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    1. We stroll along the field together as I contemplate the subject

    2. dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for

    3. I’m refusing to even contemplate the possibility of pregnancy, after all, the likelihood is extremely low … I’d have to be really unlucky …

    4. Not sure if I imagine her relief or not, but I’m pretty sure about how I feel about it – the thought of spending Christmas with Amy and the family is not one I can contemplate with anything remotely approaching joy

    5. I’ve discovered that he lives in a house up by the quarry on the western boundaries of the village – I’ve not seen it but he says there are fantastic views over the village from his bedroom window … I contemplate what it would be like to find out … then read myself the riot act for being so … so … optimistic

    6. Sitting behind Nick, catching my breath, I contemplate the back of his head while Rose tells me how warm the beautiful shawl Nick gave her for Christmas is

    7. "I have noticed that also, but I find it easier to contemplate the majesty of it all from behind glass

    8. He looked down upon the bright and savage earth for the first time in countless measures of eternity and there Smith saw something quite unexpected; the utterly familiar shape of loneliness embodied in the outlandish shell of the hairless ape who dared to contemplate creation, baying at the stars, calling out in utter desperation for the companionship that comes with that first sparkling moment of harmony within the song of songs

    9. The chance that he would actually catch up with them was too remote to contemplate, but as there was nothing else he could do that made any sense at all, it gave him a goal

    10. So many would rather run a mile than contemplate this topic, while others are fascinated by it

    11. Joris has a ruthless side to him that is not altogether comfortable to contemplate

    12. Later, lying in my cabin, rocked by the waves, I drowsily contemplate this complicated man

    13. Although he didn’t say it, I get the general feeling that he feels it should have been him and not Joris who died … as if sensible, down to earth Berndt would be caught prancing around on the rail … I feel a cold shiver down my spine as I contemplate how I would feel if it had been Berndt and not Joris …

    14. he bends over his glass to contemplate

    15. I look at her sceptically as I contemplate the coming days … I don’t think lucky is a word I’d apply myself at this particular moment … still, I do have that soothing lotion Gilla promised me

    16. It gave me plenty of time to contemplate this man – moody isn’t in it where he is concerned, but, that said, he is generally good company and as honest as the day is long

    17. As I predicted, it is now quite warm and I contemplate having lunch in the garden and then maybe doing some sunbathing

    18. I have never dared to even contemplate how much I want his child; I have never allowed myself to even think about the possibility

    19. But isn’t it interesting to contemplate that

    20. As I sit, fingers poised over the keyboard ready to type up my notes, I contemplate the information Bert gave me

    21. ‘That would be nice, but don’t worry if your hangover is too bad to contemplate it

    22. Shivering and telling myself it is just reaction, I contemplate my options

    23. I pick up my dressing gown from the chair by the window and struggle into it, I’m shivering with cold … probably because I’ve not eaten … firmly tying the belt, I wobble through the hallway into the kitchen and, leaning against the work surface, I contemplate my options

    24. “You also have toilets,” Ava said, and let them all contemplate that for awhile

    25. How does anyone ever know for sure if they are doing the right thing in a relationship? Can one ever be totally positive? I don’t think so … I know I want to be with Dave … is that enough? I contemplate not seeing him … no, that is definitely not viable

    26. He didn’t blame her, entering the spirit world with one’s head encased in an ensorcelled helmet was too scary to contemplate and was making him cold, especially with his senses heightened by the yaag

    27. The possibility of failure is not one that Leona wishes to contemplate, bringing with it the prospect of a dizzying career at window two of the drive-thru obesity factory; that or Snuggle's ad infinitum

    28. Chrissie worked at scrubbing the dishes, her mind refusing to contemplate anything beyond this simple activity, her ears were pricked for the sound of footsteps and her pulse raced as the adrenaline coursed through her, sparking the ancient flight instinct

    29. Like Carol he is desperate for the slide down into oblivion, but neither of them can contemplate rest at the moment

    30. The magnolia is in bud which is rather pleasing to contemplate – I love those flowers

    31. Mother wanted to go straight away, but I could not contemplate traveling one step without Henry at my side

    32. He turned around, thinking he should get out of sight first and contemplate the implications later

    33. “I would find it difficult to contemplate exaggeration, Dorothea, no one accepts the notion of living saints any longer

    34. Then took a seat, and started to contemplate what he’d asked

    35. So quietly, she withdrew, leaving the poor woman to contemplate her own problems

    36. The thing is I could not speak with them! I now noticed that all the higher beings that I knew as Dan Sherman in high consciousness where now starting to appear! Also Deria and her sister plus Thalo, Fagil, and all their brethren but not one of them could see me! Was this going to be the future for me? To be locked out of my own world? I can’t contemplate it

    37. the solitude, listen to the birds, and contemplate life

    38. For the first time he began to contemplate life without his

    39. He continued to contemplate the

    40. "I can't believe they would seriously contemplate killing billions," Desa said to Glenelle

    41. "The fact that we're allowed to contemplate the entity having a diagnostic port into our minds means it probably doesn't or it would shut us off," Ava said

    42. contemplate the coming of it all out in the open together…

    43. Yet this prophet did not consider the irony of his youth About to contemplate the immaturity of his elders: 4t: The Zen Ship Splits into Reality

    44. Herold’s minds began to diverge, As the cyber-naught began to contemplate its entering The language games of society, identifying itself as,

    45. With a quick nod, the Nord turned to take his leave - and further contemplate all that he just been told

    46. And proceeded to contemplate who “Qui” - which she recognized as an abbrevi-ated form of Quintus sometimes used in Cyrodiil - could be

    47. But the idea that even Standford could enter her office undetected seemed too much to contemplate

    48. Alexander chose Fallingwater as the contact point for Kurt to leave was almost too ironic for him to contemplate

    49. Just as he was beginning to contemplate how long it would take before someone discovered him, he fell through the floor

    50. rushed off, leaving Joseph to contemplate whether to turn the TV

    1. He ordered his assistant to fetch some over-priced coffee from the nearby Starbucks and contemplated his next big deal, a large painting of Jesus and Lady Julep entwined in a strangely sexless pose

    2. I contemplated on the fact that healing was not “something” but

    3. As she spooned her way through the soft-boiled eggs, Kara contemplated her next move

    4. As her offer was accepted, Angie contemplated the situation

    5. the first place” contemplated Brijbabu at last voicing his

    6. They wanted her to leave Nihar contemplated, but why

    7. As they lay there afterwards, Daniel contemplated how his life had changed

    8. He could easily get into a downward spiral when he contemplated the disasters his expedition had suffered

    9. She paused and contemplated his question

    10. ‘That’s what do you do, isn’t it?’ she said after a long silence during which she contemplated this statement to the accompaniment of several forkfuls of lasagne and salad

    11. Okay, so calling Tracey would be unpleasant … she’d probably be less than forgiving, but with a bit of luck he could talk her into dropping charges … he even contemplated the possibility that she might take him back … settling down with a baby wasn’t his idea of the perfect life, but it would be somewhere to go

    12. Jarvis contemplated for a moment the sort of care Chrissie would receive from her so-affectionate mother

    13. Each of the 'school-age children' contemplated the advent of this proclamation and its impact upon their own responsibilities

    14. contemplated how he should respond, taking stock of the

    15. Otto contemplated Bruce’s eyes

    16. They all remained silent as they each contemplated the

    17. I suppose when he’d first contemplated the

    18. Jean contemplated the ferryman in silence

    19. He contemplated how Shinvei was going to take the news that his heart had been captured by another

    20. He contemplated the day’s journey

    21. And the more that she contemplated it the more she realized that something was wrong

    22. The marine contemplated missing dinner as the smell of the turnips was turning his stomach but he hadn’t eaten since that morning so he figured that he had better try to get something into his belly while he had the chance

    23. Zarko still had the frown on his face as he contemplated the explanation

    24. A silence fell on the crowd as he contemplated her words, looking at her pensively

    25. It was something that he too had contemplated, but in turn had resisted as much as possible

    26. Zarko contemplated how he could resolve his stormy relationship with Helez

    27. He put his hand to his chin and began stroking his beard for a few moments as he obviously contemplated Zarko’s simple petition

    28. Devlin blinked as he contemplated the name

    29. The more she contemplated it in her mind as she lay there, the more determined she became to put it into action

    30. The divine mystery of all creation which is to be seen and contemplated, opens up that unique and thoughtful incomparable knowledge of the glory which is not obtained by abandoning creation but by piercing through it with exercise of the spirit and soul combined

    31. Psyche frowned as she contemplated this

    32. We stood completely still as we contemplated the beauty

    33. Venus’s voice was cold, and Sebastian knew she meant every word, but he contemplated what he could say to delay her

    34. and contemplated Frank's message

    35. The horrified look on their faces as they contemplated what Jesus said was almost more than I could handle

    36. James was thoughtful as he contemplated what Jesus said

    37. For the first time in his life Danny contemplated phoning in to say he was sick, but tactical sickies are difficult to carry off if you're never ill

    38. He contemplated moving to

    39. Then I contemplated taking a trip to the Blackthorn Infirmary where I had been told to report by the doctors on the hospital ship when Beth came rushing into the kitchen saying

    40. of guilt that crossed his mind about Bridget as he contemplated

    41. It was during this time that James Waddell contemplated what he

    42. contemplated on methods to destroy this valuable ship and later

    43. contemplated that in case of the death of the president, the vice president would only perform the duties of the president until a new election was held and that he would not, ipso facto, become

    44. the possibility of an attack on the city by the Confederate pirate, which we now know was contemplated by Captain Waddell

    45. Raven contemplated Alexia’s words with dread

    46. Had Alex contemplated kissing her, and if so, why had he changed his mind? Maybe it was never on his mind - only hers

    47. If he was hosting the fights for profit, Amaranthe would have expected enthusiasm for the success of the event or at least calculation as he contemplated the money his guests were spending

    48. Grinding his teeth in agitation, Grey contemplated his fate, his anger quickly building

    49. I contemplated sharing my invention and then voted against it for fear of sounding stupid

    50. I contemplated going to Mr and Mrs Langford’s but decided against it as it was too soon after the last time which hadn’t ended very well at all

    1. Her eyes go all dreamy as she contemplates the object of her desire

    2. ’ She said, her head on one side again as she contemplates me

    3. Ms Jones contemplates for a moment, looking at me in surprise

    4. She contemplates the room and tries to imagine it with the colour scheme they are discussing

    5. In this context, he painfully contemplates with a deeply felt sense of patriotism how the Twin Towers of New York, once marvels of engineering and imagination, on that infamous day of September 11, 2001, became

    6. It contemplates, reflects and thinks:

    7. When Roger contemplates those views and landscapes of such natural splendor, as in the case of Alaska for example, he sees a fascinating immensity, but nevertheless empty, resplendent but deserted, attractive to the eye, but repelling to the desire of living

    8. They recently passed a law to the Justice Administration Department, whose methods are similar to those of the Spanish Inquisition in 1478, which contemplates including torture and death penalty

    9. She contemplates kicking one of her servants in the face, perhaps the mouthy one; or perhaps the quiet one, so that that one will be angry towards the mouthy one

    10. But alas, it appears all he contemplates, when not with his girls, are thoughts more befitting to a holy man

    11. He sits and contemplates, meditating on such things in the cave of Jabal al-nur

    12. The labors of battle for this victory become insignificant when one contemplates that he joins and is numbered among those who

    13. Treating the backs of his hands in the same manner he contemplates the rest of his body

    14. Feeling that the one he has just smoked is not enough he contemplates lighting another one as a small van drives slowly past

    15. Stallman lets his tangled hair drop and contemplates the

    16. Under interrogation he eventually told us that he had carried out six assassinations since leaving the army three years ago, he said a stranger had approached him as he strolled through the market, he was to slay Loka and Loka only, no matter what kind of pressure was applied he didn’t add anything else to the information we had already extracted, so I gave orders that he was to be strangled then hung upside down from our walls and left to rot, he would act as an abject lesson to the next assassin who contemplates the odds of a successful assignment against Lord Loka

    17. out amongst the traditional Q and the Q freedom fighters, Picard’s Q contemplates having a Q child in an attempt to establish peace

    18. Detective Sergeant Leanne Wilson sips her strong black coffee as she contemplates the incident board relating to the serial killer

    19. As he contemplates the

    20. contemplates on the subject

    21. non-action in action, that is, who contemplates God and yet believes sim-

    22. With this unified vision he contemplates God and

    23. Indeed, if man ponders on his growth inside his mother’s belly and contemplates the days of his early childhood: if he thinks of that again and again inquiring about that Care which watched over him in the past and is still watching till now, his spirit will bow submissively to its Provider and will surrender to its Creator

    24. If man looks at himself and ponders on the amazing organization of his body and how this body with all its limbs and systems was in its origin nothing more than a semen that is formed from unworthy fluid, then if he contemplates the creatures which God spread on earth and found in this universe, seeking faithfully to know the truth, undoubtedly he will realize the Greatness of His Creator and get an intellectual belief that there is a Wise Provider and an Omnipotent Maker

    25. Indeed if anybody ponders their growth inside their mother’s belly and contemplates the days of their early childhood – if they think of this again and again, asking themselves about the Care which watched over them in the past and continues to watch until now – their spirit will bow in submission to its Provider and surrender to its Creator

    26. Anyone who contemplates the state of mankind in his own era will notice a decline in the levels of morality and virtue

    27. Wonders do not save man from disbelieving unless he contemplates and thinks of the creation, the Great God's making, and the Almighty has revealed in a clear verse that the cause beyond stoop sending the miracles is that the ancient denied them, He says: "Nothing hinders us from giving signs except that the ancient disbelieved them…"

    28. If a person of this age of maturity reflects on the wonderful construction of their body, and on their appearance which has been shaped based on the greatest degree of perfection in accuracy and arrangement, and contemplates each of their organs and the order of the systems of their body; if they think of the correlation between these systems and of their continuous movements and functional workings, seeing how they all work together in cooperation and in harmonious order so as to provide for this body and for the whole world; and indeed, the body can also be referred to as a world and as a single unity in itself, in a state of continuous existence and growth; I say, if a person examines their body from such a perspective and thinks in this way, and then returns to their origin on the day when they were a drop of semen that was put in their mother’s womb; if they remember that day when they were nothing worth mentioning, and how they had no character, no prestige and no rank, and did not have such an organized body or such an arrangement; I say, if a person examines themselves by adopting these two approaches, one of which is through the lens of the present time, and the other through the lens of the past, and then they bring these two cases to remembrance together, in comparison, inquiry and judgment: there is no doubt that their thought will quickly lead them to realize that there must be a potent Hand that has made them into a complete person and has created them as such a perfect creation

    29. But a “hewer of wood” contemplates blind service instead of intelligent service

    30. She contemplates him for a moment before saying, "Stiff

    31. He stares at his stained sofa for a minute, one hand on his chin, the other propped against his hip as he contemplates what to do with it

    32. The Supreme Court has held that the word "persons" in Section-4 contemplates

    33. contemplates the right to hold the instrument as, and to negotiate the

    34. he contemplates in the creatures of Allah, but instead of this, we make the mind now think about this life, what will I eat and drink today? What will I wear today and tomorrow? Where will I work tomorrow and after tomorrow? We occupied ourselves by this life

    35. The man contemplates refraining from cutting branches,

    36. It only dreams of power, it thinks of power, it contemplates on power -- but those are simply dreams and nothing else

    37. Akhenaton contemplates the Suiliman

    38. It contemplates the one that can See

    39. Akhenaton contemplates the staff and the Order

    40. Akhenaton contemplates the Others

    41. In order to determine this question, whether we owe the prospect of immortality to the natural constitution of our spiritual being,—or, to the grace of God in Redemption, to the Incarnation of the Life of God in the Christ,—to a divine regenerative process restricted to the sons of God, which contemplates the whole humanity, body as well as soul, in its transforming and immortalising action,—we fall back on the generally accepted principle of biblical interpretation

    42. (3) Or lastly, it may be held that children are born under the legal curse of total mortality as sons of Adam; but, as the objects of the redeeming mercy which contemplates the whole race of mankind (as is asserted in numerous passages of apostolic teaching), their spirits pass—if they die before reaching years of serious responsibility, of which God alone is the judge—into a state, 'with the Lord,’ where they partake of the grace vouchsafed to the dead who have not known Christ; and that they are there tenderly developed and educated under the care of 'their angels’ into the knowledge and service of Christ, receiving the gift of the Regenerating Spirit, and awaiting the resurrection of glory

    43. The eye looks, but it is the mind that sees; and when the mind contemplates phenomena under a preoccupation of thought, it interprets them in the light of its own idea: so that unless that general idea be a right one its view of every phenomenon is in some measure perverted

    44. state and contemplates his state, in this way being enabled to control

    45. Th e practicing adept contemplates on

    46. For the enjoyment the mind feels must come from the beauty and harmony which it perceives or contemplates in the things that the eye or the imagination brings before it; and nothing that has any ugliness or disproportion about it can give any pleasure

    47. I understand you, he replied; not perfectly, for you seem to me to be describing a task which is really tremendous; but, at any rate, I understand you to say that knowledge and being, which the science of dialectic contemplates, are clearer than the notions of the arts, as they are termed, which proceed from hypotheses only: these are also contemplated by the understanding, and not by the senses: yet, because they start from hypotheses and do not ascend to a principle, those who contemplate them appear to you not to exercise the higher reason upon them, although when a first principle is added to them they are cognizable by the higher reason

    48. High above, behind the glass balustrade that shapes a perimeter walkway into an inner courtyard for the private upper levels, she spies the perfect worm for her hook and contemplates the anomaly: humans are not permitted up there

    49. Villefort could not believe his eyes,—he could not believe his reason; he dragged himself towards the child's body, and examined it as a lioness contemplates its dead cub

    50. You, on the other hand, come across as the type who frequently contemplates things

    1. contemplating about that love all day long

    2. time by contemplating the vagueness at the heart of all things

    3. I’m still contemplating this question when Stephen materialises two hours later

    4. We walk along in silence for a few minutes, contemplating what he’d said

    5. Contemplating the subject one evening as I sweep the hall, I conclude that the one consolation about sex in one’s later years is the fact one cannot get pregnant

    6. A further note stated that his medical advisors were contemplating radical and somewhat risky surgery in an attempt to enable him to live a relatively normal life

    7. ’ Joris said, his head on one side as is his habit when contemplating something

    8. ‘Lintze, I haven’t been sitting in here contemplating my navel for the past day or so … I don’t know what you understand by the term ‘retreat’, but here on Errd it is an in-depth soul-searching … there is no hiding from either Gotte or oneself … I should have done it years ago when I split up from Sanna … but I rejected the idea that I needed to … denied it completely

    9. He spent many long hours contemplating the situation

    10. He lost a lot of time contemplating the fact that New Jerusalem was far bigger than Ceres, big enough that it would need Luna or one of the Galilean satellites to house it

    11. Hand on chin, he stands contemplating my hair

    12. He asks if he can see the dress so we carefully disinter it from the tissue paper and Jane holds it up against me while he again stands back, hand on chin again, contemplating

    13. Contemplating on all the lies the Elders had told her and her people she let her mind wander as to what if

    14. He stops by one of the more ornate gravestones apparently contemplating the rather weathered angel on the top

    15. ’ Anna said, apparently contemplating the ceiling from her semi-prone position on the sofa, ‘It was lovely having the men there

    16. Rob smiles broadly, doubtless contemplating the effect it would have when he did

    17. Clothed in my dressing gown with a towel round my head, I stand at the fridge contemplating food

    18. I sit for a moment contemplating this

    19. As we are contemplating dessert, there is a slight ruckus at one of the other tables

    20. I’m still contemplating her reaction when I get back with the sandwiches … and trying to work out why I find it alien

    21. I slowed the car down, contemplating stopping it all together

    22. They sit quietly, contemplating the night ahead, a night that will see Maggie twisting the duvet around her legs in her bed and Jock dozing uncomfortably in an armchair

    23. ” She was clearly contemplating this while Ava watched her, but then she said

    24. what repercussions the foolish Cardinal was contemplating

    25. corner contemplating the very real possibility of losing two

    26. As he was contemplating the hopelessness of those odds, he noticed that the fact that Tdeshi was taken, meant that as he feared, those who predated the Instinct could be free of it and set up deeds like that

    27. Jean’s thoughts were far away – contemplating a variety of

    28. made themselves at home, and had been contemplating

    29. ’ Monchet was quiet for a while, contemplating the

    30. He said, ‘I have been contemplating while waiting for you

    31. He sat on his horse contemplating the scene for a long

    32. door in his face, and he was left contemplating a

    33. contemplating the situation for a few moments, before the

    34. silently contemplating the situation

    35. Alec was contemplating the number of servings it would take to fill his stomach when a gap toothed old woman jumped in his face

    36. The affairs of their own lives took up much of their time, most souls didn't spend long hours contemplating the souls stuck at A, but they knew they had the right to be rescued

    37. The chief inhaled and carried on contemplating the view

    38. You are contemplating an important decision

    39. Even as he stood discussing such matters with his officer, he was always contemplating, strategizing and imagining all sorts of tactical possibilities for his principal task

    40. The huge golden bird, Garuda, was sat there, contemplating

    41. Scott took almost an hour contemplating his limited options and formulating a convincing story, until there was only one thing for it

    42. Grant began contemplating his next move

    43. ” Lt Howarth looked a bit green around the gills as he left me standing there contemplating the long sleep I would get soon

    44. There was a long pause as if his Battle Angel was contemplating the question before Carl heard I will serve you, always, Son of Odin

    45. To create a duplicate of himself presented potential ramifications that were not worth contemplating

    46. After twenty minutes of contemplating his next move, the scanner bleeped

    47. He looked about him contemplating if this was the right moment to say what it was he wanted to say

    48. Minister Lyle sat in silence contemplating all that he had heard, without a doubt silently praying

    49. As many times before they sat in a darkened room, exchanging news, and contemplating the

    50. He was contemplating the reward Cherva would give him for bringing in such a valuable prize

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    Synonyms for "contemplate"

    chew over contemplate excogitate meditate mull mull over muse ponder reflect ruminate speculate think over study consider think brood reflect on inspect survey observe regard peer project aim design mean plan purpose

    "contemplate" definitions

    look at thoughtfully; observe deep in thought

    consider as a possibility

    think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes

    reflect deeply on a subject