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Thread in a sentence | thread example sentences

  1. Only an end of thread.
  2. All hung on that thread.
  3. She yanked on the thread.
  5. Norah picked up the thread.

  6. And then my thread snapped.
  7. Digg, and select the thread.
  8. The thread has little barbs.
  9. Doom hangs still on a thread.
  10. The thread of thoughts that.
  11. With shears his thread of silk.
  12. Others dyed material or thread.
  13. The Kabalist took up the thread.
  14. Vick picked up the thread again.
  15. Okay, gossip thread duly noted.

  16. The photo is from a CNCZone thread.
  17. I should like the thread explained.
  18. Took the thimble and the thread.
  19. That afternoon another thread broke.
  20. Book the Second--the Golden Thread.
  21. Skins, leather, thread, rope, tools.
  22. Tánya lets a thread touch his head.
  23. See her carry the thread around the.
  24. Libuse cupped the thread in her hands.
  25. First is a bobbin to hold your thread.

  26. Ah! [Seizes the thread and breaks it].
  27. The pattern came out thread by thread.
  28. He put the thread into his memory bag.
  29. But still, by a thread, he often hung.
  30. Manfred was starting to lose the thread.
  31. See her fasten the thread to the window.
  32. It was a long shot, but it was a thread.
  33. His credibility was hanging by a thread.
  34. The next thread that I see is this one:.
  35. But, to resume the thread of my tale--.
  36. The mattress now hung by one thread only.
  37. The thread belongs where the needle is.
  38. I reread the thread, and closed my laptop.
  39. It had dropped down from a spider thread.
  40. Every blue thread darted in her direction.
  41. Then tie with another thread at 20cm (8in).
  42. Tie it securely with the sterilized thread.
  43. No—but where did this thread come from?
  44. The common thread had to be in the library.
  45. Her hand tightened around the silver thread.
  46. This screw should have a large pitch thread.
  47. Again he took up the thread of his story—.
  48. My mother sent a needle and thread with me.
  49. Each request for such use is called a thread.
  50. A thread of blood slipped from Paul’s mouth.
  51. A Man ordered some fine thread from a Spinner.
  52. Jesse picked the gray robe with sliver thread.
  53. She checked the thread wound around her hand.
  54. The single thread of kitchen light was enough.
  55. If there is a wire or thread, I can't see it.
  56. It is a very frail thread and will break soon.
  57. Tánya draws a thread over the Fat Lady's head.
  58. Tie a further thread 10cm (4in) from the baby.
  59. Love offered me one end of a thread and said:.
  60. Curious and half afraid, he followed the thread.
  61. The connecting thread is altogether too slender.
  62. I can't take one thread from the knots, I can't.
  63. By the way, the weft thread is wound on a bobbin.
  64. His lips were strangely compressed like a thread.
  65. He showed Ethan how to thread and pull the ripcord.
  66. After a time, a thread of blood began to trickle.
  67. He tied the thread around the antlers of the Stag.
  68. The arm near the wound was hanging on by a thread.
  69. He became extremely agitated and lost his thread.
  70. High in the bell sphere the one harp thread hummed.
  71. In the end, he understood only their common thread.
  72. The tension on the thread pulled the weakened post.
  73. For his mouth began to slide a tenuous blood thread.
  74. No, but allow me! Here I have a thread in my hand!.
  75. He showed up in a thread about how to take Nembutal.
  76. Maggie took her hand and pressed the thread into it.
  77. He iLinked to their thread and perused their profile.
  78. Now, let us pick up another thread from the testimony.
  79. Ribband: A cord; twisted thread; a ribbon on clothing.
  80. But the thread?… I should like the thread explained.
  81. So I started a new thread of conversation, a safer one.
  82. Make one thread consistency syrup with sugar and water.
  83. Affection is a thread that runs clear through Richard.
  84. The best sign is a reasoned, quiet but informed thread.
  85. He struggled to find the thread of what had been said.
  86. I open an interior window, and a story of honor thread.
  87. She tied it back with a thread pulled from the blanket.
  88. Her fingers played with the glowing thread in her hair.
  89. Get her a wig, said Becky, and she bit the thread.
  90. Haste to the city, buy linen, buy a needle, buy thread.
  91. Determination is the common thread among these stories.
  92. Silas took the end of the thread in his mouth and flew.
  93. Each tone came like a plucking of one single harp thread.
  94. The thread tugs harder, and I stoke the flame with names.
  95. Your room was searched to the last thread at the first.
  96. Olin removed a spool of thin black thread from his pocket.
  97. He opened the door and thread into a small man size life.
  98. Your thread should be between about 12 and 20 inches long.
  99. Sahátof (approaches, TÁNYA lets a thread touch his head.
  100. Read long articles and recall the thread of the argument.
  1. They call that threading the needle.
  2. Threading their way through the crowd of.
  3. While she was threading her way back across the room Mrs.
  4. Threading With Hair Inhibitors Is A Perfect Combination!.
  5. Finally, he saw a thin stream of bubbles threading upward.
  6. I’d cut holes in it, and then wind the rope up the mast, threading.
  7. Apply with a cotton swab after threading to greatly reduce eyebrow hair growth.
  8. I could use some mountain air, Trina said, threading her hand around Trent’s elbow.
  9. As Caris was threading her way through the winding streets, she came upon two men fighting.
  10. Carefully threading it back through the vertical holes in the grate, he twisted it sideways.
  11. The strip of lit windows on the side of the boat was a ribbon threading through black water.
  12. At this moment Charly caught sight of two of her young co-workers threading through the crowd.
  13. Murmurs of approval came quickly, threading through the group as they all waited for her response.
  14. The procedure-- quick and neat, if not painless--is threading, a millenniums-old tradition in Asia.
  15. I had to do something with my hands; so I took up a needle off of the table and went to threading it.
  16. I lay down on the floor and tried threading myself under the gate: toes, calves, then stuck at my waist.
  17. Dozens of people crisscrossed the room, men in sharp black suits threading their way among various tradesmen.
  18. Then Menville turned and began to walk away, threading through the gravestones, tears streaming down his cheeks.
  19. The ceaseless caravans, threading the desert from east to west and back again, brought riches and more mingling of races.
  20. Across the ledge and around the crag and down the narrow trail threading the great steep they plunged at breakneck speed.
  21. Threading is an ancient method of hair removal still used in many countries in the Middle East as well as India and Pakistan.
  22. Each of the deceased climbed on the bed beside him, threading themselves through the myriad of wires and tubes to hold him tightly.
  23. After threading string through the tube created by the hem, he tied off the other end tightly with a shorter piece, creating a pocket.
  24. They were still in the silver tunnel, threading and weaving their way through what appeared tobe a crisscross warren of converging tunnels.
  25. Some hair removal methods such as waxing, sugaring and threading can only remove the hairs which are currently above the skin by 1/8 or 1/4 inch.
  26. Storms reduced visibility to zero, a major problem for pilots searching for tiny islands or threading through the mountains that flanked some Hawaiian runways.
  27. My ear, too, felt the flow of currents; in what dales and depths I could not tell: but there were many hills beyond Hay, and doubtless many becks threading their passes.
  28. Golyadkin junior, with his characteristic insolence, pirouetting and threading his way among the clerks, and directing their attention to the petrified though genuine Mr.
  29. She nods, threading her arm through his so they can lock elbows and hold hands as they step inside, into a narrow hallway that leads all the way to the back of the building.
  30. They could see the curving road with burned and blasted vehicles, some still smoking, mixed with maneuvering tracks threading their way west, smoke curving from barrels as they fought.
  31. For with the charts of all four oceans before him, Ahab was threading a maze of currents and eddies, with a view to the more certain accomplishment of that monomaniac thought of his soul.
  32. Threading their way carefully through these and avoiding as much as possible the mud, pools of water, and rubbish which covered the ground, they arrived at a large gate fastened with a padlock.
  33. I would follow the flight of a bird threading its way in the pure transparent air; now it skims the water, now disappears in the azure sky, now suddenly comes to view again, a mere point in space.
  34. Threading this chaos, I at last reached the larder; there I took possession of a cold chicken, a roll of bread, some tarts, a plate or two and a knife and fork: with this booty I made a hasty retreat.
  35. Threading its way out from among his grey hairs, and continuing right down one side of his tawny scorched face and neck, till it disappeared in his clothing, you saw a slender rod-like mark, lividly whitish.
  36. Shawn and Whitey walked up Le Loi threading their way around the black market goods spread out nearly to the gutter on sidewalks that had been tiled in the best French fashion but were now chipped and stained.
  37. The advantage over plucking with tweezers, according to Sudhir Nakum, is that plucking pulls out one hair at a time, creating bumps in the skin, while threading pulls out rows of hair, which he says keeps the skin smooth.
  38. It is a thankless task that of threading phrases or sentences to justify the inexplicable actions! If I did not even understand why I behaved that way; much less I could explain to a third party the cause of such behavior.
  39. He rushes on and on, never missing his footing, never hesitating, threading his way with perfect skill between tree trunks, jumping over bush and briar and the smaller streams, wading the larger, swimming the largest of all.
  40. Things had reached this pass when, one Saturday afternoon, Jacqueline found herself threading her way among the crowds that packed the station awaiting the incoming trains from New York, bringing their loads of week-end guests.
  41. In dark winter mornings, or in short winter afternoons, I sometimes heard a pack of hounds threading all the woods with hounding cry and yelp, unable to resist the instinct of the chase, and the note of the hunting-horn at intervals, proving that man was in the rear.
  42. He was the only man in all of Dublin I saw in the downpours and drizzles who stood by the hour alone with the drench mizzling his ears, threading his ash-red hair, plastering it over his skull, rivuleting his eyebrows, and washing over the coal-black insect lenses of the glasses on his rain-pearled nose.
  43. While such honey-dew fell, such silence reigned, such gloaming gathered, I felt as if I could haunt such shade for ever; but in threading the flower and fruit parterres at the upper part of the enclosure, enticed there by the light the now rising moon cast on this more open quarter, my step is stayed—not by sound, not by sight, but once more by a warning fragrance.
  44. For a long time he stood still and listened to their music, so sweet to a hunter's ear, when suddenly the fox appeared, threading the solemn aisles with an easy coursing pace, whose sound was concealed by a sympathetic rustle of the leaves, swift and still, keeping the round, leaving his pursuers far behind; and, leaping upon a rock amid the woods, he sat erect and listening, with his back to the hunter.
  45. My sail-ships and steam-ships threading the archipelagoes,.
  1. Her voice threaded through the.
  2. This method applies to threaded forks.
  3. It makes a perfectly threaded needle!.
  4. She threaded her way through the trees.
  5. It was threaded into a piece of my plaid.
  6. Calla lilies were threaded into the roses.
  7. Mounted on the bottom is a threaded rod 16.
  8. There should be n o threaded fittings in a.
  9. The blood threaded through me turned to pain.
  10. She smiled slyly and then threaded the ring.
  11. She unsnapped the eight and threaded the rope.
  12. As they threaded their way among the hideous.
  13. Thick lines of rope threaded the eyes of each.
  14. Her golden threaded peplos extended to her ankles.
  15. Placid threaded his way through the evening traffic.
  16. And threaded through the eye of yesterday’s needle.
  17. There was another cable threaded through another leg.
  18. They threaded a route between buoys and mooring ropes.
  19. They threaded their way through the crowd of other rain.
  20. Slowly, he turned his adversary around and threaded 443.
  21. I threaded my way through the trees, which became higher.
  22. The spear had threaded the gap between the snorkel and his.
  23. The path they followed led to, and threaded around, an oval.
  24. Dayne went to one side of the altar and threaded his fingers.
  25. Paul came back and threaded daisies in her jet-black hair---.
  26. On queue the jeeps threaded rubber and they took off in a line.
  27. I will use threaded stopper with a small hole for the wires.
  28. His pants were sewn of leaf and threaded with stems, tailor fit.
  29. Nothing was stirring on the long white ribbon that threaded them.
  30. He unscrewed the nut on the threaded post holding in the tire jack.
  31. Drink the rest of it now, Carl said as he threaded his needle.
  32. I shivered from the iciness that had threaded its way into my blood.
  33. Williams threaded between them, pulling me along by my cuffed hands.
  34. The square head was not only a different head, it was cross threaded.
  35. They threaded their way through the market stalls to the old hospital.
  36. They threaded the gap between the wagons and went to meet the Englisc.
  37. In the falling dusk they scrambled out of the pit and slowly threaded.
  38. The tapestry of his life was threaded with beautifully colored strands.
  39. A group of men and women threaded their way out in a line, dressed in smart.
  40. Haven’t you forgotten something? Cherry asked, as they threaded their.
  41. Iron rod threaded through three rusted loops, old mortise lock with a rusty cam.
  42. First, screamed the fatter witch in triumph, as the troll threaded between.
  43. He threaded his way through the trees, doing his best to avoid the lower branches.
  44. Waldron, the lecturer, threaded their way to the front, and the proceedings began.
  45. The barbs cut into spinal cord and bone as the wire threaded between two vertebrae.
  46. Chilled air threaded its way pass the flap of his tent and throughout the scant area.
  47. He threaded his fingers through my long locks, his flirtatious grin fixed on his face.
  48. They, too, had been stitched, hiding any trace of the rings that had once threaded them.
  49. She threaded the opal through where it joined the heart that held her mother’s picture.
  50. The first-aid box and the radio and the wire threaded out the window and through the eave.
  51. The soldiers’ tunics were unbuttoned and their belts were threaded through their epaulets.
  52. When he spoke, his voice was uncharacteristically threaded, as if he had a lump in his throat.
  53. Having made up his mind, the thief carefully threaded his way through the house to the kitchen.
  54. Turning my head slightly I could see the brown leather belt threaded through the loops of his.
  55. The use of the plow, the invention of threaded garments, weaving, textiles, design and writing.
  56. Half an hour later the rope was threaded through the drain and I waited patiently for the signal.
  57. Hubert threaded his way through the Forest, sometimes on the pathway, sometimes through the trees.
  58. Somewhere, somehow, a sliver of his ordained destiny threaded its nasty hook into him and tugged.
  59. Once more they threaded their way past the dim wall paintings and mounted trophies on both sides.
  60. Non threaded forks have two bolts in the back of the stem and that’s where they sit permanently.
  61. Silky-silvery energy threaded out of the goblin shaman's hands, and formed into three large wolves.
  62. Then he leaped the little ditch into the orchard and threaded his way through the trees toward her.
  63. Pick up several pieces of macaroni, keeping them in the hand as each piece of macaroni is threaded.
  64. The two men threaded their way through the maze of tables to the small booth at the rear of the cafe.
  65. He threaded his needle quietly, bent his legs lazily beneath him, and at last continued as follows:.
  66. The archway of braided willow was threaded with yellow-dyed linen and a lively bouquet of wildflowers.
  67. Annie gently took his arm and threaded it through hers and guided him across the road back to her home.
  68. Who are you again? Li’l Tony asked as Mahoney threaded his chains through the hook in the table.
  69. He was silent and careful as he threaded his way through the house, slithering on his belly like a snake.
  70. As she threaded her way through the market stalls, it seemed to her that a dismal air hung over the fair.
  71. This strange fire threaded upon itself, and became a texture of waves Eric could touch with his awareness.
  72. He had spent centuries searching for her; threaded through country after country, continent after continent.
  73. We threaded our way through the underground museum, looking at covered wagons and other junk from the 1800s.
  74. But streaks of water, parted by the ship's spur, sometimes threaded before our eyes with extraordinary speed.
  75. She threaded her fingers through his black hair, holding him in place while her probing tongue tangled with his.
  76. Thank God he had been strapped into a sturdy car seat and that seat belts had been threaded through the back of it.
  77. The wind ruffled his overlong hair; in the bright sun I could see how much silver threaded its way through the brown.
  78. Marcos made his way over, trying not to jostle too many punters as he threaded his way between the tightly packed tables.
  79. It was too soon to say the words, but she lay one hand over his heart and threaded the other through the hair at his nape.
  80. The lieutenant had designed an entirely new receiver as a separate unit that threaded onto the breech end of a rifle’s barrel.
  81. Internal grooves are provided in the bottom section of the drum where the groove section of a long threaded screw 9 is inserted.
  82. She and Cali threaded their way toward the bar, drawing lots of looks, but managing to make it across the room without being stopped.
  83. Hauling her thoughts away from such matters, Kara looked around the busy high street with interest threaded with a certain amount of caution.
  84. The story that’s threaded and woven throughout any attention-grabbing book or film is what we remember, long after the titles and credits.
  85. She took a new needleful of thread, waxed it carefully, threaded her needle with a steady hand, and then observed, with perfect composure—.
  86. Ankles would be hobbled and the soldiers would then be linked together by a rope looped around the hobbles and threaded in a long single file.
  87. He produced a threaded flange and affixed it round the hole under the floor with screws, then began twisting the pipe to mate it to the flange.
  88. Cindy bolted from the booth, pushed past the tables in the center of the room, threaded her way through the passageway, and went out into the bar.
  89. Again narrow strips of material were ripped from clothing and used to bind the ends of the vine doubled back after being threaded through the pouch.
  90. Not only that, but the door handle they were threaded through popped off too, and the iron rings embedded in the door frame twisted and split the wood.
  91. An old-fashioned loom threaded with a long-abandoned project stood between her and Barnes; her claws went to work breaking through the wooden structure.
  92. With the grass between his toes he made long curling casts at the edge of some lilypads, hoping to entice a lazy fish into biting the threaded bug he used.
  93. After the Carpathia had made certain that there were no more passengers of the Titanic to be picked up, she threaded her way out of the ice fields for fifty miles.
  94. Threaded through the crunching electric guitar chords and roiling drums was a Farfisa organ, like the calliope of the minor-league ballpark of his Oklahoma youth.
  95. Better, perhaps, burst in and face it than sit in the antechamber listening to the little creak, the sudden stir, for her heart was swollen, and pain threaded it.
  96. The first ambulances, French bi-tone horns raucously making pam-paw, pam-paw sounds, threaded traffic of bicycles, pedicabs, and blue and yellow taxis to the carnage.
  97. The man closed the door behind him as he entered the dark hallway of his Broadcast Drive flat and threaded the security chain through the steel ring in the plaster to the side.
  98. Joel hugged her closer to his body, and he threaded his fingers through her hair with his free hand, and rubbed the back of her neck and scalp in a massaging, soothing motion.
  99. Holmes seemed to know the ground perfectly, and he threaded his way swiftly among a plantation of small trees, I close at his heels, and our foremost pursuer panting behind us.
  100. Holmes seemed to know the grounds perfectly, and he threaded his way swiftly among a plantation of small trees, I close at his heels, and our foremost pursuer panting behind us.
  1. Pulled by the threads of.
  2. The threads of sense break?
  3. There were threads of silver.
  4. Silver threads among the grey.
  5. With silver threads of the soul.
  6. And now you have all threads!!!.
  7. He controls and moves all threads.
  8. Its web is a tangle of dry threads.
  9. One of the first threads I see is:.
  10. If all the threads of time were cut.
  11. The sky drops silver threads of sleet.
  12. Do not follow fearful thought threads.
  13. She continued to seize at the threads.
  14. Threads of terror spill through her chest.
  15. Below, though the threads were in places.
  16. Threads of golden light weaved around the.
  17. This pill dislocates, it breaks the threads.
  18. It barely stirred the threads of his black robe.
  19. We are one, tied together by invisible threads.
  20. Get some better threads, weirdo! he called.
  21. This is called divine manipulation of the threads.
  22. She saw golden threads appear from thin air; they.
  23. He was hanging onto life by the thinnest of threads.
  24. Silver threads glinted where it twisted at the waist.
  25. He slashed the threads to pieces and went off singing.
  26. Soft little threads! They held you with such strength!.
  27. As it spun, I grasped threads and braided them together.
  28. Not easily are the threads tweaked, Clotho wheezed.
  29. Did what? Padlimaird picked threads from his shirt.
  30. He counted the threads exposed on the pins above the nuts.
  31. I pulled together my ragged, ravenous threads of thought.
  32. Its tint was of dark violet, trimmed with threads of lace.
  33. The golden threads of Earthsoul appeared around her, more.
  34. Far behind them a dark smoke rose in thin curling threads.
  35. Golden threads weaved around the tree trunks and they gave.
  36. Carded wool means: the wool whose threads are separate.
  37. In the stirring grasses thin threads cover new green shoots.
  38. He picked up a big claspknife and cut off the frayed threads.
  39. By saying that a woven design is merely coloured threads you.
  40. They were sewn with real silver threads and were made of the.
  41. Donovan’s last remaining threads of resistance broke and he.
  42. We read stories and spun tapestries out of their many threads.
  43. He felt the truth of the affair tore the final threads of the.
  44. My life so far has been a lot of threads and unconnected bits.
  45. Noted the slender and jagged threads of lightning as sudden and.
  46. His mind scrambled to pick up the threads of their conversation.
  47. As she fought with the threads, Silas pushed Barnes off the shelf.
  48. It looked like the seamstress had counted threads for each stitch.
  49. As a cloth is made up of threads, the mind is made up of thoughts.
  50. And of the threads that connect the stars, and of wombs and of the.
  51. The muscle threads stop moving loosely in their Saran-wrap casings.
  52. Is it a collection of reincarnation threads that you’re weaving?
  53. The scar on his throat is healed and the threads have been pulled out.
  54. The threads were unraveling at the seams of the intricately woven plot.
  55. Connected by threads of boundless friendship surpassing time and space.
  56. Out of a chaos of nations, creeds and racial threads, the lure of the.
  57. The threads glowed more intensely as the reapers applied more pressure.
  58. The trousers reminded him of the dark blue threads found on the burdock.
  59. They had touched each other with thin threads I had strung between them.
  60. Rather, the buttons tore off of their threads and sailed into the night.
  61. A lot of threads and unconnected bits of this and that, strewn around.
  62. Loose threads on furnishings can catch a bird by the leg or the neck and.
  63. Four insect aliens floated there, like spiders dangling on silky threads.
  64. In front was Glory, which was similar to those threads but rather thicker.
  65. It spins in flight so these screw threads drive it into the ship’s side.
  66. I recognize her expression as the one she wears when she threads a needle.
  67. I recognized the iron needle used to pull the gut threads to close a wound.
  68. She’d tie long linen threads to their feet, then he could play with them.
  69. Fingering the threads, Emory said, Not today, but in two evenings hence.
  70. He spoke and a harsh mist wrapped me in threads that I could feel but not see.
  71. One by one, the threads connecting me to the outside world have been snipped.
  72. The continuous threads of peace and happiness are never allowed to grow strong.
  73. The whiteness was gone and the black diamonds and the great threads of the harp.
  74. For it is indeed made of the finest of threads and is held together by My strength.
  75. Her eyes did not see; they were sewn shut with laced black-widow web, dark threads.
  76. Warp: The threads which are extended lengthwise in the loom, and crossed by the woof.
  77. She couldn’t really understand it, and blinked twice < still the faint threads of.
  78. TEN SMALL SHIPS TIED together by threads of fiber optic approached their destination.
  79. Lean and cut with feminine muscle, her arms have thin threads of scabs all over them.
  80. Try to engage constructively in the conversations and threads and offer useful advice.
  81. She nodded, fussed over her threads, trying to hide her pleased and hopeful expression.
  82. As the threads of his sleeve unraveled, so did his resolve, and his melancholy deepened.
  83. Must I take up all the threads of the story and tie them in true old-fashioned style?
  84. They strolled, often arm and arm, their hands mingling together like threads in a weave.
  85. Her collar, he can see, is separating from the rest of the coat; threads are giving way.
  86. Shapiro carefully, as carefully as he’d counted threads on the safety pin, pushed keys.
  87. The readeris invited to try to untangle for himself the threads twisted by passion alone.
  88. They were sewn with real silver threads and were made of the most exquisite golden cloth.
  89. It would be easy to cut their threads any time with a little sharper blast from the north.
  90. Feeling complete after his comment, he continued to look at topics and conversation threads.
  91. A hundred threads of light wafted toward Whimly, moving to tear apart his puffy white flesh.
  92. The hoary cord was woven from fine threads, so thin they could have been mistaken for hair.
  93. When he came home to live with me, I tried to pick up the threads of his life and start again.
  94. Some of the self-explanatory actions would include: bumping/reviving dead threads (if it has.
  95. Then we continue searching, not for a meaning, but of the new fastener to attach our threads.
  96. A suit brush hung to one side and a repair kit with extra buttons, needles, and matching threads.
  97. A grating unintelligible shout interrupted her arc of triumph against the twisted threads of Fate.
  98. On the well-cap the bolts that had held the pump stuck up, their threads rusty and the nuts gone.
  99. The gossamer threads glistened in the sunlight and she was sure it was making a soft, musical sound.
  100. The finest, he agreed, his gaze barely touching the stand and its assembly of threads and dyes.

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