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Depression in a sentence | depression example sentences

  1. Depression hit her like a.
  2. Depression can also set in.
  3. My mother has had depression.
  4. My depression is lifting, too.
  5. Kate was in a deep depression.
  6. Of course, she has depression.
  7. A depression going back years.
  8. It can lessen your depression.
  9. Away with depression and gloom.
  10. Depression can happen to anyone.
  11. A degree of depression sets in.
  12. Make a small depression near it.
  13. The result is severe depression.
  14. Avoid depression like the plague.
  15. In addition to depression, many.
  16. Panos felt his depression lifting.
  17. Thomas sank into a deep depression.
  18. This drove to depression, though.
  19. Alexandra was in a deep depression.
  20. Some says she had depression problem.
  21. Technically, it was major depression.
  22. She's in a state of deep depression.
  23. During the Depression the officers.
  24. This state of depression some moms.
  25. What are the symptoms of depression?
  26. I sat in depression until it was six.
  27. But they didn’t end the depression.
  28. There were bouts of depression that.
  29. Hopelessness and depression were the.
  30. Given that anxiety and depression are.
  31. They were supposed to end the depression.
  32. She was drifting into a deep depression.
  33. Thus a fearful depression hangs over us.
  34. The depression moved him out of the game.
  35. They also usually suffer from depression.
  36. Depression Performance as a Test of Merit.
  37. The world slid into the Great Depression.
  38. When I can't sleep, depression gets worse.
  39. Economic depression hit in the late 1920s.
  40. Shoulder depression with arm in abduction.
  41. She was suffering from severe depression.
  42. Winter is a very bad time for my depression.
  43. From dreaming to depression, addiction to.
  44. I was first diagnosed with depression at 16.
  45. Depression Performance of Industrial Bonds.
  46. The fog of depression hanging over him lifts.
  47. Next would come depression, on the ‘roll’.
  48. He no longer felt overwhelmed with depression.
  49. He scorned at my loneliness and my depression.
  50. It was also the height of the Great Depression.
  51. She developed a severe depression and thought.
  52. This self-depreciation furthers the depression.
  53. Anxiety often goes hand-in-hand with depression.
  54. Perhaps another Depression might do the trick!.
  55. It can pull you out of a depression that is so.
  56. Really? I said as my depression evaporated.
  57. They help with depression, restless and anxiety.
  58. She went into a depression and kind of isolated.
  59. Put a spoonful of the mixture in each depression.
  60. After the Great Depression: they were never poor.
  61. Depression takes away the mind from staying alive.
  62. Many people see depression as a lifelong struggle.
  63. Now I can figure out how to cope with depression.
  64. Add his experience during the Depression to that.
  65. In a way his depression had become his salvation.
  66. There is nothing more infectious than depression.
  67. In winter, it is more seasonal depression anymore.
  68. I have suffered with depression since I was young.
  69. Depression must overpower the instinct to survive.
  70. Medraut is coming out of his black depression too.
  71. Every depression of tactile switch will cause the.
  72. Most suffer from depression and some are bi-polar.
  73. Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression.
  74. Market went into a sudden, nightmarish depression.
  75. Depression runs hard in my dad's side of the family.
  76. Depression is a potential gateway to enlightenment.
  77. We moved in under a shallow depression in the wall.
  78. She didn’t think it was depression or menopause.
  79. That was due to what? The depression? No, the mania.
  80. Note any depression that may have led to drug abuse.
  81. Heart-Walls, we have seen cases of severe depression.
  82. Terry’s doctor prescribed it for his depression.
  83. We were entering a depression the size of the 1930s.
  84. Many doctors suggest that women who have depression.
  85. Diffuse ST elevation and depression of PR intervals.
  86. Pacific that raised this country out of the depression.
  87. Heart-Walls can lead to depression, divorce, and abuse.
  88. The depression lay like some wounded animal scourged.
  89. A clinical depression is a chemical imbalance of the.
  90. Children can suffer from depression as well as adults.
  91. He got some emotional, confusion, and severe depression.
  92. One of the most serious effects of stress is depression.
  93. They grew up during the great depression and were able.
  94. He’d had bouts of depression since Pal had been born.
  95. It felt heavier than sadness, thicker, like depression.
  96. Her recent depression, however, was beyond her control.
  97. I left the RVH anxious and in a state of deep depression.
  98. Realize that anxiety and depression are mental illnesses.
  99. Depression in the family is associated with criminality.
  100. Omega-3 fatty acids is a natural way to treat depression.

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