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Regress in a sentence

Without progression, you will regress.
Civilized progress is actually regress.
The undead regress back as far as they can.
Except that they do not regress back honestly.
forward, and not regress any further than we had.
change and regress, while tamas stands for chaos.
infinite regress of asking and re-asking WHY? ad infinitum.

surely—the world's technical prowess had started to regress,.
high and low, progress and regress, rest and strife — they all.
What living humans call civilization is not progress; it is regress.
cultivation of the most urbane and civilized attitudes, do we regress to.
The lil bomber started to regress and he went back to his early childhood.
as this would lead to infinite regress This argument appears simplistic in.
You regress back to the state of raw war: when the entire Earth was raw red.
The regress back to stupider and more obsolete forms of awareness and energy.
upset by frustrations; to think of themselves as bad or unworthy; to regress or.
One such method is to regress each of the methods against the performance of the.
Since opportunities by style regress, past performance tends to be negatively correlated.
Then, the problem of infinite regress can rear its ugly head if it wishes, but as long as.
but merely a mental component of regress triggering a sort of déjà vu and a realization that.
What is the greatest amendment? each screen an infinite regress of screens within screens.
Now it was Vayu who ordered his henchmen to regress, making it seem as if that storm might abate.
We regress future absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on market cap.
Marian began brooding, had fits of melancholia and I was afraid she would regress to her previous state.
19: Which method should be used to regress U as a function of W in the following cases, OLS, LAD, or EIV?.
] People with all the outer mechanisms of adaptation intact might, one would think, regress more complexly.
Being diagnosed does not make me any more sick then the millions out there who deny, regress, and avoid, etc.
We regress absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/S ratio.
To regress to the times when every aspect of living was controlled by a king, emperor, or feudal lord is not my idea of progress.
All cultures try to escape hardships whenever possible… but how, and in what way…? They all try to regress back to the pre-natal safety of the womb.
We are not regressing.
could say it’s regressing.
I noticed that Corey was regressing.
She’s regressing back to childhood.
She was regressing back to childhood.
You cannot progress without regressing.
She was regressing to a pre-school state.
felt awful that Cynthia was regressing and crying.
doubt, she was regressing to an earlier time in her troubled.
Alternatively, the dream is analogous to regressing into your subconscious.
You don’t believe this? Try regressing yourself back to when you were born.
Hey, I got that in the Cub Scouts whined Jeff, regressing to eight years old.
I’m regressing to the time in Mom’s belly, then back in the spiritual world and.
Hypnotherapists noted therapeutic effects could be realized by seemingly regressing.
Spearman rank correlations are associations made by regressing the ranked order of the.
We have turned the open table of Eartheart into a pyramid scheme of infinitely regressing money changing tables.
And yet through the misty swirl of the bubble he could see the garage was regressing; Harvo of another time was in there.
It came like an avalanche of images, words and feelings, one past incarnation after the other, always in regressing order.
Dynamic risk allocation was addressed (clumsily) by regressing past 24-month HF index returns on selected factors to find current weights.
What was happening in that region was the undead were regressing and re-living and re-enacting the ancient assassinations of Philip the 1st of Macedonia,.
We estimate a linear regression by regressing absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/B ratio.
We again estimate a linear regression by regressing absolute earnings announcement returns against a rank variable based on the most recent end-of-month P/E ratio.
Unpleasant as it was though, he had to admit those in charge of the Hong Kong and Macau Office of the New China News Agency seemed to be not too out of touch with the way things were progressing, or regressing, in the territory.
Rolling 10-year slope coefficients when regressing excess currency returns on carry do consistently exceed zero and even one, suggesting that the assumption of the risk premium hypothesis (or random walk hypothesis, slope = 1) has been quite conservative.
The story of millions of years of evolution is compressed into the story of the Egyptian sun god: Ra his story screams out thee compressed insanity of undead entities slowly becoming more and more insane and more bored and more stupid, and regressing back further and further.
Regressing back to sitting in a tree watching the antics of other animals; as detached, passive little terrified monkeys is what the modern culture of mass media has done to billions of brainwashed, programmed, living people who all have undead entities secretly hiding inside them and all around them.
Ra regressed back MILLIONS OF YEARS.
8 After 15 weeks, none of the regressed warts had.
When a client is hypnotically regressed back to a.
7 percent female lives when regressed to their past.
Toby had regressed to puppyhood, pooping and peeing on the.
It was the concept that regressed back to the first lizards.
may have regressed back a bit in some areas, but not that far.
regressed and thought about the practical applications of those last two.
My friend over there, seems to have regressed to a catatonic state of mind.
What’s going on in your life that you’ve regressed this far? We had a.
how subjects could be regressed back beyond early birthdays and spoke of pass-.
freely regressed against mid-range prices without reference to any sub category.
Have you regressed in the hundred years since we last spoke with your kind?.
these when they are regressed against next year’s earnings: fundamentals have no.
The reader should notice that when total debt alone was regressed against mid-range.
Since his arrest, Keith had regressed, seeming much younger than his twenty-seven years.
of capital structure may be exhibited; some of the variables were regressed against each.
In this regression, future absolute EARET is regressed against historical absolute EARET.
Each variable was regressed against the change in next year’s mid-range stock price and.
For example, even though 78 percent of her first group of hypnotically regressed subjects.
range price, when regressed against next year’s stock price, it had a probability of no.
This is how far Western society has regressed and corrupted and dehumanized the idea of Love.
Modern human culture has regressed back to the first African bushmen that made clicking noises.
They called these regressed unspeakably poisoned insane undead things: ‘angels with wings’.
They regressed to the idiocy of stone-age nature worshippers: worshipping everything around them.
Anyway, he soon progressed (regressed?) to calling me a dirty old bastard and making Viagra comments.
The modern culture of Cambodia regressed back to the Stone Age: it regressed back to the culture of Angkor Wat.
Their Feudalism regressed back to tiny holdings that were not as centralized as the Catholic Nations of Spain and France.
They were not much younger than she was, nineteen and twenty-one, but whenever they were on leave, they regressed to childhood.
Many people couldn’t bear the transformation and the confusion that came with it, so they regressed back to external leadership.
All evil regresses back, and back… to older and more filthy evils.
If there is not some external being, the problem simply regresses indefinitely.
• Another regresses next decade inflation on past decade inflation and uses the fitted value as the expected inflation estimate.

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regress regression retrogression reversion lapse relapse retrogress retrograde return revert