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Respite in a sentence

It was the last respite.
But there was no respite.
He was glad of the respite.
The Nile offered no respite.
There was no respite at work.
Johan is glad of the respite.
I have endured without respite.

It’s the respite Simon needs.
And I will grant them a respite.
This furnished a sort of respite.
But, it’s only a short respite.
I probably had several hours respite.
He said, You are of those given respite.
I need a respite, a long, long, vacation.
THE SPRING BROUGHT a respite in the plague.
I got a temporary respite hiding inside a car.
She half stood … but it was a short respite.
This respite would give them some thinking time.
Always after a defeat and a respite, the Shadow.
Therein, you’ll have a short respite from the.
Although it wasnt dead I got a temporary respite.
It was his brightness indeed that gave me a respite.
The sortie upon the Rock gained only a brief respite.
I figured there was a twelve to twenty four hour respite.
I needed a respite from all the hustle and bustle of the.
Therefore, give the blasphemers respite, a brief respite.
The brief respite had given Alison all the time she needed.
At least I know that I get some respite once in a while.
Fighting the scribe meant the beast would lose that respite.
Indeed, this was a much needed respite, with mixed couples.
I thrust him away but it was only a very temporary respite.
In the moment of experiencing laughter a respite is gifted.
He said, Give me respite, until the Day they are resurrected.
Thankful for the respite, Credit patiently waited as the old.
He then graciously granted me a respite, and the next morning.
He waited till I drank the brew, a small respite from drudgery.
Deprived of this respite, I should have sunk under my hardships.
The goblins fell back in disarray, but the respite was short-lived.
In this way he secured for the army a respite of twenty-four hours.
He had no respite from that wretched situation until the day he died.
In the verse "…shall be lashed", there is a respiting and a caution, but it is not a long respite.

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During the eight years there had been respites.
Small respites of peace in-between the endless wars and killing.
Day and night the devoted Sisters slaved, with brief respites of sleep on sides of packing cases covered with a blanket; and it is small wonder that they all sickened and were removed in a dangerous condition to the hospital ship.

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