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    1. He would have to move this boat well before dusk if he didn't want it to sit on the bottom while the tide was out

    2. They are found both at the bottom of the ocean and in fresh water lakes

    3. As the diatom dies, the dia-earth falls to the bottom of the lake or ocean in which they lived

    4. Were he a native he would have caressed her bottom also, she had not yet met one who wouldn't if they were a former lover or even applying to be a lover

    5. "We think he's out in the Pennic Hills, deep in the cerrado of the Gengee bottom

    6. He could see his initials in nine spots but with one blank spot at the bottom 10th-place position

    7. Bait is placed at bottom in a bait bowl

    8. Today only a couple little salt lakes, one hundred and two hundred miles in length, marked the bottom of the sea that had been trapped in the highlands a thousand Earth years ago

    9. But Ackers had finally found it buried at the bottom of the closet

    10. Peter had some money in his coat pocket all of a sudden, though the change had fallen through the hole at the bottom and had spilled out all over the sidewalk

    11. Its ends are stable, each a four-wheel truck pinned to the bottom of the backbone

    12. Day 1: The bottom layer is shredded manure, The next layer is of plant waste shredded

    13. John picks up one of the coffee cups, looks inside at the dried coffee on the bottom of the cup

    14. With that he turned smartly on his heel and walked off towards the bottom of

    15. Al Snafu turns his attention to the teachers at the bottom of the staircase, clears his throat, tries to reclaim some air of dignity

    16. The salt water lakes at the bottom of the Gengee are thirty nine hundred and forty one hundred feet below the lake, but almost five hundred miles south of their destination

    17. He pulled the latch on the bottom half of the door, swung the door open and was

    18. At the bottom of the stairs the

    19. It was the bottom of the sixth inning

    20. Two on, two out, bottom of the sixth and it was my turn to bat!

    21. And yet it was true, I realised, as I was half marched, half dragged to the bottom end of the corridor

    22. "Love is my greatest desire," she whispered and ran the palm of her hand up the bottom of his chin

    23. I awoke to the sound of the door being unlocked and, although it was agony to move now that my limbs had stiffened after the beating, I managed to kneel and cover my nakedness with the bottom of my blood-spattered tee-shirt

    24. Robbie was sweating visibly, wiping his brow with the bottom of his usual checked blue shirt

    25. When they reached the bottom of the stairway a

    26. At the bottom of the stairs the guard who had been sleeping woke to see

    27. We popped up bottom up, slammed back down on our faces and gradually righted to endure the same pounding for hours more

    28. "The ship, which is as long as all the streets in Yoonbarla strung end to end, has about as much volume of air inside it as Knume's house, counting the store and still on the bottom floor

    29. With just the two cups between them it was a matter of how you raced your partner to the bottom of that cup

    30. "That's not healthy," he said while wrapping his other arm around her and caressing her bottom

    31. The water was deep enough here that they hardly touched bottom

    32. Then the huge thing pulled it's legs from the bottom and rose into the sky

    33. There are some things in the bottom drawer in the

    34. Travel Device in the bottom drawer of his room at home

    35. and in the corners of his slack, cracked bottom lip

    36. Liesse was sitting back, elbows on the arms of the chair, his fingers steepled and just touching his bottom lip; he looked thoughtful

    37. As they came to the bottom of the stairs, she steered him towards the back of the house, towards the kitchen entrance

    38. Fred and Joe turned and walked down to the gate at the bottom

    39. It was going to lie in that same spot on the bottom of the Lhar til the sediment it lay in eroded

    40. opened his room and put the Travel Device back in the bottom

    41. which sits in a damp, rusty sulk at the bottom of the garden,

    42. at the bottom of the garden recovers and starts first time

    43. At the bottom of the garden,

    44. that clings to the bottom of his rag-frayed trousers

    45. With this she probed around and found that sure enough, the banks were undercut and she could not reach the bottom

    46. the bottom of the hill

    47. “Well, if we took the way around the bottom of the hill, we could

    48. thought he had seen some movements at the bottom of the hill

    49. Soon enough they had reached the track at the bottom of the hill

    50. reaches the bottom of the hill

    1. The drill bottomed out, he had to unship and install the collector tubes and then the motor itself

    2. Blaise had only a short frown, brought a flask of native serum out of a pocket in his loose bottomed pantaloons

    3. that carries shallow bottomed grey-heads

    4. wondering how such a broad bottomed boat could possibly

    5. Those with thin, rectangular, or square face shapes look best with hoops and rounded designs, while earrings with a wide bottomed design are ideal for heart-shaped faces

    6. Hadn’t noticed him? Perhaps his luck had bottomed out and was starting its upswing

    7. In a heavy bottomed wok, bring the milk to boil

    8. On the other hand, my car had bottomed out, engine was pushed back 6 inches into the driver’s compartment, and the radiator was crushed

    9. When they finally reached the sloop, it was listing to one side; bottomed out by the receded tide

    10. On the other side was a steep, barren slope that bottomed out onto sun-dried, mown grass flats, crossed by a stream flowing out of Sebastian’s forest

    11. When they had traveled a tail from the broken bridge the boat bottomed out

    12. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan and fry the cumin and mustard seeds for

    13. Boil milk in a heavy bottomed saucepan until it reduces to half

    14. - Heat a heavy bottomed pot, add oil/butter mixture, lay out the potato slices on the bottom of the pan, then add the plain rice, a layer of chicken pieces and then top with the saffron, yoghurt rice

    15. These shallow draft flat bottomed assault ships of four and a half thousand tons could steam at 10 knots and were capable of carrying several hundred men, vehicles and tanks

    16. The canyon bottomed out and the road shifted into a set of winding switchbacks

    17. "Ay, ay, now there is reason in your words, for they are bottomed on religion and honesty

    18. 6, and traders might not have known until several weeks afterward that the market had bottomed

    19. OI bottomed out in area A, T-Notes in area B, and in area C, both were in clear uptrends, with rising OI calling for higher prices ahead

    20. Some buyers will come in at these pull backs, thinking the market has bottomed out, and about to turn higher, whilst others continue to sell

    21. Though he tends to make his initial purchase before the stock has bottomed, and likes the opportunity to add to his position at lower prices, he also sleeps better at night knowing that if there is a cliff out there, his shares have already fallen over it

    22. Because Oracle had originally broken out in early September 1999, well before the market had bottomed and turned to the upside again in late October, it was too early to buy the stock on that first breakout, and so it ended up backing and filling for another six weeks as it formed another consolidation or base on top of the prior handle from which it broke out in early September

    23. By the time the bottom in 2002 came around, everyone had become so conditioned to the bear market that nobody could see their way through to the possibility that the market had bottomed

    24. On October 10th, the market bottomed and began to move sharply to the upside, with the NASDAQ Composite Index posting a 4

    25. This process went on for the next two months before the stock was finally able to regain its 50-day moving average on a pocket pivot buy point on January 28, 2009, well before the market itself had bottomed

    26. It doesn’t care who you are!” By late October 2002, everyone was pretty well cleaned out as the NASDAQ finally bottomed out after plummeting 78

    27. The little bike’s old suspension sagged, bottomed out, and then slowly rebounded

    28. 2) you’ll see that AAPL bottomed out at about $120 per share, with a buy opportunity being shown

    29. From September 2001, when the market bottomed, through June 2003, the S&P 500 gained 4 percent

    30. The S&P 500 bottomed in October 1974 and nine months later the index was up 60 percent from the low

    31. AMSC bottomed in November 2008 and began a fresh uptrend almost immediately and within six months the stock was up 200 percent

    32. By the end of 2009, I believe the housing market as measured nationally will have bottomed, leading to an increase in consumer confidence and slowing of foreclosures

    33. The year 2004 was a downward biased trading range that bottomed in late summer and rallied for the rest of the year

    34. The story, as he tells it, is that he was able to continuously roll the Calls out and down, and although it took him ten months, he was eventually able to get out of the trade with a small net profit when the stock eventually bottomed out

    35. In Boston Scientific’s case, FCF bottomed out at $53 million in 2010 during its trouble period, only to increase again to $704 million in 2011, and increase again to $1,034 million in 2012

    36. In Debbie’s case you might wonder what would have happened if she had concluded that the market had bottomed out after the big dip three-quarters of the way through 2001

    37. Place a bet on a potential recovery stock that had fallen massively, was priced low, and which I thought had now bottomed out; with a stop loss order below the stock’s lowest historic price, or with no stop order at all if I could stand the loss associated with a total wipe-out

    38. I had been following Barclays Bank and other banking stocks as their prices declined in 2008, establishing small exploratory positions each time I thought they had bottomed out

    39. As I thought, this stock had truly bottomed out in the previous week and I never expected this order to actually trigger at any point

    40. By the way, it was the first time I ever tweeted any information on the potential direction of the stock market! As it turned out, only seven days later, the US stock exchange indexes did exactly that: bottomed out on March 9

    41. out in a glass- bottomed boat to see the coral and the fishes

    42. The strategy’s performance worsened in the late 1990s and bottomed out in 2001

    43. Large Stocks did better on a five-year basis than All Stocks during the early 1930s, but All Stocks did significantly better after the market bottomed in May 1932

    44. For example, after stocks bottomed in May of 1932, over the next year decile 1 of All Stocks by six-month price momentum went up 69

    45. For example, when the market bottomed in mid–1932, the decile of six-month biggest losers from All Stocks shot up 295 percent for the year ending June 1933, but I cannot point out strongly enough that this is a short-term phenomenon

    46. If it drops in price, you can reassess whether to move your remaining money in at the discount or steer clear until you’re truly convinced that the stock has bottomed out and is on its way back up

    47. The Dow finally bottomed out in July 1932 at near 40

    48. 36 per pound in April 1977 (it bottomed at a paltry $0

    49. There's your law of precedents; there's your utility of traditions; there's the story of your obstinate survival of old beliefs never bottomed on the earth, and now not even hovering in the air! There's orthodoxy!

    50. The commerce of the United States with the West Indies, the Continent of Europe, and Great Britain, will present to this committee the evidence upon which this faith is bottomed

    1. If your suspension seems to bottom out like when you were a teenager and you jumped that canal with your folks Pontiac and you hear a heavy thud you have what we call Bottoming

    2. The stochastic concept is based observations that, as the market gets toppish, the closing prices tend to approach the daily highs; whereas in a bottoming market, the closing prices tend to draw near the daily lows

    3. � It began with child abuse, sexual abuse, child prostitution, and ended with incarceration and a bottoming out that landed him finally in recovery

    4. Our next symmetrical triangle was a bottoming pattern that reversed a sharp downtrend

    5. Watching him do this was a big lesson for me in the wake of my stupidity and stubborn persistence in shorting a market that was bottoming and starting a new bull market

    6. After the third wave down the need to sell is too obvious, and it also undercut the low on the handle formed in January 1998 which is a logical bottoming point

    7. 50 a share, the market was still in a bear trend so the stock immediately tanked, finally bottoming out in December 2002 at $2

    8. The panic of the attacks on top of the already fledgling stock market and economy kept the stock market on the defensive for the next few years until ultimately bottoming in 2002

    9. Again, please turn your attention to the bottoming of the stock market in March 2009 and keep in mind that investors are anticipating a market bottom, and this is why the market is rallying in the middle of a recession

    10. Since bottoming in October 2008, GDX has formed a solid uptrend, with a series of higher highs and higher lows, as shown in Figure 7

    11. Technically, the ETF has shown great relative strength versus the overall market and its healthcare peers since bottoming in March 2009 (see Figure 8

    12. During the second half of 2008, Koza scooped up more than 25,000 shares as its share price went down from $20 per share (split adjusted) to $15, down to $10 per share and then bottoming at less than $4 per share

    13. For example, back in early 2009, Navin noticed that Citigroup’s charts were indicating that it was becoming oversold and could be bottoming

    14. They had a technical analyst on who said that the stock market was bottoming and that now would be a good time to be 100 percent invested,” says Navin

    15. As a side note here, the broader picture for Marriott during this four-month period shows a bottoming process while both the Shooting Star and Morning Star occurred

    16. First, there can be reversal signals that occur in a bottoming pattern that do not pan out

    17. Next, reversal signals in a bottoming process or consolidation often peter out before a solid trend begins to follow

    18. The trade in Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD) was a bottoming reversal play

    19. When the hammer forms at the end of a stock decline, it is called a bottoming tail hammer

    20. After the airline stocks had topped in late 1965 along with the rest of the market, they all came back down to earth, finally bottoming and attempting to rally with the market as it began the next bull move in 1966

    21. The stock then broke and headed lower over the next eight weeks, finally bottoming at a point that undercut the low point of a prior base formed in June-August 1968

    22. Most investors have the wrong mindset and get excessively bullish when markets are topping and bearish when they are bottoming

    23. As market volatility began to decrease after this peak, the open interest fell over several months, bottoming out in March 2009

    24. Following this bottoming out, a new wave of opening contracts and increased volume pushed the open interest to record highs in May 2010, which coincided with a period of high volatility

    25. This is always an ominous sign, and the Dow went on to lose 673 points before bottoming out on August 6, 2004

    1. There is really no proper way of teaching and how you LEER at your students is up to you, but I guarantee that opening up communications with students will make your class a better place, free of profanity and with everyone wearing their trousers on their bottoms

    2. propriety’s sake he had at least slipped on the pyjama bottoms

    3. Was that fur she could spy tufting out of his trouser leg bottoms?

    4. his legs give way and he bottoms out,

    5. The waterproofs were good, but the bottoms of my hosen are sodden and my boots have been dryer

    6. She had to admire the fact that the serious drinkers in this society carried cups with pointed bottoms that couldn’t be put down

    7. It opened and he stood blinking at her in his tee shirt and pajama bottoms

    8. Above that field the horizontal rays painted orange patterns on the bottoms of wispy clouds high above

    9. He didn't even have a shirt to cover his burning chest and the PJ bottoms he’d put on before leaving the bedroom, offered little more in warmth then her own worn excuse for a night gown

    10. The chimneys looked like tall skinny volcanos, rising almost fifteen hundred feet above the bottoms of the many small vangs of the valley floor, sixteen hundred feet above the waters of that canal

    11. They had all planked in the bottoms of their area pretty carefully and sawed off any branches anywhere within reach

    12. A Dutch merchant may, for example, employ his capital in transacting the commerce of Poland and Portugal, by carrying part of the surplus produce of the one to the other, not in Dutch, but in British bottoms

    13. The trade which is carried on in British bottoms between the different ports of the Mediterranean, and some trade of the same kind carried on by British merchants between the different ports of India, make, perhaps, the principal branches of what is properly the carrying trade of Great Britain

    14. “Then you could stop having to beat naughty boys bottoms” said Dave

    15. Adjusting the volume, she showered in the en-suite and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms and tee-shirt that she used for pyjamas, then sat on the bed and updated her diary while listening to Lady GaGa

    16. When wagons were sent to the front, the semi-naked wounded were laid in rows upon the rough bottoms and jolted back to the hospital

    17. Towering cumulus clouds, their bottoms flat and appearing close to the water, were scattered about an otherwise unblemished blue sky, but not one offered shade to El Tiburón Limon

    18. Now that we’re here, and safe, I realize that there are cuts all over the bottoms of my feet from running over rough pavement and bits of glass from broken windows

    19. divers used wooden boxes with glass bottoms to float over the reefs and spot abalone and

    20. 6 I went down to the bottoms of the mountains; the Earth with her bars was about me

    21. 14 But they sleeping the same sleep that night, which was indeed intolerable, and which came on them out of the bottoms of

    22. The bottoms of her heavy boots had melted

    23. Barnacle: small marine animal that attaches to the sides and bottoms of hulls and piers

    24. drawn so that at least two or more of the highest price bottoms are touching the line

    25. bottoms and tops, head and shoulders patterns and other candlestick patterns can

    26. bottoms of my shoes were melted

    27. “Please, Ren,” your white tee comes up over your head, black bikini top tiger stripped black inlay over your chest with boy short bottoms bleached rabbit vertebrae belt around your waist, rabbit feet hanging from your earlobes, bronzed

    28. 19, the bottoms have about the same amplitude

    29. A parallel line (the neckline) is drawn against the line connecting the two bottoms ( B and D

    30. The price objective is at level G, which is the average height of the bottoms, measured from point E

    31. “What’s with the company listed as the supplier at the bottoms of the forms---EG&G? I don’t recognize it,” Barry stated

    32. If the centers start to come through the bottoms of the chocolates, as often happens with soft mixtures, dip the bottoms again in melted and cooled chocolate

    33. The clouds had flattened a bit, with silvery gray lining their bottoms

    34. The other side of the ridge revealed a small valley with a glimmer of green in the bottoms

    35. Mist hugged the bottoms and most times of the year, a chill settled in these low hollows and the older she got, the worse she felt the cold

    36. In an hour’s time they had reached the bottoms over the Ridge and were deep into the Cumberland Gap

    37. I couldn’t wear jeans yet, the pressure on my belly hurt so I shuffled around in scrub bottoms with a drawstring waist and T-shirt tops

    38. Bell bottoms that needed a button

    39. The wall had a bumpy texture, reminiscent of egg carton bottoms, but looked more organic than fabricated due to the randomness in size and placement of the bumps

    40. Having being forced to wear a gown he had no pyjama bottoms to remove

    41. Lucy Bottoms sat in the Muehlebach Hotel lobby to watch

    42. Lucy Bottoms was late arriving in the legislative session in

    43. “Hi, Bill,” Lucy Bottoms said as she saw him enter their

    44. Bottoms, the President of the Women of the Church

    45. Lucy Bottoms, leader of the Women of the Church

    46. As expected, the PPW had their bottoms removed and their

    47. His eyes were vacant, and the bottoms of his legs were gone

    48. He is wearing tracksuit bottoms with curry stains down and a string vest

    49. A man in his mid-twenties stood at one entrance ahead of Laura, dressed in only blue, baggy pajama bottoms

    50. , said in an interview with the popular cultural magazine “Where the Roots Come From” in 290 that “I am a Uola man from Atileten who loves his culture and history more than anyone else’s, but it would be downright unprofessional of me not to acknowledge that other civilizations had running water centuries ago while my people were still figuring out how to wipe their bottoms

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    Synonyms for "bottom"

    bottom freighter merchant ship merchantman arse ass backside behind bum buns butt buttocks can derriere fanny fundament hind end hindquarters keister nates posterior prat rear rear end rump seat stern tail tail end tooshie tush underside undersurface bed bottomland bottom of the inning fathom penetrate lowest part depths sole base underneath foot nadir fundamental final basic conclusive elementary determining last lowest basis foundation groundwork

    "bottom" definitions

    the lower side of anything

    the lowest part of anything

    the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

    the second half of an inning; while the home team is at bat

    a depression forming the ground under a body of water

    low-lying alluvial land near a river

    a cargo ship

    provide with a bottom or a seat

    strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom

    come to understand

    situated at the bottom or lowest position

    the lowest rank