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Revert in a sentence

1. To God all matters revert.
2. But I won't revert to that again.
3. Indeed, to God all matters revert.
4. I will revert back into a beast within a.
5. The path would revert once again to critical.
6. Does it tend to trend or revert to the mean?
7. The Economy will not revert to the mid-2000s.
8. Jason was tempted to revert back to the easy.
9. But please, revert back to your normal size.
10. And then? Must he revert to Ellen always?
11. Let us now revert to D, the place where we began.
12. These animals always revert back, it is their nature.
13. The stocks will inevitably revert to their losing ways.
14. Wanted to revert back to the old days when uniform was.
15. Once this obsession with the body goes, you will revert to.
16. What’s more, if I revert while you are still here, I will.
17. Could the people revert to pagan worship in such a short period.
18. It is clear at this point that the universe cannot revert back.
19. I was about again to revert to the probability of a union between Mr.
20. When the Code is updated then yes it will revert to its own language.
21. It goes nowhere and will revert to the main string relatively quickly.
22. And even if he does, the odds are he will revert to form the next year.
23. Once you are gone, this place will simply revert back to its bad old ways.
24. These keloids can be injected with steroids to revert them to normal skin.
25. And even if they were sent back, they would revert to what they were forbidden.
26. When facing a problem of this kind, I revert to my own judgment and conscience.
27. After a certain amount of time out in the wild they would revert back to nature.
28. It’s never too late to revert, but you should at least give it a proper chance.
29. Then, when you start coughing your guts out, you revert back to liver damage again.
30. To keep the bloodstone from touching him, he had to revert to an insubstantial form.
31. A bar borrowed on your wife’s money that would revert to her in case of a divorce.
32. He would revert to the silent Spencer once he had been back at work the following day.
34. This then means that people would have to revert to the old way of getting things done.
35. Statistically, we know that a large move away from the mean, will revert in the opposite.
36. Without a child, if he happened to die, nine tenths of his money would revert to his family.
37. Singh, would show it to the Gujarat chief minister, who would revert almost instantaneously.
38. We have hopes that his withdrawal will revert now that the threat to him has been removed.
39. If it doesn’t get confirmed then the share price could revert to what it was before the bid.
40. The four companions were travelling light because they would soon need to revert to their feet.
41. They will revert your cancerous cells to a healthy state, all of them, swiftly and permanently.
42. It is not unknown for a professional woman to revert to tribal customs when with her grandparents.
43. I beg them to revert to that instrument, in which all the sins of our political father, George III.
44. If you revert to an electric lawnmower you solve the latter problem but you still utilize electricity.
45. That the land should revert to the widow, since the arrangement was always intended to be temporary.
46. Although prices may occasionally deviate from this, they eventually seem to revert to this 3:1 relationship.
47. Besides, to this component, his growth as an embryo before his birth and his coming out to this world revert.
48. If they did win, then they could have the Well, and if they didn’t, they could always revert back to Plan A.
49. If the out-of-the-money option is expensive, then revert to the previous rule and buy the in-the-money option.
50. She was of the kind ever ready to revert to the subject of round dances or divorce with a High Church dignitary.
51. When I interviewed Jack Bogle for this book, he repeated one of his mantras: Markets always revert to the mean.
52. A keloid formed over the wound and I had to inject myself with steroid to flatten it and revert the skin to normal.
53. Now that immediate danger was past, Raul’s objective, whatever that might be, would revert to its original design.
54. The presumption is that market prices will gradually revert toward fair values that are proxied by such value anchors.
55. In a way he was cheating, and because of that he would one day soon need to revert back to ordinary sub-telepathic life.
56. For once in his life Von Cramm could revert back to the man he was almost fifty years before, Major General Joseph Beck.
57. As market prices revert into a comfortable range, implied volatility and historical volatility again come together.
58. Nine times out ten, the VIX shorter-dated option will likely revert back to the pricing suggested by the longer-dated one.
59. I think they’re still wondering whether I’ve really changed, or whether I’ll revert to being the guy I used to be.
60. The children greeted their grandparents with joy and Joe as always, seemed to revert to childhood himself in their presence.
61. I will revert to my previous physical state, but first I need to release the energy that created my armor into your body.
62. Then he would suddenly revert to the matter of the food I withheld from him, praying, begging, weeping, at last threatening.
63. We revert to behaving like animals when we drink and inevitably a fight broke out, daggers were drawn and blood was spilled.
64. After finishing their terms and being released from jail these men would soon revert to their criminal ways and their evil deeds.
65. The one pang which her fate brought to her was the fear that when her influence was removed I should revert to that which I had been.
66. Include facts that stay in the memory of your audience long after the speech ended, this will make them think about you and revert to you.
67. I knew it was merely play and that I could revert back to my normal appearance at any time, but I had difficulty accepting myself as it was.
68. Once the crisis is gone, then we revert back to our normal adversarial competitive lifestyles, and this temporary closeness also disappears.
69. When you are just learning these techniques, it is too easy to revert to victim stance, and to begin amplifying how terrible the situation is.
70. If Sparky were to depart a little early, there’d be room for another wealthy resident and Sparky’s assets would revert to the care facility.
71. And as two friends, after a long separation, will revert to the most agitated period of their lives, they began to talk of the Sulaco Revolution.
72. If the price ratio between the two metals were to revert back to its historical average, then silver prices would outperform gold by more than 2:1.
73. We are told of similar mental peculiarities running in families, and again of a tendency, as in the animals, to revert to a common or original stock.
74. What people or social situations will tempt you to revert back to old habits that you’re trying to break? How will you deal with those situations?
75. Some systems may just use the smaller of the two values, while others might revert to the default value of 536 bytes used when no MSS option is supplied.
76. Trained budgies can quickly lose their training if placed into a large cage with several untrained budgies, as they revert to bonding with other budgies.
77. She knew that sensation was caused by the small fraction of the sensors that were still destructive and let the measured quantum state revert to unknown.
78. Now that we know a bit more about ourselves, let's revert to our current concrete reality and see how we can use the opportunities placed at our disposal.
79. The paper said that if Ser Eustace were to die without a male heir of his body, Standfast would revert to the crown, and Lord Webber’s privileges would end.
80. We can not say with certainty, that if the next operating momentum indicator is not within these numbers, it will revert back to the mean, but since it will.
81. And now we have a United States president demanding that Israel revert to the limits of its territory prior to the 1967 war, when Israel was only nine miles wide.
82. When markets revert to more normal conditions, they are not able to adapt to the slower pace and to a trading environment that requires real skill and discipline.
83. For without us, your existence would become short, nasty, and brutish—and you would revert to life as it would have been had you been living isolated in nature.
84. However, once the image is gone, the person will not revert back into their less glamorous self, instead they will remain, as they were when the picture vanished.
85. If you assume that HV is mean reverting and this is the basis of IV (implied volatility), you can almost be certain that implied volatility mean will revert as well.
86. And with regard to the other land, the present holders should be allowed to retain possession of it during their lives and then it should revert to the State, to be.
87. He had to concentrate on his English or his tongue would revert back to a thick Gaelic dialect, and then his words would roll like the very peat of the Irish hillsides.
88. If they do not follow a logical pattern in the trend, then the market is potentially weak, and may simply revert back into a period of congestion at a slightly higher level.
89. Although not as obvious as the Eurostox 50 Index in Figure 20-14, we can still detect the tendency of long-term implied volatility to revert to a mean, perhaps around 40 percent.
90. It was considered, that you dead, the fortune would naturally revert to your brother, unless he were disinherited; and besides, the crime appearing useless, it would be folly to commit it.
91. Let me first revert to the slow progress of Christianity in Africa, Christianity, soon after the apostolic age, made one of its brightest triumphs in Northern Africa—in Egypt and Abyssinia.
92. Pleasanter by far will it be, and certainly appropriate on this good Thanksgiving Day, to revert for a few moments to the splendid achievements, under God, of these faithful, Christian workers.
93. While owning silver versus gold during that two year span was not the best strategy, I feel the two metals will revert back to the mean and therefore silver should outperform gold in the coming years.
94. As I often like to remind option traders, it has been my experience that every option strategy left unmanaged will eventually revert to the mean, and given a sufficient number of trades will break even.
95. She has always been excessively shy and in any company, is liable to revert to the protection of silence, but it seems a great sadness to me that she was never able to fulfil the natural destiny of woman.
96. Asset returns have a tendency to mean revert over long time periods; an asset with stellar returns over the past 10 years is more likely than not to have below-average returns in the subsequent 10 years.
97. After ingesting some of it, research professor Grant and wife Rogers revert to their teenage selves with predictable results—screwball or slapstick—though the fun can only go so far before it gets tedious.
98. When he doesn’t, they begin to doubt their own conscience, and afterwards they revert back to their ancestors for survival when in fact it is them who should be carrying their ancestors into the other worlds.
99. We know we are out-manned, and out-gunned, so we have to revert to the same asymmetrical tactics that were used so effectively by the Viet Cong and the Iranian Jihadist who infiltrated the US before the Iran War.
100. To revert to Mr Bloom who, after his first entry, had been conscious of some impudent mocks which he however had borne with as being the fruits of that age upon which it is commonly charged that it knows not pity.
1. I was reverting back to kitten-hood.
2. As for reverting to your old ways –.
3. Conan was reverting to his pristine type.
4. Reverting to the poker face she had used.
5. We know that temperatures tend to be mean reverting.
6. And a sense of that mean we always hear the VIX is reverting to.
7. We might consider reverting to the position as it was in the.
8. You’re reverting to the mental pathways you used in early childhood.
9. She rose stiffly, her mind reverting to all the happenings of the night.
10. All sat and reverting to limit 1 and started planning for further actions.
11. Sterile little waterways were reverting to the swamps from which they came.
12. Which firm is the order for, Miss Ashton? asked Jack reverting to his formal address.
13. Reverting to normal time, she walked back down to the ground level and went to Heracles’ room.
14. Moreover, the value of the VIX is influenced by the mean reverting characteristics of volatility.
15. Wouldn’t that be reverting back to the way I used to be? I have done it many times in the past.
16. Monygham, before, reverting to their previous conversation, he continued in a sinister tone, Si, senor doctor.
17. He had simply babbled on uttering empty phrases, letting slip a few enigmatic words and again reverting to incoherence.
18. This evening he started upon an enquiry, but got as far as "And has that -" before thinking better of it and reverting to silence.
19. Me: I feel I still don’t have a good approach yet to asserting myself in these situations w/o reverting to my old dickish ways.
20. It is the way forward, I know it, she said, reverting to speaking aloud as she paced the length of the old Council meeting room.
21. The blood stopped pouring from its neck, reverting the direction of its flow and regenerating the white, severed tip of its spinal cord.
22. Perhaps reverting to the cootie rules of childhood, the two men with Alzheimer’s disease sat together at their own table, apart from the women.
23. The next day, when they were out canoeing together, Elfrida surprised him by reverting suddenly to one of the first conversations of their acquaintance.
24. He’d gone through all the stages of insanity and mental breakdown one can go through, and was now currently reverting to a state of catatonic silence.
25. Her reverting to this tone as if our association were forced upon us, and we were mere puppets, gave me pain; but everything in our intercourse did give me pain.
26. However, reverting to the original, there were on the other hand others who had forced their way to the top from the lowest rung by the aid of their bootstraps.
27. If you assume that HV is mean reverting and this is the basis of IV (implied volatility), you can almost be certain that implied volatility mean will revert as well.
28. And for those sorts of missions, all of the units’ mortars could be concentrated, with control temporarily reverting from the forward companies to higher authority.
29. For nearly half a century, this ratio was rather neatly mean reverting, providing good relative value signals for asset allocation trades between stock and bond markets.
30. But as we’ve seen before, those unsustainable returns are indeed unsustainable, with returns quickly fading and the losers soon reverting to their atrocious performance.
31. Reverting to the Christian ethos that is the proselytizing forerunner of dogmatic uprightness and religious intolerance, we would have the seeds of strife that Islam sows nowadays.
32. Reverting to our examples, it will be seen at once that the Commonwealth Edison 3½s could properly have been purchased as an investment without any regard to the conversion feature.
33. As the heat in my soul rose to a combustible level I forgot the rudiments of the English language, reverting to a lingua franca that combined the best of the gutter from East and West.
34. Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the kingdom and enjoy the refreshment that comes from reverting to your former vocations or from discovering new sorts of recreational activity.
35. Because there is no risk of early assignment, if IV gets too low or too high, the VIX options should not price to the cash market, but toward some expectation of the VIX reverting to its mean.
36. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the women are disposable chattel concepts of ages thankfully past.
37. Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the "women are disposable chattel" concepts of ages thankfully long past.
38. Reverting to our example, if it were quite certain, or even reasonably probable, that Stock A is more likely to advance to 50 than Stock B to advance to 33, then both issues would not be quoted at 30.
39. The best of intentions must inevitably come full circle, reverting back to God whose Grace alone is the prerequisite for our salvation; the Beginning and the End of who we are, what we do and how we do it.
40. But then, as Sasha reminded Barbara, Putin, the ex-Director of the KGB, was now President, and things were again changing for the worse, with signs that the State machine was reverting slowly to its old ways.
41. They lived in isolated royal seclusion, away from the Royal court; with the whole family reverting back to nature: swimming naked, as naked stupid bearded Russian apes reverting back to a primordial stupidity.
42. Mademoiselle de Villefort will share them with you; for I entreat her to give to the poor the immense fortune reverting to her from her father, now a madman, and her brother who died last September with his mother.
43. This human woman who stands before us now was once the young female with the sword? Reverting for a moment to full, mad Unseelie Prince, he swivels his head and fixes Jada with an empty stare, iridescent eyes flashing as he realizes what that means.
44. It seemed so dismal to go up-stairs, with the wild snow blowing outside, and my thoughts continually reverting to the kirk-yard and the new-made grave! I dared hardly lift my eyes from the page before me, that melancholy scene so instantly usurped its place.
45. The greatest catastrophe of that kind that the newcomers knew of had destroyed reality in an area as wide as the distance from Kellaran’s star to the next nearest one, but that had finally finished reverting to normal void after two and a half million years.
46. Overall, commodity sector data do not appear consistent with theories which say that term structure shape reflects the market’s spot rate expectations, although expectations of spot rates reverting to their long-term mean play a role during scarcity-induced spot price spikes.
47. Meanwhile tiny Miss Noble carried on her arm a small basket, into which she diverted a bit of sugar, which she had first dropped in her saucer as if by mistake; looking round furtively afterwards, and reverting to her teacup with a small innocent noise as of a tiny timid quadruped.
48. What Icke saw demonstrates how these dead things hide inside the auras of living people and only reveal themselves when they want to… exerting their presence unpredictably at odd times, in momentary flashes, and instantly reverting back to an undetectable passive presence which is not noticed by the person they secretly hide inside all the time.
49. The merchant who says: "Montpellier not active, Marseilles fine quality," the broker on 'change who says: "Assets at end of current month," the gambler who says: "Tiers et tout, refait de pique," the sheriff of the Norman Isles who says: "The holder in fee reverting to his landed estate cannot claim the fruits of that estate during the hereditary seizure of the real estate by the mortgagor," the playwright who says:.
50. But in reverting to his official correspondence, and particularly to a despatch addressed on the 20th of April to His Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, I find that he there states, that he submitted to your consideration the three conditions specified in those instructions, as the groundwork of an arrangement which, according to information received from this country, it was thought in England might be made, with a prospect of great mutual advantage.
51. However reverting to friend Sinbad and his horrifying adventures (who reminded him a bit of Ludwig, alias Ledwidge, when he occupied the boards of the Gaiety when Michael Gunn was identified with the management in the Flying Dutchman , a stupendous success, and his host of admirers came in large numbers, everyone simply flocking to hear him though ships of any sort, phantom or the reverse, on the stage usually fell a bit flat as also did trains) there was nothing intrinsically incompatible about it, he conceded.
52. Lorry, reverting to the theme,.
1. He reverted back to his old self.
2. I reverted to the business in hand.
3. Long nor in wish nor thought reverted.
4. It had reverted to it’s original form.
5. Most of the land has reverted to marshes.
6. Silencing David Jabran reverted to his job.
7. After the laughter, Bev then reverted to.
8. Finally he reverted to English again - with.
9. Sometimes when I reverted I came here to rest.
10. Around these parts we’ve reverted to bartering.
11. The Yogeshwar has reverted to and stressed the or-.
12. But he immediately reverted to form and began to fret.
13. But immediately he reverted to form and began to fret.
14. I became a reverted Quaker with Jewish ancestry, as.
15. Relieved as his mind reverted to that, he answered:.
16. They don’t agree,’ Ananya said, as we reverted to.
17. The screen reverted to its saver screen and Al-Faroque.
18. Then his reflections reverted to himself and beside Jean.
19. Miravelle has reverted more and more to a childlike state.
20. Then his mind reverted to the beings whom he had under his.
21. Ish nodded as the Australian batsman reverted to the crease.
22. They were sons of civilization, reverted to a semi-barbarism.
23. OK, good bye, Fatima said as the screen reverted to the.
24. She had reverted slightly to the Boston-to-Cairo-flight Corina.
25. By the time we returned Norah had reverted to her old appearance.
26. Once the contract was near termination, those assets reverted to.
27. Eventually in a mess she had reverted back to her Auntie’s home.
28. In the 1990s, before Hong Kong was reverted from British to Chinese.
29. When they were unable to succeed through guile, they reverted to the.
30. The rose bed was hardly visible in what had now reverted from garden to bush.
31. The major his gaze almost immediately reverted to the proprietor of the room.
32. The sax man had reverted to his old ways, playing from memory, missing notes.
33. She repeated that sentence in those three languages and then reverted to Greek.
34. They responded to kindness, but once that stimulus was removed, they reverted.
35. More importantly, Christianity had in many areas reverted to its jealous and.
36. Since then the rights have reverted to me, and I self-published it as an ebook.
37. Following Jose’s leave Ben reverted back to his analysis of the gym’s lobby.
38. Maddened at the disappearance of his sweetheart, the barbarian reverted to type.
39. Gervais intervened with a joke, and the talk reverted to its former lively tone.
40. Tony changed the date of the inauguration party of his home and reverted to his.
41. But my brother's attention speedily reverted to the distant firing in the south.
42. They talked about Mrs Frith for a time, and then reverted to more mundane matters.
43. Her name is Gwendolyn Gerrish, she reverted to her maiden name after the divorce.
44. But they reverted to their old ideas: You certainly know that these do not speak.
45. Seeing that the other Guardians were using human forms, they reverted back as well.
46. On my subsequent visits, we reverted to the old camaraderie of the pre-Moni period.
47. In essence, the New Economy was over because the market reverted to its mean;.
48. She consulted me and after a few steroid injections, the skin has reverted to normal.
49. Jenny had once again reverted to silence, and stared at the place my finger aimed at.
50. Dewey had finally reverted to his human form, and he looked smaller than he ever did.
51. We also had an instant trade version but reverted back to orders because of slippage.
52. When taken off guard by some unexpected occurrence, he reverted instinctively to type.
53. Edmund reverted to the harp, and was again very happy in the prospect of hearing her play.
54. So you know what this is all about then? the policeman reverted to his official tone.
55. When she died, he reverted to his original will, which he changed again when he married Zee.
56. Even Peter, in his writing, only once reverted to the personal religious life of his Master.
57. He gestured at the photograph of the house, and the screen reverted to the original collage.
59. Gould, the providence of the Viola family, but reverted to what he called our great Nostromo.
60. Their gazes held on one another for a few more moments and then Puller reverted to business mode.
61. After Neanderthals were killed off… they reverted back to their older African cultural roots….
62. Quarles was silent for what seemed a long time, then he reverted to English and said, Yes, I do.
63. The manual rites then ceased and all present reverted to the more spiritual part of the ceremonies.
64. As everyone entering the Afterlife does, his mother had reverted in appearance to her youthful self.
65. For a fraction of time, everything was reverted from infant to young age Pranjit- a concoct picture.
66. He endeavoured to soothe me as a nurse does a child and reverted to my tale as the effects of delirium.
67. All that day, again and again, they reverted to the discussion of this question of the answer to prayer.
68. She reverted to her native language in her excitement as she called down to the crowd of witnesses below.
69. When Joey did as instructed the bat reverted to its bladed form with crackles of energy across its shiny body.
70. He and Abdul then had a conversation in Arabic, and then reverted to English to speak with Miguel about Towhee.
71. Those who reverted after the guidance became clear to them-Satan has enticed them, and has given them latitude.
72. There was no way to read his reaction to what he said; Jason had reverted back to inscrutable billionaire mode.
73. The Picts had also reverted to flint, but had advanced more rapidly in the matter of population and war-science.
74. After they no longer had a common mortal enemy: they reverted back to their older cultural-racist-ethnic hatreds.
75. At that point his allocation reverted to normal and he continued holding a normal allocation until January 2, 2001.
76. They reverted to solid clay, though one was stil wearing rubber gloves and holding a feather duster, which looked.
77. Before becoming a nun Caris had enjoyed dressing fashionably, and after renouncing her vows she had reverted to type.
78. If anyone gave or asked for personal news, it was done in a whisper and they immediately reverted to general matters.
79. I reverted to acting like a 12-year-old kid when I arrived, while Aidan just smiled happily watching me being so giddy.
80. And it came to pass, when the judge was dead, that they reverted and behaved more corruptly than their fathers (Judg.
81. Such momentum may be related to buildup of the overreaction found by DeBondt and Thaler, and which reverted after 12 months.
82. All was useless, the treasure disappeared, and had again reverted to the genii from whom for a moment he had hoped to carry it off.
83. No one had ever been able to tame a Snotig; they were a feral animal, deadly when penned in; they always reverted to their wild nature.
84. As soon as contact with her personification ceased, she reverted back to the repulsive Major Imogene Tengine he had known the whole voyage.
85. The focus then reverted to risk-based explanations and to addressing the peso problem hypothesis with a new twist—the use of options data.
86. Darkburst knew that he'd been born an albino, but it was still a thorough shock to realised that somehow he'd reverted to that original state.
87. The conversation about Alice was immediately reverted to cars when a very sporty red car drove past, sending all the petrol-heads into a frenzy.
88. Because he hadn’t called his wolf, the words he normally invoked to insure his clothing reappeared when he reverted back to human were missing.
89. In this chapter we frequently reverted to the concept of threshold that strongly influences both the potential profit and criterion effectiveness.
90. Akhim confirmed that many hours later, and told Grimes he had paid Lang off who’d reverted back to his own identity, with all evidence destroyed.
91. It was soon established that there was no real threat to the integrity of the network, however, and it quickly reverted to its normal mode of operation.
92. I am a gargoyle, Murphy snarled and reverted to his imposing stone, winged seven foot monster with red eyes and fangs, gray skinned and leathery wings.
93. Whilst he was waiting for the foreman to shout `Yo! Ho!' his mind reverted to the Beano, and he began to hum the tunes of some of the songs that had been sung.
94. The fact he did not recognise the name ‘Simpson’ was understandable, Lucy had reverted to her maiden name of Proctor, and only the Trust knew her married name.
95. Later she tried to communicate with her but discovered the language barrier and they both reverted to an improvised sign language accompanied by innumerable smiles.
96. It was as if without lights, without computers, pocket electronics and mobile phones, without television and the Internet, people had reverted back to a primitive era.
97. Not getting anywhere, I reverted to an old game, one invented long ago as an insomnia counterattack but also useful on long bus rides as a distraction from carsickness.
98. Wearing a short-sleeved kurta and a red Rajasthani safa, Modi reverted to his success mantra in the 2014 elections—a masterful orator directly communicating with the voter.
99. Bob, exhausted from his efforts to win over his wife and the eventual realisation that he would never walk again become violently depressed, and as a result reverted to type.
100. According to province law, if a legal heir hadn’t come forward by the end of 24 years, all rights would have been forfeited and the house and estate reverted back to Marcus Canossa.
1. The next pair reverts back to more colorful naming.
2. Krishn again reverts to what he has already said:.
3. To conclude his argument, how-ever, Krishn reverts to the ne-.
4. The spirit grew ever darker, claiming more reverts to the ways of old.
5. For the fourth time in the Geeta, in the chapter Krishn also reverts to.
6. Once the errors drop below the threshold, the switch reverts to cut-through mode.
7. She has virtually no accent until she talks to a Texan, when she instantly reverts.
8. In theory the administrator then moves out and the company reverts to business as usual.
9. I argued with them, but the reverts have lost their identities---they’re now little but reflections of Zax.
10. If no trade takes place for an option, the price used for that option reverts to the average of the bid and ask.
11. In principle, such property reverts to the lord of the manor, which for Kingsbridge residents means the priory.
12. Meditation is a very old, recognized practice that reverts back into ancient times when man was just beginning to walk the earth.
13. A trader who shorts over extended markets in either direction is trying to capture a trend where the market reverts back to its mean.
14. To the Spartan type the ideal State reverts in the first decline; and the character of the individual timocrat is borrowed from the Spartan citizen.
15. Remember that the market always reverts to basic economics and that it will be no different for those future hot stocks than it was for those in the past.
16. Every investment reverts to the own country that already spent every year the double of this amount, without it obtains to solve its problems definitively.
17. The system automatically switches between servers when there is a threat of some interruption, and then reverts to the normal links when the threat has passed.
18. The apparent decay of the universe is only perceptible from within and gravity, it would seem, is the universe disintegrating as it reverts to a state it never really left.
19. Immediately after the VIX expiration value is determined by the special opening rotation, calculation reverts to its normal methodology using the average of the bid-ask spread.
20. After spending months of grieving, Torin reverts to his old ways by messing with many women until a few months before his second anniversary, when he stops at an ice-cream parlor.
22. But is there a way to prove that IV reverts? Rather than run a bunch of numbers, a more interesting way to see proof of expectation of implied volatility mean reversion can be accomplished by looking at VIX options.
23. That kicks the universe into relative motion in bigger space and while ever it has motion, a by-product of that motion is time within the universe but eventually the universe loses its relative movement at which point it reverts to its pre big bang state.
24. Once undead evil is revealed and killed: it reverts back to the purest negative energy there is: one-sides inorganic decomposition: 100% negative oxygenation: literally burning up and disappearing into the component energy radiation they are designed to decompose into.
25. It is viable because its cost is zero, because the resources and products already exist and every investment reverts the own country, it only requires new systematics of utilization of the organizational resources with the finality of to enjoy everything that already exists or to produce new products, without there to be consumerism.
26. Bears at the 2002-2003 low points • the conservative contrarian increases his stock market exposure • 30 months later he reverts to a normal stock market exposure • looking for a bullish information cascade • Google’s IPO • the housing bubble • the aggressive contrarian during the bull market • avoid below-normal stock market allocations during a bull market • May 2004 buying opportunity • March 2005 buying opportunity • trading during 2006 and 2007.

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