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Regress in a sentence

1. Without progression, you will regress.
2. Civilized progress is actually regress.
3. The undead regress back as far as they can.
4. Except that they do not regress back honestly.
5. What living humans call civilization is not progress; it is regress.
6. The lil bomber started to regress and he went back to his early childhood.
7. You regress back to the state of raw war: when the entire Earth was raw red.

8. The regress back to stupider and more obsolete forms of awareness and energy.
9. One such method is to regress each of the methods against the performance of the.
10. Since opportunities by style regress, past performance tends to be negatively correlated.
11. Then, the problem of infinite regress can rear its ugly head if it wishes, but as long as.
12. What is the greatest amendment? each screen an infinite regress of screens within screens.
13. Now it was Vayu who ordered his henchmen to regress, making it seem as if that storm might abate.
14. We regress future absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on market cap.
15. Marian began brooding, had fits of melancholia and I was afraid she would regress to her previous state.
16. Being diagnosed does not make me any more sick then the millions out there who deny, regress, and avoid, etc.
17. We regress absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/S ratio.
18. To regress to the times when every aspect of living was controlled by a king, emperor, or feudal lord is not my idea of progress.
19. All cultures try to escape hardships whenever possible… but how, and in what way…? They all try to regress back to the pre-natal safety of the womb.
20. We can regress as far as we like, but upon advancing we encounter a barrier, undoubtedly somehow erected by the Prophesy to block us from their timeline.
21. They regress monthly gross returns on three factors (the S&P 500, a bond return index, and a cash return index) to assess how much of the HF return reflects traditional beta sources.
22. We can readily obtain the desired estimates with the aid of the R function lm() as in the following program, in which we regress systolic blood pressure (SBP) as a function of age (Age):.
23. Mechanically, we just regress monthly excess Treasury returns on a set of indicators that are available at the beginning of the month—preferably using at least five years of monthly data.
24. Darci, who looked like the high-fashion buyer she was, albeit one who had changed into casual clothing, sat at the bar nursing a beer, her sad eyes watching the man she loved regress into a frat-boy slob.
25. Thereupon we had blemished ourselves with a mark of guilt since we had ventured out more than our basic means and our abilities were thus altered and changed into liabilities that could help us to progress or regress back again.
26. They regress single-stock return variances on S&P 500 index variance to estimate variance betas and find that stocks with higher variance betas are associated with higher variance risk premia (a wider gap between implied and realized variances).
27. To test this proposition, we regress the daily rate of change of the VIX, t RVIX, the rate of change of the S&P 500 portfolio, t RSPX, and the rate of change of the S&P 500 portfolio conditional on the market going down and 0 otherwise, RSPXt, that is.
28. It is a direct manipulation by the secret invisible undead of the first human inhabitants of America who have been pressuring living modern humans to regress their modern society back to the oldest stupidest most obsolete form of agricultural religion… the worshipping of a fucking plant.
29. They regress subsequent realized bond returns on five one-year forward rates (the marginal discount rates for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth years in the term structure) and find that across maturities all bond returns seem to be predicted by the same single forecasting factor.
30. What in the world gives these demented liberals of twenty-first century America the right, with a straight face, to tell us that their programs in any way relate to progress? Perhaps we should instead try regress, to the days when the Emperor, King, or feudal lord prescribed our lives for us.
31. The bloodbaths of the roman festive holidays is nothing more than a re-enactment of babies being ripped bloody and bleeding… unwanted, and unloved from their mother’s wombs… all seeking instinctively to go back to a time before they were unwanted… All seeking to regress, die, go back to the time when they were non-living non-organic energy… back when they were at least useful… not totally useless.
32. The writing on the wall written by the fingers of undead unseen things, thousands of years before writing was ever invented stares out at you from 75,000 yr-old rock paintings: the oldest form of abstraction on earth: it took thousands of years of their evil to get humans to devolve and regress and be poisoned to the point when later generations of living humans normalized this evil known as abstract writing.
33. In adolescence, they were more likely to be seen as shying away from social contacts; to be stubborn and indecisive; to be easily upset by frustrations; to think of themselves as bad or unworthy; to regress or become immobilised by stress; to be resentful and mistrustful about not ‘getting enough’; to be prone to jealousy and envy; to overreact to irritation with a sharp temper, so provoking arguments and fights.
1. We are not regressing.
2. I noticed that Corey was regressing.
3. She’s regressing back to childhood.
4. She was regressing back to childhood.
5. You cannot progress without regressing.
6. She was regressing to a pre-school state.
7. Alternatively, the dream is analogous to regressing into your subconscious.
8. You don’t believe this? Try regressing yourself back to when you were born.
9. Hey, I got that in the Cub Scouts whined Jeff, regressing to eight years old.
10. I’m regressing to the time in Mom’s belly, then back in the spiritual world and.
11. Hypnotherapists noted therapeutic effects could be realized by seemingly regressing.
12. Spearman rank correlations are associations made by regressing the ranked order of the.
13. We have turned the open table of Eartheart into a pyramid scheme of infinitely regressing money changing tables.
14. And yet through the misty swirl of the bubble he could see the garage was regressing; Harvo of another time was in there.
15. It came like an avalanche of images, words and feelings, one past incarnation after the other, always in regressing order.
16. Dynamic risk allocation was addressed (clumsily) by regressing past 24-month HF index returns on selected factors to find current weights.
17. We estimate a linear regression by regressing absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/B ratio.
18. We again estimate a linear regression by regressing absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/E ratio.
19. Unpleasant as it was though, he had to admit those in charge of the Hong Kong and Macau Office of the New China News Agency seemed to be not too out of touch with the way things were progressing, or regressing, in the territory.
20. Rolling 10-year slope coefficients when regressing excess currency returns on carry do consistently exceed zero and even one, suggesting that the assumption of the risk premium hypothesis (or random walk hypothesis, slope = 1) has been quite conservative.
21. The story of millions of years of evolution is compressed into the story of the Egyptian sun god: Ra his story screams out thee compressed insanity of undead entities slowly becoming more and more insane and more bored and more stupid, and regressing back further and further.
22. Regressing back to sitting in a tree watching the antics of other animals; as detached, passive little terrified monkeys is what the modern culture of mass media has done to billions of brainwashed, programmed, living people who all have undead entities secretly hiding inside them and all around them.
23. What was happening in that region was the undead were regressing and re-living and re-enacting the ancient assassinations of Philip the 1st of Macedonia,.
1. Ra regressed back MILLIONS OF YEARS.
2. When a client is hypnotically regressed back to a.
3. Toby had regressed to puppyhood, pooping and peeing on the.
4. It was the concept that regressed back to the first lizards.
5. My friend over there, seems to have regressed to a catatonic state of mind.
6. What’s going on in your life that you’ve regressed this far? We had a.
7. Have you regressed in the hundred years since we last spoke with your kind?
8. The reader should notice that when total debt alone was regressed against mid-range.
9. Since his arrest, Keith had regressed, seeming much younger than his twenty-seven years.
10. In this regression, future absolute EARET is regressed against historical absolute EARET.
11. Each variable was regressed against the change in next year’s mid-range stock price and.
12. For example, even though 78 percent of her first group of hypnotically regressed subjects.
13. This is how far Western society has regressed and corrupted and dehumanized the idea of Love.
14. Modern human culture has regressed back to the first African bushmen that made clicking noises.
15. They called these regressed unspeakably poisoned insane undead things: ‘angels with wings’.
16. They regressed to the idiocy of stone-age nature worshippers: worshipping everything around them.
17. Anyway, he soon progressed (regressed?) to calling me a dirty old bastard and making Viagra comments.
18. The modern culture of Cambodia regressed back to the Stone Age: it regressed back to the culture of Angkor Wat.
19. Their Feudalism regressed back to tiny holdings that were not as centralized as the Catholic Nations of Spain and France.
20. They were not much younger than she was, nineteen and twenty-one, but whenever they were on leave, they regressed to childhood.
21. Many people couldn’t bear the transformation and the confusion that came with it, so they regressed back to external leadership.
22. The undead of the regressed back hundreds of millions of years, back to the undead reptilian birds who could not fly away when they were live.
23. Steep backwardation also predicts future excess returns; when next month excess return is regressed on the roll, the slope coefficient (PF) is also 0.
24. They have purposefully and systematically kept living humans in a permanent sick, insane state of unnatural state of regressed infancy and immaturity.
25. These people who had successfully regressed to their former lives were able to provide past details, which were consistent with archives or historical records.
26. Read how the boys descended and regressed into the Stone Age brutality and mysticism and murder and killing: which was the original root of the culture they had come from.
27. For example, when Dr Michael Newton’s subjects are regressed to a point in time in between lives, his subjects usually report finding themselves alone in the familiar dark void.
28. The only genetic tactic to insure survival of a species that is older than sex is cloning: duplication: this is how far back the most intelligent species in the world has regressed.
29. As I suspected, all of the things that had marked their culture had been lost over the years, and they had regressed into a ragtag group of fugitives afraid to let themselves be seen.
30. After being idle several weeks, he began work for his MHS buddy, Adam Hillyer, at the latter’s Eagle’s Nest shop in Norwich, but the split regressed to 50/50, so I knew this could not last long.
31. In other words, modernize travel that has seemingly regressed to the horse and buggy era while investing in transportational and environmental technologies designed to hasten travel and promote cleaner air.
32. Steep backwardation predicts falling spot prices (to offset the roll advantage of longer futures); when the subsequent spot price change is regressed on the roll (futures-implied price change), the coefficient is 0.
33. As numerous studies since the 1980s have shown, when future exchange rate changes are regressed on forward-implied changes, slope coefficients tend to be negative, thereby contradicting the UIP (which predicts a slope of 1 in the first column).
1. All evil regresses back, and back… to older and more filthy evils.
2. If there is not some external being, the problem simply regresses indefinitely.

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