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Several in a sentence

No, not for several days.
Several women sat by the.
That was several hours ago.
We have several lines out.
Several times they hit a.
This was several years ago.
He banged it several times.

It lunged at several of us.
He had read several books.
He was flanked by several.
It would be several months.
In the middle were several.
He took several small fish.
He fell with several in him.
Several more cars whizzed by.
Several months earlier the U.
After several hours of this.
Several pocket of fans were.
In fact, there were several.
Then he cal ed upon several.
The phone rang several times.
She had only walked several.
He pauses for several seconds.
This is done in several ways.
He called several times and.
The party waited for several.
We already talked in several.
There were several knocks on.
She took several pictures of.
This depends on several things.
That was several years ago.
There were several cars that.
Several floors below, in the.
I heard several of them vomit.
Several more circled his head.
There are several classes of.
Several boys fishing from the.
She turned around several times.
Several times, she had almost.
Several toy guns accompanied it.

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