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Revert in a sentence

They always revert.
To God all matters revert.
Indeed, to God all matters revert.
faltered revert to something more optimal.
I will revert back into a beast within a.
gas and revert to something he can and will.
Does it tend to trend or revert to the mean?.

The path would revert once again to critical.
the voters will revert back to its beginnings.
The Economy will not revert to the mid-2000s.
Jason was tempted to revert back to the easy.
But please, revert back to your normal size.
And then? Must he revert to Ellen always?.
These animals always revert back, it is their nature.
slaves of the South would revert back to the primitive.
The stocks will inevitably revert to their losing ways.
Wanted to revert back to the old days when uniform was.
over time ‐ begin to revert to its original programming.
have to revert back to the waddling pace of hiking barefoot.
tendency to revert to its original state, like a rubber band.
What’s more, if I revert while you are still here, I will.
Once this obsession with the body goes, you will revert to.
and if they didn’t, they could always revert back to Plan A.
doubt their own conscience, and afterwards they revert back to.
It is clear at this point that the universe cannot revert back.
Could the people revert to pagan worship in such a short period.
The character will revert to the first form at some later time,.
acquired emotions, so, in times of stress, we revert to cold logic.
I was about again to revert to the probability of a union between Mr.
Lorry, reverting to the theme,.
I was reverting back to kitten-hood.
As for reverting to your old ways –.
Conan was reverting to his pristine type.
Reverting to the poker face she had used.
which is in the process of reverting to its mean.
tolerate a high threshold of pain before reverting.
We know that temperatures tend to be mean reverting.
"Fraulein Lambros," Reinhardt said reverting to German.
And a sense of that mean we always hear the VIX is reverting to.
We might consider reverting to the position as it was in the.
You’re reverting to the mental pathways you used in early childhood.
it to compensate by reverting toward the average in the following year.
She rose stiffly, her mind reverting to all the happenings of the night.
All sat and reverting to limit 1 and started planning for further actions.
Sterile little waterways were reverting to the swamps from which they came.
Which firm is the order for, Miss Ashton? asked Jack reverting to his formal address.
Reverting to normal time, she walked back down to the ground level and went to Heracles’ room.
Moreover, the value of the VIX is influenced by the mean reverting characteristics of volatility.
Wouldn’t that be reverting back to the way I used to be? I have done it many times in the past.
" "Eh bien, Madame,"I called out, reverting at once to stockinged feet and standing the boots neatly side by.
Monygham, before, reverting to their previous conversation, he continued in a sinister tone, Si, senor doctor.
He had simply babbled on uttering empty phrases, letting slip a few enigmatic words and again reverting to incoherence.
This evening he started upon an enquiry, but got as far as "And has that -" before thinking better of it and reverting to silence.
Me: I feel I still don’t have a good approach yet to asserting myself in these situations w/o reverting to my old dickish ways.
It is the way forward, I know it, she said, reverting to speaking aloud as she paced the length of the old Council meeting room.
The blood stopped pouring from its neck, reverting the direction of its flow and regenerating the white, severed tip of its spinal cord.
He reverted to French.
The stream reverted back.
Towhee reverted to English.
reverted back to the Hades avatar.
He reverted back to his old self.
reverted back to his normal form,.
I reverted to the business in hand.
Would have reverted to my bow again,.
It had reverted to it’s original form.
Most of the land has reverted to marshes.
Silencing David Jabran reverted to his job.
After the laughter, Bev then reverted to.
Everybody’s expressions reverted back.
Finally he reverted to English again - with.
Sometimes when I reverted I came here to rest.
they have reverted back to a more raw state of.
they quickly reverted back to their bad manners.
interrogation by reverted to a question of her.
Then we both reverted to a regular smile as.
Around these parts we’ve reverted to bartering.
The Yogeshwar has reverted to and stressed the or-.
But immediately he reverted to form and began to fret.
I became a reverted Quaker with Jewish ancestry, as.
Relieved as his mind reverted to that, he answered:.
But he immediately reverted to form and began to fret.
reverted back sometime after that) of the relationship.
philosophy of Judas of Galilee, which reverted to this.
They don’t agree,’ Ananya said, as we reverted to.
The screen reverted to its saver screen and Al-Faroque.
the situation and quickly reverted to her role as mother.
Then his reflections reverted to himself and beside Jean.
mind reverts to his youthfulfollies.
time and reverts to its usual restlessness.
Krishn again reverts to what he has already said:.
The next pair reverts back to more colorful naming.
To conclude his argument, how-ever, Krishn reverts to the ne-.
of the geometry used by the CAM program reverts to something less.
and a flame, but they do not last and the life reverts to its daily.
The spirit grew ever darker, claiming more reverts to the ways of old.
meantime he reverts to the problem of the apparently sacred acts of the.
For the fourth time in the Geeta, in the chapter Krishn also reverts to.
of a dimension reverts to many smaller vibrations of the dimensions it will.
Once the errors drop below the threshold, the switch reverts to cut-through mode.
She has virtually no accent until she talks to a Texan, when she instantly reverts.
In theory the administrator then moves out and the company reverts to business as usual.
92-3: setecientos: it will be observed that in this and othercompounds of siete, ie reverts to the.
I argued with them, but the reverts have lost their identities---they’re now little but reflections of Zax.
If no trade takes place for an option, the price used for that option reverts to the average of the bid and ask.
In principle, such property reverts to the lord of the manor, which for Kingsbridge residents means the priory.
Meditation is a very old, recognized practice that reverts back into ancient times when man was just beginning to walk the earth.
‘The contract says you use this model for exploitation advertising, but the animal reverts to me after the film’s in release.
A trader who shorts over extended markets in either direction is trying to capture a trend where the market reverts back to its mean.
To the Spartan type the ideal State reverts in the first decline; and the character of the individual timocrat is borrowed from the Spartan citizen.
Remember that the market always reverts to basic economics and that it will be no different for those future hot stocks than it was for those in the past.
Every investment reverts to the own country that already spent every year the double of this amount, without it obtains to solve its problems definitively.
The system automatically switches between servers when there is a threat of some interruption, and then reverts to the normal links when the threat has passed.
The apparent decay of the universe is only perceptible from within and gravity, it would seem, is the universe disintegrating as it reverts to a state it never really left.
Immediately after the VIX expiration value is determined by the special opening rotation, calculation reverts to its normal methodology using the average of the bid-ask spread.
After spending months of grieving, Torin reverts to his old ways by messing with many women until a few months before his second anniversary, when he stops at an ice-cream parlor.
But is there a way to prove that IV reverts? Rather than run a bunch of numbers, a more interesting way to see proof of expectation of implied volatility mean reversion can be accomplished by looking at VIX options.

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revert regress return