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Recall in a sentence

I recall now.
As I recall,.
(I recall them.
I can't recall.
Recall that it.
He did recall.
And recall how.

I don’t recall.
I cannot recall.
Recall Figure 10.
You must recall.
No, I recall that.
They recall what.
As I recall, the.
I don't recall.
If you recall.
But I can't recall.
As I recall, the U.
mother, as I recall.
I recall recently.
You recall that?.
I don’t recall a.
Not that I recall.
He began to recall.
Eh, I can't recall.
Recall from Figure 2.
Suddenly to recall.
Recalling the small.
’ Recalling his own.
recalling the last time he had.
That makes recalling a pleasure.
inside as they are recalling it.
Recalling all too clearly those.
robe, recalling the day’s events.
Recalling the fulfilled aspiration.
Recalling and reminiscing made us.
But the cheering instant of recalling.
take away my pain recalling the traumas.
washed out the taste for recalling them.
Now he was recalling the doors opening.
We laughed recalling our last adventures.
We had a good laugh, recalling our youth.
But recalling the texts i could not hold.
veneer, he thought, recalling that she was.
only recalling what happened during the day.
A companion, recalling his childhood, said,.
Recalling the proposal of English scientist.
He deduced this by recalling the photo album.
almost out of breath; then finally recalling.
‘What women!’ said Vronsky, recalling the.
difficult time recalling exactly how he looked.
He started by mentally recalling the question.
Harry was recalling the exact events in his mind.
Recalling the battlefields above, she shuddered.
They then fell to recalling some of the strange.
He paused for a while, recalling her in adoration.
the pan, recalling how hard he had kicked the Hite.
I kept recalling the hurt on her face that Sunday.
Then I recalled.
But he recalled.
He recalled to them.
he recalled the story.
He recalled hearing.
by twelve she recalled.
He recalled them clearly.
He recalled another time.
As Buonarroti recalled:.
Ainura recalled this.
He vividly recalled sit-.
He recalled the rest of it.
She recalled how she had.
Rex recalled the words of.
It is good, until recalled.
He recalled how beautiful.
Instead, she recalled her.
He recalled the trip for Doc.
I recalled the conversation.
We were recalled by a scream.
With anger she recalled the.
He recalled many occasions,.
He was hoping to be recalled.
She recalled Alan’s rebuke.
I recalled our communications.
Rochelle recalled that promise.
Moshe recalled the name again.
recalled their parents arguing.
He recalled a short timid man.
Vaguely she recalled another.
He recalls how.
She recalls that.
A waking dream recalls.
the room, recalls Hankins.
of the speech, Raymond recalls.
When one recalls the tender care.
he briefly recalls the power that.
hand it recalls that, since it is.
ever saw in his life, recalls Reid.
the dream and the morning's recalls.
One recalls, too, how Charles V inhis.
Steele recalls that the mendacious.
recalls the goals with increasing reality.
"I knew nothing of days," recalls Hankins.
was now killing me," he recalls, "but I.
"It was a pivotal moment," recalls Raymond.
He recalls a notable episode in the late.
of the associated object recalls the errand.
Justin recalls that he was an average student.
Recalls lost the company over 1 million dollars.
in the 1990s, recalls that reputation with a laugh.
"I think it was when he was eight," Lippman recalls.
"Nobody got too excited about it," O'Reilly recalls.
without first checking in with me, O'Reilly recalls.
She just wanted it quiet, the officer recalls.
Many men penetrated her, and as Ashley recalls she was.
"I was hesitant about suggesting it," Peterson recalls.
She recalls their shocked expressions when they met her.
In a 1999 essay, Tiemann recalls the impact of Stallman's.
ended, because the programmability was important, recalls.

Synonyms for recall

recall recollection reminiscence callback recollect remember retrieve think return withdraw echo