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    1. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    2. Sludge stretched for miles in all directions

    3. Luckily, the signature of his dark power was enough – the wall before him collapsed in a pool of black sludge, revealing a clear pathway to a massive branch that seemed to span the heavens

    4. Imorbis was forced to step back as the sludge threatened to pool at his feet

    5. “EMILE SLUDGE, SECURITY PATROL”, his ID proclaimed

    6. Sludge was a light skinned mulatto of Spanish extraction

    7. Sludge bent towards the front of his desk and asked, ”The Aquifer System

    8. That would be serious, very serious and what’s this escape method?” Sludge sternly asked

    9. Sludge looked at Martin and said, “OK, your next stop would be to the Provost Marshal over at the Alleghenia Headquarters on Grant Street

    10. Depends on the Provost,” Commander Sludge replied without looking up

    11. Martin referred to Commander Sludge and wanted to know if

    12. Sludge, had wired the Provost about an appointment for him

    13. Her associate, Watkins, a stocky, black Africano, told him that Commander Sludge had already been informed and would be coming back to her within the next two hours

    14. With that Martin asked if she could relay something to Commander Sludge

    15. As I listened to these songs in memory"s eye, I could see those staggering columns of the First World War, bending on soggy packs on many a weary march, from dawn to dusk to drizzling rain, to slogging ankle through mire of shell-pocked roads, to form grimly for the attack, blue-lipped, covered with sludge and mud, chilled by the wind and rain, driving home to their objective, and for many, to the judgment seat of God

    16. I was sipping at some sludge that Steve had made insisting it was coffee, and though a large array of scientific tests could factually prove he might have been telling the truth, I could not think of it as anything other than a cup of swamp water with some mud thrown in for flavor

    17. Long story short, the dumb kid gets distracted, loses his balance and falls into this smelly, polluted, brown sludge

    18. eyes as he waded through the troughs of sludge

    19. the sludge at the bottom of the pond in the center of the city to be 300,000 times higher

    20. wonder, if humanity does pick its self up out of the sludge and try

    21. “I hate this!” he shouted as he wiped sludge off

    22. three gallons of sauce with 3 pounds of meat suspended in the red sludge

    23. Still, it screamed and backed off, oozing purple sludge

    24. A gas tanker can hold up to 9,500 gallons of fuel so when it drops fuel into the underground tank at a gas station if by chance there is any silt, dirt or sludge in the tank it is going to be disturbed

    25. But with that in mind, gas stations have filters on the intake pipe and filters at the dispersing pump that trap this dirt, silt and sludge

    26. It was obvious at first glance what the problem was, as inches of sludge that looked like cold roofing tar had built up on the interior of the engine causing it to fail prematurely to the tune of $4,500, a lot more expensive than changing the oil at recommended intervals

    27. Everyone is busy working as fast as they can to clean up the sludge that his mood

    28. A large dollop of black sludge still clung to his legs, and the weight was pulling him down

    29. A chilly breeze blew fierce and froze my steps making them even heavier and slow, sinking in a thick, foul and nasty sludge

    30. shivered and downed cup after cup of the sludge Zelena had provided

    31. ―Not a bad ship, good crew too,‖ he nodded and took another haul on the sludge

    32. The Liquefier turned it all into a sludge that was distilled, purified, and

    33. The blockage was caused by the sudden accumulation of a mass of sludge mainly made up of particles of rubber residue

    34. The surge took with it the sludge and rubber particles that had caused the valve to fail, the sludge that would block the pipe to the water treatment plant

    35. The top of the dome was covered with the slippery residual rubber sludge sprayed out when the disc had burst

    36. As he reached the curve of the dome he saw immediately that the dome of the reaction vessel was covered in a thin layer of sludge that needed to be cleaned off before start up

    37. Gasses and rubber sludge were spewing out all over the shop

    38. Desperately, he used his elbows to push himself away from sliding chemical sludge

    39. The sludge continued to spread outwards and he pushed hard on his arms, screaming in pain, just ahead of the ever expanding pool

    40. He watched in horror as the sludge slowly engulfed the body of Mark Sox

    41. He could see the skin peeling off the hands and face of the corpse as the sludge encircled then gradually covered it

    42. He pushed back on his arms as hard as he could and after an agonising few seconds was far enough to be safe from the now slowing spread of the sludge

    43. The chemical sludge was hot and he could feel the skin blistering on his feet in just the few seconds it took him to reach the body

    44. As he fell he put his right arm out to stop himself from falling full length into the sludge

    45. When his hand hit the pool it sent up a spray of hot, viscous chemical sludge that splashed across the right side of his face, and stuck to his skin like napalm

    46. He needed to irrigate his face immediately with cold water, and remove as much of the sludge from his face, and the rest of his body, before getting emergency medical help

    47. These would re-seal with the sludge that circulated in suspension in the liquid ammonia in this pipe work all the time

    48. Officer Sludge approached the other police officers,

    49. Officer Sludge he stood on his hind legs then spoke

    50. In the later 1950s, residents complained about the black sludge, horrific odors 75

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    sludge goo gook goop guck gunk muck ooze slime

    "sludge" definitions

    the precipitate produced by sewage treatment

    any thick, viscous matter