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Several in a sentence | several example sentences

  1. No, not for several days.
  2. Several women sat by the.
  3. We have several lines out.
  4. Several times they hit a.
  5. This was several years ago.

  6. That was several hours ago.
  7. He banged it several times.
  8. He had read several books.
  9. It lunged at several of us.
  10. He was flanked by several.
  11. He fell with several in him.
  12. It would be several months.
  13. He took several small fish.
  14. Several more cars whizzed by.
  15. In the middle were several.

  16. The phone rang several times.
  17. Then he cal ed upon several.
  18. She had only walked several.
  19. He pauses for several seconds.
  20. After several hours of this.
  21. This is done in several ways.
  22. Several months earlier the U.
  23. He called several times and.
  24. In fact, there were several.
  25. Several pocket of fans were.

  26. There are several classes of.
  27. The party waited for several.
  28. We already talked in several.
  29. Several floors below, in the.
  30. That was several years ago.
  31. There were several knocks on.
  32. There were several cars that.
  33. This depends on several things.
  34. Several more circled his head.
  35. I heard several of them vomit.
  36. She took several pictures of.
  37. She turned around several times.
  38. Several boys fishing from the.
  39. Several times, she had almost.
  40. Her heart skipped several beats.
  41. I think I have several times.
  42. Several were built in the 1840s.
  43. Several hours later she woke up.
  44. He had several of them, in fact.
  45. Several toy guns accompanied it.
  46. In 1984, after several years of.
  47. There are also several ways to.
  48. There had been several attempts.
  49. Several stairways led up to the.
  50. Several knives hung from her belt.
  51. We have had several meetings in.
  52. Some were bitten, several clawed.
  53. He saw several more celebrities.
  54. There are several other options.
  55. He then moved to several of the.
  56. He walked several hundred paces.
  57. Several members had penciled in.
  58. The missiles flew several metres.
  59. We continued for several minutes.
  60. The bot led him through several.
  61. Chill several hours or overnight.
  62. Several sticks of dynamite with.
  63. Several of the soldiers and the.
  64. Several of the beasts pounced on.
  65. All was quiet for several minutes.
  66. Several of his teeth were missing.
  67. Soon several riders came over to.
  68. This continued for several seconds.
  69. Several people in his family had.
  70. He had passed away several years.
  71. Garlic is sold at several health.
  72. After several fairly stilted and.
  73. He’s been ill for several years.
  74. I had several photographs of the.
  75. Several kids came to him for help.
  76. There are several ways to do this.
  77. Several miles down the road they.
  78. This game has several advantages:.
  79. Several other robots do so as well.
  80. John took several swipes but missed.
  81. Trust can be gained in several ways.
  82. Bart’s heart missed several beats.
  83. They were still several days from.
  84. In Gilligan’s Island several of.
  85. His body takes several direct hits.
  86. There are several messages in this.
  87. There were several cracking sounds.
  88. There are several myths about fiber.
  89. There are several types of headache.
  90. There are several small prototype.
  91. They had several favorite sons in.
  92. Several days later, while resting.
  93. I'd rescued several of them before.
  94. Nevertheless, several were able to.
  95. You've mentioned several far places.
  96. There are several classes of drugs.
  97. Several times, she met Laino's gaze.
  98. He chose not to for several reasons.
  99. Several seconds later her eyes and.
  100. He was already several meters ahead.

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