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Contemplate in a sentence | contemplate example sentences

  1. If you can contemplate it.
  2. On That you have to Contemplate.
  3. To contemplate her is sufficient.
  4. He continued to contemplate the.
  5. We should contemplate and think:.
  6. I could think and contemplate ideas.
  7. This is how you have to contemplate.
  8. I didnt wanna contemplate a failure.
  9. Even still, she failed to contemplate.
  10. It is all too wonderful to contemplate.
  11. Contemplate then what walking upon the.
  12. This is where she would contemplate any.
  13. Contemplate also how this could explain.
  14. There was no time to contemplate just how.
  15. Junya started to contemplate his next move.
  16. Krishn tells him that man who contemplate.
  18. I could not contemplate a life without love.
  19. We should contemplate this point again and.
  20. They who contemplate and adore God know this.
  21. Now I had more time to contemplate my future.
  22. Now contemplate how after the death of the.
  23. He didn't want to contemplate the future or.
  24. Oh, I don’t think we can contemplate that.
  25. Also contemplate that these same pyramids are.
  26. Jason had hours to contemplate that blank brick.
  27. But isn’t it interesting to contemplate that.
  28. Then only they can contemplate on these Chakras.
  29. There is one thing that you don’t contemplate.
  30. While we visualize this we think and contemplate:.
  31. With this bodhichitta motivation, we contemplate:.
  32. Contemplate the relationships between fear-driven.
  33. To better understand this, simply contemplate the.
  34. But what we should contemplate is the premise this.
  35. Thomas was left with the evening to contemplate all.
  36. We didn’t want to even contemplate the alternative.
  37. Street would ever contemplate buying into one of them.
  38. There hadnt been time to contemplate the action, but.
  39. I had a moment to contemplate on what I had just done.
  40. The consequences of this are too awful to contemplate.
  41. This message goes out to those who contemplate taking.
  42. And he was too crafty to contemplate such an adventure.
  43. We contemplate in this way until there appears to us a.
  44. In this training we should remember and contemplate the.
  45. That is an eventuality none of us wishes to contemplate.
  46. I can't contemplate Ethan having sex with a woman either.
  47. None of them dared contemplate the nuclear waste hazards.
  48. Oh? Daniel paused to contemplate what Paul just said.
  49. He couldn’t contemplate that possibility at that moment.
  50. In this training we remember and contemplate how we shall.
  51. He sat for a while and seemed to contemplate the throne in.
  52. It is almost impossible to contemplate what goes on up here.
  53. I had half a second to contemplate whether I would die by.
  54. We can contemplate the following poem on the sufferings of.
  55. It would be too unpalatable for decent folk to contemplate.
  56. During the summer, I began to contemplate turning my inter-.
  57. For the first time he began to contemplate life without his.
  58. It would stop, contemplate, and then start traipsing, again.
  59. But I see the opportunity to contemplate what you describe.
  60. The consequences to the hive are too terrible to contemplate.
  61. Take a moment to contemplate the impact of these revelations.
  62. He could see by his face that it was too much to contemplate.
  63. For example, contemplate the effects of hail falling on the.
  64. Contemplate the structure of the Doctrine of Two Spirits and.
  65. So we had a weekend to contemplate what the future would hold.
  66. Pausing to contemplate his response, Mitchell reacted amiably.
  67. Contemplate that it becomes an inexhaustible ocean of exalted.
  68. It was too terrible to contemplate for more than a few seconds.
  69. Many will scoff at this assertion, so please contemplate the.
  70. Not pleasant to contemplate, but it was better than execution.
  71. We stroll along the field together as I contemplate the subject.
  72. Then took a seat, and started to contemplate what he’d asked.
  73. First Of Those Who Fight was left to contemplate his new policy.
  74. Muhammad decides to contemplate this later, but he tells no one.
  75. Sitting in his chair, Junya started to contemplate his next move.
  76. They did not see each other, they did not contemplate each other.
  77. She found it very hard to contemplate or come to terms with this.
  78. Farebrother, my dear sir, is a man deeply painful to contemplate.
  79. Oh? Paul paused so he could contemplate what his mother said.
  80. Before I had time to contemplate this, one of the gentlemen spoke.
  81. Contemplate why 666 is encoded in this verse in a passage talking.
  82. She found she could contemplate leaving the priory without anguish.
  83. Hence my insistence is to Contemplate but not to renounce the world.
  84. Contemplate on this area so that you can draw mental images to see.
  85. This doesn’t mean one should use the meditation to contemplate life.
  86. Now also contemplate that these same pyramids are used to model the.
  87. They who know that Krishn is the root of all creation contemplate him.
  88. Chapter 12 that he soon delivers his loving devotees, who contemplate.
  89. With what sensations did Bloom contemplate in rotation these objects?
  90. Yes, old friend, it is more than my aged brain cares to contemplate.
  91. The thought of Jacob with another girl was too horrible to contemplate.
  92. The consequences of this happening were too frightening to contemplate.
  93. Kareem stood there, shaking his head, unable to contemplate the carnage.
  94. He knew his friend needed time to contemplate and his friends close by.
  95. Contemplate the meaning of the symbolism inherent in the phrase, to.
  96. Whatever adverse scenario you can contemplate, reality can be far worse.
  97. Non compliance had a consequence even she could not bare to contemplate.
  98. It was painful to even contemplate what had happened to his dearest love.
  99. A writer needs to sit down and contemplate more than an idea for a story.
  100. Contemplate why 666 is encoded in this verse in a passage talking about.
  1. He smiled, contemplating my joy.
  2. I was contemplating my next move.
  3. I sat contemplating these things.
  4. No use in contemplating that now.
  5. In contemplating contacting you, I.
  6. Hanor went back to his contemplating.
  7. They all were contemplating Leonardo.
  8. I sit for a moment contemplating this.
  9. He moved away peacefully contemplating.
  10. I started contemplating leaving Egypt.
  11. He started contemplating the situation.
  12. Contemplating the emptiness of singu-.
  13. Eva was silent contemplating those words.
  14. I remained very calm, contemplating my.
  15. Grant began contemplating his next move.
  16. Steve was in the study contemplating the.
  17. Now here I am, seriously contemplating it.
  18. I kept contemplating my next move in the.
  19. After contemplating his situation, he too.
  20. She sat silent contemplating her existence.
  21. You are contemplating an important decision.
  22. Hand on chin, he stands contemplating my hair.
  23. She sat in silence contemplating her decision.
  24. Greg lowered his head, contemplating the matter.
  25. Tom fell silent, contemplating over the problem.
  26. Yet he is not thinking; he is contemplating.
  27. Understanding and contemplating this we should.
  28. Alex pursed his lips, contemplating her response.
  29. I smile, contemplating whether I should continue.
  30. We were contemplating Cynthia having the surgery.
  31. She regarded him closely contemplating his answer.
  32. I sat rubbing my arms, contemplating my next move.
  33. That is, when contemplating the appearance of an.
  34. He was contemplating his attempt at winning Honey.
  35. How could I be contemplating having children with.
  36. She didn’t waste a lot of time contemplating this.
  37. As I was contemplating my next move I stood up, took.
  38. He spent many long hours contemplating the situation.
  39. He stood over me a moment, judging me; contemplating.
  40. Contemplating the above explanation we should think:.
  41. They were quietly contemplating what happened and no.
  42. Eilidh sat on her haunches, contemplating his actions.
  43. He was contemplating the hand resting on the keyboard.
  44. She'd been sitting like that for a hour, contemplating.
  45. He sat on his horse contemplating the scene for a long.
  46. But you are contemplating? noted Puller hopefully.
  47. Jessica was sitting at home contemplating recent events.
  48. She was contemplating the figures dancing in the flames.
  49. I was contemplating, she said with a solemn voice.
  50. Through contemplating the reasons that refute inherent.
  51. Contemplating the teachings on karma, actions and their.
  52. The chief inhaled and carried on contemplating the view.
  53. He was still contemplating Tam’s condition when Tuvok.
  54. As if she was contemplating the new emptiness in her life.
  55. Stokes bit his lip, as if contemplating another suggestion.
  56. Contemplating the infinite ways we are in relationship to.
  57. LP waited in the van, contemplating how far they had come.
  58. The huge golden bird, Garuda, was sat there, contemplating.
  59. For the first time, I sensed that Sandra was contemplating.
  60. Peter never grew weary of contemplating Jesus' forbearance.
  61. Van Thorn pursed his lips, as if contemplating his response.
  62. He said, ‘I have been contemplating while waiting for you.
  63. Within two years, I found myself seriously contemplating my.
  64. Through continually contemplating and meditating in this way.
  65. She remained still for a moment, nervously contemplating her.
  66. She was silent for a while contemplating the ruin of her life.
  67. Through contemplating this point we try to perceive the mere.
  68. I slowed the car down, contemplating stopping it all together.
  69. He paused, contemplating this definition; then suddenly broke.
  70. Some things to consider in contemplating this matter include:.
  71. Slicky paused, contemplating the answer to his direct question.
  72. Joey held her gaze for a moment, contemplating asking her again.
  73. Those contemplating taking the company private, including LBOs.
  74. Zarek was watching the painting, contemplating her purple gown.
  75. Contemplating its embankment, its bay and its capital city, St.
  76. After watching them for some time, I started contemplating the.
  77. Jean’s thoughts were far away – contemplating a variety of.
  78. I was contemplating and repenting my mistakes one after another.
  79. Apart of contemplating the prospect of never seeing his family.
  80. Marcy’s mother is contemplating suing the university and also.
  81. Tired of contemplating questions to which he had no answers, he.
  82. Locke waited, contemplating whether he could go through with this.
  83. Contemplating distance and accuracy, a hand touched his shoulder.
  84. He looked as if he was deeply contemplating what I just told him.
  85. I smiled to myself, contemplating the outfit I had picked to wear.
  86. As a child he lives on a tropical island, contemplating his future.
  87. From corner of my eye I could see him contemplating my expression.
  88. I’ve been contemplating that very question, Rafael replied.
  89. Yania now looked into the eyes of her friend, contemplating her soul.
  90. Barnes sat back, contemplating a beer rapidly nearing the empty mark.
  91. Yoda stood on the balcony in silence for a while, contemplating the.
  92. I’ve been in my old bed for days contemplating the meaning of life.
  93. After sometime of contemplating she stood up and went and kissed him.
  94. Cherrie looks off to the side as though she’s contemplating what it.
  95. He felt much more comfortable contemplating option trading as a buyer.
  96. He picked up his wine and sipped it, contemplating life after the war.
  97. He stood at the counter for a full two minutes, contemplating something.
  98. The five of them stood contemplating the hallway for a few moments more.
  99. While contemplating how he could change his predicament, the phone rang.
  100. After twenty minutes of contemplating his next move, the scanner bleeped.
  1. For a moment I contemplated.
  2. In my mind I contemplated an.
  3. As he contemplated a number of.
  4. Locke contemplated his next move.
  5. Contemplated jumping off a bridge.
  6. For a second he had contemplated.
  7. I even contemplated making a meal.
  8. She contemplated the menacing array.
  9. For a moment I contemplated about.
  10. He contemplated the generals words.
  11. He contemplated the day’s journey.
  12. Her heart raced as she contemplated.
  13. We ate dinner as we contemplated our.
  14. Janet contemplated the new information.
  15. Danny contemplated his former manager.
  16. My lips parted as I contemplated them.
  17. He contemplated and looked back at me.
  18. Psyche frowned as she contemplated this.
  19. At times she even contemplated suicide.
  20. Allison contemplated rapidly in her mind.
  21. She paused and contemplated his question.
  22. The phone rang and Liam contemplated not.
  23. He contemplated the situation; it was a.
  24. Jean contemplated the ferryman in silence.
  25. Having contemplated this we should think:.
  26. Wickland again contemplated the suggestion.
  27. Don contemplated what his father had said.
  28. Silently, he contemplated the task at hand.
  29. Devlin blinked as he contemplated the name.
  30. She contemplated her answer for an instant.
  31. Olin stood and contemplated the huge anvil.
  32. The two ladies contemplated their feelings.
  33. He contemplated what they'd finished so far.
  34. Having contemplated these points, we think:.
  35. She knows that I contemplated throwing out.
  36. He watched Sonny as he contemplated arguing.
  37. I suppose when he’d first contemplated the.
  38. He scratched his chin as he contemplated the.
  39. She contemplated whether she should answer it.
  40. Aiden contemplated zapping Bob with some kind.
  41. Raven contemplated Alexia’s words with dread.
  42. Sophia contemplated her mother’s offer again.
  43. He sat on the boulder and contemplated his life.
  44. Manfred contemplated sealing his lips together.
  45. As I contemplated waking him, I heard a sniffle.
  46. Asia contemplated all that she had just learned.
  47. She contemplated the tiny red prick on her finger.
  48. For a second, Saul seriously contemplated retreat.
  49. As I ironed I contemplated the different temper-.
  50. Danny contemplated for a split second, then nodded.
  51. He had not contemplated a necessity for persuasion.
  52. His face was grim as he contemplated his next move.
  53. After composing ourselves we contemplated the matter.
  54. This is the most wondrous sight I ever contemplated.
  55. Marbury leaned forward as he contemplated the matter.
  56. Decoud, lolling back moodily, contemplated old Viola.
  57. He almost contemplated underlining the word obedient.
  58. His heart beat faster as he contemplated his future.
  59. They silently contemplated the implications of what.
  60. He contemplated the matter for a moment and finally.
  61. Understanding this and having contemplated the above.
  62. Since they have always contemplated him, at the end.
  63. Having contemplated the above explanation, we should.
  64. Having repeatedly contemplated these points, we men-.
  65. His face went very pale as he contemplated the image.
  66. They wanted her to leave Nihar contemplated, but why.
  67. Gould, contemplated a flower-bed away in the sunshine.
  68. For a moment, I contemplated changing tactics for the.
  69. He paused and contemplated asking for a demonstration.
  70. I contemplated whether I should play nice or be honest.
  71. Ingrid felt renewed grief as she contemplated the sign.
  72. The general then contemplated the teenager, thoughtful.
  73. We stood completely still as we contemplated the beauty.
  74. The man contemplated the boy’s words for some moments.
  75. They all remained silent as they each contemplated the.
  76. Kita contemplated his statement in silence for a moment.
  77. Opened her legs and contemplated her vulva, moist, 99.
  78. Having repeatedly contemplated these points and under-.
  79. The Reverend contemplated the question for a few minutes.
  80. The goblins assuredly lurk therein, Claude contemplated.
  81. James was thoughtful as he contemplated what Jesus said.
  82. Hey, that’s… Carey contemplated it for a moment.
  83. Barron contemplated the matter quickly and shook his head.
  84. Having repeatedly contemplated these points, we strongly.
  85. She contemplated him for what felt like a very long time.
  86. In conclusion, having contemplated the above explanation.
  87. Moments of silence passed as she contemplated my response.
  88. Having contemplated the above explanation, we think from.
  89. Having contemplated in this way we feel our self that we.
  90. He contemplated dreams, he recorded thoughts and memories.
  91. There is no thinker who has not at times contemplated the.
  92. He also contemplated the fire for a while before he spoke.
  93. I contemplated entering the enclosure but changed my mind.
  94. Having contemplated these benefits we should apply effort.
  95. This was the first time that Corey seriously contemplated.
  96. Alex contemplated the issue intermittently as he aimlessly.
  97. As her offer was accepted, Angie contemplated the situation.
  98. This was my homely thought, as I contemplated the box-tree.
  99. Aya contemplated what she had read in the library's archives.
  100. For a moment I contemplated heading back to the highway and.
  1. It contemplates the one that can See.
  2. It contemplates, reflects and thinks:.
  3. Th e practicing adept contemplates on.
  4. He no longer acts, but only contemplates.
  5. Akhenaton contemplates the staff and the Order.
  6. With this unified vision he contemplates God and.
  7. She contemplates him for a moment before saying, Stiff.
  8. Stallman lets his tangled hair drop and contemplates the.
  9. Ms Jones contemplates for a moment, looking at me in surprise.
  10. The soul of the just contemplates in sleep a mysterious heaven.
  11. Her eyes go all dreamy as she contemplates the object of her desire.
  12. Speaker, this bill contemplates raising twenty thousand men for one year.
  13. The Supreme Court has held that the word "persons" in Section-4 contemplates.
  14. Whenever Werner contemplates the old city, it is the chimneys that strike him.
  15. He sits and contemplates, meditating on such things in the cave of Jabal al-nur.
  16. You, on the other hand, come across as the type who frequently contemplates things.
  17. But a hewer of wood contemplates blind service instead of intelligent service.
  18. Treating the backs of his hands in the same manner he contemplates the rest of his body.
  19. She contemplates the room and tries to imagine it with the colour scheme they are discussing.
  20. But alas, it appears all he contemplates, when not with his girls, are thoughts more befitting to a holy man.
  21. Anyone who contemplates the state of mankind in his own era will notice a decline in the levels of morality and virtue.
  22. It only dreams of power, it thinks of power, it contemplates on power -- but those are simply dreams and nothing else.
  23. Feeling that the one he has just smoked is not enough he contemplates lighting another one as a small van drives slowly past.
  24. The labors of battle for this victory become insignificant when one contemplates that he joins and is numbered among those who.
  25. Detective Sergeant Leanne Wilson sips her strong black coffee as she contemplates the incident board relating to the serial killer.
  26. He stares at his stained sofa for a minute, one hand on his chin, the other propped against his hip as he contemplates what to do with it.
  27. Albert stands at the snack counter in his swim trunks, with his little towel draped over his wide back, and contemplates his selection of ice cream.
  28. The resolve contemplates an additional regular force; a measure confessedly improper but as a preparation for war, but undoubtedly necessary in that event.
  29. She contemplates kicking one of her servants in the face, perhaps the mouthy one; or perhaps the quiet one, so that that one will be angry towards the mouthy one.
  30. The Christian who contemplates that law of love implanted in every human soul, and quickened by Christ, the only guide for all mankind, is set free from human authority.
  31. Villefort could not believe his eyes,—he could not believe his reason; he dragged himself towards the child's body, and examined it as a lioness contemplates its dead cub.
  32. They recently passed a law to the Justice Administration Department, whose methods are similar to those of the Spanish Inquisition in 1478, which contemplates including torture and death penalty.
  33. The bill contemplates the raising an additional military force of twenty thousand men; thus increasing the Military Establishment, or the standing army of the country, to upwards of fifty-five thousand men.
  34. Three hundred miles away from Fort National, Reinhold von Rumpel’s wife wakes her daughters to go to Mass and contemplates the good looks of her neighbor who has returned from the war without one of his feet.
  35. What is a corporation such as the bill contemplates? It is a splendid association of favored individuals, taken from the mass of society, and invested with exemptions and surrounded by immunities and privileges.
  36. In this context, he painfully contemplates with a deeply felt sense of patriotism how the Twin Towers of New York, once marvels of engineering and imagination, on that infamous day of September 11, 2001, became.
  37. High above, behind the glass balustrade that shapes a perimeter walkway into an inner courtyard for the private upper levels, she spies the perfect worm for her hook and contemplates the anomaly: humans are not permitted up there.
  38. The departure for Cythera! exclaims Watteau; Lancret, the painter of plebeians, contemplates his bourgeois, who have flitted away into the azure sky; Diderot stretches out his arms to all these love idyls, and d'Urfe mingles druids with them.
  39. For the enjoyment the mind feels must come from the beauty and harmony which it perceives or contemplates in the things that the eye or the imagination brings before it; and nothing that has any ugliness or disproportion about it can give any pleasure.
  40. This bill, sir, embraces two objects—one relates to the repairs and equipment of the ships of the United States now out of service—the other contemplates the building of ten additional frigates, and laying the foundation of a new Naval Establishment.
  41. When Roger contemplates those views and landscapes of such natural splendor, as in the case of Alaska for example, he sees a fascinating immensity, but nevertheless empty, resplendent but deserted, attractive to the eye, but repelling to the desire of living.
  42. The eye looks, but it is the mind that sees; and when the mind contemplates phenomena under a preoccupation of thought, it interprets them in the light of its own idea: so that unless that general idea be a right one its view of every phenomenon is in some measure perverted.
  43. Indeed, if man ponders on his growth inside his mother’s belly and contemplates the days of his early childhood: if he thinks of that again and again inquiring about that Care which watched over him in the past and is still watching till now, his spirit will bow submissively to its Provider and will surrender to its Creator.
  44. Wonders do not save man from disbelieving unless he contemplates and thinks of the creation, the Great God's making, and the Almighty has revealed in a clear verse that the cause beyond stoop sending the miracles is that the ancient denied them, He says: "Nothing hinders us from giving signs except that the ancient disbelieved them…".
  45. To show that it went beyond the British legal provisions in that respect, he quoted a statute of that nation which allows to the captors of vessels so destroyed, as the bill contemplates, a bounty of five pounds for every man found alive on board said captured vessels, the aggregate to be equally distributed among the crew of the captors.
  46. Williams said: It has become very fashionable to apologize to you, sir, for every trespass which a gentleman contemplates making on the patience of the House, and I do not know but in ordinary cases it may be very proper; but the present question is certainly such a one as exempts every gentleman from the necessity of making any apology whatever.
  47. Indeed if anybody ponders their growth inside their mother’s belly and contemplates the days of their early childhood – if they think of this again and again, asking themselves about the Care which watched over them in the past and continues to watch until now – their spirit will bow in submission to its Provider and surrender to its Creator.
  48. Medyng, when Eastshare has just very convincingly demonstrated the threat he represents, yet only a third of our strength is being deployed against him while all the remainder of it’s funneled along the Holy Langhorne, Mother Church clearly contemplates using that strength for something besides sitting in Lake City and digging entrenchments around it.
  49. It contemplates and embraces a navy to protect our commerce in distant seas as well as at home, and which cannot cost less than twenty or thirty millions to accomplish; and, when built, would entail upon the Government of the United States the annual expense of fifteen millions of dollars,[25] equal to the amount of our whole revenue in the most prosperous years of commerce under the administration of Mr.
  50. If man looks at himself and ponders on the amazing organization of his body and how this body with all its limbs and systems was in its origin nothing more than a semen that is formed from unworthy fluid, then if he contemplates the creatures which God spread on earth and found in this universe, seeking faithfully to know the truth, undoubtedly he will realize the Greatness of His Creator and get an intellectual belief that there is a Wise Provider and an Omnipotent Maker.
  51. In order to determine this question, whether we owe the prospect of immortality to the natural constitution of our spiritual being,—or, to the grace of God in Redemption, to the Incarnation of the Life of God in the Christ,—to a divine regenerative process restricted to the sons of God, which contemplates the whole humanity, body as well as soul, in its transforming and immortalising action,—we fall back on the generally accepted principle of biblical interpretation.
  52. Under interrogation he eventually told us that he had carried out six assassinations since leaving the army three years ago, he said a stranger had approached him as he strolled through the market, he was to slay Loka and Loka only, no matter what kind of pressure was applied he didn’t add anything else to the information we had already extracted, so I gave orders that he was to be strangled then hung upside down from our walls and left to rot, he would act as an abject lesson to the next assassin who contemplates the odds of a successful assignment against Lord Loka.
  53. I understand you, he replied; not perfectly, for you seem to me to be describing a task which is really tremendous; but, at any rate, I understand you to say that knowledge and being, which the science of dialectic contemplates, are clearer than the notions of the arts, as they are termed, which proceed from hypotheses only: these are also contemplated by the understanding, and not by the senses: yet, because they start from hypotheses and do not ascend to a principle, those who contemplate them appear to you not to exercise the higher reason upon them, although when a first principle is added to them they are cognizable by the higher reason.
  54. If a person of this age of maturity reflects on the wonderful construction of their body, and on their appearance which has been shaped based on the greatest degree of perfection in accuracy and arrangement, and contemplates each of their organs and the order of the systems of their body; if they think of the correlation between these systems and of their continuous movements and functional workings, seeing how they all work together in cooperation and in harmonious order so as to provide for this body and for the whole world; and indeed, the body can also be referred to as a world and as a single unity in itself, in a state of continuous existence and growth; I say, if a person examines their body from such a perspective and thinks in this way, and then returns to their origin on the day when they were a drop of semen that was put in their mother’s womb; if they remember that day when they were nothing worth mentioning, and how they had no character, no prestige and no rank, and did not have such an organized body or such an arrangement; I say, if a person examines themselves by adopting these two approaches, one of which is through the lens of the present time, and the other through the lens of the past, and then they bring these two cases to remembrance together, in comparison, inquiry and judgment: there is no doubt that their thought will quickly lead them to realize that there must be a potent Hand that has made them into a complete person and has created them as such a perfect creation.
  55. The man contemplates refraining from cutting branches,.

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