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    1. All for a cargo deposited in a warehouse a year or two away

    2. Once again I moved through a shadow world of stairs and blind corridors before being deposited, still blindfolded and ignorant, on another mattress roll, this one, like the others, a dirty cream colour

    3. True to her husband’s word, a man arrived on the doorstep early the next morning and deposited a number of cardboard boxes in the hallway

    4. With the second dog safely deposited in front of the cash machine the soldier waddled into the third and final room

    5. scruffs of their necks and deposited them on the pavement outside

    6. He lifted his hand and then - slap! slap! He deposited two of them on my

    7. the next morning and deposited a number of cardboard boxes in the

    8. With the second dog safely deposited in front of the cash

    9. deposited on the driveway

    10. So he knew without his father telling him that they had deposited approximately, $5,500 from the store into the Tahoe City Bank, and $14,000 from the Lodges over the last nine years into an account at Sutro & Co

    1. After 150 millions years of this, we now have rich deposits of this substance

    2. Also present are the salt deposits of the various fertilizers, etc

    3. b) Compound interest on deposits, where interest is earned on the interest over the principal, calculated at quarterly, half-yearly or yearly period

    4. Fixed deposits are the commonest form of investment

    5. This basically means that if your portfolios are tied up too much into banks fixed deposits and bonds, your buying power may fade away over the years

    6. Is there a savings account? My wife has been making deposits every month for the last three years

    7. "Your wife did make some deposits about three years ago

    8. The following exercise will help those who suffer from calcium deposits at the shoulder joints

    9. This is an indication that the linings of the joints in your neck are inadequately lubricated and that there is an accumulation of calcium deposits there

    10. I see there’s a meeting for parents on Thursday evening when names and deposits are required

    1. Fly parasites deposit their eggs inside immature fly pupae, the parasitic eggs hatch into larvae which feed on their hosts

    2. This is done by adding the interest earned to the original deposit at the end of the specified period for subsequent calculation of interest

    3. Rate of interest specified for a fixed deposit, say in bank, is the 'nominal rate of return'

    4. doubt that the safety deposit box

    5. There are three accounts – a current account, a deposit account and a savings account … the current account for December 1962 shows weekly payments going in from the same source – but they are all different amounts

    6. oh, you idiot, Sarah, if she is hourly paid the money will vary! The deposit account looks fairly healthy … large amounts going out and scribbled notes indicating various building works …

    7. There's a substantial figure paid to the deposit account monthly too

    8. yes, that's it! So she's receiving six monthly payments which she then transfers to deposit

    9. From George's original deposit of two hundred gold coins in 1864--- converted to US dollars---his twenty years of interest on that initial investment, with a bit taken out now and then, amounted to: $16,700

    10. He has nice bowls with foam cores to keep it warm and good glazing to keep it clean, but an iron deposit to take them off site

    1. We talked about the property David had left, discussing the different options open to us, suggesting that it might be best to keep the house for the time being, depositing anything precious in storage and, putting it in the hands of a reliable agent, letting it out until such time as Abi was of age

    2. His throat burns and he gags uncontrollably, depositing bile and half digested coffee over the sill and the tarmac

    3. briefly, depositing a thin layer of sand over the blood-soaked bodies

    4. He swung her from his back, depositing her upon a boulder at the side of the road

    5. After depositing some of her gear and spiced wine in her pleasingly spacious room, she darted back down the stairs, almost running into a lingering Sorex on the way

    6. The Breton watched for a few moments after depositing the wood for the pile

    7. A face within it smiled and then the jet shot off depositing its wares at various points

    8. When Sara and the kids ventured out to check on the kittens, they saw momma cat depositing them one by one out in the front driveway in the rain

    9. They would have an interview for a volunteer position but would decline the offer and leave, depositing the bag somewhere out of sight

    10. ” Our cavalry carried sabres; the Spaniards presented arms, and then marched in column, depositing their rifles in a heap

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    Synonyms for "deposit"

    deposit deposition depositary depository repository sediment alluviation sedimentation down payment bank deposit lodge stick wedge fix posit situate bank lode vein grounds drift alluvium mud sand silt rest lay drop set lay down locate put precipitate throw down hail rain sleet snow invest hoard amass save keep secure

    "deposit" definitions

    the phenomenon of sediment or gravel accumulating

    matter that has been deposited by some natural process

    the natural process of laying down a deposit of something

    money deposited in a bank or some similar institution

    a partial payment made at the time of purchase; the balance to be paid later

    money given as security for an article acquired for temporary use

    a payment given as a guarantee that an obligation will be met

    a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping

    the act of putting something somewhere

    put, fix, force, or implant

    put into a bank account

    put (something somewhere) firmly