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Lapse in a sentence

lapse any second now.
A lapse in symptoms (e.
because of the lapse of time.
Sleep is merely a lapse in mem-.
The kind luxurious lapse and steal.
Hear the cool lapse of hours pass,.

There shouldn’t have been a lapse.
violent convulsions, lapse into coma.
To the lapse, uneducated eye of.
A few moments of tense silence lapse.
What was the time lapse there?.
Before this lapse in judgment, he’d.
She knows it was just a temporary lapse.
There was a lapse in my memory from that day.
Hath gathered credence with the lapse of time.
when there is a lapse in memory or communication.
But that is to be expected from one so lapse.
The moment I was about to lapse in sleep, someone.
Such a lapse in concentration could get one killed.
There was no way for me to calculate the time lapse.
the time-space lapse would last exactly twelve hours,.
After the lapse of a good quarter of an hour, and some.
After the lapse of a few minutes, he was no longer blind.
He liked to lapse into the dialect when he talked to her.
Forgetting about their presence, the lapse cost him dear.
It was at this epoch that Marius, after the lapse of six.
How wonderful, she said, not noticing his lapse in.
It couldn’t be real or the embarrassing lapse that had.
without knowing? A lapse in memory: is it a proof of non-.
I noticed her panic made her lapse into her native language.
You are lapsing because it is wearing off.
It resulted in them lapsing from going to Mass on a regular basis.
Lapsing lighthearted, she said, Methinks Alex doth protest too.
They were lapsing into the relationship they'd had before the Moorhen.
country, Houston said, lapsing into a serious tone now that business was.
Her mother was talking at last, just as the daughter was lapsing into silence.
Over our dessert of lemon syllabub, Mia regales us with her exploits in Paris, lapsing at one point into fluent French.
Hypothermia is progressive - one's body program passes through several levels before lapsing into an subconscious condition.
Even in the lifetime of the apostles, each church was prevented from lapsing into apostasy only by the watchful care of the founders.
What does this state of political structure mean for Jews? I believe it provides the sort of state in which lapsed and lapsing Jews feel safest, and which they strive to replicate wherever they live.
Certain it was that I was lapsing into sleep, the open eyed sleep of one who yields to a sweet fascination, when there came through the snow-stilled air a long, low wail, so full of woe and pity that it woke me like the sound of a clarion.
seen, that passion was no excuse for her, because it is undeniable that instead of lapsing into passion, she consciously and deliberately took extraordinary pains to force herself into it, and became blindly furious by regular stages; "what was the name he gave me before the base man who swore to defend me? Oh! Hold me! Oh!".
Because they are the furthest removed action for a person living the life they are in, at the point of the receipt of the news: becoming world champions in sport at entirely the wrong age, selling everything to launch a business idea, leaving everything they know to cleave a new life in a foreign country where there is no chance of lapsing back into the ways of Blighty, dedicating their lives to a cause which they feel warrants such a sacrifice with the most incredible, world-changing results.
Her voice lapsed.
We lapsed into silence.
His attention lapsed.
The group lapsed into.
I lapsed into thought.
daughter lapsed into Tamil.
Sometimes he lapsed into a.
Then he lapsed into silence.
' He lapsed back into silence.
Hope now lapsed thoughtful.
She lapsed into dismayed silence.
She lapsed back into sleep again.
The brothers lapsed into silence.
lapsed on the dressing table chair.
She lapsed into self-loathing again.
We both lapsed into hopeless silence.
Then they lapsed into silence again.
Time lapsed on toward one future state.
Finally he lapsed into dignified silence.
lapsed, who bethinking by the heaven etc.
without realizing how… much time has lapsed.
That, lapsed in time and passion, lets go by.
Some seconds lapsed before the man spoke again.
They had now lapsed into another era of silence.
Rosemary lapsed into silence again, remembering.
President MacArthur lapsed into a sudden silence.
Robert lapsed into silence, staring out over the.
He had lapsed into the non-state of the Empty Ones.
if I were running lapses.
Even writers have lapses.
from Ottawa to probe the lapses.
Your sleep comes on in minute long lapses.
the same thing during short lapses between.
The time lapses; the instant transportation from.
I mean, you could be… He lapses into thought.
Lapses are very common and typically pass with time.
But then he lapses into deep concentration for a minute.
occasional lapses of judgment, the occasional confusions, the.
I was so nervous that I have memory lapses of the sequence of events.
severe ethical lapses that he either allowed to occur or failed to detect.
justifications and memory lapses that obliterate your actions from your mind.
procedures at the branches and comment on the lapses observed in this regard.
experienced lapses of memory during which he failed to recognise colleagues of.
Remy and those curious lapses from the dignity that might be expected of the managers.
Reason is subject to lapses in judgment; that is to say, subject to variation and change.
memory lapses in the morning following an evening when I've been over-served by sadistic.
The man was plain stupid; worse, he was arrogant about it, flaunting his frequent logic lapses.
Jason, of course, was unaware of the lurid lapses Bruce experienced during intimacies with Juliet.
You think all existence lapses in as quiet a flow as that in which your youth has hitherto slid away.
Coast Guard officials initially were concerned with alleged port security lapses and potential risks.
Unless they are suffering temporary lapses of sanity, they do not double-cross or cheat their employers.
The good tended to serve his needs with only occasional lapses, but the bad seemed to be with him always.
Except for 2 lapses in 11 years, when I had been at parties and consumed a lot of alcohol, I have been totally off the smoking.
World Weary Avengers could not afford any lapses; they were the owners of some extremely advanced and therefore dangerous technology.
Memory lapses, scratches I don’t know how I got, and I know this sounds stupid, but some of my clothes don’t even fit anymore.
D’ata’s repeated lapses and blatant confessions demonstrated rebellion against God and, consequently, were the most serious of nature.
It is more of an agreement really, if one partner wants to end the relationship then all they have to do is wait till the agreement lapses which is every three months.
Gnazzo left UTC for a job with a Long Island company, Computers Associates, which promptly was debarred and humiliated in the financial markets for severe ethical lapses.

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