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  1. He was the sole M.
  2. The sole re sult ….
  3. Chelsea is the sole heir.
  4. It could do so as a sole.
  5. That was her sole epitaph!.

  6. I am telling you this sole.
  7. Scratch the sole of my foot.
  8. It was for this sole reason.
  9. This sole action forces all.
  10. If the deceased is the sole.
  11. His job is his sole salvation.
  12. Fish was almost their sole diet.
  13. They were created for the sole.
  14. It is my sole purpose for being.
  15. He started a fund for the sole.

  16. That would be its sole purpose.
  17. The sole piece of her first life.
  18. Therefore, my sole opinion would.
  19. Park remained the sole owner of 8.
  20. This, of course, is the sole worry.
  21. It is the sole refuge of humanity.
  22. I’m afraid I am the sole survivor.
  23. Mina if she survive is my sole heir.
  24. I feel it under the sole of my foot.
  25. Husain painting was the sole witness.

  26. Rule # 3: Never use food as his sole.
  27. Q: Why should it be my sole concern?
  28. The sole pleasures of enjoyment were.
  29. All understand that God is sole judge.
  30. This is your one and sole purpose! To.
  31. Furthermore, money is the sole reason.
  32. The Messenger's sole duty is to convey.
  33. His sole task now was to carry on and.
  34. Their sole purpose in life is to kill.
  35. His sole preoccupation with the trivial.
  36. Dear child! Take sole refuge in Pranayama.
  37. Also sole agents for the AMERICAN BURNER.
  38. His belt buckle, too, and this shoe sole.
  39. The sole surviving member of the Testary.
  40. And Elizabeth, you’re sole beneficiary.
  41. This became the sole focus of Thomas life.
  42. The sole decoration of the four rooms on.
  43. Horseshoe Bay couldn't be the sole reason.
  44. Now England was sole mistress of the ocean.
  45. Thou wilt be left of her the sole protector.
  46. So that meant she was the sole breadwinner.
  47. Erskine assigned as the sole ground, 210;.
  48. Nor was his the sole corpse in the vicinity.
  49. England now sole mistress of the ocean, 99;.
  50. Patriotism is the sole province of countries.
  51. It had been ripped apart, its sole dangling.
  52. Accounts in the name of a sole proprietary.
  53. If you could set up a product with the sole.
  54. And furthermore I assign sole guardianship to.
  55. As mentioned above, the sole purpose of your.
  56. I realized we were not the sole visitors here.
  57. He prodded the sand with the sole of his foot.
  58. Disadvantages of Sole Emphasis on Earning Power.
  59. Thou, whose sole beverage was the bitter brine.
  60. And that is probably the sole reason the horse.
  61. Animal shelters are not the sole, appropriate.
  62. On each sole were two pieces of metal, one at.
  63. Finding Harry Travis was now her sole objective.
  64. This time they were not the sole source of light.
  65. The sole object of the bill was to get them away.
  66. Poor things! it was the sole consolation they had.
  67. He is the sole maker of the heavens and the earth.
  68. The room’s sole occupant stood when she entered.
  69. Foot breadth: The sole of a man's foot can measure.
  70. His immediate and sole purpose then was to escape.
  71. When she died, her son’s sole emotion was relief.
  72. Why, suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.
  73. Warning against Sole Reliance upon Earnings Exhibit.
  74. This was the sole luxury which the Bishop permitted.
  75. Hayley took a foot and rubbed her thumb into his sole.
  76. Victory should be aimed for, but not the sole purpose.
  77. They who say that God is the sole doer are ignorant.
  78. Your aim in life shouldn’t be money as your sole aim.
  79. The sole use of money is to circulate consumable goods.
  80. With a little kick off my left shoe sole, I send that.
  81. I see Minto’s soul now reconciled with the sole soul.
  82. The short sole of a spokeshave is mounted between tow.
  83. His sole aim, he says, is rebuilding his base in Delhi.
  84. Smoking is not necessarily the sole cause of lung cancer.
  85. He had managed to chase away his sole hope for survival.
  86. The sole intention of including this chapter, which is.
  87. Our sole purpose is to find the device and deactivate it.
  88. CRITTENTON, 115 Fulton street, New York, sole proprietor.
  89. Sole Manufacturers of BLACKMEN’S PATENT REFLECTOR BASES.
  90. Next to Eve, Pilate saw Adam, the sole proprietor of the.
  91. With the sole exception of the first, which in rare and.
  92. His sole presence bothered me as much his smug smile did.
  93. Nothing on your site is the sole indicator of its quality.
  94. I have come with that sole purpose in view—nothing more.
  95. Initially, my mother was supposed to have sole custody of.
  96. Now that is hardly the sole option of ways to create your.
  97. Its sole function is to funnel wealth (ownership) up the.
  98. And as it was obvious that the crew’s sole focus was on.
  99. The sole means of uniting men is their union in the truth.
  100. The price level itself is not the sole determining factor.

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  1. We heard the doors open and hard soled shoes clattering on the pavement.
  2. I bought a pair of rope soled shoes, neat trousers and a white shirt, then attempted to hitch to Madrid.
  3. On the table stood a dirt plate, left there from somebody’s dinner, a soled table-napkin and a knife, fork and spoon that had just been used.
  4. He realises as he listens to the dull rubber soled thud of his feet on the road, as he moves in time with the beat of the bass line, that the monsters have never been that far away.
  5. Before departing he requested that it should be told to his dear son Patsy that the other boot which he had been looking for was at present under the commode in the return room and that the pair should be sent to Cullen's to be soled only as the heels were still good.
  6. His bare soled feet tread lightly, sprites on hot gravel,.
  1. Nor the soles of her shoe?
  2. The soles were made of wood.
  3. They stung the soles of my.
  4. From the crown of my head to the soles.
  5. I have holes in the soles of my shoes.
  6. Except now they had cushioned smart soles!.
  7. She’d laughed with joy as her soles burned.
  8. He kicks the soles of my sandals again, harder.
  9. I did so, relief flooding the soles of my feet.
  10. Sit with the soles of your feet touching each other.
  11. She twists paper into the floor with her boot soles.
  12. No thicker than the soles he’s now burning through.
  13. To site the same example again, the soles of your 68.
  14. On to the balls of his feet, his toes, his soles ….
  15. They all grabbed a pair of soles, eyeing them curiously.
  16. The soles of his shoes sank into a thick, black carpet.
  17. I feel it also---just barely---in the soles of my feet.
  18. The man strode purposefully towards him, the soles of.
  19. The soles of his feet stung when they met the chill of.
  20. Doc held the baby up and rubbed the soles of it’s feet.
  21. These poor soles, if they reassess the situation and get.
  22. The soles of my shoes mark each rock with a wet footprint.
  23. But gone where? As I look at my feet, I see the soles are.
  24. He had soles as tough as car tyres so didn't need footwear.
  25. He felt the power surge through the soles of his bare feet.
  26. Either that, or you have the soles of a gorilla, I said.
  27. The heat penetrating through the soles of my feet is unbearable.
  28. The pants ended in bulky footwear adorned with heavy lead soles.
  29. Rob followed, all but scuffling his soles like a truant schoolboy.
  30. Nor did my bones push out through the skin of the soles of my feet.
  31. Move back into sitting position with the soles of your feet touching.
  32. Walking on hot ashes would have been burned the soles of their feet.
  33. Mars had prospered and the population had grown to over 125,000 soles.
  34. One might make use of their jargon to put new soles on their old shoes.
  35. The shoes had seen a lot of use, but they had new soles and fitted well.
  36. More than that, I could feel them tugging through the soles of my shoes.
  37. Come again?? Nick said, surprised to the soles of his size 10 shoes.
  38. Emma kept beating the soles of her boots against the pavement of the yard.
  39. I could smell the humidity and feel the slime under the soles of my shoes.
  40. The soles of her slippers were the floor but did little to keep them warm.
  41. The soles which you are at this moment presenting to me are slightly scorched.
  42. Hardin, Bruce, his Walkman, and me, and the background vocalists Steven Soles, J.
  43. Her tiny feet wore matching sandals of white silk ribbon over white leather soles.
  44. On impulse she dropped one of the soles on the floor and removed one of her shoes.
  45. Boots were no protection; the ground scorched the feet even through leather soles.
  46. Padding softly on calloused soles they climbed a flight of stairs to a second level.
  47. There were fresh footprints in the dirt, flat soles as opposed to boots or sneakers.
  48. I can’t see daylight because the soles of shoes cover every inch of glass above us.
  49. He stamped his frozen shoes on the carpet, the flakes falling off his soles and heels.
  50. Her feet were clad in shoes then in vogue, with thick, projecting soles and stubby ends.
  51. Secondary syphilis is associated with nickel and dime lesions on palms and soles.
  52. Then there are feet, hard soles on a hard floor, and the answering eye of a light inside.
  53. To his surprise he found that his feet were warm too, as if the soles were generating heat.
  54. Wear shoes when foraging in the water—you need soles if you are improvising foot coverings.
  55. Mary caught the trooper shifting uncomfortably, as if he had worms upon the soles of his feet.
  56. His shoes were on the floor; the soles had holes in them, as did the socks covering his feet.
  57. And you shall tread down the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on.
  58. It has large hooves and their tough soles make them ideal for clambering over rocky surfaces.
  59. The heat of the sun-baked ground burned through the soles of my shoes as they pounded the dirt.
  60. The super power of world was being stepped down by the under soles of shoes of Super Mujahids.
  61. You never dare about women and kids, and grounded them with soles of boots of running soldiers.
  62. My feet took their time when I walked and their soles had grown tougher and tolerant of hot sand.
  63. Furious yells, hard soles against cobblestones, doors that were opened and then slammed hard again.
  64. There were two broken ribs and deep cigarette burns on her posterior and on the soles of her feet.
  65. The spirits told me to do this, she said as she pressed her thumbs into the soles of my feet.
  66. The casket was borne into the church to the sound of our leather soles slapping on the stone floor.
  67. Among these were what were known as "Shackleton boots," large canvas boots with thick leather soles.
  68. The beach under foot is like pitch; his soles stick fast to it; it is no longer sand, it is bird-lime.
  69. The audience clapped and yelled and banged the soles of their shoes on the polished timber floorboards.
  70. We're walking over firm ground in the forest, and the pine needles are soft under the soles of our boots.
  71. It seemed to me that my heavy lead soles were crushing a litter of bones that made a dry crackling noise.
  72. Then, however, dry leaves crunched under his soles as he moved, indicating the existence of legs and feet.
  73. And the wicked shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I do this, saith the Lord’ (Mal.
  74. The soles of her feet were calloused and rough now, one of the reasons she left her shoes with the Gypsy King.
  75. The well-worn steps gave way to the soles of his shoes and launched him in to the building, he smiled like 100.
  76. Twice he was walking, and once he ran swiftly, so that the soles are deeply marked and the heels hardly visible.
  77. They continued to walk on, the sand’s heat burning through the leather of his shoes into the soles of his feet.
  78. In my cheap scuff sandals with car-tyre soles he reckoned I looked like a poor Arab, which pleased me enormously.
  79. Bareheaded, in a thin shirt and drawers, he felt the lingering warmth of the fine sand under the soles of his feet.
  80. Correct Answer: Choice E (Secondary syphilis is associated with nickel and dime lesions on palms and soles).
  81. He was dressed in his usual professional clothes, but wore cloth slippers, the soles of which were perfectly clean.
  82. The shiver that went through Donald's body echoed off his soles of his feet and rebounded back to his hair follicles.
  83. It stung when the old dressings were removed and I could feel that I had been burned on my palms and soles of my feet.
  84. Choice E (Secondary syphilis is associated with nickel and dime lesions on palms and soles) is the correct answer.
  85. I wanted a new pair of winter boots, which I found almost right away, nice leather riding-style boots with rubber soles.
  86. The gentleman ordered boots with long boot-legs, and he has made soft shoes, without soles, and has spoiled the material.
  87. He smashed her cheekbone, broke her nose and three ribs, and burned her buttocks and the soles of her feet with cigarettes.
  88. The leading row of criminals leapt into the ditch and the steel caltrops punched through the soles of their shoes and boots.
  89. She damped the cloth and then gently wiped James’ aching soles, which gave him a bit of relief, for which he was thankful.
  90. He needs to be able to feel the narrow steel line through the soles of his feet and to feel the tension and the tautness of it.
  91. The soles were fiveeighths of an inch thick, covered with hobnails, and were as hard and inflexible and almost as heavy as iron.
  92. It entered the body through the soles of the feet, as the kids walked around barefoot, more than likely stepping into dog feces.
  93. Then he was secured again, lifted so his boot soles swung futilely above the tile floor, and carried out of the hall still raving.
  94. The grains were baking underfoot, Nord could feel the stuff through the soles of his boots, sun- warmed and hot enough to cook on.
  95. The rumble became a roar, vibrating through the soles of his shoes, while vigorous tendrils of anxiety coiled around his intestines.
  96. Look out, your soles will fly off! shouted the red-haired man, noticing that the sole of the dancer’s boot was hanging loose.
  97. The indelicate clacking of the men's heels and the shuffling of their soles reminded him that their grade of culture differed from his.
  98. However, though she could see nothing but the soles of his feet, she was much relieved to hear that he was talking on in his usual tone.
  99. Their blue soles were malleable as dough and so thin that when I walked I could feel the contours of pebbles and sticks beneath my feet.
  100. Hal’s feet, which were still bare except for the curious stick-on soles, felt a comfortable tingling, tickling sensation as he walked.

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