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Shadow in a sentence | shadow example sentences

  1. I was just a shadow.
  2. A shadow fell over me.
  3. The shadow of a boat.
  4. She saw a shadow and.
  5. He threw a long shadow.

  6. We are the Shadow Clan.
  7. A shadow that is gone:.
  8. His face was in shadow.
  9. Jilin kept in the shadow.
  10. II - The Land of Shadow.
  11. I see a shadow, zoom in.
  12. The Shadow of the Past.
  13. I turned into the shadow.
  14. The Valley of the Shadow.
  15. A shadow bent over Pippin.

  16. A shadow crossed her face.
  17. In the shadow of terror.
  18. A shadow blocked the sun.
  19. The shadow of the crisis.
  20. Dad, Shadow got out again.
  21. In the Shadow of the Wind.
  22. In that valley of shadow.
  23. A shadow covered the light.
  24. For the shadow of tyranny.
  25. A shadow dropped onto him.

  26. The shadow of Apophis is.
  27. A shadow, not a substance.
  28. The Shadow Elves were not.
  29. The reflection of a shadow.
  30. John drove into the shadow.
  31. It is like having a shadow.
  32. My shadow crossed her desk.
  33. A shadow deepened over him.
  34. Not even the shadow of one.
  35. The Shadow Witch is coming.
  36. See only his shadow there?
  37. Above the shadow of his head.
  38. And a shadow of thick smoke.
  39. On into the shadow they rode.
  40. The Substance of the Shadow.
  41. II - The Shadow of the Past.
  42. The shadow of the bullhorns.
  43. Listen to The Shadow Reader.
  44. A shadow and a movement on.
  45. The Shadow Witch wants me.
  46. It was a human-sized shadow.
  47. The shadow continued to move.
  48. A faint shadow crept over her.
  49. Afraid of his shadow, Grippo.
  50. And then a shadow approached.
  51. Beyond the shadow of a shadow.
  52. And like a shadow haunted her.
  53. Of stars in shadow shimmering.
  54. Kevin splashed in its shadow.
  55. Without a shadow of a doubt!.
  56. I was solid in her shadow.
  57. A shadow was overtaking them.
  58. So he noticed a shadow of a.
  59. A Shadow Realm called Earth.
  60. The well head, and its shadow.
  61. A shadow moves in the darkness.
  62. The shadow that had one arm up.
  63. Man with the face of a shadow.
  64. The tree was dark as a shadow.
  65. The shadow lies upon his tomb.
  66. Sitting patient in the shadow.
  67. I followed him like his shadow.
  68. It glided further into shadow.
  69. I long to live in your shadow.
  70. Shadow stil fitted the riddle.
  71. Fear is the shadow side of love.
  72. The Shadow Witch, it had to be.
  73. They sat in the shadow waiting.
  75. It was light and he was shadow.
  76. A shadow crossed in front of me.
  77. He had a five o’clock shadow.
  78. Shadow crosses the street and.
  79. They haven't a shadow of doubt.
  80. His shadow fell across the pad.
  81. Consumed by fire of the shadow.
  82. You are my shadow from the heat.
  83. And then came the winged Shadow.
  84. The shadow Minister of Finance.
  85. Although steeped in shadow, it.
  86. There's a shadow just behind me.
  87. You may find the Shadow of the.
  88. Michael languishes in my shadow.
  89. Elephant shadow stroked his ears.
  90. Now…send the shadow to Bes.
  91. The shadow wil want to help you.
  92. A shadow of it, Neith said.
  93. About the return of the Shadow:.
  94. Well, have you seen Shadow?
  95. He’s from your shadow, Murphy.
  96. Hey, the shadow elf yelled.
  97. Behold his shadow on the floor!.
  98. Martin stepped out of the shadow.
  99. O whispering wind of the shadow!.
  100. Under their shadow Elessar, the.
  1. Except for her shadowing of Mrs.
  2. By shadowing a team member for a.
  3. You are meant to be shadowing Rob.
  4. A variant on this drill is called shadowing.
  5. A man steps behind the witch, shadowing her with.
  6. They ended up shadowing each other, offense and defense.
  7. I watched his life slowly leak away, shadowing his eyes.
  8. The graveyard was filled with night shadowing toward dawn.
  9. Ashi knew that cameras that had been shadowing them since the.
  10. The two men on a motorbike who were shadowing him saw nothing.
  11. Ask your sponsor if you could spend a day shadowing him or her.
  12. Just the click and shadowing change of wind motioning the corridors.
  13. Shadowing five students is no easy matter, as Robert soon discovered.
  14. Shadowing is portrayed as though there is a source of light and, as.
  15. I turned around cagily, my mortal eyes shadowing to face my brothers.
  16. I began shadowing everyone who might have helped him, Dorgan, Kahn, Langhorne, all.
  17. No I mean from one of the things that have been shadowing us for the past hour or so.
  18. Carl and Wil sat to either side of him, and Jean stood nearby with Terese shadowing her.
  19. Interpol have listed a few persons who could be Farr’s contact, we are shadowing them now.
  20. At midnight the wind blew softly in the window, whispering the curtains, shadowing the moonlight.
  21. The only saving grace to see is the soul loosing its shadowing power caused by the body’s evil actions.
  22. Wherever she went, she had two soldiers shadowing her, ready to protect her in case anyone tried to harm her.
  23. The female figure was dressed entirely in black, a heavy hood pulled up, completely shadowing the face from view.
  24. The doctor hesitated, glancing from Willy to the great shadowing balloon that tugged at him wanting to fly off away.
  25. What did surprise us, though, was her suspicion that she had crossed the trail of someone else who was shadowing Mrs.
  26. Suffolk manoeuvered to place herself astern of the enemy ships and began shadowing and monitoring them with her radar.
  27. Kate’s house was located at least ten blocks in the other direction, with the figure in between, shadowing her every move.
  28. She pushed away from the wall, started scrambling toward the end of the corridor as if she could escape the thing shadowing her.
  29. Assyrian was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an high stature; and his top was among the.
  30. Thus freed from some areas of worry, I felt content to spend an hour or so in the morning shadowing Parker, under the guise of helping him.
  31. They’re reporting that a squadron of six naval vessels have been shadowing their course from an equal distance on the Serminak side of the line.
  32. With two police cars shadowing it, the blue truck turned right on Sutter, went half a mile to Polk, and parked in an empty spot outside a nail salon.
  33. Somewhere en route, Miller would meet up with colleagues who would then continue shadowing Jarvis until he finally arrived at the place from where he hoped to have a clear shot at Professor Barclay.
  34. But the Nazgyl and their black wings were abroad on another errand: they were gathered far away, shadowing the march of the Captains of the West, and thither the thought of the Dark Tower was turned.
  35. Just the same, Ralph pulled up the hood of his cloak and dragged it forward as far as it would go, in the hope of shadowing his face and concealing the mask; then he signed to the others to do the same.
  36. Have you seen me? Hope saw her own moments before sewer grate clinging, gutter squalor questioning her in her own voice, as her plea virally spread across Weal shadowing the faithful gamers waiting for a token to keep gaming.
  37. The duty officer of the patrol boat, who had been preoccupied for the last hour about shadowing a group of four Chinese fishing trawlers that had been acting in a suspicious manner, gave an impatient look at his bridge radar operator.
  38. With a murmuring and shadowing the couples, lured by more than menus, filled the tables and more candles were lit and more champagne poured as Andre and his love, fascinated with each other's immortal faces, devoured their meal without seeing it.
  39. My dad was always active in the village I grew up in and I spent a lot of my younger years shadowing him as he took tickets at various gates or rushed around using me as a ‘gofer’ … thank goodness I wasn’t a shy child, that would have been hell!.
  40. The whole landscape, which, seen by a favoring light, and in a genial temperature, had been found so lovely, appeared now like some pictured allegory of life, in which objects were arrayed in their harshest but truest colors, and without the relief of any shadowing.
  41. A moment later, a mere heartbeat, something brushes his arm, and he sees Apolyon struggle to his feet, seize a length of cloth where it has been abandoned and begin to follow his master’s actions, shadowing the Lammas Lord as if only at his side can he find safety.
  42. I tagged along behind him for years and we got into all sorts of mischief (you see, amongst other things, MC had a thing for stealing road cones) And I'm sure he used to get grief from his mates about having a little girl shadowing him, but he always looked out for me.
  43. As we talked, we neared a door that opened on the road; and my young lady, lightening into sunshine again, climbed up and seated herself on the top of the wall, reaching over to gather some hips that bloomed scarlet on the summit branches of the wild rose trees, shadowing the highway side: the lower fruit had disappeared, but only birds could touch the upper, except from Cathy's present station.
  44. As we talked, we neared a door that opened on the road; and my young lady, lightening into sunshine again, climbed up and seated herself on the top of the wall, reaching over to gather some hips that bloomed scarlet on the summit branches of the wild-rose trees shadowing the highway side: the lower fruit had disappeared, but only birds could touch the upper, except from Cathy’s present station.
  1. She studied his shadowed face.
  2. O! Wanderers in the shadowed land.
  3. And there the shadowed waters fresh.
  4. All white teeth and shadowed cheeks.
  5. He'd come in the shadowed night and.
  6. He nodded, his eyes shadowed with hope.
  7. She was shadowed by her tall Guardian.
  8. Swiftly above her, his head shadowed hers.
  9. A shadowed hand brushed across her cheek.
  10. Stunned, she stared at his shadowed profile.
  11. Her face was shadowed and tense, even in sleep.
  12. There was moss growing in the shadowed corners.
  13. The outline of a man shadowed against the wall.
  14. But Roy’s body turned slowly, shadowed and high.
  15. The look in his eyes was shadowed with fear for.
  16. Her former happiness was suddenly shadowed by the.
  17. His eyes shadowed, and he looked down at his hands.
  18. She listened to it, her face shadowed by the sound.
  19. Nobody knew it was you because I shadowed your face.
  20. Sophia’s driving to school was shadowed with guilt.
  21. Face shadowed by his hat, Sicarius waited at her back.
  22. She signals being shadowed by a British cruiser, sir.
  23. A thin, pasty man shadowed Molloy, his face impassive.
  24. A shadowed figure on a balcony above them caught his eye.
  25. The laser bars threw shadowed lines across Flask’s face.
  26. His jaw was shadowed by the beginnings of a five o'clock.
  27. Though tall herself, she was shadowed in the man’s height.
  28. The clerk Gorot has been shadowed all these nine weeks, but.
  29. His robes fell over his hands and feet and shadowed his face.
  30. He and Skye shadowed me protectively around the school, as if.
  31. She appeared in a shadowed corner of his kitchen, under a stool.
  32. DARK EYES STARED into infinity, haunted pools shadowed by sorrow.
  33. He turned in at his front lawn and stood still, his eyes shadowed.
  34. His blue eyes were shadowed with his need as he looked down at me.
  35. A few kids peeped from shadowed doorways, disappearing when I spoke.
  36. It was like parchment, Thomas said, eyes shadowed in the gloom.
  37. Jones had been shadowed through all his life by a sleepless tormentor.
  38. Shadowed faces on the wall were watching, mocking this predawn display.
  39. American fleets were always shadowed by these suspicious fishing boats.
  40. In the presence of Lord Imorbis, even the Maker’s path seemed shadowed.
  41. Lately, too often even the Maker’s path was shadowed by the corruption.
  42. For an instant she could see two eyes in a shadowed face, staring at her.
  43. Imorbis froze, as did the three shadowed forms around the imprisoned elf.
  44. Cracks and snaps of trampled bush flushed the shadowed arena into disarray.
  45. His face less pocked by starlight, was still very gaunt and heavy shadowed.
  46. He carefully laid her under the acacia tree and shadowed his eyes upon her.
  47. He shadowed Nixon’s life as no one else, plugged into nearly every aspect.
  48. That same night by the shadowed moon, a swarm of Rakshas snuck into the city.
  49. His chiseled features are stonier than usual, his jaw shadowed with stubble.
  50. I looked at Val, at everyone; everyone whose faces were shadowed and fire-lit.
  51. Behind all the forest rose deep and shadowed, the dry leaves reflecting golden.
  52. Shadowed by snow capped mountains was a street with a few houses and a gas station.
  53. Breath catching in his throat, Simon makes his slow way towards the shadowed well.
  54. When she turned right she saw a shadowed figure standing half a mile away from her.
  55. Turning back to what was in front, the Fife kept checking every shadowed recess of.
  56. Savannah was already in the car, eyes shadowed by her hand, don’t-talk-to-me face.
  57. In spite of the bright winter sunlight the man’s face remained shadowed by his cowl.
  58. He loosened his hold and stepped away, his eyes shadowed with a grief I couldn’t name.
  59. It was hardly surprising when he was being shadowed by a giant ogre in a wedding dress.
  60. He shadowed the previous two in the principle of death as the solution and the progress.
  61. His blue eyes, sparkling with good humor, shadowed with anger, burning with determination.
  62. Morning’s light showed an unbroken line of forest all along the coast that we shadowed.
  63. Shadowed by firelight, Arthur won three games in a row and Cai turned red with frustration.
  64. Morning was the smell of vines and grapes and moss in his room, a smell of shadowed coolness.
  65. The waitress shadowed Sophia’s distant look at them and asked if they wanted coconut water.
  66. Gabriel's eyes shadowed somewhat, though the grin crept back as if he had no control over it.
  67. The area under the bridge was shadowed and dark as the sun was no longer visible at the falls.
  68. Earlier, Mercer had watched them try to cordon off that shadowed grocery up on Fourteenth Street.
  69. When these Shadowed Dead joined the battle the best we could hope for was to flee for our lives.
  70. For Yin, there must be empty areas, shadowed eaves, set back structures and elevations in the back.
  71. I wondered why you didn’t attack me with the others, but I see now, you have shadowed my thoughts.
  72. Jacob and the Brother slipped again into darkness and then bolted to a shadowed stretch of the fence.
  73. A great patch covered one eye, and his leather coif, drawn low over his brows, shadowed his features.
  74. When Susan showed up, I shadowed her for half the day, and then I was given a couple of my own tables.
  75. The other thing that bothers me is that this wall face is shadowed, but the others can’t possibly be.
  76. His eyes were shadowed cups from which flickers of light peered, and his body was as thin as a skeleton.
  77. No wonder then, that in some sort our noble profession of whaling should have been there shadowed forth.
  78. Snow still lingered, piled deep in places, where it was shadowed by the sun, but elsewhere it had melted.
  79. A cloaked figure appeared on the top of the hill, his face shadowed by the hood of his large velvet cloak.
  80. From the shadowed slopes to the left comes a wild howling, the echo of it rolling through the chilly air.
  81. It is difficult not to read Kick’s war as shadowed by what she knew and felt about Rosemary’s tragedy.
  82. Lifting her much as he had when they were in Aiken he stepped into the shadowed plains of the realm Addar.
  83. His shoulders dropped down, and his eyes to became shadowed and pinched, dulled by his sense of rejection.
  84. They came to a shadowed grove of green-leaved oak trees that surrounded a large spring of cold clear water.
  85. She dared not move towards the crowd; after all she'd shadowed him, and did not yet want to give herself away.
  86. Her eyes were shadowed with mingled regret and anger, and Hailyn reached across to grip her forearm comfortingly.
  87. Shadowed some mortal minds so that the herd-boy who saw me wasn’t believed—and not wholly disbelieved either.
  88. Once we turned the corner, another bulb at the top of the stairs cast its yellowing glow along the shadowed steps.
  89. His face was shadowed, and the Lost One could see, even without any mind-skills, how many questions the old man had.
  90. Simon was there in an instant, his face shadowed and his hands covered with blood but she understood it wasn’t his.
  91. It was Moby Dick's open mouth and scrolled jaw; his vast, shadowed bulk still half blending with the blue of the sea.
  92. Shadowed by one of the security girls Carla walked with Anna to her bedroom, stopping to collect her own clothes first.
  93. The entire area was over shadowed by light filtering trees, swaying merrily in the cool warm breeze of the late morning.
  94. I found a pair of eyes in the shadowed darkness of a deeper, less filled section of the ditch, that I was crossing over.
  95. He drank no more, but was drunk all the time, shadowed by fearful dreams, instead of the joyous reveries that wine gives.
  96. Will knew cops would be watching Becky’s car on Golden Gate Avenue so he stayed on the deeply shadowed side of the street.
  97. Alec was thankful for the abrupt end to his words, but much less so when he saw the shadowed hand wrap around the man's neck.
  98. Bathed in sweat though it was cool under the shadowed shade, his implacability gone with the coming of the ethereal intonement.
  99. The man’s giant frame shadowed the glass and he had to stoop in his black leathers that dripped with rain to make eye contact.
  100. Staring out the window, Maria vaguely noticed a half-dozen shacks and boathouses closer to the river, looking dark and shadowed.
  1. I move in the shadows.
  2. A Life in the Shadows.
  3. I stayed in the shadows.
  4. She is in the shadows.
  5. The dance of the shadows.
  6. I was in the shadows on.
  7. Coming out of the Shadows.
  9. In the shadows cast by a.
  10. He moved out of the shadows.
  11. Songs of Stars and Shadows.
  12. It is the shadows that fool.
  13. It is a paradise of shadows.
  14. She saw the shadows of the.
  15. In the shadows of the long.
  16. Shadows cast upon the water.
  17. Ducking into the shadows of.
  18. How do shadows tie in to.
  19. Long shadows covered the road.
  20. Shadows whisper in the trees.
  21. The shadows tried to warn me.
  22. The shadows beneath are cool.
  23. Someone waited in the shadows.
  24. Shadows were all around him.
  25. Shadows of leaves on my skin.
  26. His face was full of shadows.
  27. The One who is in the shadows.
  28. Into the shadows of the North.
  29. Shadows swarm past your eyes.
  30. Shadows moved over Roy’s face.
  31. They glimmered in the shadows.
  32. Here we paused in the shadows.
  33. By the length of its shadows.
  34. One of the blurry shadows spoke.
  35. Something moved in the shadows.
  36. The trees were becoming shadows.
  37. No tricks of shadows this time.
  38. Irish creeped from the shadows.
  39. We go forward like two shadows.
  40. The man in the shadows chuckled.
  41. Faint and fading shadows here;.
  42. He could only see the shadows.
  43. Those are the shadows of leaves.
  44. Emma and the Prince of Shadows.
  45. Until they become pale shadows.
  46. Corpses stirred in the shadows.
  47. The one who hid in the shadows.
  48. A figure came from the shadows.
  49. She is standing in the shadows.
  50. Everything was cast in shadows.
  51. The shadows hid her expressions.
  52. Shadows crawled along each wall.
  53. Stazl stepped out of the shadows.
  54. Why was she scared of shadows?
  55. The afternoon shadows were long.
  56. Where the night shadows had come.
  57. My eyes adjusted to the shadows.
  58. Shadows that shimmered with an.
  59. He moved to the shadows of the.
  60. Bettors popped from the shadows.
  61. I stood in the shadows watching.
  62. Shadows moved into the cave mouth.
  63. Out of the shadows came the woman.
  64. Now the shadows are spreading out.
  65. Their Shadows Were In Motion *78.
  66. And they appear from the shadows.
  67. The box lay in the forest shadows.
  68. Shadows, hide my body, she prayed.
  69. Her intent is a tangle of shadows.
  70. And blest the shadows of the night.
  71. All with mirrors, echoes, shadows.
  72. A second strolled from the shadows.
  73. She also saw shadows and movement.
  74. Her thoughts ran with the shadows.
  75. But the shadows are always longer.
  76. The ones residing in the shadows.
  77. It’s shadows have yet to be seen.
  78. As soon as the shadows had fallen.
  79. Volkheimer watches from the shadows.
  80. The shadows glided beneath his skin.
  81. The rest was hidden in the shadows.
  82. As though the shadows were growing.
  83. The shapes and shadows of the room.
  84. Big shadows must print on the zones.
  85. Throw grey-blue shadows on the ocean.
  86. The shadows were starting to deepen.
  87. Above its shadows heaven stood open.
  88. Piles of shadows covered the horizon.
  89. Soft skin in creamy shadows, which.
  90. Mark sullenly sitting in the shadows.
  91. There were shadows of Dad everywhere.
  92. Oh, said his men in the shadows.
  93. So I finally moved out of the shadows.
  94. Apophis and shadows, Bast mused.
  95. The shadows were here when I went in.
  96. Come out of the shadows, assassin.
  97. The shadows cast by brick and mortar.
  98. Out of the shadows, Mary stared at him.
  99. Viktor: What about the other shadows?
  100. The cemetery was filling with shadows.

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