nearing the middle of the city.
  100. They chattered at another troupe two floors up near the rails of the common courts of the building above.

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