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Bottom in a sentence

Of the bottom.
at the bottom.
it to the bottom.
At the bottom i.
The bottom line.
him in the bottom.
her bottom to him.

to her bottom lip.
ones at the bottom.
the bottom of this.
The bottom line is.
hole at the bottom.
Bottom of the Sea.
each top to bottom.
from top to bottom.
bottom of the boat.
bottom of the town.
bottom of the wall.
Not at the bottom.
bottom of the hull.
hole in the bottom.
you from the bottom.
The bottom of the.
bottom of your pile.
had the bottom bunk.
At the very bottom.
At the bottom, he.
bottom of his heart.
The top has bottom.
The trade in Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD) was a bottoming reversal play.
Our next symmetrical triangle was a bottoming pattern that reversed a sharp downtrend.
When the hammer forms at the end of a stock decline, it is called a bottoming tail hammer.
First, there can be reversal signals that occur in a bottoming pattern that do not pan out.
This is always an ominous sign, and the Dow went on to lose 673 points before bottoming out on August 6, 2004.
Next, reversal signals in a bottoming process or consolidation often peter out before a solid trend begins to follow.
50 a share, the market was still in a bear trend so the stock immediately tanked, finally bottoming out in December 2002 at $2.
Most investors have the wrong mindset and get excessively bullish when markets are topping and bearish when they are bottoming.
As market volatility began to decrease after this peak, the open interest fell over several months, bottoming out in March 2009.
Since bottoming in October 2008, GDX has formed a solid uptrend, with a series of higher highs and higher lows, as shown in Figure 7.
For example, back in early 2009, Navin noticed that Citigroup’s charts were indicating that it was becoming oversold and could be bottoming.
� It began with child abuse, sexual abuse, child prostitution, and ended with incarceration and a bottoming out that landed him finally in recovery.
Technically, the ETF has shown great relative strength versus the overall market and its healthcare peers since bottoming in March 2009 (see Figure 8.
They had a technical analyst on who said that the stock market was bottoming and that now would be a good time to be 100 percent invested, says Navin.
After the third wave down the need to sell is too obvious, and it also undercut the low on the handle formed in January 1998 which is a logical bottoming point.
The stock then broke and headed lower over the next eight weeks, finally bottoming at a point that undercut the low point of a prior base formed in June-August 1968.
As a side note here, the broader picture for Marriott during this four-month period shows a bottoming process while both the Shooting Star and Morning Star occurred.
Watching him do this was a big lesson for me in the wake of my stupidity and stubborn persistence in shorting a market that was bottoming and starting a new bull market.
If your suspension seems to bottom out like when you were a teenager and you jumped that canal with your folks Pontiac and you hear a heavy thud you have what we call Bottoming.
The panic of the attacks on top of the already fledgling stock market and economy kept the stock market on the defensive for the next few years until ultimately bottoming in 2002.
Following this bottoming out, a new wave of opening contracts and increased volume pushed the open interest to record highs in May 2010, which coincided with a period of high volatility.
During the second half of 2008, Koza scooped up more than 25,000 shares as its share price went down from $20 per share (split adjusted) to $15, down to $10 per share and then bottoming at less than $4 per share.
After the airline stocks had topped in late 1965 along with the rest of the market, they all came back down to earth, finally bottoming and attempting to rally with the market as it began the next bull move in 1966.
The stochastic concept is based observations that, as the market gets toppish, the closing prices tend to approach the daily highs; whereas in a bottoming market, the closing prices tend to draw near the daily lows.
Again, please turn your attention to the bottoming of the stock market in March 2009 and keep in mind that investors are anticipating a market bottom, and this is why the market is rallying in the middle of a recession.
that carries shallow bottomed grey-heads.
In a heavy bottomed wok, bring the milk to boil.
The Dow finally bottomed out in July 1932 at near 40.
36 per pound in April 1977 (it bottomed at a paltry $0.
wondering how such a broad bottomed boat could possibly.
out in a glass- bottomed boat to see the coral and the fishes.
Boil milk in a heavy bottomed saucepan until it reduces to half.
When they had traveled a tail from the broken bridge the boat bottomed out.
The canyon bottomed out and the road shifted into a set of winding switchbacks.
Heat oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan and fry the cumin and mustard seeds for.
The strategy’s performance worsened in the late 1990s and bottomed out in 2001.
The little bike’s old suspension sagged, bottomed out, and then slowly rebounded.
Hadn’t noticed him? Perhaps his luck had bottomed out and was starting its upswing.
Ay, ay, now there is reason in your words, for they are bottomed on religion and honesty.
6, and traders might not have known until several weeks afterward that the market had bottomed.
From September 2001, when the market bottomed, through June 2003, the S&P 500 gained 4 percent.
When they finally reached the sloop, it was listing to one side; bottomed out by the receded tide.
The drill bottomed out, he had to unship and install the collector tubes and then the motor itself.
2) you’ll see that AAPL bottomed out at about $120 per share, with a buy opportunity being shown.
The S&P 500 bottomed in October 1974 and nine months later the index was up 60 percent from the low.
Blaise had only a short frown, brought a flask of native serum out of a pocket in his loose bottomed pantaloons.
The year 2004 was a downward biased trading range that bottomed in late summer and rallied for the rest of the year.
On October 10th, the market bottomed and began to move sharply to the upside, with the NASDAQ Composite Index posting a 4.
AMSC bottomed in November 2008 and began a fresh uptrend almost immediately and within six months the stock was up 200 percent.
For example, after stocks bottomed in May of 1932, over the next year decile 1 of All Stocks by six-month price momentum went up 69.
As I thought, this stock had truly bottomed out in the previous week and I never expected this order to actually trigger at any point.
OI bottomed out in area A, T-Notes in area B, and in area C, both were in clear uptrends, with rising OI calling for higher prices ahead.
On the other hand, my car had bottomed out, engine was pushed back 6 inches into the driver’s compartment, and the radiator was crushed.
Double tops and bottoms.
at the bottoms of the doors.
Here ya go Mitch, bottoms up.
bottoms of my shoes were melted.
5 green onions, tops and bottoms.
Bell bottoms that needed a button.
Cut the bottoms off bok choy heads.
He was going to use the bottoms of.
bottoms (and a lot of greed at tops).
I said, You place the bottoms of.
his legs give way and he bottoms out,.
There are no double bottoms in Harmonics.
She put her squirrel-skin bottoms back on.
The bottoms of her heavy boots had melted.
Some double bottoms end up as losing trades.
19, the bottoms have about the same amplitude.
Then how about your bottoms? Doran asked.
We don’t try to pick market tops and bottoms.
Lucy Bottoms, leader of the Women of the Church.
Bottoms, the President of the Women of the Church.
Butter the bottoms and sides of 2 round cake pans.
Chair#4, ski down to the bottoms of Chairs#1-n-8.
The formation is used to target tops and bottoms.
climbing skins for the bottoms of your alpine skis.
Sue undid the tie of my pajama bottoms as we kissed.
on the bottoms of the skis and shuffle up moderate.
my swimming trunks as Sue put on her bikini bottoms.
The market sells off for six hours and bottoms out.
solidly colored rectangular slabs in the bottoms of.
bottoms of your feet--that's a couple hundred dollar.