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    1. He was skinny and tall, easily a head above both of them, and he had even more pimples in person than he had on the view screen

    2. The container was down some long skinny aisles

    3. Most of the common folk doubted there was any God at all anywhere, just thirst, hunger, heat, cold, mean skinny dogs, hunger and thirst

    4. Bahkmar was reminded of a parrot by the skinny sack-licker

    5. The more he found, the more it lead to that same skinny little trace

    6. But then, they'd need at least as much storage as a backup takes and even that can't be kept available for all the females in the Haad thru that one skinny trace

    7. She is square-faced with curly hair, short and skinny, and she makes an impression of being a very harassed person

    8. They had skinny little vine-like legs also, and the one closest to him was using them to crawl slowly away

    9. The skinny one had a claw half as long as his and the tasty one had a big tooth launcher

    10. The skinny one was now holding a claw as long as his arm

    11. The tough and skinny one, the one with the huge claw, had a claw that looked suspiciously like a broken stick

    12. "The leaves, with enthora you can eat the stems too but lon stems are too skinny, it's like eating twine

    13. He still hangs out at the table late and doesn’t help with the clean-up unless you directly ask him, but he’s not as skinny as he was either

    14. trade stayed in the town, so the skinny old man was

    15. The way Belle saw it, this would be the last time he would see them for at least four years, maybe more, and she wanted him to leave with the memory of his sisters as young women, not the tall skinny girls they still were

    16. think of skinny old men with no teeth and a gray whiskered face hunched over a

    17. And there was that skinny guy in a bulky hooded shirt

    18. “She was a mean, skinny mindune when she got here

    19. “Do you have an operative with a shock of hair that he likes to toss? Skinny, pale, tall?”

    20. This was the hard and skinny, tiny yellow-line kind, the size of a fingernail clipping

    21. It took a skinny kid that spent his nights as a janitor and started out as a geek

    22. Roman sprinted from the bullpen out to the mound, his skinny frame unable

    23. They came to watch the skinny kid from Iowa chuck the pill at high

    24. skinny six-foot frame at first when compared to Hambrick

    25. A hairy, skinny, burn-out who's name she forgot, but everyone called 'Hack', often dragged an old acoustic twenty four string up there and did requests for a shot of yaag or sometimes even a roll

    26. The chimneys looked like tall skinny volcanos, rising almost fifteen hundred feet above the bottoms of the many small vangs of the valley floor, sixteen hundred feet above the waters of that canal

    27. She dug heels like she hadn't since encountering that skinny theirops cub out in the Kinsheeta pass

    28. Then, from the other side of Joss, a skinny wisp of a girl stepped into my view, and I relented

    29. He stopped in front of me and Elijah looking down at us I noticed that he was really tall and skinny with a shock of red hair and pale skin his watery blue eyes blinked like a semaphore

    30. May I hold Him only a moment?” He held out his skinny arms

    31. His last image of Rosemary was a pale skinny girl in a hospital bed wanting to be somewhere else

    32. Skinny and scrawny is now chubby and flabby but still as naked as the day we brought him home

    33. Rufus suddenly stopped bobbling on his long, skinny legs and looked somewhat in Forgo’s direction

    34. “If not, the wee lass could be a half-mile away by now—she’s like lightning on them skinny legs o’ hers

    35. I did not win all of my bouts, and in fact was almost knocked out once by a skinny cadet with an excellent uppercut

    36. One skinny constable had the great idea to put his torn shirt over its eyes and it seemed to calm down a bit

    37. He was a lot taller than I was and skinny, his hands and feet reminded me of flippers, especially when he expressed himself dramatically with his hands

    38. He is a very desirable man here in our little ex-pat community, not that the skinny little geek is so great, but because all the other guys down here are total creeps: they’re either alcoholic, running drugs or some kind of pervert

    39. She was transfixed as the ghostly veil seemed to take on an indistinct form that became the skinny, leering monster with his knife

    40. Skinny shanks stuck out of the robes here and there

    41. Then this other one… a skinny little asshole, with a cockroach tattoo…” a tear traced a hot trail across her cheek, it fell to the tablecloth, “sliced her face apart with a stiletto

    42. My office was long and skinny, with lots of windows

    43. “You’re going to love this! There was this skinny little woman, all strung out on crack, living on the beach down from the hotel towards town

    44. There was nothing to be lost by taking out his mounting anger against this bald-headed, lying, skinny little cheat who had brought the walls tumbling down around them both

    45. In Canada we usually just put a skinny little post in the ground, and a strip of metal or a wooden sign on top, about six feet up

    46. It was a skinny little Fox, appearing from the undergrowth

    47. Joseph became that little skinny boy, held by the scruff of the neck, for picking apples from the orchard owner's tree

    48. ” He began to descend the iron ladder, using it backwards, facing forward to keep his pistol steadily trained on Mike, his skinny friend and Comandante Cobra who sat glaring at him

    49. The skinny apparition from hell giggled again, then bounded to the deck to slash at the air between

    50. Skinny backed the newcomer into the corner, made him squat and tied his hands to the rail above his head

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    Synonyms for "skinny"

    skinny boney bony scraggly scraggy scrawny underweight weedy cheeseparing close near penny-pinching tight-fitting tight fitting tightfitting tightly fitting lean lanky gaunt emaciated svelte

    "skinny" definitions

    confidential information about a topic or person

    being very thin

    of or relating to or resembling skin

    fitting snugly

    giving or spending with reluctance