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    1. She had various types of explosives strapped to her, and while Big Petey wasn’t watching, she came up behind him and slapped some ball-shaped goo onto his back

    2. Realistically, the most Ackers would do was lecture his brain away into a melted pile of unrecognizable goo

    3. The end of the tentacle severed and she was splattered with goo

    4. There was a container with some tiny metal screws, some curious bit's of limp yandrille string stuffed thru tubule, and a squishy plastic vial of some goo

    5. He rubbed himself once more and with delight felt a quick shot of warm goo shooting down his legs

    6. Spray her insides with your goo when you’re ready to explode

    7. Never mind I thought and opened my jam which happened to be raspberry but just like the bully the heat had melted it and all I had to show was a sickly sugary goo in the tin

    8. I poured a glass of cognac and smiled at him before I saluted him and drank it I was feeling quite goo but I had a lot of things to do before tomorrow

    9. The experience of being eaten and transformed into decarbonised goo didn’t bear consideration

    10. From its mouth, the beast was salivating gobs of translucent goo as it viewed the Halfling and wondered what it would taste like

    11. "God, how on earth can you eat cornflakes without your teeth in!" Ignoring my question, Uncle Hobart opened the ketchup bottle and poured a liberal amount of the red goo over his breakfast

    12. I started to bog down in the sticky goo and he gained ground on me, his hissing breath stirring the hairs on the back of my neck

    13. As we neared the spot where Uncle Hobart had planted his home made bomb, I noticed that the gravestones were covered with a thick red, slimy goo

    14. He saw what looked like tennis balls, all covered and smeared in gore, and goo, and a milky, mucus-like sloppy substance

    15. He pumped out the holding tank, re-constituted the goo with water and a bag of microbial starter

    16. Her front tire found the watery goo

    17. The goo tingled on his hurt flesh

    18. Bryony withdrew her snout from the water trough, and sniffed at the mouldering pile of goo that was supposed to be her food

    19. “All the cogs and stuff are covered in some sort of yellow goo

    20. and steaming goo, and Zia Rashid stepped out of the wreckage

    21. when she emerged from the steaming goo of the serpent, which was al

    22. Sam woke up in a pool of blue goo; it covered his entire body

    23. She retched, this time successfully, spewing foul-smelling goo

    24. Then Zack conjured up some snot buggers from his nose, and had them form into a wall of goo

    25. His captives, like him, were plastered with dank slimy goo and covered with leaves and the saffron colored bloom of the punk tree

    26. Like a rusty beetle, the half track lurched across the landscape, slipping into a muck hole, tracks churning as the machine settled into the goo, caught and slammed forward, motor groaning to settle back into its slow progression

    27. It's got all the other software engineering goo that the GNU

    28. almighty shove and he grunted extra hard a few times and I felt all this warm goo

    29. ‘What was that all about?’ Sav fingered goo from her eyelids

    30. it's head and it splushes into a pile of goo

    31. “You shoot yo goo here

    32. ” My goo? She knows the porn lingo

    33. The only reason he had not been burnt to a crisp was that he was immersed in all the jelly like goo that had spilled out of the creature as he fired up into it from beneath

    34. said proudly, slinging the goo off his hands with a shake

    35. A goo so slippery nothing but another Anuunaki could stand on it

    36. The dragon spread its jaws wide again, and Lov dove to the side as thick goo landed where he had been but a moment before

    37. The frog croaked, its back beginning to cover in a thick clear goo

    38. that continued to pulse out more of the green goo

    39. the puddle of goo turned the ground under it into a cloud of

    40. “The slugs feed on the goo on the crystals and the put off that

    41. into rather odd goo

    42. The main river behind the increased in miscellaneous goo s is the electric shower

    43. you think it’s a conflict of interest to cover your husband’s trial?” he asked Shirley, wiping off the goo from his chin

    44. The crawling army was obliterated into a brown goo as Jack rubbed both hands together

    45. The gross green spider goo came right off, and it was a good thing, because the thought of spider guts being smeared on me made me gag, Lara Croft or not

    46. She filled her hand with a small pool of the sanitizing goo

    47. Calling each by name, this jolly elf slung the thick goo into bowls using giant spoons

    48. He’s tracing his hands in a circle on the sidewalk in a blob of goo

    49. I sat on the edge of the hay as far away from the black goo as possible and tried as hard as I could to not think about what it might have been

    50. Silver goo oozed out of his chest and his eyes turned the same color

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    Synonyms for "goo"

    goo gook goop guck gunk muck ooze slime sludge skilful proficient qualified able adroit capable clever dexterous moral upright virtuous righteous worthy exemplary conscientious blameless admirable commendable excellent exceptional precious capital valuable satisfactory obedient heedful tractable well-behaved dutiful decorous kind humane kindly beneficent benevolent favourable obliging well-disposed deserving honourable immaculate unblemished unsullied fair reliable trustworthy safe competent honest genuine real valid sound genial agreeable pleasant cheering

    "goo" definitions

    any thick, viscous matter