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Specter in a sentence

1. That specter known to me was nigh.
2. Yet, Locke felt no specter of fear.
3. A towering specter of gigantic mold.
4. The specter was so notorious that Dr.
5. Yeah! joined in another Specter.
6. He seemed a specter not belonging here.
7. Visions of freedom pushed the dark specter of.

8. I protest, your honor, replied the specter.
9. The dimly lit, azure specter turned to his brother.
10. Rip's identity was kept safe by the specter costume.
11. Ok, said the specter as he headed to the beach.
12. And we're not the only ones! shouted a Specter.
13. His face was haggard and pale, like he'd seen a specter.
14. She likes it when he pretends to be a mysterious specter.
15. I kept reliving that vision of Kellyn fighting the dark specter.
16. A Specter appeared, producing a stack of paper several feet high.
17. Or possibly another Specter, dressed similarly in a sportcoat and hat.
18. My specter from the past moved the same way, spoke the same sorts of words.
19. In any business deal, Kulai said, there is the specter of deception.
20. Now I the strength of Heracles behold, a towering specter of gigantic mold.
21. Specter switched parties in a move to improve his chances of staying in office.
22. Implicit in the capital dynamic is the specter of debt; it is never outwardly.
23. A Specter promptly vanished from the room and returned with a tray of Crabbits.
24. His eyes were wide open, as if he’d seen a specter, and his mouth hung agog.
25. As the door latched, they froze at the specter of three ghouls in the alleyway.
26. Committees avoid the specter of healthcare rationing? My answer is a resounding.
27. In her vision there was no dark specter, and the being of light was much closer.
28. The specter of the “efficient markets hypothesis “has haunted Wall Street for.
29. Don’t forget, he warned his readers, about the haunting specter of that last mile.
30. No single one of them can match our combined power, just as the dark specter could not.
31. They were somehow too intelligent for this Specter to be a narc, as William had thought.
32. Looking back over my shoulder I saw him again, that black specter that always joined me.
33. He was small, white as a sheet, thin as a specter, always moving, even when he was still.
34. The blueness of jump space surrounded us all, and I saw the dark specter moving towards us.
35. Senator Arlen Specter stated, its a challenge to the plain language of the Constitution.
36. That raised in the admiral’s mind the specter of possible submarine attacks on his fleet.
37. She'd stressed the importance of quick action—he sensed the specter of political pressure.
38. It was my father, standing on my doorstep like some awful specter summoned by my hatefulness.
39. If that wasn’t enough, the specter of 2012 is looming large, and there is still much doubt.
40. The Goblin Master opened his creased eyes and saw the translucent face of the specter, Jetsam.
41. Somewhere out there under that deep ebony-blue tranquil sky Paul O’Grady loomed like a specter.
42. One lieutenant had been visited by a specter who had tried to lure him to the bottom of the ocean.
43. She was holding up her staff and glowing brightly while the specter fought fruitlessly against her.
44. We see a similar pattern in the Inquisition, with Rome using the specter of the Church and horrible.
45. This raised the specter of mass insolvency for banks and other financial institutions that owned them.
46. What is your name? asked the important-looking Grimbat to the specter that was currently on stage.
47. Not to mention the death of all those who were aboard the space-ship, added a Specter in the background.
48. And some of the crew were actually cooked and eaten by that unholy trio! another Specter randomly added.
49. DURING THE HOLIDAY RECESS in late 2007, I was with Senator Arlen Specter on a trip to Israel, Syria, and Pakistan.
50. As I did so, I halfway expected that black specter to appear once more, hand outstretched, cold whisper echoing in my mind.
51. The Specter, halfway back along the flickering tunnel, held out his long hands, as one might to a badger backed into its hole.
52. This specter is of future Earth some fourteen centuries from when thou dost return into thy time to manifest what must be done.
53. She saw a great toad-like face, the features of which were as dim and unstable as those of a specter seen in a mirror of nightmare.
54. The dark specter had not tried again since the first encounter he had with all six of us, but he stayed close by, ready for any opening.
55. It was an intriguing trip with a number of very long plane rides, where Senator Specter and I had a lot of time together, just the two of us.
56. Impossible to say whether it was his echoing footfalls that sent rats up ahead scurrying to their holes, or the sight of his Specter like a bad moon behind.
57. You all know as well as me how easily some demagogue preachers and hatemongers can manipulate crowds if they raise the specter of some kind of alien threat.
58. Once the benefits of joining us were explained to them along with the specter of the consequences of refusing to join, they withdrew to consider their response.
59. For once I wasn’t thinking about the break-in, my gunshot wound, the vellum calling card left in my house, or the specter that slipped out of my garage as I watched.
60. There is always the specter of rising prices and interest rates, inflation and more to cope with as well, so building preparedness for that into your budget is also a priority.
61. In the shadows of her house, the solitary widow who at one time had been the confidante of his repressed loves and whose persistence had saved his life was a specter out of the past.
62. In the hot parlor, beside the specter of the pianola shrouded in a white sheet, Colonel Aureliano Buendía did not sit down that time inside the chalk circle that his aides had drawn.
63. Then the class captain would blow his whistle and we'd march in a single file to our classrooms, longing for winter already, greeted instead by the specter of yet another long school year.
64. One evening at the end of April, after a week or two of this, he was riding a near-empty train back uptown from Union Square when he spotted the Specter peering through the doors between cars.
65. When such as Hillary Clinton raise the specter of a vast right wing conspiracy against America, it is to conceal their own plan to rule and regulate their fellow Americans in every way possible.
66. In places where such things have taken place, the malignant devil is enabled to manifest itself as a visible specter without a material body; that is, as an immaterial ghost, similar to a faint white electric light.
67. The specter of estate tax is looming in the corner of every hospital room in America, or so goes the story, waiting to deprive widows of their husbands’ hard-earned pensions and children of their college funds, if Mr.
68. The Specter had made the platform, thinner now than in memory—William could see his shapeless fedora through the train’s rear window—but he was shrinking even further, until the blackness of the tunnel swallowed him.
69. Ah! if all we had to dread were the revolution which is held up as a specter to terrify us! Since I cannot imagine a society more detestable than ours, I feel more skeptical than alarmed in regard to that which will replace it.
70. Someone like the Countess? The Baron’s servant, bribed to copy his letters? In the cause of the International Workingman’s Association, or some such nonsense? Bolshevism, or that other specter of the land-holding elite, International Jewry?
71. But when the crafty Huron spoke of his nation by name, the eyelids of the old man raised themselves, and he looked out upon the multitude with that sort of dull, unmeaning expression which might be supposed to belong to the countenance of a specter.
72. Later on, when Aureliano Triste told how he had seen her changed into an apparition with leathery skin and a few golden threads on her skull, Amaranta was not surprised because the specter described was exactly what she had been imagining for some time.
73. But my father kept a low profile during most of the Judiciary Committee hearings, and when he did speak up in the Senate some of his longtime colleagues—including Arlen Specter and Orrin Hatch—called him out, suggesting he was hardly one to be accusing another of bad behavior.
74. However, her short life had already taught Aisha that this marvelous city had been built through the crushing taxes and forced labor imposed on millions of Chinese peasants, most of whom lived in abject poverty in their rural villages, with the specter of possible famines and natural disasters ever present.
75. Tormented, in the hall, with difficulties and obstacles, I remember sinking down at the foot of the staircase—suddenly collapsing there on the lowest step and then, with a revulsion, recalling that it was exactly where more than a month before, in the darkness of night and just so bowed with evil things, I had seen the specter of the most horrible of women.
76. On top of everything else, part of what was driving the story was my long-ago-damaged relationship with the police unions: when they found out the Capitol Police brass had handled my case the way they would have handled the case of any Congressman or Senator in that situation—with more dignity than I deserved, perhaps, but by just taking me home to sleep it off, without breath or blood tests—they raised the specter of special treatment, which pushes every possible political button.
77. While conspiracy theorists and others kept sounding alarms about the specter of computer chips,.

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