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Specter in a sentence

The specter of.
when the specter of liberty,.
Yet, Locke felt no specter of fear.
That specter known to me was nigh.
A towering specter of gigantic mold.
The specter was so notorious that Dr.
Yeah! joined in another Specter.

He seemed a specter not belonging here.
to Leanna, driven by the specter of her uncle.
Visions of freedom pushed the dark specter of.
I protest, your honor, replied the specter.
The dimly lit, azure specter turned to his brother.
Rip's identity was kept safe by the specter costume.
Ok, said the specter as he headed to the beach.
And we're not the only ones! shouted a Specter.
His face was haggard and pale, like he'd seen a specter.
She likes it when he pretends to be a mysterious specter.
who appeared like a specter in the dark hallway leading to the.
I kept reliving that vision of Kellyn fighting the dark specter.
A Specter appeared, producing a stack of paper several feet high.
specter [a hunting vision] When Christ walked on the water is.
Or possibly another Specter, dressed similarly in a sportcoat and hat.
She shook her head and raised her hand as though to banish a specter.
sentences, a crowd of words to chase away the specter of the little bird.
"A ghost doomed to walk the earth as a mere specter of your former being?".
My specter from the past moved the same way, spoke the same sorts of words.
In any business deal, Kulai said, there is the specter of deception.
Then I had a vision of her standing between myself and that dark specter.

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Synonyms for specter

ghost shade specter spectre spook wraith apparition fantasm phantasm phantasma phantom