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Slug in a sentence

He's a lying slug.
Slug sat on the branch.
Slug woke and felt hungry.
And Slug did exactly that.
I was as creative as a slug.
C stitched up the slug holes.
You can have the slug, too.

I had wanted to order a slug.
hideous slug on the forest floor.
parents continued to slug it out.
"Did the slug say why?" She asked.
A long slug, then a stab at dinner.
Here’s a slug for your head!.
The slug that killed Dan Arkin was a.
Terry took a slug of beer and settled in to.
Caught a slug in the heart and one in the.
I'll give her a forty-five slug in the brain.
Once it had my attention, it held out a dead slug.
My name is Slug, he said, what is yours?.
He poured a big slug of vodka and knocked it back.
been work related because Anne was the office slug.
He sees your heart Slug and He is patient with us.
I reached in my pocket and pulled out the bullet slug.
He put it in his mouth and took a big slug of his drink.
One of the men slug the boy hard on the side of his head.
‘He’s got a slug in his shoulder, fired by two goons.
A lead slug would have smashed your shoulder to pieces.
There’s one hefty slug left in the bottom of the bottle.
Go to sleep Slug, I will protect you, came the Voice.
Slug curled up inside his little house and closed his eyes.
idea to get into a slugging match with Carol.
slugging the guy who had run out just before her.
Federation slugging it out in top secret meetings.
You old dog you, she said slugging his arm.
The Preacher gave his wife a kiss and slugging his makeshift.
He shouted and swung his arm, slugging Halirit across his face.
wandered out a couple of times, slugging our way through the snow.
quickly found out that the slugging girl was pounding her brother,.
Caramarin felt like slugging him, but as the man had a pistol and a hair.
Slugging his back, he mused on the empty glass, and then eyed me, steadily.
She let loose a flying roundhouse kick, slugging Wardon over the head; Wardon tumbled into the ground.
The two gentlemen to her right were slugging whiskeys and feverishly discussing ways to save Fannie Mae.
By the time he gave up the sport, he had the fifth most career home runs (361) and the sixth highest slugging percentage (.
She playfully slugged me.
I slugged my sherry back.
I slugged him in the shoulder.
slugged away in a seven-day week.
Huh? Oh, Joe Teague slugged him.
He slugged my arm and renewed the.
Lucas playfully slugged me in the arm.
I topped that, and slugged down Black Jack Old No.
She should have given him that smile and slugged him.
Jon slugged him on the back of the skull with a sandbag.
Lucas put an arm around her, and she playfully slugged him.
” The priest sighed, poured another drink, slugged it back.
She rolled her eyes and laughed, as she slugged me in the arm.
The Bird slugged and kicked Bush, but Bush refused to be cowed.
that if she had been the hitting type she would have slugged me.
I feel ashamed now that I slugged the old Professor, but my mind.
―To old friends, dead, but not forgotten!‖ he said and slugged it back.
Those kids should have been doped with beer and slugged into their cots hours ago.
Once the manoeuvre was complete, she re-engaged the autonav and slugged what was.
stomped, slugged, and were now a bedraggled looking lot, but they had survived, for the.
Without warning, the corporal slugged Louie in the head, then swung his arm back for another blow.
Mandy was clutching her stomach where Dyslexia had slugged her, like getting hit with a thick branch.
He slugged down the dregs of his cold coffee, and then the other donkey turd came through the chain-link gate.
He slugged through an AFIT engineering degree and had been accepted for the test pilot school at Edwards, as I recall.
The fat one pulled her to her feet and slugged her in the stomach with the force of a wrecking ball then lifted her from the floor and pushed her atop a table.
When losing the signal I would start to lose control and pretend I was going to jump out of the car, but my father screaming my name at me usually slugged me back into present time reality for a short period anyway.
44 caliber slugs them-.
the slugs in his pocket.
there's a will, my slugs.
Works on slugs and snails.
44 caliber slugs that were.
He fired, sending the slugs.
or perhaps two or three slugs.
Sea slugs clean the sand naturally.
Slugs are simply snails without shells.
Double twelve-gage with buck and slugs.
50 caliber slugs from the attacking P-47.
He slugs his pack over his shoulders.
slugs with bands of red down their sides.
They’ll be as harmless and slow as slugs.
We hit them, but the slugs didn’t drop them.
Jeff, give Joey two more slugs to the head.
But you will have to try if you want those slugs.
about where the slugs go Joey can’t endure five slugs.
We hit them, but the slugs didn’t drop them.
luminescent slugs inching along all sides of the chamber.
Ballistics wasn’t able to match up the slugs with the.
pliers to pluck the two slugs out of his chest and then placed.
The slugs had already been dug out of the walls and my bookcase.
The slugs feed on the goo on the crystals and the put off that.
Broken eggshel s can also be used as a deterrent for snails and slugs.
Strain, then spray where you don’t want slugs and snails to invade.
Slugs and snails enter and once inside will get caught in the solution.
Attract birds and other creatures that naturally prey on snails and slugs.

Synonyms for slug

bullet slug sluggard biff clout lick poke punch slog swig idle laze stagnate