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    1. out of that primeval slime, our

    2. caked with mud and slime

    3. Most of the slime came sliding off

    4. A huge dent resulted, and greenish slime seeped into it

    5. If, some years later, one of the slime locates you, move again and enjoy the

    6. The result was a dark green slime, much like the stuff that

    7. When I say he’s slimy, I’m not just talking about what comes out of his cock, that slit in his face drools a lot of slime too, as does the hole in his ass

    8. As if in response, the more meaty areas of the slime twitched

    9. “Why in the Seventh would they call a Council now anyway?” Brodin pondered, mostly to himself, ignoring the twitching pile of slime at his boots

    10. The mouse opened its mouth, wider, then wider and two huge fangs dripping in slime buried themselves in the giants hand

    11. Somehow, I expected her to be coated in slime, but instead she her skin was decorated with a golden sheen

    12. The plasma curled itself around Danny's feet, the cool slime licking at his toes

    13. Eventually it gets to the stage were you can’t even drink water without it coming out your ass in a kind of slime laced through with blood

    14. His screams went unheard as he sank deeper and deeper beneath the stinking surface, his nostrils filling with the cloying slime

    15. Uncle Hobart surveyed the mess the crowd had made of his prized tractor, now covered with all sorts of rubbish and disgusting slime

    16. The thin trail of slime she left behind sparkled in the moonlight

    17. The whole thing was covered in the slime

    18. Not taking his eyes from the horrendous sight, Watts powered himself up the rope, slipping on the slime a couple of times in his haste, but he gritted his teeth and kept going

    19. “Shut the fuck up!” It was Mike the rapist and, at his side, the same cockroach tattooed slime that had slapped and leered at her

    20. Didn’t he understand? She needed to crush, to obliterate, to eliminate the slime

    21. Ruby was wearing a coat made from ferns, mud, pond slime and bark sap

    22. Standing in the muck, close to open water, he dropped it and forced it deep into the jet-black slime

    23. He wiped his face in his sleeve, sweat, spit, and slime dripped from his chin, and he hissed for air

    24. the cold slime trickle down his back, his eyes adjusting to the

    25. stream, leaving them unable to heave themselves out of the slime

    26. death slime ready for the feast later that evening

    27. seconds, the avocado crawled out of the cave, covered in slime

    28. I could smell the humidity and feel the slime under the soles of my shoes

    29. 13 And the woman hastened to take away her son before the officers came, and she took for him an Ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch, and put the child in it, and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink

    30. 3 And when she could not longer hide him, she took for him an Ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch, and put the child therein; and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink

    31. I nevertheless spoke with Bolles on the sly and learned that among the other investigations he was doing, besides corruption at OUR commission, he had uncovered that the races at the Black Canyon greyhound track were being fixed by none other than Sam Jenkins, the slime ball brother of my former dope running boss

    32. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter

    33. (The slime they used was like cement

    34. (These slimepits are the same slime that is natural asphalt

    35. 13 And the woman hastened to take away her son before the officers came and she took for him an Ark of bulrushes and daubed it with slime and with pitch and put the child in it and she laid it in the flags by the river's brink

    36. It was bare, cold and damp, with moisture and slime against the walls and on the floor

    37. He slipped again, clutched at the rail, bounced off the walkway, and splashed into the slime below

    38. slime mould solves mazes every time it is tested

    39. Got her slime off my property

    40. Trapped in the mud, covered with slime and grime

    41. And we love the slime in The Soggy Bulwark

    42. I tried the phone, squatting in its puddle of grey slime

    43. Suddenly, the children fell into the slime bubble gum and began to bounce around; slime was everywhere, and the children were covered from head to toe, but they were safe

    44. Sam loved the fact that he had a real chance to use his slime gum; it was so cool to him

    45. slime ball… Yeah, I bloody know it"s two and a half days

    46. Peter could not get over the beauty of the mountain; the large palm trees, the giant birds that flew overhead, and the real lava volcano that oozed out green slime gum

    47. You put all the food in a box, set the box on the edge of the dumpster corner, throw it to the ground, climb out, scrape the half-frozen dumpster slime off your old shoes, and drive away with the stash in your trunk

    48. Then he began to throw muddy slime from the water at his friends

    49. The water was so toxic that once the slime hit the vines, it began to kill the plant instantly

    50. He got up off of his floating disc and tried to chase Sam, but because the gum was made of slime, the thrower stumbled and fell

    1. And I could not breath, I was spasming and choking on bile, and my mind was ten thousand shards of glass, all grinding and refracting, and my memories were all there at once, drowning me, I could not breathe, I choked and choked and could not see, my mind my mind it was too much, a billion colors refracting and I could not see or think or breathe, and then my master was pulling out like a long filthy rope pulling from my stomach and stretching my nostrils and slimed up up up

    2. The bastard slimed his way out of it by naming me as the supplier! Then he reckoned he felt guilty and rang to warn me

    3. The gun was slimed with spots of blood

    4. He moved through the markers until he got to a grave covered with a sheet of grimy plastic or glass, its edges slimed with filth

    5. They followed what was left of the road from the gates to Orthanc, going slowly, for the flag-stones were cracked and slimed

    6. The ice slimed the grass, and it crunched and slipped beneath his feet, but he kept up as Santi’s men broke into a trot, then a run, in pursuit of the girl

    1. skin slips and slimes on the rime ring of white water edges

    1. In no time, it seemed, the cabbage had been cored and tossed into boiling water to blanch, and Betty was put to work dicing and slicing and mixing, turning up her nose at first about sliming around in ground beef, eggs and onion, but soon with no more concern than the guts testers at Halloween

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    Synonyms for "slime"

    goo gook goop guck gunk muck ooze slime sludge mire fluid

    "slime" definitions

    any thick, viscous matter

    cover or stain with slime