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    1. Digitally armed and dangerous, savvy and angry, the two women put their simple plan into effect; namely, he who lives by the Interweb shall die by the Interweb

    2. This means the market is wide open for the savvy entrepreneur

    3. "I was thinking that Alfred and mail could serve us until we found out how little system savvy he has

    4. Investors bought shares of mutual funds rather than stocks in individual companies and trusted in savvy managers to buy into companies whose stock would go up

    5. A savvy investor is seldom carried away by high P/E (Price/Earnings) ratios occasioned by frenzied speculation, overvalued stocks and lower than average earnings

    6. He was to the point of storming a plush office on the top floor when a savvy sergeant reminded him of the futility of challenging the ingrained system

    7. No, not a good idea Savvy

    8. to be savvy

    9. The recent trend is for BI tools that savvy end

    10. The following three proposals gave a strong indication that Terry felt he had a great deal of leverage and was not willing to settle for anything short of a contract befitting a business savvy, headline act

    11. “In Terry Tucker you had one of the most business savvy musicians in the industry

    12. With al his money, power, popularity, know-how and savvy, Mr

    13. Rising form humble beginnings in a rural farm community, his hard work mixed with savvy business skills allowed him to build an extensive communications company

    14. Savvy companies may have made adjustments for that, but if you want to try that when you’re

    15. They found that “The most Digitally Savvy

    16. are the hallmarks of the Digital Savvy

    17. book is great or that your business is savvy and that you’re the person to deal with

    18. If they are savvy marketers and working with a savvy

    19. And like Robin Hood, I gathered a crew of seasoned savvy woodsmen

    20. This classic board game is perfect for building up the strategy skills of older kids – and more savvy parents may like the idea of using it as a foundation for historical and geographical lessons

    21. The savvy blogger will not only post these helpful comments and suggestions; there is another key to

    22. “I’m not quite savvy in this

    23. She was also savvy around politicians, and could see three or four moves ahead of their manoeuvring

    24. Savvy travelers book those cabins and

    25. Instead, they will relish the challenge and look forward to the day when they have mastered one more new bit of Internet savvy

    26.  For students of all ages and levels of technical savvy

    27. Second, do not underestimate the savvy and creativity of indigenous leaders who benefited from the resources made available to them in paternalistic missionary systems

    28. Ellen could read by the time she was two, loved music, supposedly had an IQ of 165 and was politically savvy even before she turned ten

    29. However, I soon realized that you could be television savvy by reading that publication and not have to turn on your set

    30. In the coming years, such innovation will remain critical to business in a technology savvy world

    31. Today Facebook has more traffic than Google! Savvy business owners are using Facebook to cultivate communities and communicate with their customers in real time

    32. providing countless opportunities for web savvy marketers, where multi-million

    33. The final solution, as Buster had remarked, seemed the most logical in light of the reverend’s self-professed missionary work in the battlefields of France; spying for the United States government would be ideal, considering even the Nazis would probably place this meek man of the cloth above suspicion in such politically savvy games

    34. It would indeed boost his already-lofty reputation in the legal community and the press as an aggrandized showman with a knack for savvy yet convincing, eloquent 281

    35. Of course, getting into the room would have been no problem, since no one had stayed here while Underwood went to dinner in the dining room, but escaping from the room would have been considerably more difficult though not entirely impossible if the killer was savvy

    36. The sergeant nodded, again impressed by her tactical savvy

    37. "I'll have our IT department check the master server, but whoever did this was probably savvy enough to erase the entire command sequence and exit the system clean

    38. The savvy businessman held the shot glass to his parched lips and

    39. No doubt all the stories about his savvy and prudent investments were true as was his reputation for being a gentleman under all circumstances

    40. Showing both incredible bravery and utmost tactical savvy, as well as impressive skills as a fighter pilot, she quickly became the American Ace of aces, a title that she still holds with a total of 138 confirmed air victories to date accumulated during both World War Two and the Korean War

    41. He would need every bit of savvy that he could muster for this one

    42. with just two percent growth (ROE times retention rate), the savvy investor rushes to sell

    43. “Do they have enough savvy to be the brains of this lot?”

    44. But I made some savvy investments, and now it's closer to a mil

    45. They did not have tech savvy people in their church so they used a hosting company with website building software built in

    46. It seems that savvy companies like Windward Reports have recognized the talent of

    47. The future of this market is truly wide open, and savvy internet marketers who

    48. We’re all more computer savvy, that’s for certain,” Tammas said

    49. savvy was incredible along with his ability to control the

    50. You see a screenshot of the same website, except that this Survey Savvy

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    apprehension discernment savvy understanding apprehend compass comprehend dig get the picture grasp grok

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    the cognitive condition of someone who understands

    get the meaning of something