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    1. cannot see much, you are stuck in the muck, and you’ve been

    2. the foul muck of land and superstition

    3. Again the river was full of people dredging muck where it accumulated, or swimming where it was sandy

    4. carefully and as delicately as he could through all of the muck and

    5. At first I thought it was simply the muck dished up from

    6. Shinvei put on a pair of muck boots as were required in some of the passages down by the docks, a sheer cape and a tribal pendant around her waist

    7. muck, and was sure he was going to plunge into the

    8. Their ancient masterpieces had become a flowing mass of rotten muck

    9. Replied the prophet, wiping the muck from

    10. His hooves shuffled in the muck with agitation

    11. Her little knot of conscripts entered what appeared to be a galley, though the only 'food' was a gloppy gelatinous muck that the Naud gulped and slurped with relish

    12. They knew the muck, and the mud and the river bottom

    13. The real problem is that the up-and-down motion liquefies the muck underneath

    14. The light lingered on, as the flares slowly cascaded down to the muck and filth below

    15. Some fanatical little sniper crawled out into the muck and filth and shot him dead

    16. He slipped, but saved himself from falling flat by slamming a foot into a puddle of muck

    17. Standing in the muck, close to open water, he dropped it and forced it deep into the jet-black slime

    18. He washed his face and scrubbed some of the muck and dirt away, feeling a bit freshened and somewhat cleaner

    19. The bridge, its red paint peeling, stretches over the muck

    20. It too had been purified, its waters shining clearly and free of muck, and it too

    21. (The manuscripts say that the wheels began to gather the muck of the sea

    22. around on a bike in the Charleston summer muck and didn't really

    23. Lorna decided not to answer and tried to wipe the spittle and other unidentifiable muck from her face and neck

    24. life, wade through the dense muck of a reality that was

    25. muck to reach the bag in time

    26. When he began to wade in the muck, he did not realize that the

    27. Half crazed with pain, I clutched my bleeding side and scurried to the loading platform while the outlaw, shouting profanity and covered with muck, climbed back up seeking vengeance

    28. Fortunately for you my Sergeant Kennings has eyes like a hawk, but even he nearly missed seeing your tabards through all of that muck

    29. Just about where that muck is now

    30. With a few quick lifts on the handle, he washed the stinking muck off his boots

    31. She was hungry, but not so hungry that she would dip her nose into that stinky muck

    32. “You’d better not muck it up, boy, or you’ll be next for the roasting dish

    33. The boat started to tilt, stirring up the muck on the sea bottom and threatening to topple onto the cow serpent

    34. it pushed open, scraping arcs in the mold and muck

    35. The other bloke"s fingers slipped from mine and I was alone, battered, choking on muck, swept like flotsam

    36. ‘There’s still only that bloody algal muck here and I’m starving

    37. But not that thick tarry muck Mark gave us yesterday

    38. This was his first experience - six years late and too important to muck up!

    39. You should see the shop in Surfer’s and the horrible muck it’s jammed with

    40. When his patient stopped moaning, Jag poured cans of muddy water down his throat until he gagged, then dragged him onto the bank and held him upside down by the heels until he’d stopped vomiting dark, sticky muck, then lowered his burden gently onto his back

    41. The Cimmerian reeled in his saddle, half stunned, and with awful strength the dark-skinned giant forced the screaming steed upward and backward, until it lost its footing and crashed into the muck of bloody sand and writhing bodies

    42. All the obscenity and salacious infamy spawned in the muck of the abysmal pits of Life seemed to drown her in seas of cosmic filth

    43. 1 On this Wednesday afternoon, in the course of his address, Jesus first told his followers the story of the white lily which rears its pure and snowy head high into the sunshine while its roots are grounded in the slime and muck of the darkened soil beneath

    44. picked up handfuls of the warm muck and tossed it into the water

    45. waters of Hobo Creek threatening her with a handful of muck and

    46. pages to clear up dog muck

    47. Skirting the eastern edge of the deeper water, the Indian plunged into knee deep water and felt a tremendous relief as his moccasins sank into the Everglades muck

    48. Despite the protective coating of dried muck, insect bites too numerous to count tatooed the bodies of Samson and JY

    49. Satisfied, he dragged it to where JY was, grunting with the strain of maintaining balance in the deepening muck

    50. Like a rusty beetle, the half track lurched across the landscape, slipping into a muck hole, tracks churning as the machine settled into the goo, caught and slammed forward, motor groaning to settle back into its slow progression

    1. mucked out in weeks, but there was a quiet, undisturbed

    2. My back was so bad it would have been dumb to fly, and a recent bullet through the leg sort of mucked things up

    3. ‘How about the computer files? Those concerning Lance Osbairne had been mucked around with that evening

    4. Henry had mucked his losing hand without even showing the ta-

    5. bluff, so the guy also mucked his hand without ever showing the

    6. Perhaps she’d accidentally mucked it up

    7. Aesa fell into the stable and in an empty stall--which had not been mucked out--he noted somewhere in the back of his mind

    8. He had a garden and a mountain stream close by, and he’d even managed a four-foot-high stone wall around his property with the rocks that he’d mucked out of his mine

    9. Once the well had been dug, if the walls were unstable, then the rocks that were being mucked out had to be built up in a circular fashion to give the well the ability to survive without eventually having its walls cave down in around it

    10. For the rest, she drudged in the house, which work she would not have minded had not her clean red floor been mucked up immediately by the trampling farm-boots of her brothers

    11. The bathroom was as gross as the rest of the place, mucked with mold, the toilet perpetually running, wads of toilet paper smeared with lipstick dotting the floor around the trash-bin

    12. I think Yooden told me a lot of things that“So you think you went and mucked about inside your own brain as a result of Yooden talking to you?”

    13. It was just that Marilyn mucked up the works by taking it all too seriously

    1. Curse those migraines to hell for mucking up my head! What you need, Karalintze, is some good solid evidence tying some of this together

    2. And the greasy fish and chips were still mucking their way through her intestines

    3. “If you’d avoid mucking around in the sewers, your true occupation wouldn’t be so obvious,” Hollowcrest muttered

    4. "More mucking out?" My back tweaked in protest at the thought

    5. Dinner was a semi-formal, yet fun affair, complete with liveried servants, glittering silver-domed plates, and the usual mucking about with thirteen different knives, forks and spoons

    6. Apparently this poor creature had been mucking around on the bottom of Long Island Sound and had somehow gotten itself tangled in the net of this sunken fishing boat

    7. Apparently some-1 or something is mucking about with all the radio and internet-controlled defense computers of not only the U

    8. In fact it seemed that all they ever came to occupy themselves with was a love of seafood, mucking about in the water, and sex


    10. As soon as he’d stopped DS Burrows turned to Jane and said, ‘Are you mucking us about Jane?’ She was astounded at his change in tone, and really taken aback

    11. But a lot of stuff has been swirling around in my head lately, stuff that frankly sir, has been mucking up my thoughts

    12. We started mucking around with his slot cars

    13. the mucking mud and the shattered stone of crumbled concrete

    14. heart, mucking his hand without showing it to the table

    15. “No point mucking about in Geelong

    16. teaching themselves and mucking in? I couldn’t believe it

    17. They had absolutely no respect for their father and were just mucking around, making a perpetual nuisance of themselves

    18. With the cattle fed, she headed into the barn and began mucking out Patra's stall

    19. The time for mucking about was over

    20. “My house flooded and we’re still mucking it out,” the girl next to her said

    21. Then he starts all confused mucking it up about mortgagor under the act likethe lord chancellor giving it out on the bench and for the benefit of the wife and that a trust is created but on the other hand that Dignam owed Bridgeman the money and if now the wife or the widow contested the mortgagee's right till he near had the head of me addled with his mortgagor under the act

    22. one about but a monk with his robe hitched up mucking out a pigsty behind the stables

    23. “And God only knows what mucking around in all those implanted and suppressed ones might’ve done,” Nimue said, nodding slowly

    24. For right now, though, as Aivah says, there are too many unknowns—and imponderables—for us to go mucking about

    25. "Leave her alone, you bloody mucking bastards," he said angrily in his slow Queensland drawl

    26. "I stole those mucking chickens, and I gave them to her

    27. The Infinite Improbability Drive is a wonderful new method of crossing vast interstellar distances in a mere nothingth of asecond, without all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace

    28. Reddy, “Playing with others’ expectations: teasing and mucking about in the first year”, em Natural theories of the mind, editado por A

    1. Hope the rain mucks them up on her

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    Synonyms for "muck"

    droppings dung muck goo gook goop guck gunk ooze slime sludge mire muck up mud manure filth dirt refuse

    "muck" definitions

    any thick, viscous matter

    fecal matter of animals

    remove muck, clear away muck, as in a mine

    spread manure, as for fertilization

    soil with mud, muck, or mire