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Revert in a sentence

To God all matters revert.
But I won't revert to that again.
Indeed, to God all matters revert.
I will revert back into a beast within a.
Does it tend to trend or revert to the mean?
The Economy will not revert to the mid-2000s.
The path would revert once again to critical.

Jason was tempted to revert back to the easy.
But please, revert back to your normal size.
Let us now revert to D, the place where we began.
And then? Must he revert to Ellen always?
These animals always revert back, it is their nature.
The stocks will inevitably revert to their losing ways.
Wanted to revert back to the old days when uniform was.
What’s more, if I revert while you are still here, I will.
Once this obsession with the body goes, you will revert to.
Could the people revert to pagan worship in such a short period.
It is clear at this point that the universe cannot revert back.
I was about again to revert to the probability of a union between Mr.
It goes nowhere and will revert to the main string relatively quickly.
When the Code is updated then yes it will revert to its own language.
And even if he does, the odds are he will revert to form the next year.
These keloids can be injected with steroids to revert them to normal skin.
Once you are gone, this place will simply revert back to its bad old ways.
When facing a problem of this kind, I revert to my own judgment and conscience.
And even if they were sent back, they would revert to what they were forbidden.
After a certain amount of time out in the wild they would revert back to nature.
It’s never too late to revert, but you should at least give it a proper chance.
Then, when you start coughing your guts out, you revert back to liver damage again.
A bar borrowed on your wife’s money that would revert to her in case of a divorce.
To keep the bloodstone from touching him, he had to revert to an insubstantial form.
He would revert to the silent Spencer once he had been back at work the following day.
This then means that people would have to revert to the old way of getting things done.
Statistically, we know that a large move away from the mean, will revert in the opposite.
Singh, would show it to the Gujarat chief minister, who would revert almost instantaneously.
We have hopes that his withdrawal will revert now that the threat to him has been removed.
Without a child, if he happened to die, nine tenths of his money would revert to his family.
If it doesn’t get confirmed then the share price could revert to what it was before the bid.
The four companions were travelling light because they would soon need to revert to their feet.
I was reverting back to kitten-hood.
As for reverting to your old ways –.
Conan was reverting to his pristine type.
Reverting to the poker face she had used.
We know that temperatures tend to be mean reverting.
And a sense of that mean we always hear the VIX is reverting to.
We might consider reverting to the position as it was in the.
You’re reverting to the mental pathways you used in early childhood.
She rose stiffly, her mind reverting to all the happenings of the night.
All sat and reverting to limit 1 and started planning for further actions.
Sterile little waterways were reverting to the swamps from which they came.
Which firm is the order for, Miss Ashton? asked Jack reverting to his formal address.
Reverting to normal time, she walked back down to the ground level and went to Heracles’ room.
Moreover, the value of the VIX is influenced by the mean reverting characteristics of volatility.
Wouldn’t that be reverting back to the way I used to be? I have done it many times in the past.
Monygham, before, reverting to their previous conversation, he continued in a sinister tone, Si, senor doctor.
He had simply babbled on uttering empty phrases, letting slip a few enigmatic words and again reverting to incoherence.
This evening he started upon an enquiry, but got as far as "And has that -" before thinking better of it and reverting to silence.
Me: I feel I still don’t have a good approach yet to asserting myself in these situations w/o reverting to my old dickish ways.
It is the way forward, I know it, she said, reverting to speaking aloud as she paced the length of the old Council meeting room.
The blood stopped pouring from its neck, reverting the direction of its flow and regenerating the white, severed tip of its spinal cord.
Perhaps reverting to the cootie rules of childhood, the two men with Alzheimer’s disease sat together at their own table, apart from the women.
The next day, when they were out canoeing together, Elfrida surprised him by reverting suddenly to one of the first conversations of their acquaintance.
He’d gone through all the stages of insanity and mental breakdown one can go through, and was now currently reverting to a state of catatonic silence.
However, reverting to the original, there were on the other hand others who had forced their way to the top from the lowest rung by the aid of their bootstraps.
Her reverting to this tone as if our association were forced upon us, and we were mere puppets, gave me pain; but everything in our intercourse did give me pain.
If you assume that HV is mean reverting and this is the basis of IV (implied volatility), you can almost be certain that implied volatility mean will revert as well.
And for those sorts of missions, all of the units’ mortars could be concentrated, with control temporarily reverting from the forward companies to higher authority.
For nearly half a century, this ratio was rather neatly mean reverting, providing good relative value signals for asset allocation trades between stock and bond markets.
But as we’ve seen before, those unsustainable returns are indeed unsustainable, with returns quickly fading and the losers soon reverting to their atrocious performance.
Reverting to the Christian ethos that is the proselytizing forerunner of dogmatic uprightness and religious intolerance, we would have the seeds of strife that Islam sows nowadays.
Reverting to our examples, it will be seen at once that the Commonwealth Edison 3½s could properly have been purchased as an investment without any regard to the conversion feature.
As the heat in my soul rose to a combustible level I forgot the rudiments of the English language, reverting to a lingua franca that combined the best of the gutter from East and West.
Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the kingdom and enjoy the refreshment that comes from reverting to your former vocations or from discovering new sorts of recreational activity.
Because there is no risk of early assignment, if IV gets too low or too high, the VIX options should not price to the cash market, but toward some expectation of the VIX reverting to its mean.
Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the women are disposable chattel concepts of ages thankfully past.
Those who propose enacting abortion laws—or any law dictating to a woman how she can use her own body—are reverting to the "women are disposable chattel" concepts of ages thankfully long past.
Reverting to our example, if it were quite certain, or even reasonably probable, that Stock A is more likely to advance to 50 than Stock B to advance to 33, then both issues would not be quoted at 30.
The best of intentions must inevitably come full circle, reverting back to God whose Grace alone is the prerequisite for our salvation; the Beginning and the End of who we are, what we do and how we do it.
But then, as Sasha reminded Barbara, Putin, the ex-Director of the KGB, was now President, and things were again changing for the worse, with signs that the State machine was reverting slowly to its old ways.
He reverted back to his old self.
I reverted to the business in hand.
Long nor in wish nor thought reverted.
It had reverted to it’s original form.
Most of the land has reverted to marshes.
After the laughter, Bev then reverted to.
Silencing David Jabran reverted to his job.
Finally he reverted to English again - with.
Sometimes when I reverted I came here to rest.
Around these parts we’ve reverted to bartering.
The Yogeshwar has reverted to and stressed the or-.
But he immediately reverted to form and began to fret.
But immediately he reverted to form and began to fret.
I became a reverted Quaker with Jewish ancestry, as.
Relieved as his mind reverted to that, he answered:.
The screen reverted to its saver screen and Al-Faroque.
They don’t agree,’ Ananya said, as we reverted to.
Then his reflections reverted to himself and beside Jean.
Miravelle has reverted more and more to a childlike state.
Then his mind reverted to the beings whom he had under his.
Ish nodded as the Australian batsman reverted to the crease.
They were sons of civilization, reverted to a semi-barbarism.
OK, good bye, Fatima said as the screen reverted to the.
She had reverted slightly to the Boston-to-Cairo-flight Corina.
By the time we returned Norah had reverted to her old appearance.
Once the contract was near termination, those assets reverted to.
Eventually in a mess she had reverted back to her Auntie’s home.
In the 1990s, before Hong Kong was reverted from British to Chinese.
When they were unable to succeed through guile, they reverted to the.
The rose bed was hardly visible in what had now reverted from garden to bush.
The major his gaze almost immediately reverted to the proprietor of the room.
The sax man had reverted to his old ways, playing from memory, missing notes.
She repeated that sentence in those three languages and then reverted to Greek.
They responded to kindness, but once that stimulus was removed, they reverted.
More importantly, Christianity had in many areas reverted to its jealous and.
Since then the rights have reverted to me, and I self-published it as an ebook.
Following Jose’s leave Ben reverted back to his analysis of the gym’s lobby.
Maddened at the disappearance of his sweetheart, the barbarian reverted to type.
But my brother's attention speedily reverted to the distant firing in the south.
Gervais intervened with a joke, and the talk reverted to its former lively tone.
Krishn again reverts to what he has already said:.
The next pair reverts back to more colorful naming.
To conclude his argument, how-ever, Krishn reverts to the ne-.
The spirit grew ever darker, claiming more reverts to the ways of old.
For the fourth time in the Geeta, in the chapter Krishn also reverts to.
Once the errors drop below the threshold, the switch reverts to cut-through mode.
She has virtually no accent until she talks to a Texan, when she instantly reverts.
In theory the administrator then moves out and the company reverts to business as usual.
I argued with them, but the reverts have lost their identities---they’re now little but reflections of Zax.
If no trade takes place for an option, the price used for that option reverts to the average of the bid and ask.
In principle, such property reverts to the lord of the manor, which for Kingsbridge residents means the priory.
Meditation is a very old, recognized practice that reverts back into ancient times when man was just beginning to walk the earth.
A trader who shorts over extended markets in either direction is trying to capture a trend where the market reverts back to its mean.
To the Spartan type the ideal State reverts in the first decline; and the character of the individual timocrat is borrowed from the Spartan citizen.
Remember that the market always reverts to basic economics and that it will be no different for those future hot stocks than it was for those in the past.
Every investment reverts to the own country that already spent every year the double of this amount, without it obtains to solve its problems definitively.
The system automatically switches between servers when there is a threat of some interruption, and then reverts to the normal links when the threat has passed.
The apparent decay of the universe is only perceptible from within and gravity, it would seem, is the universe disintegrating as it reverts to a state it never really left.
Immediately after the VIX expiration value is determined by the special opening rotation, calculation reverts to its normal methodology using the average of the bid-ask spread.
After spending months of grieving, Torin reverts to his old ways by messing with many women until a few months before his second anniversary, when he stops at an ice-cream parlor.
But is there a way to prove that IV reverts? Rather than run a bunch of numbers, a more interesting way to see proof of expectation of implied volatility mean reversion can be accomplished by looking at VIX options.
That kicks the universe into relative motion in bigger space and while ever it has motion, a by-product of that motion is time within the universe but eventually the universe loses its relative movement at which point it reverts to its pre big bang state.
Once undead evil is revealed and killed: it reverts back to the purest negative energy there is: one-sides inorganic decomposition: 100% negative oxygenation: literally burning up and disappearing into the component energy radiation they are designed to decompose into.
It is viable because its cost is zero, because the resources and products already exist and every investment reverts the own country, it only requires new systematics of utilization of the organizational resources with the finality of to enjoy everything that already exists or to produce new products, without there to be consumerism.
Bears at the 2002-2003 low points • the conservative contrarian increases his stock market exposure • 30 months later he reverts to a normal stock market exposure • looking for a bullish information cascade • Google’s IPO • the housing bubble • the aggressive contrarian during the bull market • avoid below-normal stock market allocations during a bull market • May 2004 buying opportunity • March 2005 buying opportunity • trading during 2006 and 2007.

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